Rihanna single part of Beyond soundtrack

Rihanna fan sites are abuzz this morning with the news that the pop star is contributing a single called “Sledgehammer” to the Star Trek Beyond soundtrack, a first for the franchise. We’ve heard songs in the movies before (The Beastie Boys, Steppenwolf) but this is the first time a pop song has been officially a soundtrack single.

And who better than Rihanna? An avowed Star Trek fan, she collaborated with Dior last month on a line of “futuristic, reflective” sunglasses, inspired by Geordi La Forge’s VISOR. They range in price from $840 to $1950, so they’re not for the uncommitted. “I’ve always been obsessed with his eyewear, and when I got to Dior and saw all the materials I could play with, it all just came together,” she told Women’s Wear Daily.



She was also a famous face that popped up on the screen giving Trek some love, during the Beyond fan event last month (her segment starts at about 0:39).

Rihanna’s been talking about “Sledgehammer” since 2014, but the song is making its debut on the Beyond soundtrack. Eagle-eyed fans spotted it in a banner ad on iTunes last night, and the news has been making its way across Twitter and Instagram all morning.


The song is expected to appear during the movie’s end credits; no date on when it’ll be available to download, but we’ll keep you posted.

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Whoah. THAT is interesting. In principle, an excellent idea to tie a hugely popular singer into the movie with a single that will surely be a hit.

What about that awful Shawn Cassidy single from Star Trek: The Motion Picture?

That was recorded afterwards.

Mark… nope, it was released in 1979 at the time of the movie. It is very similar to “Can You Read My Mind?” from “Superman” the year before, which was also released as a single (by Maureen McGovern.) McGovern’s single got some airplay, but Cassidy’s star (ahem) was already in decline by the time of ST:TMP and his single barely registered on the public radar.

Hey thank you for ruining my afternoon. :)

My work here is done!

Thanks for this one. Never heard it before, but it’s actually pretty badass… it sounds like a 70s James Bond theme! And it took me three listenings to realize it’s a *guy* singing. ;)

Yes, it’s true. And with lyrics …



Are you guys kidding? I have just heard the song that Shaun Cassidy sang and there is no doubt that a MALE was singing that song. I did not realise what a lovely voice Shaun Cassidy had. I always like his older half-brother David Cassidy’s voice, but Shaun’s here was beautiful – tenor/baritone. It was smooth with depth and power. Golly, where are such male singers today? The male voices today tend to sound more girly like and strained. Not so – Shaun Cassidy. That Cassidy voice comes from his mother, actress and singer, Shirley Jones, who had a lovely, lilting soprano voice.

Shaun Cassidy was the Justin Bieber of his time. Once the early-teen set that had a crush on him got over it, his career was toast. “Star Beyond Time” came along right at the end of his musical career, and the song is very far removed from his “Da Doo Ron Ron” teen heartthrob material. “A Star Beyond Time” was doomed with a mediocre artist like Cassidy. It really sounds like something Barry Manilow, Steven Bishop, Anne Murray, or Karen Carpenter should have done (Paramount probably couldn’t afford any of them.) They might have made a go of it, but probably not. There’s just not enough song there.

The lyrics remind me a little of the one’s Roddenberry wrote for Courage’s TOS theme so he could get royalties. The word star gets used an awful lot.

I agree that the song was OK, pretty enough, but not enough.

Whether Shaun Cassidy’s career became toast is irrelevant because he still had a good voice, a really nice voice. I’m not sure why some artists get forgotten, not fully appreciated while others receive great adulation, when, to me, they do not sound as good. One example is the voice of Joe Cocker – a voice I could never stand and yet…

One of those conundrums, I guess.

I’m a purist as far as not loving the JJverse films. However, I’m in favor of introducing Star Trek to non-fans at any opportunity. If this does so, then I’mm all for it!

The “purists” hated TNG in ’87, too. Hatred of TNG was so prevalent in the pop culture it was even referenced in Wayne’s World. Not real Star Trek, and all that.

It’s getting old.

@NFXstudios, TNG was actually pretty bad in ’87, most agree on that. It had a significant turnaround in season 3 that literally saved the show, and transformed it to the much loved classic show we know today. As for Rihanna’s ridiculously overpriced VISOR that can’t even pick infrared or E-band emissions, I’ll just pass. :)

Middle of Season 2 was the turnaround. The streak of episodes that began with “Unnatural Selection” and ran through to “Peak Performance”. “Matter of Honor”, “Measure of a Man” (TNG’s first great episode), “Contagion”, “Time Squared”, “Q Who”, “Pen Pals”, and “The Emissary”, all strong episodes at a much higher level than Season 1. Even the Wesley episode (“The Dauphin”) was pretty good. The awful season finale clip-show was an outlier for the second half of Season 2.


