New Beyond TV spot emphasizes character interaction

There’s a new Star Trek Beyond commercial making the rounds on US television. This one includes new footage, and has an emphasis on the crew and exploration, the commercial ends with McCoy asking “You really want to go back out there?” This is a refreshing change from the almost entirely action oriented commercials/trailers released so far.


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No, I don’t want to go back to the theater for Beyond.

Fooled me once, shame on me. Fooled me twice, double shame on me. I’m not getting fooled a third time.

Good to know. *thumbs up*

Certainly if you didn’t like the first two, no one should expect you to go back for a third. I enjoyed them, so i’ll be seeing this one too.

I enjoyed the first two as well. My earliest memory as 4 year old kid was seeing Star Trek prime time 7pm Tuesday nights on nbc.

The first two were written and directed by a different team. The effects were by a different team as well. I think this is going to be a different movie.

If you disliked the first two so much, why in the world would you waste your time coming to a website that’s almost entirely about the third one, let alone bother to read an article about it and make a post. I dislike the Transformers movies. I don’t go on Transformers websites to tell people that i don’t like them. Because I don’t care.

That’s the one thing I really just do not understand. Move on. Go build a bird house or something. Whittle a walking stick. Virtually any other activity would be a better use of your time.


Less than a month from release. It looks like I need to start saving my coins and plan for dragging my eldest son along with me for the first viewing, as has been the case with the last two movies. Then it is with second son and then with husband. That way I get to see the movie three times… All good.

Here’s hoping for a great movie. So far so great.

Watching @NFXstudios torch @Navy and I’m sitting here drinking my sweet tea…


Re: I don’t care

Look, that you don’t understand the STAR TREK phenomenon that causes its supporters to care about things that others normally wouldn’t have the time or tenacity for, is just part of its history and lore. You wouldn’t be the first not to get it, and you’ll likely not be the last. It is just something to be accepted as par for the course, for if they didn’t have that quality they never would have been able generate the volume of handwritten letters that turned the first series around from two pending cancellations so that you might be able to grouse about that caring quality now.

In its third network year, Paramount toyed with strip syndication, experimenting with exclusively airing reruns on the Kaiser group of stations. One year after its NBC cancellation and based on that ongoing limited syndication, they told Roddenberry that STAR TREK was only worth $150,000 dollars to them. I believe a single episode cost just a smidgen over that amount to make. I can’t imagine what a Paramount with that valuation would have done with it if all those letter writers had suddenly died in a plane crash in Alaska, but I do know 2 years later Dorothy Fontana was writing a letter saying the volume of mail on STAR TREK for both Paramount and NBC was so overwhelming that each had to hire their own STAR TREK correspondence handlers dedicated to processing it, and that it was working, in getting both companies motivated to attempt its return.

Won’t be “fooled for a third time… Look how very clever you are to devote some of your time to leave a comment about the upcoming movie that you won’t be fooled by… or something. What?

@ VoR “VoRToday 1:56 pm
“Won’t be “fooled for a third time… Look how very clever you are to devote some of your time to leave a comment about the upcoming movie that you won’t be fooled by… or something. What?”

He’s also going to be giving himself an award.

Why are you here posting? I do feel bad you don’t get to share the excitement and enjoyment of the next Star Trek adventure. I, personally, can’t wait to see what Pegg and Lin have in store for us.

Mr. Navy is just enjoying stirring the pot… Like a child clamouring for attention.

Go Army!

You and a number of you have been posting the exact same thing, whenever this site has been updated. Why don’t you just go away for six months, and then come back to complain how Fuller and company fooled you yet again, then declare that STAR TREK is dead? That’s all you people seem to go on about, unless its about how the new guidelines for fan films is the last straw, and then you’ll declare that you are going away for good?

I love Star Trek, I don’t enjoy the new Star Trek.

