Fuller Clarifies Star Trek 2017 Not Anthology Series, Reveals More Details

Star Trek 2017 showrunner Bryan Fuller revealed more details about the highly-anticipated new series in an interview with Moviefone.

Contrary to rumors that the new series would be an anthology show with each season focusing on a different time in Trek lore, Fuller said “I’ve read that this is an anthology show, which is not accurate.” Fuller also shot down the rumor that the series would take place between Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Addressing the teaser trailer that hinted that the show would feature new crews, which many believed suggested the series would be an anthology show, Fuller said that we will be seeing “lots of crews in the story.” Fuller continued, “One of the things that’s exciting for me is that we are telling a Star Trek story in a modern way. We’re telling a 13-chapter story in this first season. It’s nice to be able to dig deep into things that would have been breezed passed if we were doing episodic and had to contain a story within an episode.”

When questioned whether the new series would revisit any familiar characters, Fuller teased “eventually.” On Nicholas Meyer’s involvement in the series, Fuller said that “[Meyer has brought] a clarity and cleanliness to the storytelling. An ability to ground science fiction in a relatable way, and also making sure that we’re telling character stories.”

You can read the entire interview here.

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I am officially very excited about this. :) I was wary of the notion of an anthology series, and of having it set post-TOS/pre-TNG but now I feel a lot better about this given everything I’ve heard so far. Looking forward to it!

This sounds absolutely incredible.

The JJ garbage broke my heart. If this new series is prime universe, and post-nemesis, I will have my trek universe back.

Get a life.

Really? – It’s just his opinion dude.


Momma always said that if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.

“Momma always said, ‘Life is like a box of chocolates: If you don’t say something nice, you may suffer IP blocking.'”

Or something like that.

What an incredibly erudite and educated post.

Congratulations, I’m sure you’re mother is very proud of you

Get stuffed!

Great post Ralph! I second his statement!

Star trek 2009 did a good job of rebooting the franchise, and starting new fans. Into darkness was just bad. I want a movie that more like the motion picture. The movie that inspired me.

Well, I was getting excited for the post TUC season in an anthology series, but I’m sure that whatever they are doing will be good. I hope its the prime time line.

So… are we to assume that it will be prime, post Nemesis?

Let’s hope not.

I hope so!

Indeed it is.

Oh man, not back to a boring post TNG perfect human world. Ooohh, it’s Andromeda and we go warp 9.999999. Seems a lot like the Milky Way but now we have unlimited power and can replicate matter and regenerate dilithium at will so we have unlimited energy. Guess we’ll go hang in the holodeck and have some progressive soap opera action. These are the days of our lives. Yawn.

Yeah, Voyager was like that. But in the hands of creative people for a change, post TNG could be really really good.

Yea, I am worried now about this as well.

And what about that armor that encapsulated the whole ship. That was analogous to the portable trans warp device in Into Darkness for me.

What a distorted view you have of that series. It wasn’t like that at all. And it wasn’t perfect either. Someone with even vague familiarity with Trek knows humans aren’t perfect in any of the shows. It may be more utopian, which is good, but not perfect.

To some extent, that is sorta true. But, the theme of the bulk of TNG was that while other species may have superior strength, technology, or whatever… Humans are the greatest beings in all the universe. Even with our flaws. It is a recurring theme for me, lessened TNG a little. Never got that feel from TOS or their feature films.

Dare we compare the days of TOS where the Enterprise had to help poor miners having to mine dilithium to survive, Dr McCoy openly debates with Spock on the bridge while ensuring the Klingons (who are aliens who actually want to dominate others… not allowed in TNG!) don’t get their hands on all that dilithium and the Enterprise is the only ship in the quadrant to save everyone while at the same time being schooled by advanced races to be more peaceful to the days of TNG where the super advanced race “Q” is a jerk compared to those awesome humans, everyone is friends with their own councilor, people working to survive is petty since you have free unlimited energy and there are a thousand starships out there to save the day if you needed while even those Klingons are our best friends? Ironically the most exciting parts of TNG era is when they throw that out the window – DS9 with Sisko fighting the Dominion (even blowing up a Romulan ambassador) and the Borg (the ultimate collective hive-mind bettering all the races by making them one). Ironically when you think about the Borg are the ultimate in progressiveness – everyone is equal, all speak as one, the only work is to better yourselves. It’s a far cry from when the bad guys were supposed to be the Ferengi, those evil capitalists. Go into the future where we are even more progressive and our ships are more perfect (Warp 99999.99999, arm all 432421 quantum torpedos) and all are in the Federation and you have a pretty boring series, I don’t care what galaxy it ends up in, it will be a soap opera with everyone hanging in the holodeck pretending they live in a more exciting TOS world.

