IDW To Relaunch Star Trek Comic in October

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, IDW Comics will be relaunching their Star Trek comics in October. The new series will continue to chronicle adventures of the Kelvin Timeline Enterprise post-Star Trek Beyond.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, IDW Comics will relaunch its ongoing Star Trek comic as Star Trek: Boldy Go in October. Current writer and artist, Mike Johnson and Tony Shasteen, respectively, will continue crafting new stories set in the Kelvin Timeline, with a stardate that follows the third motion picture produced by J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot.

Primary license holder for the Star Trek comic book universe since 2007, IDW launched its Final Frontier efforts with the Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Space Between and kicked off its Kelvin Timeline ongoing monthly title in 2011. Next month, issue #60 concludes the comic series five-year run, completing with a two-issue arc titled Connection, which bridges realities to bring both the prime-timeline The Original Series and Kelvin Timeline crews together.

Highlights from the five-year run include the six-issue arc, The Q Gambit, where the omnipotent being throws the Kelvin Timeline crew into another reality where they meet an alternate take on the Deep Space Nine crew, as well as the just completed Legacy of Spock, which poignantly concludes the Prime Spock’s story arc in the Kelvin Timeline.

Roberto Orci served as creative consultant on the monthly comic series, which have been penned by Johnson since the beginning of the run. In addition, there have been tie-in tales to both the 2009 and 2013 films, including stories that set up the movies in Star Trek: Countdown, Star Trek: Nero, Star Trek: Spock Reflections, Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness and Star Trek: Khan. IDW did not produce a tie-in for the latest feature Star Trek Beyond, rather publishing the weekly miniseries Star Trek: Manifest Destiny instead.

Placing their distinct mark on the Star Trek Comic Universe, IDW and Johnson join publishers and writers such as DC Comics, Peter David, Marvel Comics, Wildstorm Comics, Malibu Comics and of course the original Gold Key Comics.

Revisiting the anthology format, IDW will produce a bi-monthly, six issue miniseries event, Star Trek: Waypoint, this September. The issues will cover the gamut of the Star Trek universe, featuring short stories by a rotating team of creators.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: In my enthusiasm to provide TrekMovie readers with more than just a perfunctory article that duplicates other announcements on the same story, I mistakenly stated the number of comics produced by publishers without fact checking, as well as listing IDW’s Waypoint as a four-issue, weekly miniseries. My apologies for any inconvenience the errors may have caused our readers and my thanks to those fans that did notice the errors and brought them to our attention. LLAP.

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“Producing 38 mini-series set during The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Peter David’s novel series The New Frontier, as well as several anthologies, Star Trek Ongoing was IDW’s lone monthly effort.”

Um… what? Grammatically, that sentence makes no sense, as it means that Star Trek: Ongoing produced 38 miniseries.

NERD! ;-)

I am very glad to hear this- this series was very well done, with few ‘duds’ in the collection. The “Q” arc and “Legacy of Spock” were fantastic, and the art was excellent.

I hope the new comics will not be drawn as in the example shown above.


Well, I think that…
It’s sort of like…
What I mean is…



I sure hope they do. We are allowed to enjoy beautiful art.

This article is factually incorrect. DC produced 312 issues, including its two TOS series, its TNG run, and WildStorm’s 29 issues, according to this list:

That means that DC will remain the leader for several more years to come when it comes to Star Trek comics.

(IDW is up to 264 issues to date, by the way, according to that index.)

Thanks for pointing that out. Looking at various sources, it appears there is some discrepancy in the numbers. I removed the paragraph entirely.

Wait, why did you guys just delete my follow-up comments? I just pointed out a number of other factual errors in the article regarding IDW’s comic book line and other companies that have had the license.

I have just seen the movie. Much better than Into Darkness and also a bit better than the first movie in my opinion. :-)

Love the comics, glad to they will carry on making more

I hope that all of Uhura’s long hair is inside the beam and goes up with her!

I was a big fan of the DC Trek stuff.
it was great that they kept the story going after each film.

“Besides New Visions and Star Trek/Planet of the Apes, which were set in the TOS era, all stories produced since 2011 have been set in the Kelvin Timeline.”

I just noticed that this is incorrect as well. Also published in the original timeline after 2011 have been:

* Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation2
* Star Trek: Harlan Ellison’s Original The City on the Edge of Forever Teleplay
* Star Trek Annuals
* Star Trek Special: Flesh and Stone
* Star Trek: The Newspaper Comics vol. 1-2
* Star Trek: The Classic UK Comics vol. 1-3
* Star Trek: Waypoint
* Star Trek: The Next Generation – Hive

Sheesh! Come on, guys.

And “Q Gambit” was six issues long, not four.

Honestly, guys, with all due respect, it’s like NO research went into this article.

“Sole license holder for the Star Trek comic book universe since 2007”

Holy cow, guys. THAT’s not true either. Since then, TokyoPop, Wired Magazine, GIT Corps, Titan Books, and EagleMoss have all had the Star Trek comics license–TokyoPop for four manga digests, Wired for a single comic book, GIT Corps for a pair of Star Trek comic CD-ROM sets, Titan Books for distributing IDW’s comics in Europe, and EagleMoss for an upcoming series of hardcover comic books.

I guess someone was very sleepy today. :)

Why were my posts pointing out the many inaccuracies in this article deleted?

hehehe why not, when people complain about me in my blogs i also delete them :)

Maybe because you’re annoying as hell?

Bite me.

Never mind–nothing was deleted. They were just delayed in showing up.

I don’t read anything from the “kelvin” timeline so I’m apathetic to this article. Hopefully we’ll atleast get some more miniseries set in the real timeline.

Thank you for that important and relevant commentary.

Tribute to both Leonard Nimoy and Anton Yelchin at the Beyond premiere:

Star Trek Beyond Premiere San Diego Comic-Con 2016 Intro music and fireworks

Star Trek Beyond – World Première IMAX at San Diego Comic-Con

Beyond premiere short clips:

At last: brand new STAR TREK RPG spanning ALL eras announced!, PLEASE interview Modiphius about it!

Early on in the comic reboot, we will find that Kirk has actually been a deep mole Hydra agent all along.

I am not part of Bad Robot