CBS’s Star Trek All Access Adds Voyager Novelist Kirsten Beyer to Writing Staff

TrekCore is reporting today that Kristen Beyer, a Star Trek novelist who has written several books in the Voyager timeline, is the newest addition to the Star Trek All Access writing staff.

Kirsten Beyer, who has written eight novels taking place after Star Trek Voyager‘s end, will join veteran Trek writer Nicholas Meyer on the Star Trek All Access writing team. Beyer is known for her knowledge of Trek canon and for her ability stay true to canon.


Series show runner Bryan Fuller has been gradually amassing a team of Star Trek prime universe specialists spanning multiple eras, which will prove important if the rumors that the show will be an anthology set in the prime universe turn out to be true.

If you’re wanting to get to know Beyer’s writing and are looking for a place to start, try the writeup she did recapping the Voyager universe over at TrekCore.

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Great addition to the team. I appreciate their building a team with people who deeply understand Trek canon.

This news is decidedly exciting I suppose.

Very good news.

They seem to be doing a great job of getting people who understand Trek canon; in other words, the anti-JJ Abrams. Also glad they’re stick with the Prime Universe. It gives them a whole lot more Trek history to explore and create.

NOT “anti-JJ Abrams”; pro-Prime Trek. Why is it that people like you have to inject anti-JJ Abrams into everything? Remember, CBS has authority over the television side of ‘Trek, so it makes sense to do more with the Prime Trek. Meanwhile, you have Paramount working with the movie side of ‘Trek with the JJ Abrams films, and that’s okay. After all, why settle for just one interpretation of a beloved franchise?

Because many people really do not like JJ trek and all the changes it made let alone it’s debatable quality. Many view it as a quick mindless cash grab by Hollywood instead of a unique original effort. If you like it that’s fine but everyone else is entitled to their opinion as well.

Who is this “many?” Certainly not critics, and who offered near universal praise. Or the many moviegoers that pushed these movies to nearly a billion dollars revenue.

So no, the quality of these movies are not debatable. You are incorrect.

Dont be Obtuse. The many is obvious. Lots of people disliked the Bad Robot films, especially STID. To the extent even the director remarked the story had issues.

Whom? Must not be anybody important.

Why would CBS want to license JJ Trek from Bad Robot when they owne their own license? PLUS, it has 50 years of good will and sandbox to explore versus the 7 years of JJ?

It appears “they” have learned their lesson and are giving us a unique story in STB though.

Many people do like it. Aside from the last 10 minutes of STID I’m one of them.

Just get someone who can tell a good story and create great interesting characters! I don’t get all these fans that get all butt-hurt because the Borg was using the wrong defense frequency or that the phaser beams in JJ Trek doesn’t match the color of the beams in TOS. Whatever. That’s why I like the new universe, it has freed itself from all that clap-trap. It’ll be a shame if they go back to Prime and have to be subject to the fine tooth combs of the fanatical fact-checkers!

I’m really encouraged by everything we’ve been hearing about the new series. Trek did need to change but it shouldn’t have become a generic summer popcorn franchise. I think we’ll see something that embraces modern TV techniques, with long form storytelling and genuine character development whilst still being Trek. I don’t know whether or not they will use the subscription model in the UK but I for one am willing to pay to watch this show.

I am fine with the event; they just never followed through on its potential.

…I sure hope you’re wrong about the long-form storytelling. I dont want to have to commit to 13 hours just to get one story of Star Trek. I like to take my adventure, one hour at a time, with a beginning, a middle and an end. Also, for mostly selfish reasons, I like to revisit Trek and when I want a dose, I don’t want to have to worry about not “getting it” because I didn’t see the prior 7 episodes. I loved 24. I loved LOST. Watched every single episode. But do you know often I have REWATCHED any of those episodes after the run was over? 0 The soap opera model is a successful one, I just don’t want it applied to Star Trek.

I think you are spot on. I haven’t really thought about that aspect before, but I now realize I too don’t go back to rewatch the long-form storytelling shows. Anything that is so serial that they episodes don’t stand apart doesn’t really give me a reason to pop in a single episode. What i think is perfect is Enterprise season 4 length stories: 1-4 episodes in length, depending on the size/depth of the story. Let the story dictate the length for the most part, but still keep individual adventures. Now, that being said, I appreciate – and believe that it is required – that any modern show keep the long-form storytelling in terms of character/universe development. No show (outside of, possibly, dreck like CSI) can survive when the reset button is pushed every episode – if your characters forget the life-changing event that happened to them last week, no viewer is going to maintain interest in them.

