Star Trek 2017 Showrunner Bryan Fuller Reveals New Details On Upcoming Series

Star Trek 2017 show runner Bryan Fuller in an interview with Collider revealed a heap of new details on the much-anticipated new Star Trek series scheduled to debut in January 2017.

Fuller revealed that the first season of the show, which will consist of thirteen episodes, has been completely arced out, with the first six episodes completely broken down. He confirmed that the show will feature a single story over its thirteen episodes. However, Fuller did not reveal whether that story is self-contained in one season, or part of a larger arc that will run for the entire series.

Fuller commented that he has been “muzzled” by CBS, which he viewed as a positive as he “loves to talk about everything” and this allows him to “spend more time writing.” Fuller expects more details to be announced during the San Diego Comic Con between July 21-25th.

Fuller recalled that, when he first met with CBS regarding the new show, he had asked the network whether they had a plan. While CBS said “no,” Fuller noted that he had said “I have a plan,” and the two sides began talking.

Fuller further revealed that stages have been booked and the production will begin erecting sets in the next several weeks. He also said that the casting process has begun. Fuller noted that, because the series will be airing on CBS All-Access, the show will not have to adhere to typical network standards and practices. However, don’t expect the new Star Trek to look and sound like a premium-channel show with nudity and profanity. Fuller explained, “It will likely affect us more in terms of what we can do graphically, but Star Trek’s not necessarily a universe where I want to hear a lot of profanity, either.

Production on the series will run between September 2016 and March 2017, according to Fuller. Vincenzo Natali, whom Fuller worked with on Hannibal, has been hired as the show’s producing director. However, Fuller did not announce the director for the first episode. Since the show is on a streaming service, the writers will have flexibility with the runtime of episodes. However, CBS has issued unspecified parameters regarding how short or long an episode can be. Finally, Fuller noted that visual effects producers had been hired and are putting together a team because much of the VFX work will be produced in-house, rather than farmed out to VFX studios.

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Glad to see they’re leaving Star Trek somewhat family friendly.

Wish these guys luck, because it the pieces are certainly in place for a great show. But this whole ‘fan guidelines’ ordeal has soured my enthusiasm.

Oh good, I can’t fix typos. Brilliant.

Absolutely. Killing Continues and Phase II that way was a scumbag move. I certainly won’t be subscribing to All-Access, or watching Beyond at all.

Thanks, Alec Peters, for ruining a good thing for everybody.

Star Trek fans have long been producing fan films with artistic freedom & Paramount/CBS’s then blessing most notably Star Trek New Voyages / Phase II & Star Trek Continues. Now the new guidelines severely limit them & everyone else. I agree that Axanar & in my opinion Renegades crossed lines when building a studio & offering DVD/Bluray & Merchandise for “donations” but this was the only thing that needed to be regulated. Not the artistic/creative/storytelling side of producing fan films.

Really? They have zero to do with one another. And to call it a scumbag move is just so over-the-top.

Scumbag move is strong, I work in copyrights to some extent and I certainly get it, though I would have considered perhaps “grandfathering in” any in-production, existing fan series with more relaxed guidelines and allowed them to continue. They have effectively shut them out.

> He confirmed that the show will feature a single story over its thirteen episodes.

Sounds interesting and risky at the same time.

Many shows do that now. There are pros and cons doing that as opposed to the more classic method of diffrent stories each episode.

Awesome! 13 episode story arcs make me excited. No more being bogged down by 25 episode seasons with only half the episodes being decent to good.

Instead, now we might get 13 with only half the episodes being decent to good ;-) Filler episodes are not just a phenomenon found in shows with long seasons.

Yeah I never said it was a phenomenon of longer seasons only. Just that there is less likelyhood with shorter seasons because you have less creative demand to produce 25 episodes as opposed to 13. The human creative body can only do so much. Hopefully with a tight overall story, good show runner, and great writers, you can produce one helluva good season. Which is my hope for this show.

Everything they’ve been saying so far has been what I’ve wanted to hear. Really excited to know we may get casting news at SDCC too. I want to start seeing some things for this show.

I say fans boycott it, until fan films can resume.

That’s stupid.

You’re stupid (see how that works?)

Damn. You got me.

No he isn’t. You might be, though.