Its weird how you just glanced over DS9. That show describes PERFECTLY of what you’re talking about. Sisko was placed on an old space station, not Federation built, there were NO Starfleet in the entire area, just him and his crew and a lot of stories about simple Survival and trying to live with your enemies. They were constantly having issues with the Cardassians, Bajorians and obviously the Dominion. A 5 YEAR war happened on that show and there were plenty of stories and characters that tested the ‘perfect humans’ of the 24th century. One episode Sisko poisoned an entire planet of human separatists just to catch one Maquis terrorist. It was also the show Section 31 was born which was last seen in STID.

The problem is that people are still thinking about the early TNG days when Roddenberry was running the show. Once he got the boot that show slowly changed for more conflict. DS9, as shown, was made FOR that very reason and did it in marvelous spades. People also have to remember Roddenberry hated both Star Trek 2 and 6 because Starfleet was treated too militaristic (which btw the guy who wrote and directed those films are now working on this show ;)). This is what people don’t seem to get. It’s not Rick Berman who presented TNG like that, it was GENE RODDENBERRY who did. Berman simply kept to his philosophy because that was the show but as said that slowly changed anyway and why DS9, Voyager and Enterprise was introduced. Voyager is a bit more closer to TNG but they did plenty of stuff on that show that was very unstarfleet like given their situation. Janeway did plenty of questionable things that would’ve made Kirk do a double take.

And go back to the 23rd century when Roddenberry had COMPLETE control. What did we get, The Motion Picture, that’s what we got. ;) That bland, water downed, stilted version of TOS in a boring stuffy film is what Roddenberry originally wanted for the show to be. In the original pilot was cerebral as you can get. NBC said no way and why it was shut down and he had to make a more action adventure pilot. So if Roddenberry got his way ALL of Star Trek would’ve been like early TNG and TMP if he had complete control. No way would most of later Trek ever got on the air, especially DS9 that was anti-Star Trek in more ways than one.

So please stop blaming Berman. The guy only made the show he was originally hired to do, to follow Roddenberry’s vision. Then when he got a bit more freedom that changed. And to suggest that ALL of Star Trek on has to be like early TNG when you had 7 seasons of DS9 happening in the same period shows how narrow minded people think of this stuff. And humans were better in the 24th century because Earth was better in the 24th century, that’s it. Find Sisko’s monologue in the episode The Maquis part 2 when he’s talking to Kira how Starfleet has a warped view of the how the galaxy functions because they been living on “paradise” too long. Second season, one of the best speeches of the franchise and gave you the stark difference between TNG’s philosophy and DS9. Oh and that episode was co written by Rick Berman. :)

In other words the writers can write any angle they want, as long as they find a credible enough premise to do it in.

I agree DS9 made a lot of changes to Roddenberry’s squeaky clean trek that is why DS9 was better and more realistic I loved the Klingon and Dominion War I loved how in DS9 they were Back stabbing each other around every corner it was great, had Roddenberry been around we would not of gotten DS9 or the Klingon and Dominion War Arcs or Enterprise or First Contact.

