Cast & Crew Talk Star Trek Beyond, a ‘hybrid of a TOS episode and a spectacular cinematic event’

The cast and crew of Star Trek Beyond held a junket last week where they answered questions about their characters, the writing process, and hopes for the future of the franchise (including plans for a fourth film).

Beware of light spoilers (nothing we haven’t seen in trailers, promo videos, or learned from cast and crew interviews).

The day began with the main cast of Beyond answering questions about their characters’ journeys in the film and the ins and outs of making the movie.

“We wanted to create a hybrid of an episode of The Original Series and a spectacular cinematic event,” said co-writer and co-star Simon Pegg. “The Star Trek films have always been event films. With the TV series’ you get time to spend with the characters, it’s a longer game. In a film you have to hit it, it has to be very self contained, it has to be memorable.

That was the thing: to try and make sure that [the fans] who’ve been here for 50 years get what they deserve in terms of a good Star Trek film. But, the people who haven’t seen it before, who aren’t necessarily familiar with Star Trek, they’re welcome, too. This is an inclusive universe in every way.”


Fans of the original will be thrilled to learn that we get to see the growth of the relationship between Bones and Spock who find themselves paired off together after the Enterprise’s destruction.

“For me I feel like this is probably the most fun I’ve had making a Star Trek film,” says Karl Urban of his experience growing the relationship of Bones and Spock. “I think what [writers] Simon [Pegg] and Doug [Jung] were able to do was to present the most well defined, most well rounded version of the character [of Bones]. It certainly gave me a lot of material to work with.

It was so great to have those two characters who are so diametrically opposed to one another be forced into a situation where they have to depend on each other to survive. Through that process came a deeper understanding of who they both are. It was obviously a great way to explore a lot of comedy but also the relationship between the two. For long time fans, I think it’s a rewarding direction.”



Bones and Spock play off of each other so well in part because they are so different from one another. But their shared values can end up bringing them together in very meaningful ways.

“These two characters historically in this franchise come at things from entirely different perspectives and points of view,” adds Zachary Quinto. “and I think there’s nothing more fun for fans of the original show to see that dynamic unmitigated by Kirk who usually manages to get between them. Bones really saves Spock’s life in this film, and I think there’s really a deep appreciation for that. They end this film in a much better place as a duo.”

Of course, one of the most controversial plot points from Beyond is the fact that the Enterprise is destroyed… again. When asked about his thoughts on what was originally Justin Lin’s idea to blow up the Big E, Simon Pegg said that, although he was initially opposed to it, he came around to realizing why it was really a genius move for the film.

“I hated the idea at first,” said Pegg. “I swear, I was shouting at [Justin Lin], ‘You can’t do that! You can’t destroy the Enterprise!’

My problem was, if you think it’s something new, well we’ve seen it before. It happened in The Search for Spock, it happened in Generations. But, Justin was very very determined, and as we spoke about it, I realized what he was doing brilliantly was he was not only taking out a main character, but he was removing the physical connective tissue between the crew to see what happens when you take away the thing that physically bonds them together. If you take away that thing that necessitates them being a unit, do they dissipate or do they come back together? That was the genius of [destroying the Enterprise]. You wait and see if they come back together as this family, which is essentially what they are. When I realized, I backed down immediately and said ‘yeah, you’re right’.”

When asked about the progression of Uhura throughout the film and how her relationship with Spock is changed, Zoe Saldana said, “She’s tired. She’s homesick.” One of the things that writers Pegg and Jung tried to do in Beyond is to make the crew of the Enterprise more multidimensional. “They made us human,” said Saldana who added that in Beyond we get to see how being overworked and away from all of the things that keeps people grounded can put a strain on the personal and professional relationships between the crew.

On the Spuhura romance, Saldana added,

“The relationship between Uhura and Spock seemed so normal and human to me that, these are the sort of consequences that may occur when you decide to love your coworker. Sometimes the professionalism can get in the way of the spirituality, and I feel like that’s what happened between both of them.”

So, is Spuhura doomed? When asked if there is any hope for the pair to stay together in subsequent films, Saldana sheepishly responded, “I mean…” Quinto was quick to interject, “I thought they ended on a really hopeful note, don’t you? Yeah, let’s go with hope.”