Season 2 was an improvement from Season 1, but still not very good. The turnaround was Season 3 with the arrival of Marvin Rush and a new look to the show, as well as with the arrival of Michael Piller and a new team of writers. The final stretch of season 3 is when TNG really took off as a great show. I agree that some hardcore TOS fans never gave TNG a chance. Their loss.

But using the initial rebuttal of TNG in comparison with the rebuttal of the mindless wham bam JJ trek is offensive and borderline insolent. I, as well as many others, gave a chance to both. TNG eventually won me over by evolving into a quality show, offering a good balance of food for thought and basic entertainment. After 2 movies and a disappointing trailer for the third movie, I doubt JJ Trek ever will. In order to become a little more than mindless popcorn entertainment, the JJ Trek movies will also need a big turnaround. And I would certainly not consider Rihanna, a dirt bike and that painfully bad Uhura line, a step in the right direction. JJ Abrams is a compulsive liar and a talentless hack. Starting fresh in an alternate universe? Really? When what we ended up with is essentially a LAZY rehash and retelling of the original show.

Please, are you really going to try and tell me that JJ Trek is bad for NOT “growing on you” in 4 hours of screen time because TNG did “finally” grow on you after, what? Maybe 60 hours of screen time? Give me a beak.

@Jonboc. Yes. That’s what I’m saying. 2 miserable movies spread over 7 long years, the time period they could have aired a full seven season series. They sure didn’t make it easy for people trying to like their new stuff even if it was pretty bad. Once again, another example of Paramount and JJ picking the lazy route to cash a max on the smallest output possible.

@Jonboc, My thoughts exactly. Although TNG was definitely slower-paced than 5-Hour EnerJJ

@Rollie G

TNG was as close as you can get to being objectively bad for its first 2 seasons. But the “purists” hated on or dismissed it out of hand for a long time.

I’m a purist, in. That Star Trek is, by definition the series called Star Trek..1966-1969. I never liked TNG. It was series with Star Trek in the title, but it had very little in common with its namesake other than the words in the title. Not saying it was bad television, but Roddenberry went out his way and bent over backwards to make it way different from TOS. And he succeeded. But those differences is what I LIKED about TOS. The absence of those qualities in TNG is also why I don’t like the next generation era of Trek. JJ’s movies DO embody those qualities..so it’s understandable why TNG fans don’t like it.

I really do think the Abrams movies capture that TOS spirit.

Yes, the crew has so far been young, callow and brash (it’s an origin story) but I don’t think it’s spitting on Trek’s legacy as many seem to. I think it honors it – and that ’60s spirit of optimism.

Could it get better? Absolutely.

My gosh I thought fans like you, still hating on TNG were extinct by now?

But TNG Was Star Trek & that became obvious by the 3rd season so the fans got over it pretty quickly- some fans still hate the “Kelvin” universe 7 years later because it is not real Sci-Fi/Star Trek more Action Trek

NFXstudios, touché.

“Purists” did not like the idea of a new generation before the show was originally released so trying to say “purists” didn’t like it because the first couple seasons weren’t good is not entirely accurate.

Bud is being charitable. “Not entirely accurate” = “completely wrong”.

@Thorny, you see right through me haha.

I was skeptical when I read the headline; generally I’m not a fan of pop music being written specifically for movies unless they’re created by/with the composer.

Then I read that Rihanna is clearly and openly a Trek fan herself. I’m game.

Whoa, weird and unexpected but pretty awesome. I enjoy a lot of her music, and I enjoy Star Trek. Let’s hope it turns out to be a good mix. :)

Actually, that was unexpected but not unwelcomed… although I am usually not into that kind of music, I’ll gladly give it a shot!

This is brilliant! Rihanna is such a figurehead of today’s pop scene, and I’m sure she’ll bring a ton of new faces into the theater. Also completely unexpected, but utterly thrilling nonetheless. Go Rihanna!

Maybet ,i cant see it, some friends of mine like cumberbatch but they would never ever see a star trek film

I appreciate this good trekkie news. And Rihanah, too! Too bad she cant be playing Uhura’s sister! Still think I ng of Anton, though.

Maybe it will be as big a hit as Battleship. Good grief.

UGH. No thanks. One less track on the album I will have to download.

And another reason not to bother seeing Beyond in the theater.

I’m just going to clear a space over here so you can sit down and have a good cry.

I’m reading that in Eeyore’s voice.

@Jack, or Marvin the depressed Android from Hitchhiker’s Guide

@Marja Ha!

I was hoping for something more along the lines of “I’m Uhura, Bitch!”

“The Moon’s a Window to Heaven” by Hiroshima was a pop single on the “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier” soundtrack album.

“I Hate You” from Star Trek IV was thirty years ahead of its time. It would be all the rage today!

@Thorny, “I Hate You” fit in with the early-’80s Clash and other punk rock

Yeah, I know. I was just going for a joke about our current ‘culture of hate’.

