Bring A Little More Shatner Into Your Life With A Personalized E-Card

If it were within my power to send William Shatner to my friends’ homes to deliver personal messages of congratulations, happy birthdays, and assorted holiday wishes I would, because that would be awesome.

Since I don’t have that power, I can do the next best thing: send them a personalized ecard of William Shatner calling them out by name and singing their praises.

This, you see, I can do, because someone with a brilliant mind, either on William Shatner’s management team or on the American Greetings team, has made it possible.

I’m not going to tell you every single thing about it, because it’s one of those things you have to see for yourself. Waste no time. Head over to and behold the William Shatner ecard.

First, you’ll select a name, of which there is a startling variety.  They have almost every name you can think of, along with different spellings, generic endearments, family relationship names like Nephew and Mommy, and even Oprah.  One glaring omission: they don’t have Karl with a K, which means Karl Urban is out of luck on his special occasions.

Next, choose a reason. Someone’s birthday? Graduation? New job? Retirement? Pregnancy? Social media success? No reason at all? It’s all covered, including a few variations on birthdays and even a congrats on getting paroled. (Good work!)

If you’re lucky enough to receive one of these babies, you’ll see William Shatner look right into your eyes from your computer screen. He’ll say your name, clearly, both visibly and audibly. There will be a song, with background singers, and they’ll know your name too. There will be another surprise that I’m not even going to tell you about in this article.

And then, once you receive this Shatner goodness, you will experience the joy of creating new cards for your friends, and watching each video, because honestly, just like William Shatner himself, it never really gets old. Also, no one’s going to tell on you if you make one—or ten—for  yourself.

GET THEE TO THE WEBSITE. You can get a 7-day free trial, but you might end up forking over the $3.99 a month to send more once you’re done, because it’s really, really hard to stop sending them. (Or watching them.)

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I wonder if we can send Shatner himself one?

If I send one to Justin Lin, JJ Abrams and Simon Pegg will they put Shat in the Movie

Omg! Perfect idea!!

It may be great to get an ecard but then you can’t use the new Canadian star trek series stamps that just came out! But they are in short supply so perhaps an ecard is best.

Amazing. But of all the names to NOT have included, how can they not have “Adam”. Yikes.