I’m glad someone recognized it. What’s funny about it is DS9 was made for the SOLE purpose of having more conflict in Star Trek. Paramount wanted Berman and Pillar to make another Trek show and they wanted another TNG carbon copy (which they sort of got later with Voyager) because of how popular it was obviously. It was Berman who convinced them to go a completely different way from TNG in every way possible, especially how Starfleet was going to be presented. I’m sure you and most already know this but DS9 was originally going to be set on an outpost colony and no ships or space to speak of. The idea was going to show Starfleet at its bare minimum and show the grunts working on their own trying to assimilate a war torn but suspicious culture to become part of the Federation and all the issues you can imagine that come with it. The outpost stuff was changed early when they realized how much more expensive it would be for location shooting and just trying to find enough interesting stories for it. So they kept the basic idea with Bajor and its issues with the Cardassians as part of the premise but threw them on a station instead. And they purposely wanted religion and politics as part of the show because look at the real world today and what the two biggest conflicts we still deal with globally, religion and politics. Where TNG and TOS avoided religion like the plague DS9 dealt with it head on. In fact, again, Roddenberry detested the idea of religion overall so anytime it was partly mentioned in TOS and TNG it was basically presented as wrong and brain washing. DS9 was the first Trek show that actually portrayed both sides of it and made one of the leading characters deeply spiritual. You think we wouldve ever saw that on TOS and TNG? No way and WHY Berman pushed for a show like DS9 in the first place. I’m not saying you have to like Berman or DS9 as many saw it AS anti-Trek when it premiered, and that was the point it WAS suppose to be Anti-Trek in many ways. TNG wasn’t Berman’s show, it was Roddenberry’s show. Many writers for TNG early years wanted scarier enemies and greyer humans but were constantly shot down by Rodenberry. And to give Rodenberry SOME credit he did give in with the idea of a starfleet conspiracy story line in season one with the episode Conspiracy but even that idea was changed from actual Starfleet personnel planning a revolt to it being an alien parasite because he couldnt imagine humans doing that by then. But guess what, when DS9 came around Berman approved a similar story closer to the original idea about a Starfleet admiral who conspired with others in Starfleet to militarize Earth and take control of it by staging a fake Dominion bombing on Earth. And even tried to kill Sisko’s crew when Sisko realized what was going on. Oddly enough basically a very, VERY similar story line that was used in STID. ;) Speaking of shady Starfleet officers, let’s forget the time Riker was found to be developing a secret cloaking device against the Romulans with his old captain that ended in a ship mutiny for breaking the Romulan treaty. Or that other shady starfleet officer that colluded with Section 31 to get an Romulan ambassador assassinated so they could put in their own Romulan puppet on the high council to fight against the Dominion. Or what about the other shady Starfleet officer that attempted to secretly excavate people off a planet with the scumbag Son’a so they can use the planet’s resources violating the prime directive. All of this happened in the peace loving hippie commune known as the 24th century Federation. Berman also came up with the concept of the Maquis which was the first time we ever saw human Federation citizens revolt against Starfleet. No way that story line wouldve flew if Roddenberry was still in charge. Again how can humans be ‘perfect’ if you had the Maquis running around by the last few seasons of TNG and direct story lines for DS9 and obviously Voyager being terrorists? Because Roddenberry was gone by then, thats why. The very first story line of the Cardassians that was approved by Berman was about a Starfleet Captain going around destroying Cardassian ships because he suspected they were secretly planning to strike the Federation and decided on a preemptive strike before they had the chance, which eerily paralleled the Iraq war 12 years later. As far as Cardassians the writers wanted a new adversary SINCE the Klingons were neutered (thanks to Roddenberry ;)) in the 24th century and the Borg was more niche… Read more »

Oh yeah, also it was DS9 where we went to war with the Klingons. TOS flirted with the idea but never actually did it, right? We didn’t get that until AFTER a century later. So again, I wish people stop being so narrow minded and generalize the 24th century was portrayed as one big hippie love fest. It wasn’t and it also mean all bets are off in ANY century as long as you create enough conflict and on DS9 and even Voyager there was plenty and plenty of conflict.

I know it’s sad the Klingons were supposed to be bloodthirsty Conquers and that was not allowed in TNG. Roddenberry Evolved the Klingons and that is sad it made them boring he made them more Honorable and noble where they have abandoned there warrior conquering ways and made them good boys it’s pathetic.

The original series Klingons remember were not blood-thirsty conquerors at all. They were conniving and scheming. More like the TNG romulans or even the Ferengi in ways. They were changed to warriors for the films and later on even more so for TNG.

Going where no Star Trek show has been before: New TV series set to be more graphic, says showrunner Bryan Fuller

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LOL. Don’t forget to add in the boring “Berman-music” and endless conference table discussions about technobabble.

You’d have cool music like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AphxyjrH4SE if Vulcan’s and aliens were allowed to be alien in TNG land. But guys fighting over girls due to hormones, well, not very progressive from a human perspective. Vulcan’s thus obviously cannot be that way, they are going to be like the Betazeds, look human, act human but more in touch with their feelings requiring external validation… all over pretty boring music.