Of all of the characters in Star Trek Beyond, Uhura is perhaps the one who has undergone the most significant change since the original in the 1960s. Women are being recognized more and more for their ability to perform in tough, typically male-dominated occupations.


Beyond takes one small step for women kind thanks to Karl Urban, who tipped off the costume department regarding the female uniforms.

“One thing I’m very proud of is the fact that, unlike the previous two films for whatever reason, the women in Starfleet uniforms in Star Trek Beyond all have ranks on the uniforms. I think that’s a fantastic thing. I had a fan point it out to me [that there were no rank stripes on women’s uniforms in the previous two films], and I was shocked. When I got to Vancouver [to shoot Beyond] I talked to [the costume department] about that, and they said, ‘Oh don’t you worry. The women are going to have ranks.'”

But, of course, Uhura isn’t the only character that represents the social change the world has undergone since the 60’s. I’m talking of course about the reveal that Sulu is gay.

“I thought it was a beautiful idea,” says John Cho of this character’s sexual orientation. “I had some concerns about how it would be received by George [Takei]. I had some other concerns, but it was really the handling of it that was most important to me. I think its nonchalant posture toward it is the best thing about it, the fact that it’s normalized. It’s kind of news now, but if you rewatch the movie in 10 years, you won’t think anything of it. It’ll just go right by you. There’s no musical cue. There’s no close-up. It’s just… he’s gay.”


Zoe Saldana added that it’s not only important that Sulu is gay but that he is a father. “None of our characters have families that we’ve ever talked about. I actually feel quite puzzled that in 2016 we’re having like a bit of a fit over who he fathered a baby with. I’m just happy he’s a dad, you know?”

A big reason that the move to make Sulu officially gay is controversial to some fans is due to the reaction of George Takei, who came out against the change. “People like to make things a big spat,” says Simon Pegg. “George and I, we email all the time and have had long discussions about it. We’re on great terms. It was a great discussion to have, so I’m really happy with the way that it’s been talked about and responded to.”

Seeing Star Trek Beyond will be bittersweet for fans after the death of Anton Yelchin, who passed away in a freak accident just last month.

“It’s devastating to lose a family member,” said Karl Urban. “We should be celebrating not only this film but also this beautiful and talented man. The pain of this loss is still very raw, but this film will forever be the most special experience for all of us since it represents the golden period where our family was fully together for the last time. We love him so much. We miss him terribly.”

What could potentially be a big change to the visual and storytelling style of Beyond compared to the first two reboot films is the directorial replacement of JJ Abrams (who was busy working on Star Wars: The Force Awakens) for Justin Lin of Fast and Furious fame.

“Justin has a very different energy about him,” says Zach Quinto. “He’s incredibly gifted as a visual storyteller, and I think he is really sensitive to character dynamics as well. He brings a balance of both of those extremes. He didn’t have a lot of time to prep for this film, and I think a lot of us were extremely impressed by his sense of leadership and vision. All in all, he was a welcome addition.”

Later in the day, when the behind the scenes crew had the chance to answer questions, Justin Lin spoke about his love for the franchise.

“We moved to the States when I was 8,” said Lin. “Star Trek was our family time. Moving to a new country, sometimes it felt like it was just the five of us, but Star Trek instilled in me that my family is not just my blood, it’s shared experience. That’s what Star Trek gave me. Every week it was new obstacles, new challenges. That sense of exploration and discovery is something that was a big part of growing up. My friends all had their Star Wars figures, we didn’t have any of that. We had Star Trek.”


Also new to the team is Sofia Boutella who plays the mysterious Jaylah. “Sofia is incredible,” says Simon Pegg who shared several scenes with her.

“She’s a dancer and so she is physically quite adept. So, she was very up for the physicality of it.

When Doug [Jung] and I were in the writers’ room, we wanted to create this very independent female, a very resourceful character, but we didn’t have a name for her. So, we used to call her Jennifer-Lawrence-in-Winters-Bone.”

That was a long name, and as the two got tired of reciting it over and over, they shorted into to J-Law, which became… Jaylah.

