Fuller Announces New Series Titled ‘Star Trek Discovery’ Set in Prime Timeline UPDATED

Star Trek Executive Producer Bryan Fuller today announced at San Diego Comic Con that the new Star Trek series set to debut in January 2017 will be called Star Trek Discovery. The series will focus on the adventures of the U.S.S. Discovery, a ship of an unknown class with the registry NCC-1031, set in the Prime Timeline.

UDPATES: During the subsequent press interviews producer Heather Kadin exclusively told Trekmovie.com that the design for the U.S.S. Discovery is not final.
When asked about the increased representation of the new series Kadin said that women and LGBTQ characters (on and off screen) will be important to Star Trek Discovery.

Bryan Fuller at SDCC 2016 Star Trek panel

With all the “STD” jokes floating around, John van Citters of CBS took to Twitter to say that the new series is officially being referred to as DSC when an abbreviation is needed.

Bryan Fuller:

One of the most beautiful things of Star Trek is that you have people who see this show and they want to be scientists, they want to make it into space, we have to celebrate a progression of our species, because it seems right now we as a species need a little help. There’s nothing like the guiding light that Gene Roddenberry hung high in the sky.


Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 6.15.31 PM

Fuller stated that the new series needed to remind the audience of Star Trek’s message of hope and optimism for the future, and continue to be progressive and push boundaries. Fuller believes that we have to celebrate a progression of our species, but that we need a little help. The new series will not be episodic, but will instead tell stories like a novel chapter by chapter.

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 6.15.58 PM


The ship design is an interesting choice, heavily influenced by Ralph McQuarrie’s concepts for an Enterprise redesign during the abandoned Phase II series/telemovies. More info on the concept designs can be found at Memory Alpha.



Here is the teaser that debuted in Hall H:


NOTE: This is a simple promotional video, and the CGI quality is clearly rough, it should not be taken as an indication of how the final product will look.

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Here, let’s have a poll. Do you like the new ship design?


Also, check out this trailer with a different theme…


@STFan5000 – yup, nothing beats Goldsmith’s theme!

MUCH better with Goldsmith’s theme.

No Ralph Macquarie is of Star Wars fame. The registry number 1031 is to early. Is this a 25th century ship? And what’s with the Klingon theme

He worked on Star Trek as well. Not too surprising.

Looks like a roulette wheel.

you forget the option: don’t care.

Haha but they used the acronym DSC

Officially it is DSC but yeah STD is funny :)

I am not a fan of DSC. An abbreviation that you can say as one syllable, like TOS, ENT, VOY, would be better, so DIS.

Did you all enjoy the STD video demonstration (VD)?

The CG is a little rough, like in a computer game. Maybe this is for Star Trek Interactive (STI).

Hopefully this is just a mockup. It does look like something from a video game, and not a recent one. :)

As much as I enjoy your sparkling personality

Priceless thanks for making me laugh dispite the pain of seeing that Star Wars Starship Design made a reality

Unfortunately I did not. It looks like the Enterprise and a Kilngon Bird of Prey had a baby together. This is a terrible design IMO. This ship no way resembles anything that the Federation would have post ST:TUD before STNG. Disappointed.

Based on the registry number this series is clearly set in pre TOS time.

Not necessarily. Given how similar the saucer rim and the solid glowing deflector look to those on the refit Connie, it could be an old ship from the early 23rd century that they pulled out of the mothballs & refitted in the late 23rd century; perhaps because it was some kind of special-use ship (certainly looks pretty “specialist”, given the weird layout) that they suddenly needed again after 60ish years & it was easier just to heavily upgrade the innards of the preexisting hull than design & build a whole new vessel…

The design actually showed up in TNG as one of the hulks in Wolf-359, so it really isn’t unprecedented.
Seriously, why all the hate for the ship? It’s different, sure, but I’m honestly okay seeing something new. It looks fairly reasonable as an intermediate step between the NX and Constitution classes.

Correct ssome unwelcomed Hybrid

STD and the shi* I mean ship just happens to resemble a IUD ?

Being passed on to a galaxy near you.

Not too sold on the ship yet – whatever camera angles exist that make it look good, they didn’t find them in that teaser. Still, plenty of time yet.