I didn’t think it would be an anthology, too cost prohibitive creating new standing sets every 13 episodes.
Absolutely hate it that they’ve adapted the soap opera model. I never ever choose to pick up a book and read chapter 8 because it was so much better than chapter 4…and I rarely, if ever, re-read my favorite novels, cover to cover. Sadly, I can safely predict this will be the first Trek series that I will not own because I’ll never revisit the entire arc after my initial viewing. Nor will I ever be able to fire up a single episode to enjoy during my lunch hour. I’ll watch it… and just as I watched and loved LOST, I’ll never re-visit it. Soap opera serialization is a great way to hook viewers, but it sucks when it comes to repeat viewings. Bummer.

Who has to build standing sets any more? Even on many/most non-sf shows the exteriors are green screen / CGI. They can do interior ship shots like that too.

A standing set is MUCH cheaper then CG over time. Probably not for one season, but for more. Plus actors hate working on greenscreen. Makes everything technically as well as artistically much more complicated and restricted.

Sure, if you want to watch SIN CITY in space every week. That’s something you do as a change of pace, not as a regular go-to. Unless handled expertly, the virtual set thing is really hard on the eyes and mind and can make BLAKE’S SEVEN seem high-end by comparison.

I don’t know, after 31 seasons of non-story are Trek, I am open to this concept.

DS9 did story arcs for something like four years (the Dominion War.)

Yeah you have a good point. Like once you’ve seen Breaking Bad, after knowing the whole outcome it’s not really interesting to watch it again.

Darn, I really liked the anthology idea.

I was never in favour of the anthology rumour, so thank goodness that’s been debunked. But I am in favour of the seasonal arc storyline. Initially when Enterprise did it in season 3, I didn’t enjoy it because of how different it was, but also due to how long the seasons were back then. I much prefer the way TV shows are done now, with 10-13 episodes per season. It lets the writers tell a story or stories that are intricate and woven together but not overly drawn out like it would’ve been if it were a 20-odd episode season. I think this will be good.

I don’t dislike the initial experience of a well told arc. It just holds zero interest for me when it comes to casual repeat viewing. And in that regard, it saddens me that my enjoyment of the new series will most definitely be limited to the original run, but not beyond.

Ughh. I’m just not a fan of long chapter-style story arcs in Star Trek. I know there are fans that love them, but I’ll always prefer the episodic format that was defined in TOS (and later followed by TNG). They were “trekking” through and exploring deep space and always facing new challenges that for the most part, had nothing to do with the previous episode. I loved that kind of variety. I mean I’m fine with story lines spread over several episodes… but entire seasons? I’ll give it a chance of course, but I’m really wanting Star Trek to once again be about an actual “trek” through the stars. I don’t want it to be about getting home or for it it to be relegated to a given region of space with the same alien characters returning every other episode. Again I say… give me an actual “trek”!

Oh, I sure hope they won’t go post-Nemesis… there’s nothing interesting to be seen in post-Nemesis world. That timeline is ruined. What little we’ve seen in Enterprise was more than enough. It’s a strange, alien world populated by people who are human in name only. What sort of stories could take place in such a world? It would end up like Voyager: an endless flood of “alien-of-the-week” and “anomaly-of-the-week” stories, set in uninteresting and unfun universe, with crew so perfect it is no longer interesting to watch. Even in 24rd century, the galaxy already feels too small, too crowded… so how could 26th century or 29th century be any better? There’s fck nothing to discover any more.

We need to go back to 2200. The 2200s is a sweet spot for Star Trek: far enough in the future to be different and technologically advanced, but not far enough to stop being relatable. It’s the era of brave new frontiers, an era of expansion and discovery, before the borders were set and balance of powers was instated. We’ve seen the 5-year mission of Enterprise, but there is a dozen other starships like her… let’s see some of their adventures!

I agree Paul. Too many people talk about this imaginary “must go forward = must go farther into the future” as if thats some core value of Star Trek. They say everything has been done, which is not true. Star Trek, to appeal to new fans, needs to be connected to the modern world in some way, needs to relateable to modern fans. You accomplish that by going to a place in Trek’s past.

Agreed. I think it’s clear that we now in 2016 imagine post 2400 as so different from us – maybe even completely transhumance – that it would not really be reflective of our concerns, and theefore not dramatic.

@Trek In a Cafe – you nailed it. The fans that say “go forward” I dont think they really understand. To extrapolate our current technology, mixed with what Trek shows us already, to go into the 2400+’s, it would be under-dramatic. And then people say ‘well make it the collapse of the federation and a devolution of technology’. Why make it 2400 then?

