Review: ‘TrekOff’ doc is That Terrific Frat Party That Lasts Just a Little Bit Too Long

TrekOff The Motion Picture explores another side of Star Trek, one that uses the franchise as a gateway to the perverted side of nerd culture.

Advertised as a comedy/documentary, TrekOff The Motion Picture serves only as a video podcast of Justin Timpane’s regular TrekOff audio podcast. He and co-host, Alexia Poe, travel to conventions in the Maryland area and utilize the opportunity of a film crew to interview Star Trek fans, record panels they hosted and speak with other random pop culture people, who have nothing really to do with Star Trek, but were present at one of the cons the duo attended.

The hour and 18-minute long movie makes an excellent activity while drinking with friends, as it presents the audience with questions that most likely are not as pressing as Timpane and Poe believe, including do Klingons save the male organ of the Starfleet captains they slaughter, which Star Trek characters do fans want to sleep with and sadly, more along the same lines. TrekOff is a terrific frat party that lasts just a little bit too long.

No double entendre or pun is safe while the duo interviewed convention attendees, which makes for some truly awkward viewing moments. It is definitely a unique idea in that it has never been done before, although TrekOff is a frontier that may have not needed to be explored. Fans of both Star Trek and MTV’s Jackass might believe it to be the perfect mashup, but Johnny Knoxville’s shows and films come off as the more polished and entertaining.

There are actually a few interesting Star Trek moments, as Timpane and Poe feature a Star Trek musical, a Star Trek inspired burlesque show and quickly interview Star Trek Enterprise actor John Billingsley while signing autographs and the creator of the Klingon language, Marc Okrand. Unfortunately, neither offer any new tidbits that fans have not heard before at previous conventions and interviews.

Where No One Has Gone Before is the name of the musical and presents an interesting enough idea. However, Timpane and Poe are more interested in using terms like “Spock On” and making fun of an interviewee who cannot remember how many cans of Monster they had drunk prior to the interview. The duo however does seem more interested in learning about the burlesque participants (not a shocker), questioning how they became involved and more.

Sadly, Timpane and Poe do not have enough actual Star Trek content for their film and rely on quick interviews with other people making sci-fi and erotic podcasts, or erotic art. There is even an interview with Animaniacs voice actor Rob Paulsen, that is fun because he uses his Pinky and Yakko voices, but has nothing to do whatsoever with Star Trek. In between segments, various individuals give shout outs, saying “TrekOff, bitches” while also promoting their own podcasts, movies, and whatever.

TrekOff The Motion Picture is perfect for fans of the TrekOff podcast that enjoy the hosts off-color and irreverent look at Gene Roddenberry’s vision, as well as fans looking for a different view of the 50-year franchise. Be warned however, as this film is definitely not for kids with its content, humor and generous use of the f-word, which Timpane explains resulted in the name of his podcast in the first place. In the end, if the viewer is not drunk watching this film, they might wish they did not lose those 78 minutes of their lives.

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Ahhh. The grunge side of the Federation.

Sounds horrible.

Oh I am already shaking with excitement of reading a full Comment Section for this :D

Sounds like something I’d pay NOT to watch!

This will be absolutely horrible – but still better than Star Trek V

Three Beeeewbs, the movie.

Heya Rich!
They say one should never read their own review.. but I love TrekMovie, so here I am!

Love that you took the time to watch and try it out, and a little bummed that it wasn’t quite your cup of tea. Still, critical or not, its so cool to see our name up on TrekMovie, and we continue to be fans! Trekoff!