Anovos Unveils Star Trek Beyond Uniforms

Anovos Productions has unveiled and begun taking pre-orders on Star Trek Beyond uniforms for men and women.

The men’s tunic is available for $150, while the women’s dress is $165. Anovos estimates that both will be ready for delivery in Q4 2016.

Star_Trek_Beyond_Gold_Tunic_01 Star_Trek_Beyond_Blue_Tunic_01 Star_Trek_Beyond_Red_Tunic_01


The uniforms have been created using reference and measurements from the screen-used costumes. The uniforms use an identical-style fabric as the screen-used costumes and have been dyed to match the dual tone color panels as seen in the film. The new uniforms sport rank bands that have a metallic fabric construction. The men’s tunic is available in Command Gold (Captain), Sciences Blue (Commander), and Operations Red (Lieutenant). It’s important to note that the men’s tunics do not come with the redesigned pants as seen in the film. While Anovos had previously offered pants to go with the uniforms seen in Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness, they do not appear to offer the new pants this time around.

Instead of the dual tone color panels on the male tunic, the female dress features dark patches of fabric near the hips. The dress will also be available in Command Gold, Sciences Blue, and Operations Red. Unlike the uniforms used in the previous two films, the female dresses are long-sleeved and include rank bands. While the Operations Red dress pictures on the Anovos site features Lieutenant bands, it is not known whether the Command and Sciences dresses will sport different ranks. It would be fantastic if the Command Gold dress had Captain’s rank braids.

Star_Trek_Beyond_Dress_01 Star_Trek_Beyond_Dress_06

Finally, the detailed images of the uniforms have revealed that the Starfleet insignia has been slightly redesigned. Unlike the previous two films where the insignia pin was silver, the Star Trek Beyond insignia is primarily gold with a silver bevel. The Starfleet pin is included with the uniform, rather than being a separate accessory one needed to purchase. It is not known whether the Starfleet insignia utilizes pins or magnets to attach itself to the uniform.

Star_Trek_Beyond_Dress_07 Star_Trek_Beyond_Blue_Tunic_00 Star_Trek_Beyond_Red_Tunic_00_64912412-99bf-434f-af14-f5950fd10c8e

You can pre-order all these items here.

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Awesome! I’ll shell out a small fortune buying these “official” items so I can make my 15-minute, standalone fan film (plain font) and then throw them away because I can’t use them anymore, or something.

Hahaha! Very droll, well done!

Or you could resell the item to a fellow fan film maker, or just put it on eBay.

Well, yes. But that wouldn’t have given me another opportunity to diss the new fan film rules if it sounded reasonable.

Yeah. I’m gonna wait until the release of the uni from the new series. But only if they’re really “progressive”.

I’m hoping for the return of “skants” myself…

A) How many of the people griping would have ever made a fan film?

B) if you do, you can still make your own costumes, it seems. Or rent/buy/borrow from another fan film maker. If you’re using ‘commercially available’ uniforms, you’ve gotta use the official ones and not unlicenced ones.

C) Why can’t you use them anymore? The standalone story rule isn’t clear. Technically, every single TOS episode except I, Mudd was a standalone story.

So, conceivably, New Voyages/Continues could keep going as long as it doesn’t tell multi-part stories or do sequels of its own episodes.

D) A lot of story can be told in 30 minutes. How long were TAS episodes? 22 minutes? Frankly, a lot of fan stuff would be a lot better if cut for length.

“A lot of story can be told in 30 minutes”

Yep. Most episodes of The Twilight Zone were 30 minutes and no fan film has even gotten remotely close to the quality of those stories. Most fan films are bloated with mediocre (at best) stories with a lot of “Pew! Pew! Pew! Splosion!” in there to distract from that. Axanar looked to be no different. Now they’ll actually have to focus on story first.

For example, here’s an excellent Trek fan film done in under SEVEN minutes. No fancy FX, no “Pew! Pew! Pew!” and it captures the essence of Trek better than anything Axanar did:

Good Luck, break a leg!!! :D

Brilliant response :)
Just make sure paramount/CBS gets your monet- thats all that matters.

Insignia looks nice. Uniforms are okay. But I’m really looking forward to the blue jackets. :) Will totally get one when it’s out. Just hope they make ’em with red on the shoulders too.

Me, too.

They look good but, other than attending an adult Halloween party, where the hell would you wear them?

OBVIOUSLY, you would wear them once you had graduated from Starfleet Academy. Duh!

I’d wear ’em now, if I was fit as a fiddle…

Gee I dunno its not like they have any conventions or anything…

I really don’t like these uniforms at all. They’re stiff in a way the Nick Meyer uniforms weren’t.

And they don’t look particularly good on camera. It’s funny, this is the third film, and they correspond to the third TOS season when the change of fabric made those uniforms appear much less comfortable than the previous velour versions.

I was also dissapointed in the Kirk looking dejectedly through his wardrobe scene that it’s all the same yellow uniforms (like 10 of them) … I was hoping to see the green wrap around finally. Then again, maybe that scene is a setup for the arrival of the green wrap around… I can dream anyway.