That’s what I love about Trek, the ability to dip in and just watch a random episode just for the hell of it and believe me, I do it all the time. That’s just conjecture on my part but I really can’t see them adopting an appoach of changing he crew/setting/time period each season if they’re not going to introduce season long arcs. I think though that even in this format there will still be room for planet of the week type stories so like I said, I’m still greatly encouraged.


You are not alone.

Looked at the synopses at TrekCore. Now I am more cautious than optimistic. Hopefully we can see or hear nothing of Voyager ever again? Please?
Voyager was a waste of time that could have been spent on good Star Trek.

Voyager was my favorite Star Trek, for you to say it was waste of time I don’t think it really represents the views of the Star Trek fan base.

Who called Voyager the Trekkiest Trek? It was horribly written. Concept was good (much like Enterprise) but it was written, seemingly, by grade school creative writing class drop outs.

Well google “Voyager Trekkiest Trek” and the article will come right up, on a pro website, and btw, Bryan Fuller wrote for Voyager, lol.

Voyager was the worst written Star Trek there was, far worse then early Enterprise. Both those series failed due to no adherence to its own premise. Its like your parents promising you a brand new corvette for graduation and when you get the keys its a 1986 Pony (which I once owned by the way). and them saying “what? Its a car isnt it?”

warp 10 salamanders

Yeah, I liked voyager cause it seemed more like TOS with being out in deep space encountering unknown aliens and dilemmas. A lot of crazy situations. I understand some of the criticisms but I enjoyed the concepts.

No, sorry. Voyager was a great concept, but it’s execution was disappointing. Too many of the characters went under developed and so were weak and uninteresting. None of the seven seasons truly lived up to the potential of the concept. The show had the biggest blank slate since The Original Series to get back to the true spirit of Trek and tell ground breaking stories. Instead we got a lot of rehash, largely tedious aliens of the week and an overuse of The Borg. Quite simply it’s lack of daring meant that instead of being the new TOS it ended up being TNG-lite.

I know there are many who like Voyager the best, but in the round, it’s definitely not the best of Trek

I agree El Chup. There was that episode where Janeway discussed the “cowboy” ways of Kirk and Spock and says ‘cant do that anymore’. Huh? The point of them being in the Delta quadrant was to make it more like TOS, out there on the frontier without the ability to call Home Office every hour for a decision.

Voyager was a fun series. Sure it played it way too safe and should have been the darkest of all the Trek series….with the sitution the crew was in. I mean, the 2 part episode….The Equonix, is what voyager should have been. The captain going to any extreme to get her crew home. But even in the final episode, they played it safe with Admiral Janeway dying and Captain Janeway getting her crew home. Very entertaining episode, but Voyager should have been what Battlestar Galactica was.

Well this long-time Star Trek fan loved Voyager (and it’s been called by some “the Trekkiest Trek since TOS btw), and has been happy with the post-Endgame Voyager novels, especially since 2012. So it would be great if the new series (at least one season if an anthology) is post-Nemesis and Ms. Beyer gets to write in Admiral K, Janeway (II) to appear sometime (or many times lol).

Here’s a sample of her prose.

I want to be positive, but that just made me throw up in my mouth a little.

Wait…Janeway and Chakotay are now together in the novels???? Christ, where have I been?

Voyager was a good – yet not great – show that had its weaknesses and flaws but was very enjoyable over its seven-year run. I wouldn’t want to miss that show and I’d definitely like to have it in HD on BD some day. The negativity towards VOY is beyond me… Yeah its characters weren’t that interesting (Chakotay, Kim and Paris certainly were uninspired cardboard characters), but TOS had “characters” like Sulu and Chekov that were flat symbols for certain countries / regions of the world, not round characters either. Same with the weaker VOY characters…

That Voyager can be considered poor and Enterprise great only proves to me that the mirror universe is alive and well in fandom. (Admittedly, I’m the one who’s grown a goatee…)

Voyager is a great show, filled with great characters (and Chakotay), and fun concepts. The hate truly baffles me. More Voyager, please- not less.

@Andrew – who considered Enterprise “great”? Sure there might be outlier opinions but those are hardly the norm. Just like your love of Voyager is an outlier opinion. I didnt hate Voyager and I enjoyed some episodes but generally it was like a great premise, some good actors, some decent characters and a writing team that routinely let them all down.