It’s disappointing to see how much hate there is on this site for people with differing opinions. I come to this site with the hopes that I’ll see something that will excite me and make me want to go see the movie but as of yet, nothing has excited me about Beyond.

So you go right ahead and keep complaining and making derogatory remarks towards me because of my opinion and I’ll continue having my opinion and sharing it with anyone who cares to read it. Judging by the replies, a number of people care enough about my opinion to share their own.

“So you go right ahead and keep complaining and making derogatory remarks towards me…”

We will. Thanks, man!

I wouldn’t call this hate. You’re welcome to your opinion. I hear you. But, it does get frustrating to hear people repeating that they hate these films and won’t see the next one over and over – you probably feel the same way about those of us who voice our excitement.

It’s one thing for people to not like a trailer and decide not to see something – but, for example, there have been people talking for months about the horrible scripts, directing, FX and performances for Beyond and Ghostbusters and talk with glee about how they’ll tank at the box office – and the movies aren’t even out yet. Two months ago there were comments that Beyond hadn’t been screened for critics yet because Paramount kows it stinks – again, nothing gets screened for critics 12 weeks before the release.

My big Internet pet peeve is when people voice opinions of things they haven’t seen in discussions with people who have seen the thing – so if people who haven’t seen Beyond start voicing opinions once it’s out and we’re all talking about it, I’ll probably get grumpy.

It’s really easy to focus on Lin directing the Furious movies or Abrams saying he didn’t get Trek as a kid and get angry about that without offering any actually criticism of the film itself.

But if you don’t want to see it, fine. And feel free to post it on every article. Maybe Paramount will get your message and pull Beyond out of theatres.

Judging from some of the responses, no, many people here do not feel he is welcome to his opinion. Lots of you are down right vicious if someone has a differing opinion then yours. You lash-out at those that don’t agree with your opinion. The intolerance is astounding. Just because someone has a different opinion doesn’t mean they should be insulted, belittled, or be subject to abuse. Not everyone acts with intolerance here, so if the shoe fits, wear it. But don’t say you are a Trek fan who believes in IDIC and then you attack others because they disagree with your particular view or feelings on something.


Re:nothing gets screened for critics 12 weeks before the release

Well, we know Kevin Smith revealed in a conference in October 2008 that he had seen the 2009 STAR TREK effort. And even though he signed an NDA, he got away with effusing positively about it.

I think you are confusing no review gets dis-embargoed 12 weeks before release with no screening, that a critic may catch, occurs 12 weeks before. Two completely different things, and even at that, if the studio gets whiffs that the reviews are going to be overwhelmingly positive they lift those too.

One, having an opinion won’t shield you from getting an opposing opinion. Two, most people want to give the new film a chance, since there is a new director (Lin) and writing team (Pegg and Jung) on board.

And, three, a true fan wants as much ‘Trek out there as possible, from fan film production to professional productions (both television and movies). Some aspects may not be our liking, while other aspects might be our cup-of-tea. My problem is that there are too many “fans” who want BEY to fail out of spite, because it’s not the ‘Trek they prefer. Guess what? That’s not what defines a fan of ‘Trek…or any other types of fandom. Example: I may think that TFF is the WORST of the ‘Trek film series, but I can still watch it regularly. I may think that TMP is the BEST ‘Trek film, even though everyone else may think that it’s the WORST of the series. But, at the end of the day, all it is STAR TREK, and as a fan of STAR TREK, I will judge each production based on its own merits, and not because of issues with the producers (which, IMO, is what really is driving the disdain for these latest films).

So, yes, keep stating your opinion, so that I can keep stating MINE.

Yep. It drives me nuts when the criticism of the films boils down to “Paramount hates/doesn’t appreciate Trek,” “Abrams said he didn’t get Trek as a kid but loved Star Wars” and “Justin Lin is a hack who directed the Fast and the Furious movie.” Criticize the films on their merits, sure.