Looks like a hybrid of a klingon battle cruiser and a federation star ship. I hope the series will be better than what the ship looks like

That…is Ralph McQuarrie’s design for the refitted Enterprise for Phase II.

It is just that (with a lot of modern grebles added). Does that mean this show will be set in the time of TOS instead of post STVI:UC? Not that NCC’s are indicative of the time period…. Then again, that video doesn’t mean the hero ship will be that ugly design either.

Looks to me like it’s between ENT and TOS. I’m not too hot on the quality of the video, myself. Looks thrown together.

Well, yes … they haven’t even begun filming the series yet. Just early CGI of the ship. No worries here.


Yes, except they morphed it from the very graceful design shown here, to a more muscular, sports car sort of design — again, as if JJ Abrams had asked them to beef it up.

correction, that looks seems to derive from McQ’s art that was based on Ken Adam’s design … and all of that from both of them was for PLANET OF THE TITANS, a Phil Kaufman feature project Paramount cancelled the month STAR WARS came out, NOT for Phase 2.

You’re right, kmart. It’s from the “Planet of the Titans” concepts.

Video is down!!

Try this link:


This one also worked for me a while ago, but now I get only a message, that the video isn’t available in my geographic region:


Why do they first put the video on youtube and then delete it after only a few minutes?

YouTube link is working, it might be blocked in certain regions?

Weird. It says for me that the video isn’t available. When they geoblock a video, I normally get a different message.

Thanks Mel, worked a treat.

Probably the backlash they’re getting for this amateurish first look. Best first forward, first impressions, that sort of thing. Guess they never heard of those terms. This show is what, less than 6 months away? Thank goodness for the new movies, the only thing good about Trek right now.

I hope the low quality CGI is just because this is a quick teaser. I’d expect the visual effects to at least match the previous series of DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise.

The special effects on this new show better be a hell of lot better than those shows from the 90’s. Otherwise, it’s going to get crucified on the internet.

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

It being a “quick teaser” doesn’t excuse the fact that the effects are on par with “Bridge Commander”. This is a major studio trying to give us a first impression of a new series, and I’m pretty sure CBS could have sprung for more than $20 worth of CGI.

Even the intro with the astroid and the Sun looked pretty bad. Just so much lack of polish. It is something I as an amateur could do with Maya or Cinema4d or some other software hell even Blender

In other words, James, you have no understanding of how the industry works and thus don’t know what the term “test footage” means.

Some so-called fans do nothing but bitch, whine and complain. Christ almighty.

I agree ,I agree!!

I’ve been reading this was just test footage.

The first public pictures of the NX-01 looked horrible, and didn’t even use the final CG model used in the show.

The first pictures of NX-01 did look horrible.
And every other picture after.

I’ve been reading this was just test footage.

The first public pictures of the NX-01 looked horrible, and didn’t even use the final CG model used in the show.

You guys are lucky your getting anything from this new series.I swear what a bunch of spoiled brats. Star trek fans can be awful

Thomas, I feel the same has happened with the Ghostbusters community. There are super harsh things that have been said the past year that I dare not repeat. Truly a sad time to be in any fandom as of late.

The graphics on this are inexcusable. Things looked markedly better back in the 80’s and early 90’s with TNG & DS9. I’m not saying go back to models, but we’ve been in the CGI phase for literally decades now, and this is just not good enough. Especially for a show based on technological achievement.

For christs sake guys ,did you read !!?? It says its a rough cgi video. Read people !!

She’s gorgeous. Bring on January!

Dude I agree. I love the Phase 2 look. I see a little to much negative from perhaps younger viewers who don’t know Star Trek history.

I didn’t like it back in ’75 as the Enterprise, but for a different ship, why not?

Me too. When the new series was announced I was hoping it would have a Phase 2 vibe, I always loved the unused designs and test footage from that time. Excited to see this series unfold.

I agree with you 100%. I love this ship! It has a bit of a 1970’s retro/boxy look to it. To me, the look is totally classic star trek…both familiar and new at the same time. The design fits right in with cannon, Especially if this series is taking place post TOS and pre TNG.ion

Looks cool. Is the Federation using Klingon technology?

EXACTLY what I thought. Listen to the music too!!

