Star Trek Movie Marathon Gives Fans A Chance To See Star Trek Beyond Two Days Early

If you can’t make it to San Diego Comic-Con AND you can’t stand knowing that anyone else is seeing the movie two days before you do, you might be in luck, depending on your location.

Selected theaters across the country are running IMAX marathons on July 20th starting at 4:30 p.m. featuring Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, and yes, Star Trek Beyond to wrap things up, with the new movie premiering at 10:00 p.m.   That means east coasters will actually see the movie at the same time as the Comic-Con crowd, albeit without the live orchestra, cast, and crew. It’s the next best thing.

Marathon-goers will receive an event lanyard, an exclusive poster, and a Starfleet patch as seen in the movie while supplies last.

Talk about a dilemma! If you’ve already bought your tickets for the July 22nd premiere, or don’t have any days off coming to you, this presents quite a conundrum.  It does look like a lot of fun, plus you’ll be spending a day with like-minded souls AND seeing the movie two days before almost everybody else.  And Harkins is offering a free small popcorn, which won’t last for all three movies, but helps a little. Bring sandwiches.

Tickets are already on sale. Here’s a list of AMC theaters where you can buy tickets.  The same event is also happening at a Harkins Theater in Arizona. If you’ve seen more, please post them in the comments.

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16 locations? Really?

One of those locations is near me, so maybe I’ll go. These aren’t exactly my favorite Trek movies though.

NYC BABY, I’m so AMPED for this! Damn, that’s a lot of Star Trek for one day…time to push up my glasses

Me too! See you there!

This sounds like a really cool deal! Too bad I live in South Carolina…

Really?? Me too. I didn’t think any others existed in SC besides me. Where are you? I’m in Charleston

I’m in Mt. Pleasant! So that’s three SC Trekkies…and counting.

Oh wow, I’m currently a grad student at Clemson Univ. so I live in the upstate now but I’m from Mount Pleasant! Love the Charleston area.
We might need to start a Star Trek group to gather the other SC Trekkies and petition for a marathon here haha.

Awesome. I actually grew up in the upstate, Easley to be exact, went to pickens high school. Yeah, the three of us should link up sometime. Look me up on facebook, Isaac Lamberth, i’ll be in a military uniform with my wife at my side for my profile pic.

I’m actually heading out to mt pleasent to pick up gun i bought. Want to meet up sometime?

I’ll be moving to Sumter next month.


Another Charlestonian here, sucks we won’t get a showing.

They would get better numbers if they just showed ST09 and the new one without “Into Darkness.”

And you would know this…how? And besides, speak for yourself. There are more pro-STiD than against, and the film STILL made more money than the TNG films COMBINED. LOL!

Just an FYI – Paramount never released actual profit numbers for STID but they do admit it fell short of their hopes profit-wise. Industry estimates figure they made $29 million from it. I get that some people liked it which is fine. But the “it made a ton of money” argument just isn’t true.

What? It made $467 million worldwide in a terrible box office summer. No idea what it made on VOD, BluRay etc.

Sure, it didn’t make a billion dollars and it wasn’t a Dark Knight breakout, but it made a ton of money.


For film studios, a dollar earned at the B.O. in the U.S. earns them more in what they get to pocket than one earned at the B.O. outside its borders.

Something is better than nothing, but STID’s foreign B.O. uptick in no way compensated Paramount for it’s home B.O. depressed sales which really hits home when you realize how much the studio tried to goose that number with far more extensive IMAX 3-D releases with their much higher ticket prices, venues of which the non-3-D converted 2009 effort could never take advantge. The domestic gross drop for STID with its artificially inflated ticket prices means a whole lot of people who showed up for the 2009 movie didn’t show for STID. Whether or not you think that meant anything to Paramount in terms of STID’s cash flow is immaterial, as they’d have to be idiots to look at that many of their potential U.S. ticket buyers with their dollars of greater returns evaporating as something good.

“There are more pro-STiD than against, and the film STILL made more money than the TNG films COMBINED. LOL!”

And you would know this…how?

Even *without* inflation, this isn’t an accurate statement.

Actually it is a half accurate statement, if you don’t adjust for inflation.

The four TNG movies combined made 280 million, without inflation.
STiD only made 228 million. No, its not accurate regardless.

This is why living in Northern Ireland sucks complete ass. We NEVER get stuff like this.


We in North Florida USA feel your pain, man. There are only 16 theatres in the entire US doing the marathon :-(

I’m in for the marathon in NYC! I’ve also booked seats for the premier — which is a family tradition! I wonder why Fandango hasn’t yet announced that advance purchase IS ONLINE at their website?

Just out of bargain curiosity, what’s the prices you all are paying for these seats?

$29 for marathon. $22 for STB. (both IMAX 3D)

Cineplex is doing it in Canada!

I still can’t believe this film is being released worldwide two days before it’s released in the US.

While I fully expect spoilers to start circulating after the comic con premiere, there will be no containing them after its released wide worldwide, nor the reviews. Here’s hoping this film holds up better than STID, which box office most definitely suffered domestically as a result.

Our local cinema played Star Trek before playing STID at 12.01am on the day of its release in NZ cinemas. My son and I went to see both movies. There was about an hour’s break between the two films where we got coffee and a snack at the cinema cafe. It was a good night. I recall, after watching STID in 3D, asking if my son (whose birthday was the following week) if he wanted to see STID at IMAX in the city. He gave me a big grin and said he would book two seats later that day!

I wonder if the local cinema will do similar with STB. It would be cool if they did, although it would cost more. Also I am not sure I could sit through six hours of film, but I am sure I’ll find a way to manage!

@ Curious, W.T.F.??
They’re doing it AGAIN? Gad, after STiD I thought they would never do that again. Eejits.

Aren’t most movies doing this now?

I already have tickets for the 20th July, 8 PM. Practically all cinemas show Star Trek on the 20th where I live. It seems the USA is just a bit late with showing Star Trek like it was already the case with the last two Star Trek movies.

So far, it’s just the marathon on the 20th here in Vancouver – but that may change. We usually get the advances on the Wednesdays or Thursdays. Independence Day was sold out last Thursday.

I miss the midnight screenings, though (stupid but fun- enjoyed seeing the Force Awakens at 11:50 pm and coming out to folks lined up around the corner for the next one)

30 minutes from me in michigan. bam!!!

but imax makes my head hurt.

I got my tickets for NYC! See some of you there!

Almost booked the marathon, I was literally one click away, then I noticed it was in IMAX 3D for me, that means glasses on top of my glasses.
I have never really enjoyed that.
Pity, it sounded exciting.
I know that the theaters would lose money, but if they offered IMAX 2D screenings, I would take them up on it.