And, yes. I can’t comprehend the people who say they want Trek to fail (before a new show was announced, they said it was because they want Trek back on TV – even though a failed movie wouldn’t mean it would suddenly go on TV – but now some say they’re boycotting that show too). Is Trek really better dead?

And what the heck does a Roddenberry-engineered letter-writing campaign from 48 years ago have to do with any of this? Why does that mean I can’t go see a spectacular Star Trek movie on the big screen?


No one’s been talking to you about a letter writing campaign organized by Roddenberry in 1968.

I’ve been talking to NFXstudios about the first letter writing campaign organized by Bjo Trimble in 1967 when NBC first raised the possibility of not renewing STAR TREK for it’s second season that she and her fellow fans organized and kept going for the following year as well. And yes, just as Gene didn’t have the foggiest notion how to run a mail order business and drew on the Trimbles to organize and create that, I’ve no doubt he used them to organize whatever efforts he wanted to add to the ongoing campaign for third season renewal where he wanted to sell his points that you mention too. And I documented via D.C. Fontana that the original fan letters kept on coming unabated from fans into the year 1972 such that both NBC and Paramount had to hire dedicated personnel to handle each company’s STAR TREK correspondence.

History explains the dedication of those fans writing those letters that had NBC and Paramount still taking notice three years after a show’s cancellation when anyone else would have just moved on to the next big thing. It was a testament to the drive to be heard on matters STAR TREK that was flabbergasting NFXstudios and others with its modern manifestations to this day.

Paramount and NBC, being a part of the entertainment biz knew all about organizing faux letter writing campaigns to manipulate the media to their ends and needs. They weren’t going to be taken in by Gene churning out identical form letters from a printing press in his office. Once they detected such a scheme, they just would have their mailrooms round file sort all incoming STAR TREK fan mail to their furnaces. They certainly would not be hiring special STAR TREK correspondence handlers in 1972 to deal with it. They did that hiring because they were receiving genuine heartfelt individualistic treatises on what STAR TREK meant to distinct individuals and why it was important to them that it return, and the pile of letters was growing.

Those that fail to learn from actual history are often condemned to repeat it.

Yes, back then, fans were expressing their desire to see more Star Trek. They were positive about the series and their fervent insistence on what Paramount had been doing RIGHT, ie ensuring that the third series did get made (despite their reducing the budget – not good).

This is not the situation now though. Some people are complaining about how bad a film will be before they have even see it in its entirety. Others threaten to boycott it for reasons that have nothing to do with actual makers of this film – BR production company, producers, director, writers, actors, crew, present day investors et al. Hardly fair and definitely not sane.

This kind of thing can surely only rankle the studio and those they have contracted, as it does to people like myself and I suspect that I am not alone in this.

I know how you feel. I keep getting fooled by thinking you will post something new here besides your incessant bitching….

I heard you the first times (kidding). Fair enough. Don’t go to a movie you don’t want to see.

Personally, I’m pretty excited for it.

I’m even considering the marathon starting at 5pm on the 20th (here in Vancouver) – but I don’t know if I’ll be awake enough after the first two to comprehend the third one. I can watch Trek 09 over and over again and it would be cool to see it on the big screen again – but I dunno if I want to sit through all of Into Darkness again. It’s not terrible, but it’s a bit frustrating.

A fellow British Columbian?! The most beautiful place on Earth.


I understand where you’re coming from, however this time we have a new writing team and a director who turned out to be a fan. So, I’ll give it a shot and watch it just once. If the movie turned out to be great, then I will watch it again. If on the other hand it was like STID, then no second viewing.

Feel free to share your opinions and ignore the tr0lls.

Fooled us once, laughed at us, they knew we were optimistic, fooled us twice, get another production team to trick us into a third time lol

First, and I’m loving all the marketing Paramount is doing for this movie. I went to a Regal Cinema this weekend and the cups and popcorn buckets had STB pix on them!