I hope not! Makes no sense to combine 2 techs. Also I’ve seen enough Klingons in Trek to last 5 lifetimes (TV shows). Bring on new life, etc. Of course, I will still watch and love the new show no matter what… What true Trek fan can stay away and not eat this stuff up?!


Re:no sense to combine 2 techs

Then the VOYAGER series must have made no sense to you, not that its writing made much sense to me.

I mean as to why a klingon-fed alliance would combine tech and create a kling\fed hybrid shaped ship… But I am open to seeing the hoew and why on the show! Trek lives!

So the new series will be called STD? HAH! Cant wait!!!

Better than the rejected title: Human Interstellar Voyages

Star Trek: Adventures In Deep Space.

Yes, Star Trek H.I.V. would not have been good. ;)


Get thee to sickbay!

Or adventures in deep space

Voyager was called VOY not STV.

And Enterprise was ENT.

Human Exploration Reconnaissance Project: Eternal Space

There were meetings, right? They had meetings about this, didn’t they? How could this be allowed to slip thru. Execution on this whole rollout is sloppy so far. The writing better be damn good.

Literally any fan on earth over the age of 8 could have designed a better ship, and this is what they paid for? A design that was rejected 40 years ago and looks nothing like any Federation starship ever?

Count me out.

The design wasn’t rejected, Phase 2 was put on the shelf after Star Wars came out snd they saw $$$ and decided to go big blockbuster movie and invented VGER for TMP (We all know how well that went).

It was rejected. The design they chose for preproduction on Phase II and started building looked much more like cross between the original and the TMP refit. This thing is hideous and looks nothing like a design from the Star Trek universe. With all the resources and money at their disposal, that this is the best they could come up with is disgusting. The context doesn’t even matter. Doug Drexler’s far out 26th century design for the Enterprise-J at least look like a Star Trek ship, whether you like the design or not. This does not.

My complaint has nothing to do with the cheap and shoddy previsualization. That’s to be expected. This abomination simply isn’t consistent with the visual language of 50 years of Star Trek. A 10 year old could have designed a better shipm

Wonderfully said. I have been hard on the shoddy previz because this is their time to put their best foot forward. First impressions and all. Make it happen right or not happen at all.

Yes, the actual ship design, I agree with everything you said. A veritable uninspired junker.

This either showcases a lack of vision or a worrying propensity to pander to the aging classic Trek fans. Which ultimately makes one wonder if this is just a cash out to promo the CBS streaming service rather then foster and grow the franchise.

I could be reading way to much into all this. I am normally gads more positive then this.

It’s just inexcusable and unprofessional on every level. I will not watch a single minute of a show featuring that piece of junk.

Yes you will.

No, I absolutely will not. I’m all for new interpretations. I have enjoyed every incarnation of Star Trek to date. But this teaser has completely ruined any anticipation I had for this show. If it’s going to look like this, I’m not going to waste my time looking at it.

Nah, pretty sure you’re going to watch it.

I watched the Republican convention, but would never vote for Trumusolini, so what does that prove?

@PS, It proves that you have a stronger stomach than I, my good man.

Hilarious! You’re right!

We fans are the most narrow minded fickle group of people. People who are unwilling to even view the new show based on a single dislike which is not the final product. I had hopes that as fans we’d be more open to any new vision of Star Trek. I also realize the fans who post here do not represent the majority of fandom.

Seriously! We are getting a new Trek show! It is going to rock because its a new Trk show!

@ Jim

You are way off base. I will buy the CBS package and watch the entire first season.

But I am not going to pretend that these awful teasers to date are good — they are amateurishly shitty looking.

Totally agree! If this ship was for the 25th century then I could look at it with fresh eyes. Because it takes place between Enterprise and TOS (NCC-1031) it looks like no other starfleet ship from that period or through TNG!

Don’t mince words, NFX, tell us what you really think.

But actually, I agree. It’s HIIIDEEEEOUS!!

This is so Tragic- They could have done the Phase II 70’s retro look with a constitution ship or at least a federation vessel- this is just a Star Wars Destroyer with nacelles & a saucer

It look’s like crap, and is presented like crap, with amateurish CGI.

