Karl Urban Talks a Bones-Spock Team Up in STAR TREK BEYOND

Speaking with Digital Spy after the debut of Ubisoft’s new Star Trek VR game, Karl Urban teased a team up of the “diametrically opposed” Bones and Spock in Star Trek Beyond.

“Our crew has sort of become fractured and we get split up into groups,” Karl explained. “My character ends up spending a lot of time with Spock – which is just a classic pairing.

“Bones and Spock couldn’t be more diametrically opposed. So, to be thrown into a situation of great jeopardy and rely on each other for survival and overcome each other’s eccentricities – it’s a lot of fun. I had a fantastic time working with Zachary Quinto. I can’t wait for [fans] to see that.”

Karl also spoke about his excitement for the film in general. Just like us fans, he can’t wait to see it!

“I’ve seen parts of it, and it is so much fun,” he said. “I can’t wait for an audience to see it. I can’t wait to see the [full] film! [Director] Justin [Lin] did an extraordinary job.

“He’s a longtime fan and he gets the archetypes. Justin and Simon [Pegg] and Doug [Jung] did a fantastic job of writing a script that sort of has a whole lot of new territory for Star Trek to explore – but, at the same time, pays nice respect to what’s come before.”

Star Trek Beyond hits theaters in the US on July 22nd.

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The Bones/Spock conflict was one of the elements I loved most about Trek in the 60’s. Hope they do it well in this film.

It’s funny how a few months ago, we were complaining that there was absolutely nothing happening to celebrate the 50th anniversary of ‘Trek, and that we were lamenting how uninspiring the first NuTrek trailer was. How much has changed since then, especially since BEY is coming out early next month. Good times…

Nope, still complaining about lack of 50th Anni stuff. And other then a few posters and a couple of trailers, not much going on with Beyond either. Its not the total blackout it was before, but we’re a month a way basically and its not got the feeling of a major summer blockbuster.

I don’t think the plan this time is to go for a “major” blockbuster per say – smaller budget and all that. I’m happy with it personally because it means we’re going to have a more unique Star Trek with a few surprises. Like it or not I think this will be a Trek to remember – it’ll probably wind up being the Iron Man 3 to STID’s Iron Man 2 (an overall better and more memorable follow up to a generally mixed second act)

IM3 was atrocious.


I think the problem for Paramount is that its head Viacom brass believe that the Redstones are now interested in selling Paramount outright and this is feeding a rats leaving a sinking ship mentality as that self-same Senior management exits:


A rudderless Viacom can’t be good for Paramount and STAR TREK’s BEYOND. Ultimately Paramount likely would fare better under new owners but the chaos in getting there, which already seem to be causing leaks at the seams, could tank films Paramount have in release during the transition.

turn Star Trek over to CBS. Be done with it.

If the founder of Alibaba [whose name escapes me at the moment] is a Trek fan, great. If not, we’ll see only profit-oriented ACTION! crap. He is the richest entrepreneur in China, if not the world, so maybe he has some room to indulge lovers of Trek with science-y stories, good relationship scenes, and more.

I have yet to see the trailer in a theatre. I guess I need to go to more ACTION! movies.

Me neither. And I see nearly every crappy blockbuster to procrastinate and also as an ineffective alternative to exercise (although, for the last few I’ve been getting there midway through the trailers or later).

Spock vs. Bones was the best part of the original series and movies. And judging by their antics during the OMAZE campaign, we’re going to be in for a treat. I’m feeling good about this movie.

Love Quinto as Spock but he looks like Moe Howard in that picture!!LOL

lol yeah, horrible pic, enough with the bad wigs already. Suck it up, get the bowl cut like Leonard did! .

He had the haircut in the previous two films. Not sure about this one. In all the publicity he’s had his “normal” hair, but during filming it may have been the dreaded bowl cut. I don’t think he can style it any other way when he’s away from the set, pretty difficult because of the lengths of hair, and Quinto is a stylish man. Leonard wore his hair the same way all the time, on set and off, when he was doing TOS.

@WK, I don’t agree about Moe, but I love Quinto as Spock!

I really hope this movie is good and even with the second better trailer I dont know I still have my doubts. But I do think the cast is great and say what you want about Lin but he knows how to make fun action movies. Yeah, yeah Trek isn’t all about ‘action’ but lets not kid ourselves basically all the films has anyway the reboots just took it another level, for better or for worse.

But yes I still remain hopeful after almost dreading the film after that first horrid trailer. End of the day its still Star Trek and the fact we have both this and an upcoming show has made me excited to be a fan even if currently a cautious one. ;)

Imma let you finish Karl, but the Spock/Mccoy banter is absolutely nothing new and in a sense, forcing it too much in this trek is no different than what Pegg apparently thinks the other team did with Kirk/Spock…

Honestly I’m more intrigued by the Kirk/Chekov, Uhura/Sulu and Scotty/alien girl dynamics. The spones dynamic the way it was in tos makes little sense for this Spock, I have to add. People don’t like to get reminded of this but the 60s flavour of racism and xenophobia, as well as a truly bigoted way to see mixed people, influenced some stuff on the old thing.
I find certain fans who dislike the reboot for not being ‘the same’ unfairly overrate Urban as the best of this cast when, actually, he is the one for me who gets the purpose of the alt reality LESS. He makes, at best, a biopic portrayal of Deforest which I understand because he is a fan, but I think he doesn’t fully comprehend that this is another reality and he should make this Mccoy his own too. Neverthless, just because he does that it doesn’t mean they all should play impersonations especially when I well remember them saying that JJ asked them the very opposite. I’m glad Quinto got Nimoy’s support and even with his help, he tried to create a Spock that is not a copy of the original.

You ask the impossible. Most people complain that these characters aren’t enough like the originals. McCoy is probably the character who’d have been impacted the least anyways, considering he was already around 10 years old down the same path when the whole Nero incident transpired.

@ korusan, agreed; and a lot of a person’s personality is formed by the time they are that age.

@ jemini, …the 60s flavour of racism and xenophobia, as well as a truly bigoted way to see mixed people, influenced some stuff on the old thing.

There are times I positively cringe when I watch some of the McCoy & Spock interactions on TOS. In some episodes McCoy’s xeno-ism is really overstated, ugh. There was a good dynamic in “The Tholian Web,” for example, especially the message from Kirk, and McCoy and Spock pretending they hadn’t heard it :-)

I am still a bit worried regarding the lack of the marketing campaign. Here in Germany in my local cinema no trailer is running. I don’t even know if the second trailer ran here at all. No posters, simply nothing that hints at a new trek movie. And even if there were any advertisement at this points no one would see it because cinemas are literally empty until July, 10th because of the European Soccer Championship. It might be too late to get attention for it in the ten days between the end of the Championship and the release of the movie.

The trailer was showing before “Nice Guys” when I went to watch that. It was the second trailer. The first was shown before “Jungle Book” here. I don’t know where you are in germany…but here in Augsburg both trailers are beeing shown.

Thanks. Good to know. I am a little bit more in the north. ;) Did they have posters in your cinema?

@ Frederik, Heh! You’ve seen more trailers in Germany than I have in the States!