Sorry but I have a question. Since I saw the precedent trailer, I’m looking for the deflector dish of the USS Franklin…And don’t find it. Could someone light this point for me please? This ship seems to have no secundary hull and I asked myself if there was a specific reason to this missing of deflector or if it was just a deliberate designing choice.

It might not have an external one – precedent is set for that in the Miranda and Stargazer classes.

You’re perfectly right, I did not remind of that.


If I recall correctly, on the series ENTERPRISE the NX-01 did not have a dish but it did have what was called a deflector array at the leading edge of the saucer? So maybe the older ships used a deflector “array” too?

The big parabolic thingie on the Enterprise’s secondary hull was never actually identified as its deflector dish until sometime after TWOK. The Reliant has no such thingie. The info on an internal one is retro. The Starfleet Technical Manual identifies the dish as the main sensor!! This always made sense to me… right up until Riker yelled FIRE at the end of Best of Both Worlds Pt. 1 (OK, you see it fire in Pt. 2, but sometime in TNG anyway.) I think it’s simply one of those production issues that bend and flex with the whims of the director and writers. Kinda like phasers that sometimes whistle and shoot a stream of death and sometimes go P’choo p’choo! <== pre-internet, this was my Trek bible, right down to the 'photon emitter' on a phaser (aka lightbulb).

I’m guessing it’s a design choice. The Archer Enterprise’s dish (Isn’t the Franklin supposed to be a similar class – and maybe earlier?) looked tacked on, in my opinion. If we’re trying to go “Ah ha! They’re so dumb they didn’t even know that Star Trek ships have deflectors” – I’m guessing they were aware of it.

All guesses – I have no idea.

According to Memory Alpha:

Yep, it’s the deflector array.

A thing of beauty…

This looks good too, btw. Here’s my luddite comment – I’m a little worried about some of the design, fx and costume changes because I’m afraid of change. But I’m looking forward to seeing it. It can’t possibly be worse than Independence Day or Warcraft.

Like that they are focusing on friendship and teamwork aspect of Kirk Spock relationship. Bob Orci’s Shatner hologram scene would have been nice somewhere in this movie. Would have been a nice nod to something that made Trek special

This is my most anticipated film of the summer, I can’t wait!

Me too – I think it looks like a lot of fun. I really like the last two movies and both got me off my arse and into the theatre! I hope they find a way to bring original Trek back but, you know what? I’m not sure it would work. I hope they do a ‘Skyfall’ and have nods to the previous cast/stories without actually bringing them back.
I’m sure Pegg and Jung will do us proud.

I have a minor complaint about the very end, and I may just be misinterpreting Karl Urban’s tone…his tone seems very much “Space is disease and danger…” I hate space-ish. Yet, halfway through the first movie, Bones is over his space phobia. It’s never mentioned again. He seems completely fine. And, now he is back to hating space again?

Am I reading too much into it, maybe?

Comic Book Movies .com had this one and two more new spots.
I am LOVING the full court press right now.

@Ashayam Amanda,

According to a recent interview with Urban, that line is at the end of the movie. My guess that it’s not about his space phobia but rather as a result of their experience with the Swarm.

@Ashayam Amanda,

Here is the interview:

Karl Urban: “I love when [McCoy] reappears, and he’s got this huge beard and this big medallion around his chest — and his chest hair! I love that! I actually put a nod to that in ‘Star Trek Beyond.’

You’ll see at the end of the film, I’m wearing an open shirt, and I’ve got a medallion on. Like, not a big one, but it’s there, and it’s a direct nod to DeForest.

And, it also sounds like light-hearted kidding.

Dee’s medallion looked real groovy, man. (It was very weird for me to see McCoy with such a fakey beard and a goofy hippie look.) At least Urban’s medallion isn’t so ’70s cheezy looking. But I like Karl’s tribute to Dee Kelley. Karl has a lot of love for Trek, and McCoy.

That’s awesome. I noticed it too and was wondering if it was his idea or the production team. It’s actually amazing how many small nods, references, and details from the original series and movies have been included in these recent films. More than you’d realize, and I keep noticing things when I rewatch them.