C’mon…. ! The Trek universe needs us fans to support it! Has the show not taught us all to be open minded and positive? Use those lesson and break free of whatever mold you are stuck in! Embrace new and did ideas! Be positive!

I just got home from seeing Beyond for the 5th Time & see this monstrosity.
Supporting doesn’t Mean tollerating disrespect.
Using a 40 yearold rejected Star Wars inspired design is a Slap in the face.

There must be more internet fanboy stereotypes you could be fulfilling right now. Keep going!

Ian, these reactions are a hoot [tho’ I agree, that ship looks like shi-]. I’m enjoying this thread more than I ought.

“Literally any fan on earth over the age of 8 ”

In other words, you have no idea what the word “literally” means.

Seriously I agree with you NFX. This promo honestly lowered my expectations of this series, as did the last “promo”. All their ads feel cheap and rushed. If Beyond had been marketed this way (or any other sci-fi series for that matter), with stuff that looked and felt as amateurish as this, you know we would’ve been turned off immediately, “test footage” or not. If you’re not gonna show us quality, don’t show us anything, because this isn’t what I wanted to see at all.

“In other words, you have no idea what the word “literally” means.”

FYI colloquially… “literally” means “figuratively”. Thanks to the overuse of the former word.

Eh… I don’t like it either but it is still a new Trek show! Stop analyzing and just sitback and enjoy the ride! Star Trek lives!

Sure Captain Sheridan, lets all zip up our corporate gymp masks & sit quietly as they deficate all over us.

Ugh! People can be so depressing here …… Shamed to be a Trek fan being grouped in with negative vibes. Must stop myself from reading and commenting here… It depressing.

@ CaptainSheridan

What is your problem? I said it above, and I will say it again here. I will buy the CBS package and watch the entire first season.

But I am not going to pretend that these awful teasers to date are good — they are amateurishly shitty looking.

It was for a rejected film project; the design wasn’t rejected, TITANS was. (though for me this would have been a contributing factor.)

The saucer section looks federation and the nacelles like a Klingon bird of prey. Early rumours pointed to a show set after Undiscovered country so my guess is that the Discovery will be a joint Federation-Klingon endeavour designed to build bridges between the two civilisations.

Not bird of prey. Battlecruiser.

Battle cruiser then but I’m pretty confident his will be the premise of the show, Think the Whitestar in Babylon 5 or the Normandy in Mass Effect. A joint venture by two former enemies to build the new peace.

I hope not. TNG showed pretty much all we need to know about Klingons.


Or, an engineering deck between two civilisations’ styles, you might say.

Doubtful with that registry number. They’d already hit the 2000s by Khitomer. 1031 would place it well before the original series.

The ship looks like it was create with the JJ Abram’s advice that all of the JJ-Trek detractors have bitched about for years: “Make is more muscular, like a sports car”

And the CGI looks horrid? Given the earlier title promo CGI where they essentially did a half-ass jobs that looked like a fan rip-off of the end credits for a JJ-Trek movie, I can’t help but think they they are going cheap on the special effect for this series.

I have seen numerous fan film special effect that look better than this crap.

JJ would never created something so ugly.

Agreed, this ship looks like a five year old designed it. Dumb look and probably a dumb show.

Yeah, you said it. The original logo teaser looked low end. Then this teaser trailer comes out, with the SOLE purpose of showcasing the new ship and still the visual effects look incredibly bad.

Man, I am hype all things Star Trek. I am a chronic optimist. But geeeeez, this is stretching my limits. Star Trek needs its best foot forward going back to TV. But they start by showing a truly awful ship design paired with almost equally terrible VFX. Dang son.

The design is also telling to the direction. I am afraid they will be pandering to the old school Trek fans rather then cultivating a new branch of the franchise to grow.

You can only sing to the choir for so long before the choir has completly moved on.

@Prodigal Son,

Hate to break it to you, Abrams has nothing to do with the series in any way or form.

@ Ahmed

Can you read??? Let me spell it out for you then…this looks “AS IF” JJ was involved and asked them to soup up McQuarrie’s elegant Phase II design to make it more muscular, like a sports car.

