Wrath of Khan Director’s Edition recall information – UPDATED

As many of you are aware, there was an editing glitch that mistakenly repeated a shot of Sulu at the helm during the Kobayashi Maru training simulator sequence in the new The Wrath of Khan Director’s Edition Blu-ray. Paramount Home Entertainment has now issued a statement and instructions on how to get your disc replaced.

It has come to our attention that there is a slight master assembly error on the recent Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Director’s Cut Blu-ray release.

Fans who would like a replacement should contact our customer service department at wrathofkhanreturns@tce.com or toll free at 844-898-4365.

The corrected product will be shipped free of charge.  It is always our intention to distribute the highest quality product and we apologize for any inconvenience this error has caused.

Once you provide your address to the e-mail or phone number provided, the distributor sends a self-addressed return envelope to send them your disc and Blu-ray case.  Currently, there is no estimated time frame as to when the replacement will be shipping.

Unlike some other recalls, this really is an outright exchange, you actually send back your current copy and wait for a revised version to mailed to you.


UPDATE June 23:

According to our Paramount Home Entertainment contact, the new discs will be replaced as quickly as possible, but no hard timeline is available yet.

More importantly, for those wondering about getting one of the bad copies at retail, I’m told they’ve all been recalled, so very shortly you shouldn’t be able to find a copy to buy at all (assuming retailers have pulled their stock in a timely manner). When the TWOK DC returns to store shelves, the corrected version will have a yellow bar code.

For our readers in the UK, since the release date of TWOK DC is late-July, this allowed enough time to ensure that the copies for sale in the UK will be the corrected version.

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Excellent news.

Excellent news, however given their exchange terms, I think I’d simply return it for a refund and MAYBE repurchase it one I was sure that only fixed copies were available.

Can someone please ask if the UK discs due for release mid July will have the correct discs from the beginning for both the std and steelbook releases. Thanks

Any Idea when the correction will be be in stores?


Let’s see printing discs is sort of like publishing printed material. I think the fastest cost-effective turnaround in inked pressings is 3 months? Part of the problem is pressing facilities are booked up at least that much in advance in planned commitments so something unexpected as to wait to find a slot for the new run.

The most important thing is to discover the corrected product’s unique identifiers that separate it from the flawed ones’.

For example, in the original series BATTLESTAR GALACTICA DEFINITIVE EDITION blu-ray boxed sets I believe the corrected editions had its UPC on a yellow background instead of the normal white.

Awesome. Thanks for the reply. I see in the update as well to look for a yellow UPC label. Very helpful :)

It doesn’t mention the horrendous Audio Issues that many are facing.. This better fix the bloody audio issues too.

Definitely see lip sync issues, but also audio. In at least one place when Spock is speaking, his voice drops quite low in the 2nd of 3 sentence phrases. I would have to watch it again to know the exact place, but it is there and it is irritating.

I’ve got a nice oppo BD-player that has never done this on any disk I own. Seems like there may be a defect in the audio, it happens a lot. I finally turned the movie off because it was so distracting.

I spoke my name and address, the computer voice said ok, but I can’t believe it was that smooth. Things just don’t go that well without something getting misunderstood.

Dose not anyone proof watch this? Or is it not that simple!

Tried the email yesterday but no acknowledgement or info yet, 12 hours later.

Same here.

At one time full QC’s were the standard and a billed line item. The studio’s now won’t pay for a full QC and they expect the mastering facility to do it for free. That’s not going to happen as the margins in those facilities are barely existent and the studios note home video market margins as a whole are barely there…

It will become a collector´s item a few years from now :)

Victor Hugo Carballo,

And going for a mint if autographed by Takei repeating the line in his inscription with an observation about how nice it was to finally get more screen time.

haha i wish i could upvote you

The dialog is also missing in the directors cut scene where Kirk, Spock, and Saavik are taking the ladder. Kirk’s “that young man, he’s my son!” followed by Spock’s, “…fascinating..” is not present

That omission of dialogue is intentional. According to the digital bits, nick Meyer had this dialogue removed from this version of the directors cut, but leaving the visual intact

Since this edition has been marred by them not catching everything, I’m curious if the line’s still in the English or other languages captioning or the alternate language soundtracks?

I’d feel better if I could show proof that I have the flawed copy, they send me the replacement first, then I send the flawed one back.

Any indication of how to tell if an in-store package has the corrected disk?

I never heard back from them and it has been days. How about you, Matt?

Same here. I’m hoping Matt Wright is right.

I suspect the Missing Dialogue was an error they thought they could get away with by myers saying he suddenly hated the dialogue he liked enough to put back in to the Directors edition in the first place (which Never made sense to me) – maybe they will fix that too?

The recall is actually so the film can be edited into two fifteen minute installments titled Wrath of Khan- wait, it’s a sequel so it violates the new guidelines! Don’t mail it back, you’ll only get a coaster in return!!!

They should just add a label to the package: And Now With Extra Sulu. Oh myyyy!

I emailed last week, & never received a confirmation of receipt. I guess i’ll email them again.

Apparently no one is receiving a reply to the eMail. Just hang in there.

I did both – e-mail and call the above number – last week. I’ve heard nothing since. Guess it’s hurry up and wait. Watch me get two return envelopes when they do get sent out.

Still no updates.

What email address contacted you?

Thank you.

finally got the email: “Thank you for contacting us about the error on the Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Director’s Cut Blu-ray release. It is always our intention to distribute the highest quality product and we would be happy to send you a replacement.

Please provide your mailing address where we can send you a postage paid envelope. Once you receive this, please enclose the entire product you purchased (including its casing and all printed materials) along with your mailing address and send the envelope back to us. Once we receive your package and verify that it is eligible for replacement, we will send you the corrected product.

We always appreciate receiving feedback from enthusiasts such as yourself and apologize for any inconvenience this error has caused.

Again, thank you for your interest in our products and we look forward to continuing to bring you outstanding entertainment in the future.

Returns Fulfillment Team”

I got my FedEx package on Wednesday (7/6) and sent the disc back 7/8. Why they used FedEx and not the USPS is beyond me. I brought it to a FedEx facility in New Jersey, as I had other business there. The FedEx guy said the package was good to go; it should get to California by Monday the 11th. I don’t expect the replacement disc until at least August 1.

Awaiting return mailer.



Starfleet Molly McButter!😄

I got my mailer last week and dropped it in the Fed Ex box last Thursday. Surprisingly, I received my replacement corrected copy the following Wednesday!

Still waiting.