I say I enjoy the show and continue not watching fan films like I always haven’t…not watched. I don’t watch fan films and don’t care about them, so this idea that I should boycott this because of that is inane. That’s all i’m trying to say.

I completely agree, Jim. Paramount/CBS will not be getting any more money from me (skipping Beyond, and I certainly won’t pay for AllAccess). I urge all other fans of Star Trek to do the same.

Don’t hold your breath.

Interesting. I just hope the following seasons are longer (22-26 episodes). Any true Trekkie should want as much trek as possible. For the “fans” who don’t want longer seasons since they think there’s only 12-13 good episodes a year, don’t worry. There will be plenty of Trekkies to post “The ADHD guide to all access Star Trek for the modern television viewer.” This will allow you to pick which episodes you want to view.

Wow. Snark much?

I’m boycotting this production after what CBS and Paramount did today. Fans made a third season of TOS happen, despite NBC. Now the fans don’t matter.

Fan films are still allowed. They just have to follow some rules now.

Yes, no series, nothing longer than 15 minutes, and no stories longer than 30 minutes. Kills some of the best productions out there. Fuck CBS. I’m done. I’ve been watching Trek since I was 6, back in 1974, and I’m done with it for good.

Yes, no series, nothing longer than 15 minutes, and no stories longer than 30 minutes. Kills some of the best productions out there. Die, CBS. I’m done. I’ve been watching Trek since I was 6, back in 1974, and I’m done with it for good.

‘Some rules’? No, the rules are designed to kill fan films.

If they wanted to kill fan films they just wouldn’t allow them. They just don’t want fans to create actual competing TV shows or movies. Fan films should just be fun things that a few amateurs do with a camcorder-not big expensive productions.

“Don’t want fans to create actual competing TV shows ….”
Have you actually ever seen a fan film?
They stink to high heaven.
CBS has absolutely nothing to worry about in that regard? lol
Then if that’s true, why’d they put these rules in place, you may ask?
I dunno. Who the fuck knows why networks do what they do.

They did just Kill Fan Films they just tried to convince us they haven’t to Try to avoid bad PR- Good Luck, fans are not stupid (well some aren’t)

Couldn’t care less.

Won’t pay to watch Star Trek + a bunch of crappy CBS sitcoms + reality programs.

Agreed. Trek is dead. Good work CBS (and thanks Alec Peters for ruining a good thing for everyone)

Trek is more alive than its been in over a decade. We’re getting a new TV show, and new movies every couple of years. That is the complete opposite of dead.

You call those movies “Trek”? lol

Who is this clown and when did he begin posting here. lol Go t the fan film thread and whine, That has nothing to do with the new TV series.

I will. Gladly.

All I want to know is will CBS allow me to buy an iTunes season pass for the new show….way cheaper than the all access pass and then I own them

Hmm… 13 ep stories…

Game of Thralls
True Deflector
Orange is the New Red Alert


Glad you’re not leaning towards cussin’ Trek, but Trek has always been sexy, so Rand in a sonic shower would not go amiss.

The Walking Redshirts

Wow I’m loving the show the more we hear about it. Although I guessed it would only be 13 episodes (all the streaming sites follows the cable episode standards as well which seems to be between 10-13 episodes) and yes that it would be more serialized, another big standard for both cable and streaming sites today. All the Netflix shows, certainly the Marvel ones follow this guideline. It doesnt mean they can’t or won’t have sub stories within the bigger story but it does sound like it will do what Enterprise did in its 3rd season and have defining story line in that season.

But I can’t wait now. Bryan Fuller just knows how to make amazing shows so I don’t have any doubt if nothing else there will be some real true-to-Trek story telling happening again. And it looks like they are saving all the story elements: Premise, timeline, characters, etc for Comic Con so we should hear a lot more then. Same weekend Beyond will be opening BTW so should make for a lot of news that weekend for Trek us fans.

So we wont be hearing “Warp F#$king 9 NOW you wrinkled arswipe!
And so much for the fantasy X Rated Holodeck every nred from here to the Galactic Rim thinks of or graphic visits to Wrigley’s Pleasure Planet.
It’ll all be “what happens in the crews quarters stays in the crew quarters.

I’m relieved yet oddly disappointed at the same time.