But above and beyond the content of the ship appearance, the level of professionalism in the teasers so far on this new series is inexplicably bush league. Pony Horton of STC for example, could do special effects on his home computer that would blow this out of the water. I can’t believe that they are going public with this amateurish looking crap. The should be embarrassed to share this shitty look CGI with the public.

Ref: Pony Horton special effects:

@Prodigal Son,

No one looking at that ship would even think that Abrams would have any influence on its design. You’re just worked up over the news that the series is set in the Prime Universe! LOL

I don’t get your post. First, you don’t understand what I said; secondly you take this in an unrelated direction to my post.

I think you are perhaps embarrassed yourself for aligning yourself with the hope that this is going to be a great series, yet with each news bit, most objective people are getting worried about it.

Come on, Ahmed, you can’t tell me that this amateurish CGI with and awful ship design isn’t causing you some concern? This just looks second rate.

@Prodigal Son,

“yet with each news bit, most objective people are getting worried about it.”

Are you delusional? Every single news about the show so far was great. People loved the hiring of former Prime Trek writers & director. The ship is ugly, so what? Doesn’t mean anything when it comes to the show itself.

Unlike you, I’m very excited to hear that the new Trek series is back to the Prime Universe & looking forward to watch it on CTV & Space channel in January 2017 :)


@ Ahmed. Call me delusional then, because the two teaser videos released so far look like shit, my friend — STC special effect blows them away.


Re:Prime Universe

Yep, sour grapes over yet another prediction wrong. Hey did you also notice all those other “we are always positive about new Trek folks” “surprisingly” turning negative when it was announced the series is NOT KT?

@ Disinvited

“Yep, sour grapes over yet another prediction wrong.”

You are likely in for a hell of a shock given you celebration on the timeline here. It looks to me based on this ship design, and noting the earlier NCC number for it, that this series will take place after Enterprise and before TOS….therefore, it’s in both the Prime Universe and Kelvin Universe, since the divergence had not happened yet. So yes, Fuller can state it’s in the Prime Universe, but it probably is also in the Kelvin Universe as well given the timeline (if I am right about the time period here).


Indeed. These are the same folks that kept telling everyone that Prime Universe is dead for good. I feel their pain as their hope for a Kelvin Timeline TV series crashed & burned today!

Yeah JJ had not input on this. TV Trek =/= Movie Trek CBS / Paramount

When Fuller and company restore Trek to its former glory, I’m really going to enjoy laughing at people still insisting that Abrams was the one still responsible for “revitalizing the franchise” and crediting him for everything good about the show. Why, Abrams also invented the idea of Nicholas Meyer!

@ Open, I don’t think CBS would’ve been so chuffed to trot out a new series unless Abrams’ movies had brought a new audience to Trek. However “small” or “empty-headed” this new audience may be [in the view of more traditionalist Trekfans], it is substantial enough to back up us old duffers who’ll be eager to watch it.

I seriously doubt they’d spend all the money involved in rendering CGI at its full glory just for an announcement trailer.
I do hope they use MuseVFX to continue the cutting-edge work they did on DS9, Voyager and Enterprise, but if it has to be CBS Digital, they managed to pull off some pretty amazing shots for TNG’s remaster.

Ian…are you serious? How much “money” does it cost to render a CGI video? In other words, how much money did they waste on this low budget fan film instead of doing it right? You’re advertising the anchor of a future television series. You don’t throw together a CGI test run and call it an ad. These are like amateur mistakes. If you wanna get the fans hype, you don’t show them a bunch of schlock.

@albatrosity: It costs a lot. There’s a basic rule of CGI: There is quality, time and budget. Pick 2. Either you have good quality and it’s done fast, then you’ll have to spend a ton for it. Or you have good quality done cheap, then it will take you a long time. Or you can have it done fast and cheap, then the quality will be crap.

Guess what CBS picked.

Fan films usually go for quality and cheap, and they spend months if not years on the CGI. That’s how they can do it. Look at how much CGI heavy movies cost. Beyond clocks in at 175 million? They had to do it fast, and make it look good (plus look at the early trailers, IIRC they had pretty bad CGI). There is a scene in Avengers 2 that looks terrible. I mean, the CGI in there is really sub par. I doubt money was a big issue with a 316 million dollar budget, yet they couldn’t get even decent CGI done. This teaser? It looks better. There is a similar scene in Deadpool, a much cheaper movie at less than 60 million (but way longer in production), and I didn’t even realize it was all CGI.