For Star Trek to be relevant to modern audiences in today’s TV landscape, it needs great story-telling but it needs to speak to modern issues. Post TUC is about as far into the future as I think they can reasonably go. But I’d prefer Pre-TOS to be honest.

Yeah I don’t think you understand that the 23rd century of Star Trek isn’t anymore realistic than the 24th century or the 22nd century of Star Trek. As long as writers makes it cool and interesting thats all people care about. Look at TOS. Transporters and Warp Drive will probably never happen in the next thousand years although in Star Treks timeline they are both less than a century away now but then stuff like their computer and communicators are vastly primitive compared to the stuff and that I’m currently typing on. In other words, don’t over think it. Technology will never be completely right REGARDLESS of what century it takes place in, 100 years or 500 years. They can set it a thousand years into the future just as long as they have great characters and stories in that future to tell it.

In fact TOS never even told you what century the show took place in. It wasn’t until TWOK they made it clear it was set in the 23rd century but the show could’ve been set in the 26th century for all we know probably because no one really thought that hard about it at the time. Its very different today of course. ;)

Exactly…at the end of the day Trek is not an real projection of our future. It is it’s own universe…complete with Khan, Eugenics wars and World War 3. Don’t get too hung up on new Star Treks not mirroring reality…that is never going to happen. I just hope for good stories.

I like what he’s saying mostly. Glad its not an anthology. Very glad its episodic. 13 episodes is a nice sweet spot.

A little concerned about it being “Star TreK” in name only. It really must fit within canon. It cant just be a new concept with the words Star Trek slapped on it.

Star Trek just has never been revived from where it left us in 69. Abandoned, I’d say.

Exception made for the fan films.

I was really hopping for the show to fill in that 80 year gap between ST:6 and TNG.

Makes sense it’s not an anthology – it would be too expensive to builds sets and main bridge, just to use it for one season.

Or, for a one off jjjtrek.

I noted in the Collider interview, Fuller makes mention of looking at sleek car designs for inspiration on ( THE? ) new ship(s) – I would assume this means the series’ focal ship may not be an Enterprise ( unless it’s versions of Enterprise B and C we’ve never seen ).

That does a lot for character development.

The British have voted to make Britain great again! No more authoritarian rule by unelected officials. National sovereignty wins!

Season One will be a 13-part serial… there goes all my hopes straight down the loo on a full flush :(
All I need to hear now is that it will be a Prime Universe reboot cause Hollywood is so out of talent that everything is a remake nowadays.

I agree. It is scientifically impossible for Star Trek to be good if it’s serialized. I mean, it could be well written, acted and executed, but one story across 13 episodes? I don’t care how good it is, it won’t be good!

Thats the silliest thing I’ve ever heard. Is Game of Thrones “one story” across a season? ofcourse not. Its multiple layers dealing with the same over-arching story. I assume thats what this will be too.

DS9 had a multi year story. And that was the best written Trek series ever.

People really will complain about anything.

…sorry, TUP, didn’t like Ds9. Liked most of the characters, but I had my fill of Bajoran politics and religion early on. We wont even get into the fact that, as a Star Trek series, Ds9 had an opportunity to truly go where no man had gone before in the form of a wormhole that was right next door…but they were always too busy dealing with Bajor politics or prophets or the personal dramas of O’brien and his wife and little Molly. Talk about missed opportunity!! Of course, missed opportunity was pretty much the norm for the majority of the Berman era. Pity, really.

Of course it can be good, the point is, so can a single hour long adventure, with an imaginative begging middle and end…then you have 13 stories instead of just one. 24 was a riveting, amazing 24 hour ride… I watched every episode and couldn’t wait for the next week’s installment. Care to guess how many times I’ve rewatched hour 6 or hour 17 of that 24 hour arc??? Or the entire 24 hour bloc for that matter?
I’ll give you a hint, it rhymes with “hero”…but it’s not “nero”.

Jonboc, we hear you but that’s just not the standard in TV today. When TOS and TNG were on, THAT was the standard, the episodic one and done story. TV worked that way forever for the obvious reason, because as you said its easy to get audiences into a show they dont have to have seen every episode to understand. And it worked that way for decades.