Over at Trekcore, they have quotes from an interview that Fuller did with Moviefone.
Fuller says that the new show is not set in the post TUC era and it is not an anthology show.

Thanks for the info. Wow so the two biggest rumors knocked down although he doesnt totally dismiss the anthology rumor but like probably not the way its been reported. Anyway exciting stuff to ponder…again. ;)

I know, right? And here I was hoping for a full rendition of the Uhura Fan Dance, in all its glory…

I was hoping to see Uhura drive a woody, as in a car. Not that there’s anything wrong with driving a woody…OK, I just wanted to type woody.

There go my hopes of getting an erection this summer.

I could honestly care less at this point…

That new trailer and series details had me so hopeful. I wanted to believe ‘Trek’ was righting the ship and back on course. JJ saying Axanar lawsuit was going away was a huge positive. I even hoped Axanar would be brought in under the professional umbrella in the end.

All goodwill for Beyond and CBS series were lost today. CBS and Paramount are using copyright laws as a weapon instead of a shield. I won’t pay to support their corporate greed. The 50th anniversary is turning out to be a year of hell.

Don’t let it end this way!

Ohhhh here come the Azanerds!

*Axanerds. They were quiet when there was no news, now BOOM! Fan Film Guidelines, they scurry out of the woodwork to whine. Have fun with that.

Sounds good. Really looking forward to this.

I am excited.

So many “I’m boycotting Beyond or All Access because CBS/Paramount blah blah blah” comments…
So, you love Star Trek so much that you’re going to stop watching it, now that they’re finally producing more of it?
Great. That’ll teach ’em!

I’ve been a fan for 25 years next year & a lot of fans have stopped supporting Star Trek over the last decade or so bacause of bad dicisions & the attitude towards fans, it’s not going to take the franchise down but it is being felt in the bank.

Which, were that actually happen (it being felt in the bank), then it would take teh franchise down. No money = no Star Trek.

And the fan films make money too, even if it’s just from donations and crowdfunding.

A one story season ….
How the fuck do you do a one story season with characters you don’t even know yet?
I allowed it for DS9‘s last season, but I LOATH that shit.
When ENT did it, it was abominable.
I hate this new show already.

Er, you get to know them? This is kind of what shows do now. They’re like really long movies.

Why is Bryan Fuller saying in the interview that there are 762 episodes of Star Trek in total? I thought that there are “only” 726 episodes?!?

I’m glad there won’t be any profanity. I stopped watching Star Trek when that Kirk fellow said “Let’s get the h— out of here” after he deliberately let that nice Edith Keeler woman get run over by a car.

Well I think there was a genuine concern among some fans that, if it was going streaming, they might opt for an HBO-level show with nudity and cursing, since they wouldn’t have to satisfy advertisers. This comment from Fuller is basically saying “don’t worry, we’ll be modernizing Trek a bit, but don’t expect True Detective.

The Britsh have voted to make Britain great again! No more authoritarian rule by unelected officials. National sovereignty wins!

Star Trek

This was not written for chiefs. (general consternation) Hear me! Hear this! Among my people, we carry many such words as this from many lands, many worlds. Many are equally good and are as well respected, but wherever we have gone, no words have said this thing of importance in quite this way. Look at these three words written larger than the rest, with a special pride never written before or since. Tall words proudly saying We the People. That which you call Ee’d Plebnista was not written for the chiefs or the kings or the warriors or the rich and powerful, but for all the people! Down the centuries, you have slurred the meaning of the words, ‘We, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defence, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution.’ These words and the words that follow were not written only for the Yangs, but for the Kohms as well!- James T. Kirk

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.” – Spock

They never lost their sovereignty. And, if they want to remain in the common market, which they say they do, then free movement will likely be a requirement (as it is in Norway etc), as will following EU trade regs.

It was a vote against immigration, it seems.

So much for a United Earth.

However, CBS has issued unspecified parameters regarding how short or long an episode can be.

If the parameters are unspecified, then of what use are they in regulated the running time of the episodes?

Whatever the specification is for each episode’s running time, I’ll wager IT’S LONGER THAN 30 F*CKING MINUTES.


Well, even though the run time of most episodes could vary, the pilot has to be 44 (42?) minutes since its being broadcast on CBS.

Anyone know which universe the new show is based it the old Star Trek timeline or the Spock altered timeline