Star Trek Beyond Will Be Dedicated to Anton Yelchin

The producers of Star Trek Beyond have decided to dedicate the film to Anton Yelchin following his tragic death on June 19th, according to Hollywood Life. The filmmakers are allegedly in the process of adding a tribute to the film’s end credits.

This would mark the third time a Star Trek film has carried a dedication. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home carried a dedication card that appeared before the film honoring the crew of the Spaceship Challenger following the 1986 disaster. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country was in production as series creator Gene Roddenberry’s health was deteriorating and he passed before it opened. Like Star Trek IV, the film was dedicated to Roddenberry with a title card before the opening credits.

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That´s wonderful, and i predict it will be hard to watch, :(

During the end credits. That means you almost won’t see it. It could be like a small line underneath the Dolby Stereo and Panavision logos.

Well I am assuming it will be after the movie but before the end credits roll. To do it at the end after the Panavision and motion picture association of america logos would be a mistake.

More than likely, it will be shown after the screen cuts to black, but before the credits roll. That’s how they seem to be doing it lately

Well, a lot of us die hards stay until the music stops and the lights come on!

Tribute could mean just some words yet it doesn’t necessarily. For all we know, they could be adding an extended video and photo montage after the credits as a tribute to him, with voice-overs by people who knew him speaking about him, his life, and their friendship or family relationship with him.

Will Leonard Nimoy get a dedication too?

@ Peter: Quinto said that they acknowledge Leonard’s passing in the movie. He didn’t say whether it was with a dedication in the credits or in some other way.

I wonder if the acknowledgement will be a mention in the film of Prime Spock’s passing. That would also be appropriate.

That’s my thought, Bart, that they’ll have an update from New Vulcan or something. I’m so glad they’re dedicating it to Anton though. It’s the right move to make, and yes, it will be hard to watch :( I’m still so sad about this

Probably a call via subspace to the Enterprise by Ambassador Sarek to inform his son that Prime Spock passed away.

Gosh Bart, didn’t think of that, it will be a tearjerker like when Spock died in Wrath of Khan! I wonder if he makes an appearance, then …

I know where I was and who I was with all those years ago !

Nice. Was hoping they would do this.

By the way, it was subtle, but Star Trek (2009) was credited “In Memory of Gene Roddenberry and Majel Barrett-Roddenberry”. (It’s the final credit in the film.) While Roddenberry’s death had come long before, Majel’s was recent (about six months before).

Very appropriate…a great loss.. That being said even though it is acknowledged in the film I certainly hope for “In memory of Leonard” at the beginning as well.

Me. too. Anton Yelchin was a great Chekov and a very sad loss, but Nimoy was the face of Star Trek for half a century, and wonderful as Yelchin was, his impact on Trek was not in the same league as Mr. Nimoy’s.

Nimoy is a great loss. His personality and talent held both the original series and the films together. Anton was just beginning to Shine. Such a sad accident.

End credits? Meh. Is that really such an issue to put an extra 5 seconds in the beginning with static text?

Depending on where the dedication is put, it may indeed be an issue with contracts or guild rules. Also an early dedication may not fit the mood the movie is going for in its opening scenes

That was kinda my thought.

you dont want to start a movie with a dedication… especially a depressing one… it takes away from the film and the person being honored… it makes sense for the film to have it’s thing then the person to have his or hers at the end…

That is very appropriate.
Good for them

If the movie opens with a simple card that reads:

“For Leonard”

“For Anton”

It would bring the house down.

Unless the end credits tribute is some kind of montage, it won’t do.

VERY well put.

A lot of movies have bloopers or trailer for next movie during or even right at the end of the credits. Unless the toilet calls most people stay until the light come on after it is finished (or leave early to beat the crowd at the cinema. Not an issue after dvd version comes out)

not to mention James Horner, composer for Star Trek II and III

“For Leonard and Anton: Second star to the right and straight on til morning”

There is no “morning” in space.

I love your to the stars and peter pan reference. And “HE DOES HAVE THE POWER”!!!!

I agree wholeheartedly. Most people leave the theater while the credits are still rolling.