But today its a very, very different world. Audiences want deeper story lines and yes, thats partly due to technology today. Before there were DVDs, there was VHS and unlike DVDS you couldn’t get 10 hours of a show on it and they would wear out if you watched them too much. Well today thanks to digital technology and the internet in general you can watch something for hours at a time, practically anywhere and it changed how TV is made. Thats WHY all the streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon all do serialized dramas because their audience is use to watching an entire season in a day. Sure I get your point, episodic makes things easier to view shows but look at the top shows, especially on cable: Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Scandal, Homeland and on and on and on. I would say it was certainly LOST and 24 who started that trend but today everyone does it.Look at all the comic book shows, they are all pretty serialized as well. Sure you still have a lot of episodic stuff like NCIS and Law and Order but those shows aren’t ‘cool’ the way the other stuff is anymore.

What’s funny about all of this is Star Trek went in kicking and screaming doing the serialized stuff. Its no secret Paramount DIDN’T want DS9 to be a serialized show but the Dominion changed that and just made it a better show altogether. But believe it or not it was Voyager as the first Trek show they first attempted to serialize in its second season because Michael Pillier, creator of the show and show runner at the time saw shows like X Files and ER being considered the ‘cool’ shows at the time because those shows were more serialized and he thought maybe Voyager should become that way too. Not at the level of DS9 ended up being but at least constant character story lines episode to episode. It didn’t work but that was the first time they flirted with the idea until DS9 totally went that direction two years later.

Now literally 20 years has passed and Trek is in a different place like a lot of shows are. It still may not be as it was on DS9 (which BTW, had tons of standalone episodes in later seasons) but I think its probably the smarter way to go to keep younger people hooked because thats what TV looks like these days.

Tiger, I get all that, and you’re totally correct… serialized dramas are in “in” thing. I realize that, and I know you can’t buck the trend. But this isn’t going to be on Netflix or Hulu. Will it survive long enough to eventually make it to Netflix years down the road…for others to binge watch, and finally gain widespread acceptance? Or will it struggle along on CBS All Access, hoping to find mainstream acceptance? Who knows, it’s certainly a new business model Trek has never faced before. My desire for self contained episodes is purely selfish. With serialized storytelling, the excitement and enjoyment will be almost exclusively, “in the moment”. Casual, repeat viewing will be, practically, non existent. The appeal for cherry picking favorite episodes, whenever you find that elusive spare hour, or finding the time needed to settle in for a 13 hour “re-watching binge” just isn’t going to be there…for me anyway. I’ll watch all 13 episodes…i’ll be there with bells on and anxiously await the next (hopefully) exciting installment. But when the arc is over, stick a fork in it, it’s done. And that’s too bad.

Ok I get you and for the record, I agree. I don’t have a problem if they did more standalone episodes as well. I think for me though I’m fine with serialized story telling only because of how great it was done on DS9. But DS9 was basically a SERIES arch and not a season one as this sounds. And DS9 really didn’t start the arch until the 5th season. Dominion showed up by the third season but they weren’t the shows main focus until the war actually broke out which was 5th season. They were doing other archs like the Klingon war etc but it was still more limited.

But I will also say I’m a bit excited about it being a Bryan Fuller fan and seeing how great he made season archs with Hannibal. It started off episodic but the longer it went on the more serialized it got and it was done great. And I would say that the episodes still had a middle beginning and end in season 1 and 2. It was the third one where the episodes were very connected.

So based on THAT yeah I’m excited knowing his work but sure I wouldnt have a problem with episodic TV. But as said I think for whatever reason streaming sites really pushes this. All Access is trying to be another Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc and they are imitating their style. Kind of ironic since CBS itself has the least serialized shows on the air when compared to the other networks. But I think ALL Access is suppose to be experimental in more ways than one, not just trying get people to buy their shows but how they tell them.

But I’ll say it again, I dont know if the show will be as serialized as we are all thinking. I still go back to Enterprise that spent all third season on the Xindi and yet 40% of that season still had very standalone stories that had nothing to do with the Xindi. But they also had 24 episodes that season vs 13 for this one so yeah.

I would be happier with the anthology approach (because watching a X-season and a Y-season would be like reading specific books) but right now, I’m really soiled on anything ‘official’ in light of the political moves TPTB have done to fandom.

Now I suppose I could get my answer from ‘American Horror Story’ but is one possible reason they are back pedaling from Anthology-based Star Trek is because of the royalties being split across a larger pool of actors involved?

~Pensive’s Wetness

Hope that means it will be set post NEM in the Prime universe.

