Romulans Always Get the Damage Waiver: Enterprise Rent-A-Car Partners With Star Trek Beyond

Here’s a marketing partnership done right: Enterprise Rent-A-Car has released their first commercial featuring their Star Trek partnership, and it’s perfect.

In the ad, employees beam up, offer the Starship Enterprise for rental (and get asked about mileage), practice their Klingon, and “yes” the Vulcans over the phone. One of them even walks into a cloaked ship. Ouch! (“Sheila, you HAVE to turn off the cloaking device”!)

The ad is called “Business Is Going Boldly,” and features the phrase “Until We Can Beam You Up, We’ll Pick You Up.” In additional to commercials, you’ll see signage with the slogan on it on airport shuttles in NYC and Philadelphia, plus various other locations.

We have to give them credit for this one. We’ve seen some terrible ads from Rocket Mortgage, which include an unfortunate shot of a Vulcan handing over his dirty laundry to his wife, and a more creative ad from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, focusing on new technology. But Enterprise Rent-A-Car wins for being the most creative as well as the funniest.

Watch the clip below, and let us know what you think. Pick-up in the Beta Quadrant!


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I give that ad an “A.”

This ad is just awesome!! I’m feeling the buzz for ”Beyond”

Very well done.

I have one concern. Does it come equipt with photon torpedoes or is that an extra add on.

Only available on Tuesdays, sorry.

Figures. Lol. Always a Tuesday!.

Cupholders? Rearview cams? Floormats in my favorite college team? Or just the standard Warp 9.7 max, dilithium matrix, subspace radio, and detailing?

I thought it was a cruising speed of Warp 5 but capable of Warp 9.995 for 8 hours.

Super, super clever!!!

everyone remember where we parked

Best comment imo

Nice, very nice. . . I about spewed during the cloaked ship part. LOL stuff!



This is SO COOL… Finally… I remember myself walking into an Irish pub some years ago, accidentally meeting some people at the bar who were actually the staff of our local Enterprise Rent-A-Car office. I drank with them for about an hour, cheering to stuff like “Let’s make sure history never forgets…the name…Enterprise!” I was so proud of having met “the crew of the Enterprise” personally.

this was adorable

Wonder what the R Rated version sounds like?

Go Axanar!

Very clever advertising.

That is a great ad. It shows knowledge of Trek, and has fun with it without making fun of it.
Also I remember renting from them, and the guy called me and said “this is Rob from Enterprise.” He told me he was a Trek fan and that was a perk of his job.

Amazing commercial! Although Worf might be disappointed with their Klingon but Kahless bless them for trying!

LOL. Now, THAT’s awesome!

I kind of like the Vulcan mortgage one. It’s dumb but lamely funny.

I understand that Major League Baseball has a commercial out that uses footage from Beyond.
So, these funny Trek commercials are a nice trend.

I normally despise tie-in ads like these, but that is just damn funny. Kudos to whatever agency came up with that one.