New Featurette Takes You Behind The Scenes With Jaylah

Soufia Boutella (Jaylah), Simon Pegg, JJ Abrams, and Justin Lin talk about the new mysterious character of Jaylah.

“Jaylah has this sense of innocence, but also this quality of strength that is not manufactured.”

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Perhaps we’ll see Jaylah kick Krall’s butt… I would like to see that.

That would be fantastic to see. From what the trailers and featurettes show, she’s quite the badass.

i quick read read behind´s Jaylah behind! and i was like “what what what?”

I anticipate with a smile most everything I’ve seen so far about STB, but Jaylah and Sofia Boutella is just what this film needed. I have faith in the new behind the scenes team and the fresh on-screen players as well. Really need an upbeat STAR TREK film after that last one… ;)

I’m getting a very “THE FIFTH ELEMENT” from this character.

She’s at least half the reason I’m so enthused about this film. NuTrek has very badly needed someone like Jaylah.