Well, does the prime universe after the events still exist after the timeline has been changed? Shouldn’t the timeline in the prime universe cease to exist after Nero’s disappereance in the wormhole an be rewritten?

I still can’t believe 7 years on people are confused about this but the reboot movies DON’T take place in the Prime universe, but an alternate one. When Nero (and Spock) went through the blackhole they just didn’t go back in time but to another universe all together, just very similar to the one the other shows takes place in. In other words they left the universe we have watched through our lives to another universe and changed THEIR timeline. So yes the prime universe still exists as always.

Whats more funny about this is it was this very site where Bob Orci explained how the new films premise works. Sadly they didn’t bother to explain it better in the films but God I wish they did.

So thats the issue, what universe will this show be part of? The old universe with old Kirk, Picard, Sisko, etc or the new universe with the current version of Kirk. OR it could be in yet another entirely different universe altogether that no one ever seems to consider but probably because people think they don’t want to confuse people any more than they have lol.

I love the Alternate Reality design aesthetic. This is why I like reading ‘Star Trek: Ongoing’ by IDW. The game was alright, but I loved running around the new Enterprise and chasing Gorn into the turbolift tubes :)

As someone who was very concerned about the anthology rumor I’m SO happy that’s not happening now. I was getting use to the idea but I never loved it either way so happy we’re sticking with one crew….or crew?

And also happy we might be getting a post-Nemesis timeline after all. I was fine with it being set after TUC but I would prefer NO prequel stories at all and most people want to see Trek in a new unknown setting. It still may not be but it gives us hope now that it is. Anyway its fun to finally hear some official word about the show even if its still little. But with Bryan Fuller in charge I’m beyond excited about it.

Post Nemesis? That’s not how I read it. I read this as purely Enterprise B and C territory.

Oops, sorry misread. Thought he was confirming that … Nevermind

Sounds like they’re trying to make it into a soap opera drama like DS9. No thanks.

In order to avoid conflict with the movies, especially if there’s a fourth one possibly coming down the pike, I would think think that they would set this before TOS. Then again, by the time the next movie would be green-lit, Les Moonves will likely be Charirman of Viacom/CBS and will seek to re-unify TV and feature franchises back into the same universe.

But that would be Enterprise ALL over again. I mean it would basically be Enterprise: The Next Generation and I don’t see that happening at all.

And if they set it in the prime universe again they wouldn’t have to conflict at all. JJ verse does its thing and they would be in the prime universe. I don’t think Les Moonves remotely cares what universe its sets in,ESPECIALLY given the fact every episode of Star Trek ever made is currently on All Access. Do you know what is NOT on All Access? The reboot films. ;)

So yeah I dont think CBS cares one way about the other if they are not making money from the reboot films. Fact is ALL their money from Trek comes from the characters in the Prime universe and if you make a show back in the prime universe you can now go back to those other shows and characters they can cross promote.

Its not to say they won’t stay in the JJverse but financially it makes sense to go back to the other universe since that’s where CBS profits from now.

How would it be Enterprise? I’m talking about the TOS Pike era. The 13 years before Kirk took over the Enterprise during the Cage era, when Kirk was still a cadet at academy. The Capt. Garth era. Even 20-30 years before, the Federation as we know it from TOS is still largely well developed. Heck, the Kelvin era … I think most Trek fans were pretty keen on a series built around that ship.

Enterprise suffered from terrible writing and acting, and it failed to deliver on the the idea of being the first starship to explore the Galaxy on its own. Much of TOS drama came from missions built around federation missions, not pure exploration — in fact there was precious little of that.

But I disagree about Moonves. The man is all about making money, and the Prime timeline is where that happens. But he can outright turn his back on a feature film franchise which also earns CBS lots of money, and the fact it represents the franchise in a much more high profile way than the TV series will. And a smart businessman will want the two halves to work together, just like the marvel and DC comic universe.

I’d love to see a new Trek series set in the Pike era, and watch adventures tied in and around the established lore were already familiar with. It doesn’t mean CBS can’t set it in the Prime universe during the TOS era, but then they lose some marketing tie-in with the film’s. The only other choice is post Nemesis, and if that’s the case it probably doesn’t matter, the TNG era will most likely turn out similarly in the alt universe, and if focusing on a different crew, no reason to ever mention Picard or the Enterprise to tie in with canon.