There were some other fun tidbits about the film dropped by Pegg, including a subtle nod to the Star Trek’s 50th anniversary. In the beginning of the film, it’s noted that the crew of the Enterprise have been in space for 966 days, a reference to the 50th anniversary of the franchise, which began in 1966.

The film hasn’t even hit theaters yet, but people are already dying to know: will there be a fourth film? When asked if he has thought about an “Episode IV”, JJ Abrams responded,

“Yes, and this is something that we are hopefully figuratively minutes away from talking about. But, the answer is 100% yes, and that’s incredibly exciting”

This morning, Paramount made it official and announced that a fourth Star Trek film will be made and will include Chris Hemsworth who played Kirk’s father in Star Trek ’09.

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Sofia out-hots Zoe by a warp factor of 2.5.

To quote from BALANCE OF TERROR, these chicks operate on ‘simple impulse’ as opposed to true warp drive trek babes like Marianna Hill or even Barbara Alyn Woods.

For me, it’s the reverse.

Spuhura needs to die because I hate Portmanteaus of people’s names. It’s asinine.


Well, I suppose that’s as good an explanation of the rationale of what happened to Tuvix as any other.

So, maybe just call them Spock and Uhura and get off their back? Cause the fact is they are so fantastic.

I’m super excited for this movie, even more so the critics on Rotten Tomatoes think so highly of it (91%). I’d like to see how that spoiler in the “Be Ready” trailer plays out because I’m currently more confused than spoiled! Come on, Star Trek Beyond!

91% on RT is very encouraging. Can’t wait to see it for myself on Friday.

Then again STID has 86% on RT.

Fair point (although I enjoyed STID) but I’m scaling my expectations off ST (2009) 95% RT score, a movie which I thought was brilliant. Still comparatively early days review wise but I note STB has crept up to 92% RT.

True that STID has an 86% on RT but I agree with Scott. STB now being at 92% shows that the critics think it’s better than Into Darkness. Plus with the talk from most about this having the feel of Star Trek again, this could be the best one yet.

Seriously looking forward to this movie this week. The reviews have been excellent so far.

JJ Abrams…. How weird it is that, now, Star Trek and Star Wars are, quite literally, attached at the hip. Can you imagine what is must be like to be the man connected to these two HUGE mega-franchises?

Why was Mirror Universe Kirk at the press event?

Mirror Spock had a beard, not Kirk. Kirk reminds me of old Luke. His beard is almost greyish…

Wuz joke comrade.

But, yeah on the grey in the beard…

In case anyone is hesitant to click the link: It’s a video of the press conference, not some spoiler-filled trailer.

Is that Zoe Saldana next to Chris Pine??? She looks whiter than he does! What happened to her?

That’s Lindsey Weber a producer of Beyond

LOL you’re probably joking but that looks like Pegg’s wife.

No, I’m not joking. I can’t tell who that is and she bears a resemblance. I was also looking for Zoe to appear in the cast photo.

So she’s the only one other than Anton Yelchin who isn’t there. Sad.

Lydia Wilson, she plays ‘Kalara’ and spends some time on the planet with Kirk and Chekov.

Zoe Saldana was sadly working and couldn’t go.

You forgot how Spock aka Zachary doesn’t like the Spuhura breakup. Youtube is really your friend. Lol

I’m glad they are acknowledging real life scenarios into relationships because Lord knows how misconstrued movies and tv shows do. Like its taboo to even think about how a relationship works.

It’s almost tender how the article tries to put a negative tone on what was said about ‘spuhura’ despite the fact it’s not how it really played out.
I’m more irked, though, by the narrative making it seems that Quinto shut Saldana up before she said something bad (must be a deleted scene where she was being sheepish ..)

