The Hall Is Rented, the Orchestra Engaged: Michael Giacchino Returns to Score Star Trek Beyond

Returning for a three-peat, master composer Michael Giacchino announced this week that he has begun scoring the music for Star Trek Beyond. Adding the musical score is one of the final parts of the movie-production process, in that everything needs to be done and edited before the music can be added as the final layer.

Giacchino’s contribution to Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness were high points of the films, providing an emotional core that transcended action blockbuster fare. His heart-melding “Labor of Love” from 2009 makes you wish YOU’D been born to this song.

To capture the spirit of the Vulcans in 2009, Giacchino employed the two-string Chinese Erhu, a two-stringed fiddle, most clearly heard in the piece “That New Car Smell.” No word if Beyond will feature the same exotic instrument. (I’m rooting for at least one Ressikan flute, though.)

Giacchino is a frequent collaborator with J. J. Abrams, having also done the music for Alias, Lost, Mission Impossible 3, and Super 8. Here he is leading his orchestra in the main Trek theme.

And some more photos and videos the conductor posted to Instagram this weekend:


As the individual responsible for NuTrek’s music, he (well, probably at the behest of JJ Abrams) did bring the Beastie Boys Sabotage into the Star Trek universe with 2009, which was unpopularly incorporated into Beyond’s first trailer. We’re looking forward to Giacchino’s own stellar music come July 22 when Beyond hits theaters!

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