I’m not particularly interested in that era, as it’s too well developed, and the Galaxy too well known. But there are ways to ditch all that, which will eliminate a lot of lore that the original fans would enjoy, but otherwise make for a compelling drama.

I hear what you’re saying, but I just don’t see that happening because it would tie to closely to the films and I dont think they want the comparisons. That was the entire reason TNG was set so far apart from TOS to do its own thing and I think a series starring Pike thats suppose to be Pike from the films would probably be too close to the films and we know he wouldnt be on the Enterprise since the first film made it clear he didn’t become Captain of that until that film. Also why I think they want to go back to a farther period becasue they can yet another Enterprise, who knows?

And the reality is Paramount owns the films and CBS owns the shows. Now if Paramount put the new series in the prime universe then I could see that happening. But CBS doesnt seem to get any major share from the films from what I can tell.

They don’t seem to have any direct connection to the films outside of the fact they both use the same characters. And remember the very first press release we got about the new show was stating pretty bluntly it would have nothing to do with Star Trek Beyond. Now they could just mean that film but I think they were letting people know its going to be its own thing in every shape and form possible. And I think the lack of anyone from Bad Robot working on the show kind of tells you they don’t seem to want a big pull with the films. Yes Alex Kurtzman is there so its possible but everyone who has been hired since seems to be people familiar with the old universe, especially Fuller.

So could it be in the alt universe, of course, but so far its not feeling that way at all, especially after that first press release. I mean THINK about it, if what you said is true about Moonves wants to tie in the new films because it has a higher profile, why would they go out of their way to state the show has NOTHING to do with the big shiny new Star Trek film thats out a few months from now? Seem like they would be headlining the fact the two are connected, not going out of their way to say they aren’t.

So why I don’t believe it. And notice, both press for the show and press for Beyond you would NEVER know one even knows about the other since neither side remotely mentions the other. Beyond had a HUGE fan event last month…not a single mention of it. I mean they managed to work in discussing a fan film before they did the show. Thats just odd to me. . Again I can be wrong, but I have a feeling they are trying to keep both products very separate from each other based on their actions alone.

I hope it’s more like DS9 which in my opinion was the best star trek series. Not that the others were bad but it definitely was the most interesting.TOS third season was the best, unfortunately it got cancelled after, TNG got good after its 3rd season, Voyager got good after 7of 9 joined, but all 7 seasns of DS9 were good, even better after the Dominion invaded the alpha quadrant.

It’s not so much a matter of when the series will take place …but where.
If it’s post “Nemesis” but takes place in… let’s say, an alternate universe, or galaxy, it wouldn’t really matter when it takes place. Now, would it?

Do they even have a cast yet? When does this premier? PLEEEEEEEASE have Nathan Fillion as your main guy, the captain (and please be an Enterprise).

I’m disappointed this won’t be an anthology show, assuming Fuller’s telling the truth. I’m also disappointed that this won’t be set in the “lost years.” That said, as long as it’s in the Prime timeline, I will subscribe to CBS All Access to get the show. If it’s in the Abrams timeline, I don’t care that Meyer or anyone else of his caliber is working on it, it’s not Trek anymore than the absymal Snyderverse movies are really DC movies, and I won’t give it a cent.

Can’t wait to TORRENT this series. They’re on drugs if they think I’m buying another streaming service for one show.

hahaha… you know you’ll pay. Its Star Trek! How can you not? :)

Fuller’s involvement…makes me nervous (the caption will probably spend the first 13 episodes “transitioning”). Meyer’s involvement…gives me hope.

People whining about this series not being stand alone episodes really need to change their diapers. I can’t believe how close-minded some fans are. Most cable shows these days have around 13 episodes and a continuing story thread through them all. That doesn’t mean they can’t encounter new life and new civilizations along the way. There have been some GREAT stories told that way, and it can absolutely work in a Star Trek series. Personally, I don’t care about the format or the timeline as long as there is GREAT writing. If you have that, everything else will fall in line quite nicely.

My guess is this universe will be Prime, because CBS has all the television series, whereas Paramount did the reboot. In fact, I think the reboot idea was specifically so Paramount could go in a different direction with their piece of the franchise than CBS. CBS seems to care a great deal about the old series (remastering, etc.) and I bet their new show will fit the existing Prime universe (thankfully).

Well I guess if its not an anthology show, and there will be lots of crews, and not tmp… well bugger.. i guess that leaves maybe temporal future stuff, or starfleet academy,