A dedication like the one at the end of Fast 7 would be really cool and tear jerking all at once.

The tribute at the end of American Sniper tore my daughter and I apart. The live video of the funeral drive…omg! My husband had to peel myself and my daughter out of our chairs. Sometimes it’s worth staying for the tributes…

That’s awesome!!! I had hoped that the studio would do this. That kid deserves an honored send off.

That’s good to hear.

This is the FOURTH time. Star Trek(2009) was dedicated to Majel Barret Roddenberry, as I recall.

It’s starting trek 50th anniversary. So they should have a 5m Memorial dedicated to all the gone before. And also before the movie starts

Good point!

I agree with this statement…the honourable mentions should come before the movie. However i also think there should be a remembrance afterwords as well.

If the tribute is going to be something special then ok, at the end is fine. But do it before the end credits roll, not after the Panavision and MPAA logo’s. I realize movies not longer do opening credits because most (young) people are impatient. But personally, like Star Trek IV and VI, I believe the movie should open with the dedication.

Classy move by everyone involved…What a tragedy.

It would also be a wonderful gesture to acknowledge the passing + contribution of Leonard Nimoy.

Absolutely! Anton Yelchin was a great Chekov and a very sad loss, but Nimoy was the face of Star Trek for half a century, and wonderful as Yelchin was, his impact on Trek was not in the same league as Mr. Nimoy’s.

I’m going to be honest, it’s going to be really hard watching this movie even though I’m so excited for it. So many mixed emotions. This is still really shocking. Really seemed like a great kid.

Twenty-seven years old is not a kid. He was a man, a well-established actor with significant credits behind him. Far from a kid.

I´m 41 and would call him a kid :) (ouch)

I’m almost 62 and would call you (or probably anyone else posting here) a kid. :) And, I have a son who’s close in age to Anton Yelchin.

Lighten up, kid.

So sad, but a good thought for a franchise that really does feel like a family outing.

Man, Anton’s death didn’t really seem “real” until like today. I feel so bad for his friends & family. He was just a few years younger than I…it’s so damn tragic.

Was originally hoping for an end credits scene with Shatner. Since that was not going to happen I thought it would be nice to have Bill included in whatever tribute they had planned for Leonard Nimoy. Hopefully they do a great tribute to Anton Yelchin. This is supposed to be a celebration of the 50th anniversary unfortunately too much loss this year.

Since Shatner was too busy doing an appearance to even take the time to go to Leonard Nimoys funeral; would be fine if he was not included in the tribute. Have heard about his selfishness for years and that action just proved it. An appearance can be rescheduled, a funeral cannot.

Glad to read this

Sorta obvious this would be the case.

Very nice and well deserved.

Director Justin Lin is on a bad luck streak. First it was Paul Walker, now it’s Anton Yelchin. :/

PW didn’t die on Lin’s watch. AY died long after shooting for STB wrapped. So long after that in fact, AY shot 4 or 5 other movies since then.

The end credits are fine. Movies now usually start right after the logos – and the music and everything else will have already been done.

It’s thoughtful however they do it. Opening credits or closing to me it doesn’t matter, that they do it does. Also for Leonard to be mentioned in the movie is fine.

I’m excited. About the new movie but it will be bittersweet with the loss of Anton. Prayers for his family and all his coworkers. It’s amazing how fortunate the Star Trek family has been with most of our beloved crews dying from old age.

This was so sad. So young.

At the end? Just about everyone will have left the theater by then. Why not put it just at the end of the studio and production logos? ‘For Anton Yeltsin…may his memory live on beyond the 23rd century…’ :D

Everytime I watch Star Trek…I’ll remember Anton Yelchin. Always have and always will. He really made Pavel a character to adore.

It should have been at the beginning of the movie. Who really stays after the screen fades to black ?

As doctor McCoy said in Wrath of Khanna, “He’s really not dead. As long as we remember him.”

The dedication to Anton should be at start of Beyond. Anton has transcended into the Beyond.

Getting emotional just thinking about bout it will have tissues with I think for this one