And a big part of that was the decision to make them bottle shows with no (or very little) episodic nature to the stories. The premise almost demanded it be episodic in nature with damage, discourse and relationships between the crew being effected by their situation.

The final scene should have been an almost wrecked ship being held together by the ingenuity of its crew and the sheer will of destiny (in that way making the ship a character like the original Enterprise was) arriving home with an emotionally damaged but not quite defeated crew who had experienced loss and heart ache but never lost the desire to get home.

@TUP – Strangely, it doesn’t seem to be an outlier opinion on most forums that I frequent. Perhaps enterprise defenders are simply more vocal than its detractors.

I do understand your perspective on Voyager, but I think that’s part of what irks me, as a Voyager fan; it only seems to fail in the eyes of most people in comparison with what they wanted it to be- which seems to be, basically, BSG-lite. :-) For me, Voyager’s premise doesn’t ‘demand’ anything, nor is there a ‘should have been’ final scene. I enjoyed what it was, rather than comparing it to what it wasn’t. (I don’t say that to belittle your opinion, and I apologize if it comes across that way at all; I just don’t share it). I recognize that Voyager’s ability to repair itself strained credibility at times- but at the same time, I don’t see it as anything close to a fatal flaw. A reason it won’t ever be seen as the best series (including by me), sure- but not as anything that detracted from its enjoyability or overall quality. Again- that’s just me (and my wife). Mileage may definitely vary.

Regardless of whether or not you were a Voyager fan I don’t think that Beyer was at all involved with the TV show. However, I understand that her novels were well received, that she get’s Trek but also demonstrated an ability to take the story forward and develop the characters. I see no reason not to be optimistic.

I just noticed that 3 percent of those who rated the latest Star Trek trailer gave it an F–which just goes to show that there will always be people unable to enjoy the franchise they claim to love.

The 3% percent have ZERO standards, and are just voting purely out of emotion.

Based on the comments on this site, that 3% seems very very low

@Harry Plinkett Nah, I don’t think so… it’s always the same 4-5 Guys that totally flip their shit on everything NuTrek while the rest is consistently unconsistent :D

Mostly its the same 4-5 people who unabashedly love NuTrek while insulting those that dont.

The people that voted it with a “D” or “F” are the people that want to The original 1966 Star Trek back on the air with all the original actors and stories… and they want their movies to be shot and written with an ’80s flair. Things progress and change and these people are stuck in the past. I guess memories of growing up watching Star Trek in their mom’s basement is too strong. People really need to get over it. I watched the original ’60s Trek as a kid and I am open to all interpretations of Trek. It is a vast universe (or two).

I totally disagree with this offensive post you just made. It’s quite possible, just maybe the people don’t like the trailer and don’t like JJ trek. I’m one of the people and couldn’t be further from your description. I started watching trek while watching DVDs of the original series while I was 22 and fell in love with the franchise. Since then I’ve seen and own all the seasons of every series and movie, have read around 20-25 books, read all the Star Trek newspaper strips, and have read around half the comics. So don’t go lecturing me or any other trek fan who doesn’t like mindless Hollywood popcorn fair with the name Star Trek plastered on it. I swear more people get upset with other Trekkies for bad mouthing JJ trek than TOS which is the original and started it all. Only in trek fandom.

@Da Trufe – agreed. Its really sad how many people cant stand an opposing opinion to theirs and they resort to insults. You’re just as entitled to your opinion. Some people like the basic and average and some people demand more. Its okay to demand more.

@Da Trufe *claps”

Yup. Really tired of all of the said narratives that come bundled up with the pro-JJtrek crowd.

– You’re a loser who lives in his mother’s basement
– You’re stuck in the past
– You can’t let go of Shatner and Nimoy
– You must be a Nemesis and Insurrection fan
– You must want Rick Berman back

Etc, etc. This straw man argument are so pathetic it’s beyond belief.

All I want from Trek is the spirit of what came before. For it to feel like Trek in terms of not just being about big budget action, but also having a bit more substance. For me, JJTrek hasn’t gone in that direction, therefore I dislike it for that reason and only that reason – but it just so happens that that reason is the chief reason I liked Trek in the first place. So, for me, if Trek loses that then it loses my interest. Hopefully Beyond will have a bit more substance then the first two, but I don’t begrudge people ho dislike any element of Trek for whatever reason, and I would never parade around lecturing them or slapping straw man labels on them trying to make them out to be losers. People who do that are the ones who don’t deserve to call themselves Trek fans IMO.

