ThinkGeek Has Got You Covered This Summer With Their Line of Trekini Swimwear

Who says Star Trek isn’t sexy? Who says women can’t be nerdy-sexy too? No one! Especially not with TrekGeek’s new line of Star Trek inspired swimwear.

ThinkGeek, always a good place to pick up fun fan gear, is branching out to boldly go where no product has gone before: the beach. They just released a whole Star Trek: TNG Trekini Swimwear line, including a TNG uniform-inspired one-piece swimsuit. Why we never saw these on TV, we don’t know, because it’s exactly how they’d do it on the Enterprise.


Swimmers can opt for Science, Operations, or Command and all get an embroidered combadge. And in true Star Trek form, they’re super inclusive: sizes range from small through 2X, and there are removable bust cups.

If you have sun-sensitive skin, Deanna Troi would feel your pain, which is why there’s a swim shirt modeled after her lavender look in the second and third seasons of TNG. Of course it’s sensitive AND smart: SPF 90 smart.


When you’re done swimming in your fabulous Star Trek swimsuit, or even if you’re just having a shy moment, there’s the cover-up romper to relax in. A little reminiscent of Picard’s sexy-weird pajamas from the season 4 episode “Devil’s Due,” (when Ardra surprised him in his nightwear), it’s a loose, gauzy cover-up with a drawstring waist—and it’s got the embroidered combadge, too.

Who could resist the captain in his sexy-weird PJs?

Plus we all know it’s going to be a Star Trek summer; now we know what to wear. Love that they’re going after female fans now, too, because there are a lot of us.

Laurie Ulster is a transplanted Canadian who fell in love with Manhattan about 10 minutes after her arrival at NYU. After many years as a television producer, where networks like MTV had her producing everything from musician interviews in dive bars all over the East Village to game shows in Malaysia, she made the switch to digital, overseeing sites at Fuse and A&E. She’s also a freelance writer and a longtime Star Trek fan, who is still wondering what it’ll be like when she grows up.

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So, how many nerds will get sand kicked in their face for wearing this at the beach?

Considering the target market is probably someone in their late 50’s, probably none. The younger kids are wearing this…

Hey Phil, is this from your collection? ;-)

You broke a sci-fi law, go delete yourself.

The Star Wars girls are sexier. The Trek girl looks like she puts on her mom jeans and gets into her 2004 Caravan after the photoshoot is over.

When girls are mean to one another, it’s usually verbal; we tend not to kick physical sand into physical faces. ;-)

For some reason those four rank pips on the Ops gold version are irrationally irritating me. I presume because apart from an Admiral in DS9 we never saw anyone in Ops gold higher than a Lt. Cdr.

Why would it? Depending upon the assignment, you could easily hold the position of “Captain of Engineering”, like Scotty did. It just means that he’s specialized, and not in the normal chain-of-command structure (i.e. a starship commander).

There’s a big clue here in the use of the word “irrationally.”

Snarky, aren’t you?

Not at all. If the blue uniform is a commander (Crusher, Troi, Pulaski), then the gold should be Lt. Commander (Data, Geordi) at most.

@Lee I don’t think he was disputing that you are irrational, rather I think he was positing that you were also uninformed on the subject matter and possibly a little slow. Hope this helps 😀

I am so down with this. YES !!!!!

No speedos for the dudes?

@ ATOZ: The article states that the swimsuits come in all sizes up to XXL. So just go ahead. The TNG pilot put men in skirts ;-)

I bet I never see these actually being worn anywhere. But Ill keep my eyes open.

Nice pips.

I would never wear anything Star Trek related in public.

I wore a 50th-anniversary pin (from Rod Rodenberry’s online shop) to the grocery store the other day, and the cashier asked me what the pin was. When I told her, she said, “Oh. I’ve seen Star WARS.” I told her that we never would have had Star Wars without Star TREK’s paving the way by enlarging the audience for science fiction. She blinked at me, then said, “You learn something new every day.”

This is the only time a stranger has ever commented on my wearing Star Trek gear in public. :-)

Nobody really cares, most have seen worse… I only had one time where a Pizza Boy commented on me wearing a Starfleet Uniform Shirt at home and all he said was “Hey! Cool Shirt!”

The very fact that she said she saw “Star Wars” speaks volumes.

“Oh, you mean the 1977 movie, in the theater, back then?”

I’m pretty sure she wasn’t yet born in 1977, so either she saw the most recent movie, or she saw it on DVD or streaming video or something.

I just read an interview that Karl Urban gave, where he said that the scene of the three of them (Kirk, Spock, McCoy) standing together and McCoy says, “You really want to head back out there, huh?” comes at the END of the movie. Interesting.

@ Harry Ballz: In their in-depth analysis of the trailer the guys over at Trekcore speculated the same. However, let’s keep discussion of Star Trek Beyond to threads about the movie to help those who want to avoid spoilers.

I’ll share what I want whenever I want.

@ Harry: Oh, you may certainly do that. “What” and “when” was not the issue. I was just suggesting to post possible spoilers regarding the movie on articles relating to the movie. That way they are on topic (see commenting guidelines) AND there’s a smaller risk of spoiling something for people who don’t want to be spoiled. Of course, it’s well within your rights to ignore that.

Classy girl. Cheap-looking swimsuits – they’re not bikinis! Once again Star Wars wins the coolness stakes.

Thing is, Trek originally was about spreading the message about the Federation being a free place where individuals could thrive, so why are people so in love with uniforms? The Star Wars gear is quirky and clever. The Trek stuff is so dull. Why not make a flesh-coloured swimsuit with a transporter beam-out effect on it for example? That would be fun!

For the same reason people buy sports jerseys – it’s a point of contact, something to identify with.

I don’t know. I like the a Trek girls.

Because the entry point into the world of Star Trek is an organization that uses uniforms. Much of our view of life in the Federation (and the Galaxy at large) is from the Starfleet perspective; that would include embracing the trappings of Starfleet as well.

Is no one else going to point out that “Devil’s Due” is from the 4th Season?

Fixed! Stupid typo. Thanks for catching.

I’d rather see TOS “Bill Theiss-inspired” swimsuits. No comm-badges or rank pips ;-)