@Thorny, I reach, man.

Besides “Trek IV”, “I Hate You” was included in the 1987 Frankie Avalon/Annette Funicello beach party flick “Back To The Beach.” It was during the shoot that Annette Funicello was diagnosed with the MS that would eventually take her life.
And, The Clash has gone commercial; their song “Should I Stay or Should I Go” is very prominently featured in commercials for Choice Hotels. I’m showing my age in saying that me and my friend from high school friend saw The Clash at the old Academy of Music in NYC back in 1979.

Yeah. I had that on a workout mixed tape for a sad little while in 1989. I was determined to make a silk purse out of Trek V.

I think I also had one of those light jazz songs from Trek IV on it too.

Hasn’t this (a pop song) been proposed for previous movies?

(Which explains why I didn’t have sex until I was 20).

(Okay, 22)

It’d be really great if you all could stop explaining whether you love the JJverse movies, mkay? They’re Star Trek. Thanks.

Calling JJ movies “Star Trek” is very much like calling a Somali guy “Swedish” just because he has a Swedish passport. Technically, both those statements are true – however, neither really fits the popular image associated with the word. ;)

JJ Trek may have a “Star Trek passport”, but the substance, the “family genes”, it just ain’t there. You can clearly see it is an adopted child in the Trek family. A likeable child, but still, an adopted one.

Your “adopted child” analogy is sort of gross. In a family, there’s zero difference between biological kids and adopted kids. Sometimes everyone looks related. Sometimes they don’t. (Just like biological family members.) But they are not “other,” they are family as much as everyone else, in every way. Maybe pick something different.

As for the JJ movies, it’s all just a different take on the same principles and same characters. Valid and fun.

I’m adopted. I’m part of my family.

I’d rather they not, but it’s a lot less destructive to the traditional Trek cinematic legacy than some of the on-screen changes they’ve made, not to mention it is an incredibly positive attribute toward expanding the fan base.

The only problem I have with it, is that it doesn’t really add anything to the movie, yet it cost them a significant amount of their budget — money I’d rather see spent onscreen.

On the other hand, it does honor the legacy of TOS series where musical performances were not uncommon, though not necessarily one of my favorite parts of TOS.

If you don’t like the films, fine – but enough with the hyperbole about how they’re destroying Trek’s cinematic legacy. I just don’t understand this argument (and people are making the same argument about Ghostbusters before seeing it [although the surviving original actors have given it their blessing]).

Your childhood hasn’t been erased – nor have your DVDs. And we have a Bad Robot series coming out with Bryan Fuller’s and Nick Meyer’s involvement. What’s being destroyed?

I’m pleasantly surprised by the mostly upbeat comments here.

I’m pretty frustrated by the events in the world (we seem to be moving away from a Trekkian vision of unity and toward isolationism, xenophobia and demagoguery).

So, an enjoyable, thought-provoking, spectacular Trek film would be a welcome diversion.

Remember that in Star Trek that the world didn’t begin to unite until after a Third World War and humanity realized they weren’t the only brings in the universe. Hopefully it doesn’t take a world war but it won’t be an easy road either.

It’s not xenophobia and isolationism. It’s a realization that being at home gives us some special unalienable rights. For example, we get to pick our roommates (or to decide we don’t want any roommates at all). And we don’t have to justify or apologize for our decision either, because, you see, we are at home. Call it xenophobia and isolationism all you want, but it is our decision, which we have every right to make.

And considering the populations of respective Federation planets stays very much homogeneous even after several centuries, I guess people in Star Trek have also learned the value of having their home to themselves. Good fences make good neighbors, you see.

Interesting, I haven’t heard it from this perspective before. I enjoy hearing reasonable people speak from all sides and hope this remains as such. IMO though, there needs to be balance, e.g. the “Goldilocks principle.”

Well, there are no predictions that this won’t necessarily reduce EU immigration if they stay in the common market – and refugees might end up on British soil instead of waiting in France. So you may get a few extra folks sleeping on your couch out of this.


Except that English history is full of colonialism. That’s not respecting “good fences.”

Seems a bit hypocritical and ironic that these are the people who have sabotaged their economy and world-standing for those so-called “good fences”.

Also, those non-xenophobic people have yelling slurs at foreigners and harassing them on the streets. since this happened.

@Paul, also consider that the “populations of respective Federation planets” staying homogeneous, remember that Star Trek itself is also created by humans. I for one hope we evolve past the point where the way we look, what we believe in, our sexual orientation, gender, etc. stop being a point of contention and become a point of strength.

Rihanna & Star Trek. Very interesting combination.

Rihanna fans are abuzz with the news. Trekkies are just zzzzzzzzzzz with the news.

good move and will create more buzz and get more folks to see the film

Very Cool!
welcome to the family, Rhianna!