The producers of the show were probably working on the design of the ship until a few days ago, and then used that model to quickly render a scene on a few computers (maybe they prepared the scene beforehand). I’ve rendered before… to get great quality a fast computer can spend a day or two to render a single frame. They would have had to start rendering this whole thing months ago. Let alone the work going into lighting etc., … work that is much better spent on actually creating an attractive ship! Had they started work on this teaser months ago, they would probably have had to work with a completely detail free model, if anything. No textures, nothing.

Anyway, they wanted to show off the design. Maybe see what the people think, or at least give an appetizer. There is no way the finished product will look like this, and it is way more important for them to work on the show than on a teaser. It is important that the show will look good, have a well designed ship and good CGI. The teaser doesn’t matter.

Facts, teaser definitely doesn’t matter. I will watch it regardless, but I reserve my right to be unhappy with this primer

Wow this is very informing, thank you! And yes it would explain why Beyond cost so freakin much because no one else seem to figure out how.

Hopefully the final product of that is….different.

Oh yeah, Bryan. We need to be more ‘progressive’. If by ‘progressive’ you mean racist, corrupt, dishonest, incompetent and destructive.

Cause that’s working out so well for us now.

That doesn’t even make sense

Think he meant something else. Like I was talking about on Twitter. How hollywood has been turning towards diversification for sake of diversifying. How we have Gay rights grps trying to force hollywood to change characters sexes so they are now gay/lesbian. Basically we creating our version of PC/Progressive for a future show that should be above such an approach.

@james, You mean “diversifying for the sake of diversifying” like when Morgan Freeman used to audition for parts that were traditionally given to white male actors? Why “should” Trek be above such an approach, when diversity was the name of the game on TOS?

“Diversification for sake of diversifying.” Yeah, the next thing you know, they’ll be trying to make a show where the main characters come from all over the world – a black woman, an Asian guy, maybe even a Russian guy.

I also read that interview with Simon Pegg about how he was kidnapped and put into solitary confinement, where members of the Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD, and other “Gay rights grps” forced him to make Sulu gay.

No, but seriously folks: Politically Correct as a negative is the mantra of bigoted people afraid to share the dignity and privileges they’ve taken for granted their entire lives. It’s really discouraging to see it trotted out on a Star Trek forum.


You are confused, Fuller didn’t say anything about being more “Republican.”

Hi Donald!

Ugh… no… sorry, THAT doesn’t work. Nope…

This looks absolutely terrible.

The ships looks part Klingon….also listen to the music. Very reminiscent of Goldsmith’s Klingon theme.

The ship looks based off of Ralph McQuarrie’s original design. Sorry to say it looks like crap. Hope they fix that.

There was a hint of Goldsmith’s Klingon theme in that music. The back of the ship also has a Klingon vibe to it. Hhmmmmm

Hmmm, not the best start to this new show – I’m sorry to read that some are saying that the effects on this ‘preview’ footage looked sub-par. I missed the clip, but perhaps that’s why it was ‘removed’!

To be honest, I really dislike this particular ship design. While I’m glad that we didn’t end up getting Ralph McQuarrie’s ‘triangular’ version for the eventual ST:TMP, I reckon that his concept art has a far more appealing proportions than this ‘U.S.S. Discovery’ has. We’ll see how this goes, but I like the STAR TREK DISCOVERY title at least.

Okay, I’ve now seen the brief footage of this ship in motion at this link which still has a working video of it – http://www.darkhorizons.com/news/44255/new-series-titled- star-trek-discovery

Yeah, the effects looked awfully unfinished and ‘video-game’-like, but I see there’s a disclaimer now been added that they should not be looked on as being indicative of the final product. I sure hope not!…

While it may have been a miss-step to release this in such ‘unfinished’ quality, I certainly like the music that accompanied it. I still don’t like the ship design (and I’m dubious about the ‘asteroid base’), but I’ll reserve judgement until I see some ‘completed’ effects.

