Classic Trek Films Warping Away From Netflix July 1st

Red alert, Netflix subscribers: the first seven Star Trek movies are leaving the streaming site. If you’ve been planning a Trek movie marathon and haven’t gotten around to it, you have about a week and a half left before they’re gone.

All the Star Treks featuring the original cast—The Motion Picture, The Wrath of Khan, The Search for Spock, The Voyage Home, The Final Frontier, The Undiscovered Country, and Generations—are being removed from Netflix on July 1st.  Nemesis isn’t on the hit list, while Insurrection, along with the two reboots, are already only available through their DVD service. (Does anybody still use that?) Neflix still has all the series though, and so does Amazon Prime, despite reports that everything was being yanked from there earlier this year.

So start planning your viewing parties, because the clock’s ticking on these classics.

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Uh Chekov, and Scotty were in Generations as we’ll.

I came here to point that out, too. ;P

Yup — Chekov, Scotty, Generations…I’m right there with you.

Netflix is really going down hill. First they lost Doctor Who, and now Star Trek? If they lose much more, I’ll probably end up cancelling my subscription.

@ Legate Damar …Just buy the dvds!

I have a lot of them. I think Search for Spock and Final Frontier are the only ones that I won’t be able to watch once Netflix loses them.

Or iTunes.

Not sure they have a choice. The studio wants to see newly packaged Blu-rays. Gotta create some demand.

Really though….who on this site doesn’t already own or have these movies downloaded? Lol

Hey, we know these movies so well……..screw Netflix. We could just meet here and act EVERY scene out!

Trek Chatters Glee Club: “Row *bvvvt* row *pffffff* row *vrrrt* your boat…”

Harry: “OK, next time you don’t have to get into character by actually loading up on Bourbon and beans.”

Trek Chatter Glee Club: *thfthfthftr* An explosive combination.

Taggart: “I’d say you’ve had enough.”

CmdrR, I am the only person here who has seen “Blazing Saddles” 150 times. I was an usher at the Uptown Theatre in 1973 where that movie ran for an entire year! I worked 3 nights a week, memorizing the best bits!

Definitely among the top 5 comedy movies of all time, along with Young Frankenstein.

The scene where Lamarr thinks aloud while appearing to address the audience wasn’t written with that angle in the original screenplay. It was originally just the dialogue and they added the punchline during the shoot.

If I could find a sheriff who so offends the citizens of Rock Ridge that his very appearance would drive them out of town. But where would I find such a man? Why am I asking you?

I’m glad you know what in the wide, wide world of sports is going on, Harry.

Uptown Theater in Mpls?

No, Bob, Toronto, Canada.


That’s it, there is no point having Netflix subscription anymore…

The only Star Trek available on Netflix Australia is 2009 and Nemesis. Fortunately, I’ve discovered Stan, which has all the TV series.
I dream of a world without exclusive rights.

This is exactly the reason I would never rely on online libraries for movies. I use Amazon Prime, it’s a nice tv replacement for zapping into Shows and movies like we used to, but it can never replace a movie collection.The physical data on the blurays of my ST movies isn’t going anywhere Anytime soon.

Same here, even before streaming movies, i have lost plenty of my websites from paid hosts to know better. Never (fully) trust an on-line service.

Yes, some of us still use Netflix’s DVD service. Internet is still not available everywhere. Satellite service is not that great and overpriced. I’m currently using my office internet to say this. Don’t tell anyone, OK?

Uh oh… Careful… Someone might accuse you of stealing!!

I get blu rays from Netflix because the quality from streaming is terrible. The only shortcoming from Netflix is they do not have 3D movies. I have a 3D TV and disc player and have found that 3D works better on my TV at home than it does in theaters. Especially when they use the 16X9 format.

No biggee really, these are all available through my local library system, as with most movies. Sure, sometimes you have to wait a few days or a week to get the DVDs in. I won’t have to dig out my VHS and VCR from the basement.
Does anyone else rely on libraries for movies?

I have a friend who uses the local library. Says it works fine. I probably should consider that option but getting to a local library for me would be beyond inconvenient. The closest library branch is downtown where there is no parking. Otherwise I need to drive 5 miles in a direction I almost never need to go for anything to get the next nearest branch. I live in a fairly large city.

Where I live every library in most of the state is connected, so you can request items from any library and even select which library you want to pick them up in– they just send them to that library for you. Its is pretty awesome and yeah, we are pretty spoiled.

This is why I buy and will keep Blu-Rays or DVDs of any movie or TV series I think I will want to watch more than once. My Trek collection may get upgrades but will always be available to me on physical media.

Got the lot on either DVD or bluray, my room would feel empty without them

This is just another example of why streaming sucks

I was starting to think I was very much alone in that thinking!

what sucks most is that they´re filling this space with Adam Sandler movies

Everyone should own the DVD’s or Blu-Ray’s by now.

You’d think that they would, they’re basically dirt cheap

The DVDs are anything but readily available or “dirt cheap” depending where you live… well unless of course you call 300-400 Bucks per Series cheap…

300-400 $ is damn expensive per movie, let alone per season

My ex and I used to go have steak and lobster at a big name restaurant back when her and I were together, our tab came to be roughly over 150$

There’s a used DVD store near where I live that has tons of the star trek movies ranging from 4$-10 , the series range from 20-40$ per season

The price of the Blu-Rays for TOS and TNG are finally going down, $70 and $130 in Canada now. Voyager and DS9 are completely obscene with regards to purchasing the DVDs still 300-400$ range. I found a special deal on Ent in the UK that cost $70 for region free and I bought that. The sad thing is that only the two Oldest series are reasonably priced and that happened like two weeks ago so I feel your pain! DS9 and voyage should not be that high!