You know I remember watching that first trailer and not seeing Checkov, and hoping that didn’t mean they killed off his character. And it turns out it did not mean that. And then…

im so excited and can’t wait to see the movie. Here in the Philippines, it will start showing tomorrow, 2 days ahead of everyone else. :)

An “Episode IV?” I see what you did there. Yeah, keep blurring those lines between Star Trek and Star Wars so you can make a cash grab at some ridiculous crossover movie.

well, didn’t Zoe say (in the part omitted here) that the whole point was giving them (Spock/Uhura) a situation where they get separated and desperately want to get back to each other? She essentially said they end up together

also, not to nitpick but when Saldana sheepishly responded, “I mean…” it was after what Zach said the thing about hopeful note and she adds ‘I mean, if Spock ended with a vulcan girl ‘s**t would go down’

the whole press conference is here (little spoilerish):

Now give us an Enterprise that ALL Trek fans can appreciate. One that looks practical & real (not just in a photo-realistic CG way). One that looks beautiful from EVERY angle (as any Enterprise should, but 09 E didn’t). One that is reminiscent of the original NCC-1701 (kinda like the one hanging from Admiral Marcus’ office ceiling in that infamous STID deleted scene).

Amen to that. I too would like to see TOS Enterprise in all it’s glory and personally favour it over the much trumped TMP refit.

You wrote: … One that looks beautiful from EVERY angle….

Man, do I agree! In my opinion, that’s been the single biggest problem I have had with the ships of ALL Star Trek vessels named Enterprise.

Karl Urban = Jonathan Frakes XD

I’m already here in the cinema for the first showing. Excited. :) Should I live tweet? Haha

Only if you have the theater relatively exclusive to yourself. Otherwise, have mercy on your fellow theater goers.

Oops! You seem to have misrepresented how the back and forth between Zach and Zoe went during the answer to the question of whether Spock and Uhura were doomed or if there was hope… But otherwise, thanks for the report!

Just came back from the Wednesday 10 PM showing at the AMC Tysons Corner IMAX in Northern Virginia (suburban Washington DC).

Simon, Doug, and Justin have pulled off a miracle. They remembered that Star Trek movies are supposed to be FUN. This was a FUN movie. “Star Trek Into Darkness” was so unremittingly grim. This movie will remind you why you go to Star Trek movies.

It is definitely, far and away, the best of the three Kelvin Timeline movies. It is quite possibly the best of all thirteen Trek movies. “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” will always be a sentimental favorite, but “Star Trek Beyond” could very well be the new franchise champion. Holy hell, what a rollicking good movie.

I also saw an early July 20th IMAX screening (Navy Pier in downtown Chicago) but came away with an entirely different reaction than you.

“Star Trek Into Darkness” was “unremittingly grim” but THIS one was a lot more “fun”? Really?! I thought Beyond was the MUCH more bleak and grim film of the two. “Into Darkness” wasn’t really “dark”, it was just marketed that way. I was surprised how the crew relentlessly suffered in this one because it was co-written by Simon Pegg so I was expecting a more upbeat and light-hearted comedy along the lines of Star Trek IV. Some of the dialogue was funny but overall it was a pretty serious situation they were in.

Of the three Kelvin timeline movies, this one came closest to the “feel” of the original series (it was like a TOS episode crossed with a Michael Bay movie), but the 2009 film is still probably the best overall of the three. Without giving away any spoilers, this film ended up with yet another “revenge-seeking madman has super powerful ship and the Enterprise must stop him before he commits genocide” — and that scenario is getting REALLY stale at this point. I hoped they would have come with something better. I find it bizarre you’d rank it at the greatest Star Trek movie ever. I’d rank it as merely average — nowhere near as good as classics like Wrath of Khan or First Contact, but nowhere near as bad as misfires like The Final Frontier and Insurrection. It looks great next to Into Darkness, but only because Into Darkness was a generic summer action movie in Star Trek drag and insulted the fan base with Khan In Name Only and the shameless “homage” ripoff of scenes & dialogue from Wrath of Khan.

Beyond was decent and honored the Star Trek spirit much better. But for a 50th Anniversary movie, it could have been so much more.

Sorry to hear in this morning’s news that Saldana and her mother’s been dealing with Hashimodo’s Thyroiditis. The good news is that it’s eminently treatable. Certainly fills in a lot of blanks for me in following her in the news. Hope she’s feeling better.

Something that I’d never heard nor noticed before: afternoon news pointed out cast and crew are wearing black deltas as black arm bands would be worn to remember/honor/mourn their dead.