Walter Koenig Pays Tribute To Anton Yelchin

There has been a great outpouring of shock and grief from all over the world over the death of Anton Yelchin.  Yesterday, Walter Koenig released a statement about the tragedy,  where he speaks about the great impression the young man had on him when they met during the production of the first reboot film, Star Trek.

From Walter’s Facebook account:


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Knowing that Walter would say something at some point, I was bracing for it being very emotional and man it is.

Terrible situation but an emotional tribute from Mr. Koenig.

This felt appropriate.

With so little time passed since the death of his own son, he does speak from a place of experience and empathy.

A classy statement from a classy man.

Well Said.
I am glad that he spoke up.

Good for you, Walter.

Those are kind words. Walter always seemed like a good man.

Very touching sentiment from Walter.

I am not on Facebook. I cannot see where the Walter Koenig quote is.

Just above.

I was not a close friend of Anton’. There are many people who can talk about him more profoundly . We spoke on a sound stage for about two hours. His reputation as an artist preceded him, however. I knew I was in the presence of a gifted performer. What I learned that day was how bright and sensitive he was. I walked away thinking – this is a good person. My heart goes out to his mother and father. I know what you’re going through.

Keachick – that’s Walter Koenig’s quote

Binyamin – Thank you.

The people I also think about are the friends who found Anton. The shock, the horror at finding him this way must have been unimaginable. Life’s a bitch at times…:(

Well said Walter and the right thing to do.
I remember meeting you once at a convention, well before STTMP was even made.
You were sweet and gracious then as you are now.

No one can know every body and shouldn’t be expected that they have too.
Walter Koenig and Anton Yelchin’s connection was a character they both played and the respect of that role, outside of that little else.
But such is the way of life.

Walter is the man. Always was one of my favorites. It’s sad that he lost his son a few years ago.