QMx To Release Deluxe Kirk And Spock Figures

Kirk and Spock return to Capella IV to deal with some unfinished business.

Quantum Mechanix (aka QMx) are releasing two highly detailed figurines of the two Starfleet legends, and we have the details.

Licensees have been putting out Star Trek figures of all shapes and sizes since the early 70’s when toy manufacturer Mego released their now-legendary line of action figures based on The Original Series.  The quality has varied wildly over the years, with some figures bearing only a passing resemblance to the characters they’re intended to be.

QMx, which specializes in high-end replicas from shows and movies, is aiming to create the definitive figurines of Captain James T. Kirk and his first officer, Mr. Spock.

The 1/6 scale figures are highly detailed and articulated, and can feature a variety of accessories,  including phasers, tricorders, the phaser rifle from “Where No Man Has Gone Before”, and even Spock’s Vulcan lyre (in case you feel the need to have Spock jam with some really groovy cats).  Also included are multiple hands for various action poses, like Kirk’s badass judo chop,  Spock’s Vulcan Neck Pinch, and even one that looks like the Vulcan Death Grip (I know, there’s no such thing as a Vulcan Death Grip – but the Romulans don’t know that).


Like many QMx collectibles, the price is a bit steep.  The figures are $179.95 each, with special  “exclusive” editions, featuring the phaser rifle for Kirk and the lyre for Spock, going for $20 more.

The figures are available for pre-order beginning on June 23rd at 10am Pacific, and are expected to ship by the end of July.  You can give them your hard-earned quatloos by clicking here.

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Are they like the old GI Joe dolls, where you can switch the heads around?

Wow. That’s one of the best versions of Spock I’ve seen. They even got his hands right.

Stop motion film with all the characters is needed!

Those are beautiful; $180 each is pretty steep but I may still take the plunge on these.

Compared to current Hot Toys figures, these are competitively well-priced.

Boy, the boys are buff. While fit, Nimoy seemed leaner than that to me. He had a cool lean edge. Added to the character. Maybe it’s the puffy sleeves. No, I think I’m right. He wasn’t quite that broad in the shoulder. Maybe I need to see up close.

I dig all the little accessories. Especially that groovy Vulcan harp.

Couldn’t they have come up with a form of support for the figures that didn’t involve that painful-looking crotch grab? Yeowch!

The uniform trousers didn’t have cuffs, either. You’d think for that price they’d get everything absolutely correct, and have clothes on the characters that looked like the “real thing.” The shirts look good, but the trousers, NOT.

@Andy P, Agreed, Nimoy was leaner and had a bit of a scholar’s stoop [slightly rounded shoulders]. But as Sunfell said, his hands … oh, those hands … look just right.

Give me a Janeway and I’d gladly pay the money!

Spock was a lot paler than that and a bit more slender. One of the cool things about Spock was that he was strong without being at all beefy; in fact, he was pretty skinny.

I pre ordered my set from New Force Comics ,the all time Trek HQ for collectibles and these figures look absolutely amazing and it’s about time Star Trek gets the 1:6 scale figure treatment it deserves. These figures will be released on 7/27/16 according to previews.

I pre ordered my Set from New Force Comics the Legendary Trek HQ for ST collectibles. These figures are absolutely amazing and Star Trek is finally getting the 1:6 scale treatment it deserves. They will be released on 7/27/16 according to previews.