Not true at all. A buddy of mine who is a far bigger Trekkie then me (used to have his bedroom wall papered with posters and tons of models until into his mid 20’s) liked STID more than me (slightly) and has zero faith in STB even after the most recent trailer.

He says “it still doesnt look like it will be any good”. Now, Im a tough critic and I argued with him that had he never seen the Sabotage trailer, wouldnt he be excited by this one and he says no, not at all. He WANTS a great Trek. And by the way, he was a way bigger TNG fan than TOS. He doesnt want TOS on the big screen at all.

So there are those that simply dont want to eat what Bad Robot is serving.

Or people who simply don’t like the direction Abrams took the franchise (no, I wasn’t one of the ones who voted an “F”)?

To this day I will ever understand anyone who thinks that just because it has the franchise name on it you must like something.

What about the Okudas????

That’s all nice and good, but hire some proper SF writers, too. David Brin, maybe? And Harlan Ellison is still alive. And I’d totally pay my money to watch Trek episode written by China Miéville. ;)

James S. A. Corey, please. And John Scalzi.

Harlin Ellison sounds like an arrogant prick in real life. I dont think he would be interested anyway considering he was still upset how his original story from Edge of Forever was changed 30 years later.

I know nothing about Ms. Beyer, and haven’t read a Trek book in ages, but I trust someone who treats the canon with care. I remember novelists Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens being involved with TNG early on when it was getting its legs, and it ended up being all the better for it. I hope she is a great addition to a dedicated Trek writing team.

No, the Reeves-Stevenses had nothing to do with Trek on TV until “Star Trek: Enterprise”. They wrote a few Star Trek novels for Pocket and co-wrote Shatner’s Star Trek novels earlier, but not TV.

The Reeves-Stevenses would be a great addition to this series as well… and try to get DC Fontana, at least for one or two scripts for the first season. And yes, bring back Manny Coto as a consultant.

Yeah if they can get Manny Coto and DC Fontana, both who are great then they would have literally every iteration of past Trek a part of this show!

DC Fontana- TOS, TAS, TNG and DS9! (WOW)
Nick Meyer-TOS films
Bryan Fuller- DS9 and Voyager
Manny Coto-Enterprise
Alex Kurtzman- TOS reboot films

I would still love it if they could get either Ira Steven Behr or Ronald D. Moore who both made DS9 the show it turned out to be and both started on TNG. If they could one of those to contribute at least an episode I would be a happy camper. Heck get ANY of those writers from DS9 and I would be a happy camper.

Maybe you’re thinking of Diane Duane?

Shoot, I meant Melinda Snodgrass. Obviously seeing the Reeves-Stevens’ names up for ‘Enterprise’ led to confusion. Anyone, even moreso, a good idea to bring in the novelists who take care of the franchise in print.

yes! She is one of my favorites :D

Im all for bringing on more people that care about Canon. Canon is a wonderful thing when in the hands of intelligent writers that know what they’re doing. Nothing wrong with peppering a series or film with references that appeal to the fans and dont distract the new audience. Unlike the Bad Robot films which seemed to do the opposite.

And unlike certain fans who can’t let go of their irrational disdain for JJ Abrams’ interpretation of ‘Trek, normal fans can accept multiple interpretations of a beloved franchise.

@DS – condescension and insults aside, many “normal fans” dislike the films. here’s the thing, 09 was fine. STID was a disaster. And STID was a disaster not just because it was bad Star Trek, but because it was a bad film.

STID wasn’t a bad film. It was good up until the reveal of Khan and the blatant ripoff/ homage of The Wrath of Khan. The effects where spectacular and the story did have its merits, but overall, it isn’t a disaster, it’s that it wasn’t a well thought out movie.

Look, “irrational disdain” is ball 4 here and we’ll let TUP take his base (a Sisko reference). What you’re forgetting is we had to different TV series tell us that there was a very efficient “Temporal Prime Directive.” Crewman Daniels on Enterprise not to mention the “Temporal Cold War” storyline mentions their job is to keep the timeline in tact! Voyager had an episode I think called “Future’s End” I think it was a cliffhanger, but the crew of Voyager was a future ship trying to destroy them in an attempt to correct a problem with the timeline. That’s established canon, so wouldn’t we have seen a correction by now? What’s “irrational” about that? Even Spock hinted to the “Universe repairing itself” when he discovered the younger Jim Kirk in ST09?