I’ll take a generalized fear of space over the constant complaints about the transporter :) JK but McCoy has always had foibles.

Man, I can’t believe this is the best they can do. It’s really unbelievable how lame and boring this movie is looking.

I’m speechless.


I will wait and see what the new team will come up with. By this point I just hope it will be at least an entertaining movie with a little bit of character developments.

“I’m speechless.”


@VoR +1


VoR June 28, 2016 9:37 pm
Jack June 28, 2016 10:39 pm
Keachick Today 1:55 pm

You know, that was a very mean thing to say and you’ve really hurt my feelings.

It was a joke. Keep talking.

Sadly I’m still not overwhelmed by the look of the film. It basically look like the whole thing takes place in two places, the planet and the space station. Hopefully we’ll get a fun ride out of it but yeah I have a feeling the story may feel pretty weak end of the day. Hope I’m wrong.


Re:Galactic Two Shot

Well, at least admit for this producer that it is a milestone that the action’s not going to up the ante by bringing the threat to Earth.

The more cynical brethren may harbor the fear that he’ll get a compromising photo of his Paramount pal and swoop in for a last minute rewrite where something like Trelane turns out to be Q and does exactly that, but I think we can hazard the thought of buying a ticket given the remoteness of that possibility. Don’t you?

Man, I can’t believe that you would judge a film based on a trailer. It’s really unbelievable how lame and boring such comments are. I’m not speechless about this, since its typical nonsense these days.


And I’m floored that someone would suggest that trailers are altruistic pieces of art generously released by motion picture studios with absolutely no ulterior motive or purpose, such as to convince potential ticket purchasers that they can indeed be used to do just that. And rather than call the studios on it for wasting hordes of cash on these, what we are called to believe are, meaningless purposeless things, blame consumers for being convinced that they can be so used because, you know, they just got that notion out of thin air as it’s certainly not because the studios are trying to promote that trailers can be used to judge anything.

I’m not speechless about this, since it’s typical nonsense these days that trailers have no purpose and the studios shouldn’t be held accountable when they fail to inspire a ticket purchase.

dswynne Today 10:57 am

Disinvited is absolutely right.

A movie trailer is a sales pitch. The studio is trying to sell me their product. My comment is as much about the quality of the sales pitch, itself, as about the product being pitched. For a product that cost about $100 million and three years to make, and which had 50 years of R&D specific to this franchise going into it, never mind the 100+ years of R&D pertaining to cinema in general, this sales pitch makes it seem remarkably dull and uninteresting.

You could make the best pitch to me for the next Justin Beiber album you could. You could spend $100 million on advertising and bombard me with print ads, videos, tv spots, trailers, games, books, magazines, etc but guess what? I’m NEVER going to buy it because I HATE Justin Beiber. This is the same reason that Beyonds marketing is underwhelming to you. But what you’re insinuating is that the marketing is failing on a mass scale and the general feeling is that it is not the case and the final box office will be the judge of that, not your personal vendetta against it.

“I’m speachless”

If only!

So now we know that Spock, Bones and Kirk will survive and get a new ship at the end of the movie.

So it appears. I’m a bit disappointed since it spoilers the end… They obviously use the end of ST III and the end of ST IV in the movie… Just hoping the NCC1701-A will resemble the TOS or the TMP Enterprise…

“Hardcore fans don’t need the plus”. Mr Data, Mr Spiner, you hit the nail right on the freaking head!

Ok – a couple of things….I am curious to know if the ship the crew is attempting to escape in resembles an old NX-Class starship? From what I have been able to see in the various trailers…it looks like a version of the NX-Class.
Second…I believe that the scene that is being shown (character interaction) might be the last scene of the movie…where the crew get their new Enterprise refit…the NCC-1701-A. IMO.