Of course, sledgehammers have been a recurring theme throughout Star Trek’s 50 year history. It seems we are counting on single revenue to prop up what are expected to be less than stellar earnings from the film’s release.

Where did you get the information about less than stellar earnings? I’ve seen several sites that have it on par with “Into Darkness” in worldwide gross. They have also predicted movies such as “Batman v. Superman”, “X-Men: Apocalypse”, and “Captain America: Civil War” quite well.

@Bud. Yeah, they’re sure counting on the Chinese moviegoers, the Fast and Furious fans, the Rihanna fans, and what else? You’ve got a film studio counting on anybody but Star Trek fans to go watch a hack Star Trek movie in name only. After all that, how can anyone not be happy to be living is this great world of ours?

I hate this crap. You don’t know that it’s going to be hack movie. And Lin isn’t a hack – he was an indie filmmaker who turned Furious, struggling after a lousy sequel, into a billion-$ franchise with a focus on diversity.

@Jack, love the comment. None of these people on here truly know whether this movie is going to be good or bad. From everything I’ve been reading, it seems as if the direction is better that it has been. Lin is known as the filmmaker that elevated Fast and Furious’ presence in the world. I’m hoping his mark on Star Trek will be as profound and beneficial to the franchise.

Those that continue to hate on this movie need to take a chill pill until the movie is released and they see it. For all we know, it could be lucky number 13. Closed-minded thinking is what gets us in trouble and is old.

Our “thinking” has nothing to do with whether or not the movie is good. If Lin surprises with the current formula, I will be happily surprised.

It’ll probably show up in the end credits or possibly a background track playing in a “club” scene. Or could easily be on Kirk’s playlist like the Beastie Boys. Why not? No harm no foul.

The more the merrier! I support all things Trek! It’s been in American pop culture for 50 years now! Plenty to go around for everybody!

Oh god, why?

Oh god, why not?

As long as it is a good, melodic song with good vocals, I’m in!

I’m also OK if Rihanna’s song is found on Kirk’s playlist along with Sabotage. I just hope that this Kirk may have also discovered the Beatles and the Rolling Stones et al. It’s possible that he may be “I can’t get no satisfaction!” as well. That’s an impression I get from the little fragments of a story that has been shared with us so far.

Laurie Ulster,

The phrase “a first for the franchise” is incorrect. I suggest you fix that.

Oh good Lord what has happened to Star Trek.

it would be nice if some one can sing gene Roddenberry lyrics he wrote a long time ago and add to the theme of star trek the origonal series at the end of star trek Beyond a tribute to the great bird of the galaxy our 50 anniversary of our beloved star trek… by the way ‘ Beyond” is the first word of Gene Roddenberrys lyrics he wrote a long time ago.” the theme from star trek ” it in a book called the making of star trek….. written by Stephen Whitfield-Gene Roddenberry

Roddenberry’s “lyrics” to Alexander Courage’s “Theme from Star Trek” are well-known to have been written specifically by him as a cash-grab so that he would share credit and thus financial benefit (50% of the royalties) whenever the theme is played (always without vocals). Courage was never happy about it.

This is fantastic. She’s a huge star and she’s totally legit when it comes to being a Trekkie and giving to her fans.Very cool lady.

Maybe I’m an old British fart, but I love Goldsmith, Horner et al to create wonderful mind growing orchestral scores. For me, classical orchestral music is the only form of music that can attempt to describe the wonderment of the universe, discovery and science.

Having said that, this recent trailer and Rhianna’s song are impressive. Still not ‘trek though

The orchestral score isn’t going anywhere. This is just a tie-in single.

Can it get any more commercial? Whats next,tie ins with Superman and a Star Wars vs Star Trek cross over?

I was watching videos on Youtube when a familiar trailer popped up before a video. It was Star Trek Beyond, but I’d not heard this song before so I was confused for a minute. It was Rihanna’s new song. I was pleasantly surprised. It’s pretty good!

I think Trekkies don’t know what to think of this because we aren’t used to this kind of attention/treatment. Star Wars gets this kind of treatment. Avengers gets this kind of treatment. Everyone else gets this kind of treatment but us. I can understand why some may scoff at the idea of having a pop singer’s name attached to Star Trek in some way, but it’s all good.

Also, I think some believe that adding her to the soundtrack indicates that the movie is a dud or “not so good” at the very least. For a internationally known and successful pop singer to put her name on a project usually indicates the opposite. Why would she risk adding her name to a project that will surely fail?

No one here can predict if the movie will be good or not. I do have some reservations but am leaning more toward a positive outlook. This is good news people!

Loving that positivity LizardGirl.
and yes, this is good new indeed, pretty good video, too!

Great song, it has heart & is not some throw away pop dance song to play in the background of a bar scene. One of the few good moves bt Paramount to promote the new Action Trek film.