Two new television spots for Star Trek Beyond dropped online today. Don’t get too excited; there’s no new footage in either of these ads. But we do get a few extra words of dialogue.

Star Trek Beyond comes out in theaters in the US on July 22.

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So excited to see more movie material!


Shouldn’t that be “hear” more movie material?

Bring it on already!



The average shot length in the second one has to be like 10 frames…it’s like they edited the entire trailer into 20 seconds of non stop cutting! lol

*yawn* and it’s still uninspiring…

You don’t have to see it if you don’t want to.

you sound sleepy, why don’t you nap for a few months.

Given your screen name, I’m not sure why you even bother to read this site. Is it that you enjoy being childish?

Looks like they boarded the NX-01

Agreed! It’s probably just a shuttle tho. Nice to see the shape again… maybe this is a shout out to the Enterprise fans? Maybe Pine will say something like — I wonder if Archer would approve of us doing this…

Maybe they will find Prothos on that ship.


You mean a possible motivation for the movie’s villain could be a variation on the extent to which neighbors will go because a barking dog is driving them mad? Sort of an inverse tribble tale…

For what its worth I hated the line about Archer’s dog in Trek 09.

Oooh, yeah! Investment! Where does it say “50th Anniversary”?

It mentions the 50th anniversary, you just have to use invisible ink to see it.

Gary 8.5,

Usually one uses heat or an other chemical agent to get something written in invisible ink to reveal itself. What you suggest is novel and plausible.

Damn come on July 22, I’m ready to see this movie! :]

The woman with the accent – the one who is on ‘The Expanse’.

I just HATE her voice. It’s like nails on a blackboard. SO ANNOYING. Sounds fake.

OK Donald.

She sounds similar to another actress (unless Im crazy and its the same one), who was the narrator in The Lover.

Her name is Shohreh Aghdashloo and she’s awesome. I’m pretty sure her voice is her voice and she can’t do anything about it.

“Her name is Shoreh Aghdashloo and she’s awesome.”

She was in a few episodes of “FlashForward” and had some scenes with John Cho, I believe.

Why are we all here, Jaylah?

Still not super excited about the film but it looks good enough to check out now. The original trailer was the first Star Trek trailer where I didn’t think I would be enticed enough to see if it didn’t have ‘Star Trek’ in the title. Now its definitely better if still not great.

HP also put up a 1min long ad with a new beauty shot of the Enterprise starting @ 0.37 secs! Looks like the warp jump by the way the camera is dynamically moving fast.

Maybe I’m mistaken but I thought all of those shots were recycled from the first two movies?

@Bud Yes, you are mistaken.

Its a new shot the Enterprise looks pretty darkly lit! only a few frames worth but its there buries away!

I notice the difference now. Thanks for the clarification rather than the curt “you are mistaken.” Ha

wheres the link to this?

nevermind it’s the same video i was looking at, just didnt realize that was a new shot

I might be in the minority but Im feeling positive. My one disappointment will be if there isnt a sense of scope or epic-ness to it, especially given the 50th. But it looks like an adventure with strong character moments. It looks fun. And after the chore that was STID, fun sounds great!

@ TUP: I don’t think you’re in the minority for feeling positive. If you remember the poll from a few weeks ago, much more people were looking forward more to Beyond than the new TV series. And I think that was even before trailer 2 was released. That trailer seems to have convinced a lot of people who were kind of on the fence before to give this movie a chance. Of course, there are some who still don’t want to see it but you can’t please everybody.

Meh I wouldnt put much stock in that poll. The movie is “next” and the series is months away with no information. It would have been very alarming if the film lost that poll or if it was even close.

It looks like a very fun movie! Excited for it!

From somewhat skeptical to very excited. Can’t wait.

Counting today, 46 days and a wake-up!
Looking forward to it :-D


Mixed bag in the news on the brave new world we now live in. In this morning’s morning news I heard of how a distraught mother’s baby stopped breathing, turning blue, and in rushing to her child she dropped her phone:

“Gleeson had dropped her phone while in a panic, but remembered that users with the latest Apple devices just have to say ‘hey Siri’ in order to activate the digital assistant and asked [yelling] Siri to call an ambulance.” — ‘Siri saves a life: Apple’s smart assistant used to call an ambulance when baby stopped breathing and turned blue’; By Stacy Liberatore For Dailymail.Com; PUBLISHED: 16:17 EST, 6 June 2016 | UPDATED: 17:33 EST, 6 June 2016

and in the same newscast, The Shock Clock:


The fact that spot #1 still says ‘coming soon’ at the end is perplexing….

@ Phil: Maybe it’s an international version that will be used in different markets with different release dates.

Yeah, I thought of that. I think Rose found the release schedule a while back, I’m not sure if there are any markets where the release date is TBD. Spot #2 was subtitled, so that’s possible.


The furthest out is Japan:

but they wouldn’t run English promotions? Would they?

I think it’s fair to say; it doesn’t get any hotter than THIS!

At my place of work we have a ‘Jolly Boys’ social
club, and all us guys are going out together to see the movie when it opens

I’m pretty excited about this. It looks good. I’m still not sure about the dirt bike, but I’ll let it go.

I’m getting a weird Insurrection vibe from these. Remember when the trailers for Insurrection looked so cool before we saw the movie? And then the movie was just meh?


Wait until you get a look at the Ewok-like trolls.

That said, and 20th century motorcycle aside, I kind of like what I’m seeing from a story perspective. Besides time travel stories, one of my favorites are stories where Scotty finds a damaged hulk and gets it running again, like in the Doomsday Machine. And better than Insurrection which uncovered a dull plot about the fountain of youth, in this one Kirk is protecting something from the bad guys — another great theme, and using “stone knives and bearskins” to defeat a technologically superior villain, like in Arena.

So if all these plot lines are woven together effectively, then I might just be a happy camper, dumb uniforms, and goofy trolls aside.