A little Googling and rereading of this site will reveal that the ship is called the USS Franklin, and what has been posted about it here and there is that it possibly predates the NX-01 class; one source describes it as the first Warp 4 starship, whereas the NX-01 was the first Warp 5 ship. A poster of the ship was given away as one of the rewards for Omaze charity campaign backers, and more recently, Popular Mechanics published an article about ‘the ships of Star Trek Beyond’ showcasing the Enterprise (which apparently now has swept-back nacelle struts, possibly part of the refit from the end of ST:ID), the Franklin, and a Swarm one-man fighter ship.

I see… so could it very well be a retrofitted NX-type Class Starship that was then later designated into the Federation Fleet and designated as a USS Class starship? Because other than the Warp Cells being different than the original NX Class (obliviously retrofitted and updated) – the Franklin bears a similarity to the NX-Alpha/Beta Starships.



You are aware there’s a distinct possibility that the Franklin’s “retrofitting” is a Scotty in the field modification/update and NOT factory issue?

Boom Bang come on, lets do it, go, go, go, headshot. Boom.Bang.

Would be a nice computer game. Some one liner when you press X and in between Boom and Bang

Why is Spock smiling?

Different timeline, different character history, different development. This Spock doesn’t have as much control over his emotions due to the trauma of losing his home planet and his mother. In fact, he’s probably got PTSD on top of his more evident depression. I’d say he does pretty well at remaining logical and bottling his emotions considering all this. But as a result of this, and especially his mother’s death, I think he’s more apt to follow a more human path to honor his mother, and is more likely to embrace emotion than Spock Prime was. In contrast, Spock Prime had more to prove because of his father’s disapproval, and chose a more Vulcan path even eventually pursuing Kolinahr. So this Spock is probably allowing himself to smile because he embraces his human side more. He even said in the first movie that Earth was the only home he had left.


because Spock smiles….

Lol, I mean he does… Perhaps he’s looking at some weird blue plants. :P


At first I read that as pants.

Heck, I can’t play my ukelele without smiling either. That’s just logic.

some fans’ belief what spock must be only vulcan in spite of the point of his character being that he’s, in fact, not, is akin to some people’s firm belief that a biracial child must choose only one part of their identity.


Re:the point of his character (Love the pun.)

Not quite. Spock is actually biracial in terms of its actual scientific definition. What humans currently regard as human “racial” characteristics and human races are mere social conventions based on random physical characteristics with no basis in any more science than declaring someone a witch. While in Earth’s past, there have been other actual human races and biracial peoples, at the moment, there is only one human race.

I used to believe Trek fans were incapable of getting wrapped up in those social misconceptions about race, but I suppose if there’s actually a new wave possessed of it then they would follow the general rule I discerned in The South of my youth, i.e. whatever physical features are “clearly” dominant define your race. So for Mr. Spock with the ears, eyebrows, green blood, inner eyelids, etc. I could see how such an audience would use social convention to declare him Vulcan.

3 more TV spots dropped today (same footage just recut) as well as the new Empire mag. Empire Star Trek mag is not really worth it I bought the physical edition & most of the Beyond content was uninteresting. There are a few new photos but nothing really worth reading about the productions its all EPK level stuff. William Shatner gave a new interview & his answer to why he did not appear in the Kelvin universe Trek will raise a few Vulcan eyebrows but its also a hardly surprising answer he gave!


Re:Shatner Interview

Anything different from what the told The Hollywood Reporter back in April?

Yep totally different response now it sounds like a new interview Shatner did for the magazine as some of his answers to these questions are quite direct & not PR friendly!

Is there any reason this film is still Not Yet Rated? Isn’t it kinda late in the game to be rating a big film like this? Heck, it’s only three weeks away (!!!!!!)

Not really. The film will be premiered in Sydney on 7th July (this coming Friday). My guess is that it will receive a rating this week and soon after from the censors in other countries. It will probably be PG-13 in the US, like the last two films and get an M-rating here in NZ.

This I like :)