@Grumpy – ofcourse, you’re right. But Bob Orci is smarter than everyone else in the world so his embracing of the multiple world theory over rules established canon even though those aspects of Star Trek exist within the JJ Verse too. It was stupid and convoluted and never paid off on the promise of what “freeing from canon” really meant. It was a gimmick that didnt pay off.

Agreed, TUP, IF it’s used as you say, and isn’t pandering to the OCD crowd. Canon is a Frankenstien’s monster than restricts ideas. Forces parameters. That’s why I love the JJUniverse, it freed itself from the chains that had choked the franchise into an unimaginative, lifeless corpse. To put yourself BACK into that box, IF they put themselves back into that box, must be maddening for all involved…especially Nick Meyer who was chewing nails having to adhere to some of the canon of TOS. If it’s so restrictive as to limit good stroytelling and interesting character development, then we all suffer.
But at least we won’t see a ship that has a wrong registration #.

@Jonboc except the JJverse did nothing of the sort. It still littered the films with canon references but inexplicably also broke canon when the writers couldnt be bothered to write more creatively and chalked it up to “Nero changed things”…just not all things I guess.

Thats why the concept was ultimately a failure. They wanted their cake and to eat it too. And I guess more importantly to them the point of creating a new universe was not really to free themselves of canon, it was to create a new product that they could own. But it didnt work out that way. if they were so concerned about being free of canon, they wouldnt have kept using it. And likewise, if they did care about canon, they would have been more careful with it.

My point is, if you go into a writers room and you have a basic story and you say “now write me a good script and Canon doesnt matter whatsoever”, they will write you a good script. if you say “here’s all the resources you need to ensure canon is respected, now write me a good script”, it might mean making a greater effort, getting more creative etc…but you’ll still get a good script, probably better in fact.

There was nothing in either film that was a revelation of “thank God they get to ignore canon”.

I don’t know, TUP, the destruction of Vulcan pretty much left my jaw on the floor! I was toally blindsided by it, and I LIKED IT! That told me, nothing is sacred so I will never know what to expect. I like that. To each his own, I suppose.

Destroying Vulcan was meh for me. But still things are sacred. They arent killing Kirk. And even if they kill off, say, Uhura, who cares? Its not the same characters. It would be like killing Shia’s character from the Transformers in the third movie. Oh cool. Who cares. If anything, having respect for canon and showing us some things are sacred makes everything more special and emotionally heavy.


In reply to your comment uniquely identified by the following URL:

Frankly, I never understood the big whoop some got from JJ’s destruction of Vulderan. The destruction of entire planets and/or civilizations in one fell swoop originated with the first Trek series episodes. Lucas even basically admits Trek likely inspired his planet destroyer.

It just strikes me as odd that an obvious STAR WARS fan service for JJ in a Trek movie is regarded so highly while actual Trek fan service in a Trek motion picture is regarded as something quite the opposite?

Out of all the myriad ways science-fiction has at its disposal to instantly wipe out a civilization that haven’t been explored on screen, why’d they have to revisit the one of total homeworld planetary destruction that STAR WARS did better in delivering the emotional shock to the theater viewing audience through the surviving character that was forced to watch?

But that’s not a canon violation. Thats like saying Bones and Scotty giving the lab guy the recipe for Transparent Aluminum was a canon violation. They were in the past and could impact the future so it wasn’t a canon violation.

Destroying Vulcan wasn’t a canon violation. If Vulcan already was destroyed when Nero appeared then it would have been. But someone from the future coming back in time and changing the future fits into canon just fine. The only difference is, in past Trek’s, the heroes try to fix it and in this version they just shrugged.

The idea that nothing is sacred just rings hollow. What do you mean, like killing James Kirk in 09? Hmmmm. Do you mean sacred like in the Prime film series when Spock was killed, the Enterprise was destroyed, Kirk had a bastard son who was also killed…those sort of sacred cows where nothing “serious” can happen?

Im being sarcastic but the point is sometimes people buy into an idea the film makers put out not because it makes sense but because they want to control the message and control how the fans see something. Thinking critically will reveal a lot of truths.

Yeah I dont love the TOS reboot films but I’m not all that bothered with its lack of canon. I hated the Khan twist in STID but not just because it was out of canon but because it was just poorly done altogether IMO.

