Beyond soundtrack pre-order shows track titles

The Star Trek Beyond soundtrack is available on Amazon for pre-order, which means the track titles are out there for everyone to start speculating on.

Composer Michael Giacchino has been great about posting musical updates on Twitter and Instagram, and on June 8th, posted a video to let us know they’d wrapped up recording. Read on for the video and potential spoiler track titles.

Now you can get a look at the full track list. For those who don’t want to know anything about the movie, stop reading now.

For everyone else, you’re now entering spoiler territory.  While Giacchino is known for giving his pieces quirky, silly names so as not to reveal anything, the titles could hint at a few things we haven’t seen in the trailers or read about yet.

Forge ahead at your own risk.


  1. Logo And Prosper (1:47)
  2. Thank Your Lucky Star Date (2:15)
  3. Night On The Yorktown (5:36)
  4. The Dance Of The Nebula (2:22)
  5. A Swarm Reception (2:30)
  6. Hitting The Saucer A Little Hard (6:10)
  7. Jaylah Damage (2:50)
  8. In Artifacts As In Life (1:51)
  9. Franklin, My Dear (2:50)
  10. A Lesson In Vulcan Mineralogy (5:17)
  11. MotorCycles Of Relief (3:17)
  12. Mocking Jaylah (3:26)
  13. Crash Decisions (3:16)
  14. Krall-y Krall-y Oxen Free (4:23)
  15. Shutdown Happens (4:35)
  16. Cater-Krall In Zero G (2:17)
  17. Par-tay For The Course (2:46)
  18. Star Trek Main Theme (3:45)
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The puns!!! lol

Michael Giacchino, the maestro of dad jokes.

As usual, nothing so obvious as “Stealing the Enterprise.”

I am curious about Par-tay for the Course.

Most likely played over the scene of McCoy, Spock, and Kirk looking up and talking about “going back out there.” I believe the Dubai shots showed this scene to be a party.

Yeah that’s the bit before they board the new ship I think!

57.23 minutes

I bet track 10 has something to do with those gold rocks McCoy and Spock are hanging around.

I’m not a fan of the childish puns, especially on more serious films. Having said that, it’s an excellent way to not give away any spoilers, as these lists are usually released way ahead of the movie. The Phantom Menace’s “Qui-Gon’s Noble End” comes to mind as a perfect example of how you shouldn’t do it.

hahaha! I remember buying that soundtrack a week before Phanton Menace hit the theaters and was like wha-? talk about spoiler!

4.The Dance Of The Nebula – is going to be set to some seriously pretty VFX I think of the Enterprise looking better than ever gliding through a nebula before it gets destroyed/broken apart.

Not a fan of the Pun-y titles… But, oh well.

Franklin, my dear reminds me that I talked to Hargreaves, the concept artist guy from BEYOND yesterday (guy has awesome credits, ranging from Se7en and THE ROCK to GUARDIANSotGALAXY II) and he said for the FRANKLIN he really went back and studied and deconstructed the original Jeffries design.

He has a book of art (not all film related) out too, and Doug Trumbull wrote the Foreword!

Neat! High praise to have Trumbull write a forward :-)

I don’t supposed he’d be interested (and/or able to) share some of his Beyond concept art with Trekmovie?

The feature I’m doing on him isn’t even going to have any art outside of a photo of the guy they’re taking next week (I think he is going to bring an Enterprise model to the shoot.)

Unlike most of my articles, this is just a Q&A, appearing in the August ICG magazine feature called EXPOSURE (I did one with Trumbull a few years back — and yeah, it was THAT cool!) While July’s issue will have my Justin Lin EXPOSURE – nothing about AXANAR though, when I started to ask about it, the PR folk came on the phone to say that we were out of time.

Basically the art you’ve seen everywhere is pretty much everything that was approved for release as of three weeks back … One of the other articles I did on BEYOND (in addition to the cinematography one in ICG that accompanies the Lin piece), about DNeg’s VFX, they told me they were not approved to release ANY images at all from effects scenes until the movie releases. Since Hargreaves worked primarily with DNeg, I’m sure his stuff falls under that same, ‘wait till release’ category. He works for Marvel too, so I’m sure he is pretty strict about following the ‘don’t blow anything’ edicts that studios usually enforce.

Sure, I kind of figured that was the case. Every once in a while people seem to get away with showing concept art (since it’s not anything final). For example, Chambliss totally posted stuff before STID was in theaters, of course he might have gotten a smack on the wrist for that.

On the 09, most of what Chambliss said to me included the words, “can’t talk about that part, mate” so he hewed pretty close to the party line of say nothing. Shoot, I never even got anybody else on the phone for that one so the article went up in smoke. Maybe they loosened up on the sequel …

I’ve been seriously impressed with DNeg for their real-world invisible stuff as well as their ‘stellar’ stuff. Yeah, they’re THAT good.

As an aside, I’m happy it’s Double Negative doing VFX for Beyond. Once I realized, duh they did the amazing work on Interstellar! No wonder why the new warp effect looks so similar to VFX from Interstellar (in a good way) :-)

LOGO AND PROSPER seems to hint that the Nimoy tribute hits us right off the bat after the opening Paramount Logo?

No it doesn’t. You can trust me on this.

I’ve always been wondering about the track titles of a Giancchino score. Does he come up with those himself?

I didn’t read anywhere yet the fact that the STAR TREK BEYOND movie poster is a direct duplication of the 1978 Superman movie poster.

Don’t know how, but trekcore put up excerpts (or maybe all of) my HD VIDEO PRO article on STAR TREK BEYOND VFX. Only found out because somebody at told me.


I was surprised they name the magazine title and the issue but neglect to mention the article’s title or its author.

I called the editor, because a couple of twitter accounts I found (after put me onto trekcore) have the whole article, including the cover and editor’s page and the actual pages with photos from the article (same pics you see everywhere, nothing exciting at all), so somebody must have leaked or swiped a pdf. The mag only just got laid out recently, wasn’t supposed to be on stands till August and the stories were not supposed to be online till then either. (it’s called PLANETFALL, btw. That’s what I was calling my ICG mag BEYOND article on the film’s cinematography, but the editor there changed it to FAST & FURIOUS, so I figured waste not, want not. I had called a GENERATIONS article PLANETFALL but had that rejected by the editor there back in 1995 — she also rejected DEAD & BURIED ON VERIDIAN III and only accepted KIRK OUT reluctantly.)

I imagine trekcore left my name off because they don’t like me (I quit posting there over their live-and-let-live attitude about Cushman), but I am ticked that they’re reproducing ANY of the work, and irate over the lack of credit, which I would expect to see even if they were reporting the story rather than swiping hunks of it.

Well that’s a surprising and disappointing move on their part :/

This makes me happy!