You might. The night is still young…

Curious, The new “Lin” uniforms just look stiff around the neck, which the “Meyer” uniforms didn’t because they had vertical rows of marshmallows standing up out of the red neckline ;-)

Actually, I thought the “Meyer” uniforms looked terribly uncomfortable and the actors probably lost a couple of pounds a day in perspiration.

It’s not just the neck, it’s everything about them. But I”m happy to report that you will get to see a fair amount of Chris Pine out of that stiff uniform, assuming you care about such things … ;-)

I have a near screen accurate custom made TWOK-era uniform replica and its a biotch to get in and out of but beauty is worth a little pain :)

Does anyone think the blue jackets are the movie version of the uniforms from Star Trek Enterprise? Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t we see an NX class vessel in the trailer?

It definitely looks like an advanced NX-class refit and yeah, those uniform jackets are from the era inbetween the foundation of the Federation and the timeline separation seen in ST09. I guess from around 2200 or a bit later. I doubt it’s a “movie version” of the ENT jackets. They are just from another era of Starfleet fashion.

The blue jackets are “survival suits”. The Franklin era uniform is the red shouldered jumpsuit Spock is seen wearing.

Do they really have to throw away money every movie by making an entirely new set of (progressively uglier) uniforms? Wouldn’t that part of budget be better used elsewhere? :-/

No because if they didn’t change the uniform they couldn’t release a slightly different version of the action figure .

I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for any action figures or toys from this film.

They’re not doing another figure line after the Playmates ’09 stuff crashed and burned. “Kelvin Timeline” merch has never really sold well. Probably because the crowd they wanted with the ’09 movie, mainstream casual moviegoers, don’t guy Geek Merch. Fans do. (disclaimer: I support CBS / Paramount in their recent efforts to neutralize a reckless out of control fan film maker so that’s NOT a statement about that)

Change for the sake of change…there was nothing wrong with the previous uniforms.

I liked the Abrams uniforms (and costumes generally). But there was a lot of online griping about sleeves for the women.

I’m hoping they look better onscreen – the costume designer did all the non-Starfleet stuff for Insurrection (she was a big fan of earth tones). I don’t think she did the dress uniforms, which were the only thing about that movie I liked.

Good EW story right now about Michael Pillar’s Insurrection book – and how good intentions usually make for a forgettable-to-lousy Star Trek movie…

My only problem is that they look so…plain. They should have kept the delta pattern on them.

@dswynne, I liked that delta pattern too. At least they could have retained it in part, if only for the front panels of the uniform tunics.

Changes in uniforms almost seem like a staple in the Star Trek universe. In the TOS-era, we have the evolution from the “Cage” uniforms with separate jackets to the more familiar uniforms to the alternate Captain’s uniform. (Canon question- why only the Captain). A few years later gets us to the ST:TMP jumpsuits and a little longer gets us to the TOS movie-era uniforms.

Mind you, we’re talking about 30 years of ST canon (Cage to TWOK) with at least 3-4 major design changes.

By TNG, we’re back to jumpsuits (as though nobody in the Star Fleet Quartermaster Corps learned anything from a century ago) and non-gender-specific uniforms, including skirts for men. Then on to the TNG two-piece uniforms and, by the way, no more skirts for men.

It’s almost as if the Star Fleet Quartermaster’s Corp has nothing better to do than change uniform design.

Its just money & ego of the new costume designer wanting their own (ugly) design.
Its just so they can make new merchendise, profit even if it means abandoning the perfect design for something inferior.

@dayxday, Uh, yeah, there was something wrong with the previous uniforms. The women’s uniform dress was ridiculously scanty and didn’t show rank on it anywhere. Non-feminist implications thar.

It doesn’t really make in-universe sense for them to be wearing skirts at all.

Although Uhura wore a sleeveless uniform in the first two movies, many other women had long-sleeve uniforms with rank braids.

Love the gold throwback to the leather patches from the original series …just wish they were also trimmed in black, would stand out better against the fabric. Speaking of black, I hate the minimized black accent in the collar, it looks uninished. Also, theyre a little too crisp and clean for my tastes, resembling more of a dress uniform than a duty uniform. But I know costume designers, they all want their unique “stamp” on it. Could be worse.

I want Captain gold so bad.

“Hate that collar. Like having your head in a noose!”

Alright McCoy. Come on now!

I really like these.

Ugly as hell- Totally unnessesary.

sadly backward thinking that the women in starfleet have to give up their femininity with matronly cover ups, dressed almost as men to be respected.

@Trekboi, Obviously you’ve never climbed a staircase ahead of a man while wearing a micro-mini skirt. Peep show anyone?

Matronly cover-ups indeed.


Whew, that’s a passel of money. But they probably don’t have my size anyway :-p

Does anyone know where I can find really good looking TOS uniforms? All the gold shirts I see look way to yellow. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Look up my pal Joseph Kerezman online, He does great ones.

If it’s not officially licensed that’s probably IP theft

$20 bucks says no way in Hades will these things be delivered before 2017.

I’m just wondering how long into the film will it take before I stop seeing theses ugly, uncomfortable looking uniforms?