But its also why I don’t want a prequel because then it ties you to canon even more in a weird way because you are constantly adhearing to whats coming decades from now. The reason why Enterprise failed is because it just felt like one big call back instead of just being its own show. WHen they finally found a nicer balance in fourth season it was becoming a better tie in but I really didnt care how Klingons got their ridges but canon alone forced that story on the show among other things.

I hope the new show can just do its own thing just like TNG did all those years ago. Of course bring in the history of the other shows and films but not be so tied to them. That was also the reason why they threw Voyager in another part of space and had DS9 on the outskirts of the Federation so they wouldnt keep repeating the same stories or constantly tying to stuff TNG did since they all took place at the same time.

And also why I think the anthology show can work because they can go anywhere at any time and not feel bogged down producing 100 episodes of one crew, especially if it was just another prequel show.

@Tiger – Enterprise failed because it never lived up to its own premise or rules. It got a lot better when it actually started invoking canon and setting the table for things that would come later.

Canon is a scary word to a lot of people that dont get it. All it does is set parameters for good writers…provides focus. When Meyers joined Star Trek for WoK, he created rules to follow, a vision for what Star Fleet was. He did this because it made it easier to focus on the story when they had rules to follow.

Canon doesnt have to be unabashed fan servicing. Its simply the difference between one series referencing first contact with Klingons being a “disaster” and resulting in First Contact rules…and a later series showing that first contact as being nothing of the sort. It would be like a new series referring to someone other than Cochrane that invented warp drive etc. There is no need to change the history. Embrace it and use it to guide and focus the writers. Star Trek is a huge universe with plenty left to explore. Anyone who says “we cant be tied to canon, its too hard” is a bad or lazy writer.


In reply to your comment uniquely identified by the following URL:

I know. The Canon bogeyman isn’t any more a problem than actual history is for writers of historical dramas and no one in Hollywood shies away from those because “history is just too confining”.

@Disinvited EXACTLY! Thats a great example.

I really think the canon stuff with Bad Robot was in convincing Star Wars fans who didnt really like Trek that much to take it on with the promise of a premise that would allow them to change it as they saw fit. And yet they invoked canon whenever they wanted to and ignored it other times. And I think, for the most part, their canon violations werent really necessary.

Archer…god…I hated him, I wanted them to kill off his character so bad. He was the worst captain in all of the Trek series. It seems Scott Bacula, didn’t know how to play the character. He was all over the place. TRIP and T’Pol were the best that series had to offer….and the final episode. …let’s not even go there !

This is all well and good bringing in what you hope will be quality people who understand the franchise. But it will all be moot should when not enough subscribe. Which is a distinct possibility.

I WILL NOT PAY for commercials. Period. End of discussion. Not negotiable. If they have a ‘higher tier’ more expensive option that drops the commercials – maybe.

I love what she’s done with Voyager in the books, I’m very happy about this

I still hope it is not an anthology series, which jumps around every few episodes to other times and characters. I hope they create a normal series, where you follow characters over a long time, get to know them and their environment better and better per episode. I don’t want to have to say goodbye to characters all the time, which hopefully will be interesting and which I get to care and root for.

I am also very curious about what the new series might be about.
But, I am not going to believe any rumors until they are officially confirmed.

No…an athology is the way to go. Not to mention, it saves money on the stars salaries.

Wow! Very good news! They should get Christopher Bennet in too. If there is one writer who I`d want in if I was doing a series spanning multiple eras…its him. He Is THE prime universe specialist IMHO.

When I read “Voyager writer” I cringed. But then, of course, I haven’t read these books and her work on them should not be reflected in the dubious scripts of the TV series.

Agreed 100%

Won’t matter much when it’s locked behind a pay wall. You lose a lot of support when it’s actually time to pay up. I’ll be interested to see if the fan base actually supports this or runs to a torrent like the Game of Thrones viewers.

GoT might be heavily pirated but are you suggesting GoT fans dont watch it on HBO?

Oh, I pirated the hell out of Game of Thrones, Spartacus, Battlestar Galactica,Tyrant ( darn good series returning for its 3rd season this june) and will do likewise for the new Trek series.

When are people going to understand that JJ’s trek is an alternate reality. I enoyed the 1st film, some of the 2nd film. Some people can’t seem to understand it’s a different interpretation. I for one love the idea that this new Trek series will be an anthology. Different crews, different eras. And while they are at it, one of the seasons should be animated/CGI. For that, take us 1000 years into Trek’s future. Show us the NCC 1701- AAA.