New IDW Star Trek Collections Feature The Mirror Universe And Orions

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which Mirror Universe character is the most evil of them all? While IDW’s latest collection of its ongoing Star Trek series might not answer that exact question, readers will definitely be in store for some fun as Star Trek Trade Paperback Volume 12 sees the new timeline crew and ship enter the Mirror universe.

Following the alternate dimension tale, the crew returns only to face a renegade faction of Orions. Star Trek Volume 12 collects issues #50-54 of IDW’s ongoing Star Trek series.

Fun and adventure will be had as Mike Johnson and Tony Shasteen once again bring their storytelling “A” game in “Live Evil” and “Renegades”, however, smacking readers directly in the face on page two of the story will be a scene on the bridge that features Chekov. The likeness of Anton Yelchin will punch readers in the gut as his untimely and tragic death occurred less than two weeks ago. Emotions are understandably raw, especially considering Yelchin’s age and how he died. And while the actor has passed, it is nice to see his portrayal of the iconic character live on in these stories.

Ionic storms can be pesty phenomenons, especially in the original and new Star Trek timelines. “Live Evil” begins with the Enterprise navigating an ion storm, only to emerge in a new universe. It’s fun to see Johnson and Shasteen play in the Mirror Universe, as readers will enjoy fresh and diabolical takes on the new timeline characters. While, this concept should be enough to draw fans into the story, just like a knife salesman, Johnson throws in some awesome twists and Easter Eggs which should leave even the most jaded JJ universe fan entertained.

“Renegades” explores the new universe Orions while also supplying Gaila with a backstory. Turns out she and her brother escaped from her mother years ago, only to have her mother obsessed with their return. Once again, Johnson weaves together a much larger Federation and Starfleet as the repercussions of Into Darkness are felt. Plus, readers will enjoy Kirk and company’s interactions with another Starfleet vessel.

Star Trek #53 cover illustration by Tony Shasteen (art courtesy of


Fans who have enjoyed the new universe stories from Johnson and Shasteen will not be disappointed in this latest collection, while original universe fans might be intrigued by the much larger backstory that Johnson is building. As a certain Vulcan is famous for saying, these stories are “fascinating.”

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i am loving the comics and get them each month
the comics are better than the film they are based on

Indeed. It’s quite ironic that the budget to make good storylines in comics are eclipsed by how much the Hollywood studios spent on their tentpole movies.

Btw, do you collect ALL the IDW Kelvin timeline stories?

I’ve been waiting for this, must download to my NOOK app! Btw McCoy was sadly underutilized in the last volume. They need to fix that.

I stopped reading these right after Into Darkness. What’d I miss? :)

(are they worth catching up on? – and is catching up necessary or can I just read the occassional one and still figure out what’s happening?)

They are grouped into 2 to 4 issue mini arcs. No need to read them all. The latest, legacy of Spock, is a must read.

I’ve kept up with the comic series, and with the exception of the “Pon Farr” arc, have really enjoyed the stories. The art and writing are top shelf, and really add to this universe. My favorite series so far has been the one with “Q” taking them time-hopping. The Mirror Universe arc was great, too. And the Legacy of Spock was simply awesome.