And this is why relying on streaming is foolish. If it is something you want to watch multiple times, buy the disc.

interesting. That labels it nicely.

Any word on if they’re moving anyplace else?

There’s a website owned by Ebay called You can buy (and sell) used dvd’s and Blu-Rays there for as low as .75 per, with shipping it comes to about $3.50 a movie. Every Trek film is there, as well as every season of every show. Of course some prices are a little higher depending on age and condition, but everything is reasonable. It’s worth a look, I’ve been using them for years. That way, at very little cost, you TOO can own a Trek library of your desired configuration, and Netflix can go screw!

Anything of real importance to me, I try to buy on DVD or Bluray. That way, if Netflix, or anyone else, stops streaming them, it is of no consequence to me. Love streaming, but you just can’t count on your favorites always being available.

netflix in australia has a very limited selection


I take it they are doing this to coincide with the height of the 50th Anniversary: Paramount will want to take advantage of the new “Beyond” film and heightened public awareness of the TOS era to sell the older movies to new (and old) fans on re-packaged anniversary edition DVDs and via downloading services.

Gotta sell those repackaged Blu-rays!

Tying this back to the article discussing whether a “cerebral” Star Trek movie can possibly be made in today’s market…

An important point that gets lost in all of this is the assumption that Paramount needs to make a $billion off of a Star Trek movie for the endeavor to be worthwhile. It has been Paramount’s decision to pursue a tent-pole, all-eggs-in-a-few-baskets business model, and there is evidence that it has been a poor business decision. Universal Studios has demonstrated that a big Hollywood studio can be more profitable by producing a greater number of lower-cost movies—a business model more naturally suited to a “cerebral” sci-fi franchise, like Trek.

Consider recently made futuristic/sci-fi movies that were very concept-oriented, cost relatively little to produce, and returned substantially greater profit than did STID or even ST09. Universal’s LUCY, produced for just $40M, grossed $463M worldwide. Or the Radius & the Weinstein Company’s SNOWPIERCER, which utilized a different business model altogether—that of limiting the film’s theatrical tour in favor of a quicker video-on-demand release:

“…In the case of Snowpiercer, VOD was the main part of the release strategy all along. SNOWPIERCER was made for $40M, and “…has earned another $87 million at the international box office bringing its total (between box office and VOD) to close to $100 million. And while studios typically end up taking home 50% of a film’s box office, the VOD split is closer to 75% meaning Radius and TWC earned a bigger percentage of every dollar spent without having to spend as much on advertising. …For films in the $20 million to $60 million budget range, an at-home release starts to make more and more sense. Without massive advertising costs, releasing a movie becomes much more affordable and producers are often able to cover large portions of their production budgets using tax credits and pre-selling foreign rights. Studios have more room to set prices at home so a film could debut at $10 for VOD (or more) and get cheaper the longer it is available. That variable pricing option doesn’t exist at theaters.”

And, because the aforementioned movies are very concept-oriented, as opposed to action-oriented (like Bad Robot Trek), they translate better to home video where audiences can still enjoy the story without missing all of the visual spectacle that plays better on the big screen. Which, again, is more naturally suited to Trek.

So, what we have here all to often is a habit of Trek fans apologizing for Paramount’s poor business decisions, which those same apologists assume to be necessary. Well, they’re not necessary, as the above and other profitable, lower-budget sci-fi movies have demonstrated. If you want Trek movies that are dumbed down action spectacles, made in the model of TRANSFORMERS, Marvel movies and so forth, then that’s your own taste talking. And I’d say that your taste is more in line with that JJ Abrams than with Gene Roddenberry. But, that type of debasement of Trek is certainly not necessary for the viability of the franchise in film.

…and I thought Snowpiercer to be some fine sci-fi, too.

I read they are coming to Amazon Prime on July 1st. They will now have a Doctor Who and Star Trek.

Why, YES….people still USE THAT. Thanks for the insult and for being arrogant.

As you have just pointed out (which makes your question all the more puzzling), there are movies (and shows) that are only available via DVD on Netflix. So…let me ask a question now…

As a movie loving customer, why would I stop the DVD service when I can’t watch just anything I want via the streaming service alone?

I think the real point of the comment wasn’t to be insulting, it was rightly pointing out that far fewer people now use the DVD/Bluray service as compared to the streaming service. And where did the article even imply that you should stop using the service if you like it? You’re reading between the lines just so you can be outraged.

Calm down, all he was suggesting is that people mostly use the streaming service today, which is true. Yes when Netflix first started it was a DVD service and the first of its kind. But clearly in the last few years its priority has shifted to streaming because its just cheaper for them and obviously what most people prefer because of the fast, easy and convenient access. I know plenty of people who has Netflix including myself. None of us pay for the DVD service just the streaming. It would feel like a waste of money for me as I doubt I would ever use it more than very rarely especially since I usually watch Netflix on my phone or tablet. Again more and more people do that as well. DVD’s can’t travel everywhere with you like a reliable internet connection can.

And who said you had to stop the DVD service or implied you should? People are always looking to be offended on the internet for the tiniest things possible lol.

Star Trek 1,2,3,5,6 and 9 are coming to Hulu in July. Strange 4 is not listed, and confirmed on a few sites.

NetPhlox? Er, wazzat? ;)

I wish the TNG films would be on Netflix for a few more months! :(

Is there anything planned for the 50th anniversary like a TV special??

You know what I was thinking something similar would be great if they kind of like how Shatner, and Nimoy did for the 25th anniversary

At least all the Star Trek tv shows are still on Netflix.

Netflix know many of you viewers are Star Trek fans. We subscribe to your service because you have all the series, if you change so will we.