Star Trek Beyond Opens With $5.5 Million Thursday Gross

Star Trek Beyond got off to a very good start on Thursday.

The film opened with healthy $5.5 million gross, putting it roughly $3 million ahead of Star Trek Into Darkness(which grossed $2 million from Wednesday IMAX engagements).

The film is projected to gross anywhere from $52-$56 million domestically this weekend, which would put it well behind STID’s $70.1 million opening weekend tally.

We’ll have more about Beyond‘s box office performance as the weekend progresses.


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I see it hitting 70 million this weekend now.

Wrong. Thanks for playing.

I will be helping boost the box office with my family this evening can’t wait

Just bought 4 tickets for Saturday! Can’t wait!

Still trending quite low compared to the others and Im seeing reviews now that are not that great. Cant remember if it was Rolling Stone or somewhere else where the review started off good but then delved into all the negatives. Although wherever it was gave it a B- I think. So thats not bad.

I cant see it til Tuesday so avoiding spoilers. I hope its good!

Too bad the Rotten Tomatoes score plummeted from the 93% they were advertising just yesterday morning on their TV ads.

It’s now sitting at 86% critics and audience. Top critics are at 80%.

For those who are interested in the current comparison:

Rotten Tomatoes

STB 86%
STID 86%
ST09 95%
STN 33%
STI 55%
STFC 93%


STB 70
ST09 82
STN 51
STI 64

Some of those critics are wack. They contradict each other when describing the action vs character vs Trek or not Trek. It’s like they all saw a different move.

Oh I agree. I don’t put a huge amount of stock in those numbers within a certain threshold, but many people do. That’s why it’s unfortunate that Paramount chose to emphasize the 93% they hit yesterday morning, and then immediately dropped.

Now down to 85% …

Stop emphasizing with the Freshness from Rotten Tomatoes.

Critics are almost always not objective because they have their own wants for a movie they are critiquing. Like critics were clamoring to see Benedict Cumberbatch on the big screen as they worship the ground he walks on. Even if the story might not be that good, but because Cumberbatch’s a really good actor, it raises the bar.

I’m more interested in the foreign numbers. I suspect domestic box office will be in the average range of the previous two movies, but we need a good bump in the foreign market to keep things going.

Paramount wants good domestic numbers because they don’t get as much of the foreign box office dollars. Their profit margin on domestic box is more than double the foreign take. Not saying foreign box office is bad but Paramount needs the domestic dollars. STID did well with foreign box office but Paramount made less than projected because of the domestic gross. In turn, they spent less on promotion for STB.


I’m confused what you are doing when you say “putting it roughly $3 million ahead of Star Trek Into Darkness”? Mojo says STID took in $11,536,422 on its Thursday take. Even if you take $3 million off of that for that Wednesday IMAX exclusive openings, that still puts STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS $4 million ahead of BEYOND – not $3 million behind.

Why are you attempting to equate a measly 336 STID IMAX theaters Wednesday preview to BEYOND’s Thursday 3,100 mixed location previews which likely includes most of those same 336 STID IMAX theaters as well?

STID Thursday was a full day, beyond was midnight screenings.

don perry,

Re:full day

Nether were STID’s IMAX exclusive Wednesday screenings “midnight screenings”.

Yeah, those grosses are getting soft.
Twice bitten, thrice shy, eh?

$22,500,000 grossed so far. That’s pretty good. They should at least see $60 million, if not more with very little competition this weekend.

RT has 86% audience approval, so word of mouth should be good. Critics are at 85% which is still very good for attracting those who go by such things. Unfortunately the “top critics” have dipped into the 70s.

I wouldn’t want to dissuade any fan from seeing BEYOND–the crew relationships are well-handled, the visuals spectacular, and the fan-service stuff much more emotionally resonant and adroitly handled than with STID. But there’s a reason for those falling ratings, sad to say.

Yep, people forgot what IDIC means and mudslings galore at the director, writers, cast, music, IP owners, because people have a different understanding of IDIC.

Who cares about the numbers , it’s about one person’s opinion of any movie