I dunno, I feel this design actually corrects a lot of the sins that the original MQ designs committed. The original proportions had the triangular secondary hull looking ludicrously large in relationship to the saucer and the nacelles. There was no real deflector, no belly to the hull, and a weirdly designed neck. Honestly, they looked atrocious to me.
This, though, I can kind of see the Starfleet design. The smaller hull and swept pylons are more visually interesting than a flat ended plate, and the nacelle housings have some real heft to imply some power behind them. Best of all, that large hangar bay actually makes perfect sense given that they probably still haven’t fully perfected the transporter.
It may not be the most pretty design ever, but it looks functional.

Fair enough, I just happen to like the smaller saucer ‘head’ on McQuarrie’s ‘triangular’ body shape. If his ‘nacelles’ had looked less like ‘rockets’ and more like the original ‘E’s ones, then I’d have liked this departure a whole lot more. I reckon the new ship’s ‘nacelles’ look equally inelegant, by the way.

McQuarrie’s ship had horrible proportions. It was like he took a Stardestroyer and mated it to the Enterprise.

A 2001: A Space Odyssey influenced aesthetic is most welcome. Maybe they’ll set it Post-TMP, in a 1970s-esque world – the late 60s/70s gave rise to some of the most interesting Science Fiction ideas ( Star Trek included ).

That was the first thing I thought of. That first shot looked very Kubrick-ian to me. It also looked a bit retro. Not crazy about the ship design, but I did like the space aesthetic.

Awwwww Jesus, not that ship design! Please not that design! Horrible! Just horrible! No! Please no!

Initially I didn’t like it either. But if you think of the primary hull as a Starfleet symbol, it’s becoming more and more comfortable to look at it. The nascelles are still ugly though…

I had hoped the design was just a relic on paper. Now it’s canon.

Yeah…old rejected design? I like it better than the one it was based off of but still not the way I would have gone as I never really cared for it. Also the CGI looks a little too CGI? Guess that may just be an early pass though so I guess we will see! Like I said not loving the ship but still looking forward to seeing what they do with the new show.

Yes it’s an ‘early pass’ Skippy2k…but was it really such a good idea for them to show this VERY ‘unfinished’ effects shot as the first footage, to begin with? I sure hope the next footage shown will a comparison clip showing some terrific-looking ‘final’ effects compared to this ‘pre-visualisation’ stuff!

I thought the same, why show an uncompleted shot when they have to know everyone is going to be scrutinizing it? The FX ended up going to the in house guys right? Was this the same involved in the S2 remastering of TNG that is apparently noticeably lesser quality than the rest? Either way if the series is good I can live with it but would love it to be better.

I think it was a good idea. Hopefully the backlash will make them reconsider. That design was rejected before for a reason… it’s terrible.

okay heres my theory its the first 25th century ship where the klingons join the federation

Agreed, which might mean that Michael Dorn could be reprising his role as Worf in the new series.

Ermigerd, Captain Worf! It’s aliiiiive

Then why is the NCC Number about 700 ships below 1701?

@PS, They made so many ships they had to start over again?

Haha. They could have built 99999 ships before simply adding another number at the end. The only thing is they could have named this ship this way to honor the original Discovery. However then there should be a letter at the end.

Voyager had the NX-01-A (fake ship sure, but Voyager’s crew didn’t really think it “odd” with that registry). So it’s not unheard of to use a lower number.

I was SO excited to get news of this show today until they showed that horrid design of a ship. Why? WHY?????????? Looking at the original drawing which looked even worse who thought that was a great piece of inspiration? And brown? Ugh. It doesnt have to look like Voyager or Enterprise E but something a bit more sleeker, cooler, up to date. It took me awhile to get to the NX-O1 but still fit in with the basic design of the later ships. I thought I hated JJ’s Enterprise, this just looks terrible.

That said I still have hope in the show but my god, not a great start with that thing. Like the tittle though.

I wasn’t too impressed at first but what really helps a lot os if you try to see the Starfleet emblem in the primary hull section. It certainly looks a lot cooler if you look at it that way. It’s almost an istant classic then :-)

Far, far, far from an instant classic. As in a whole other star system.

Love the title, I am not sold on the ship, looks very Planet of The Titans. Regardless, still excited. Looking at the space dock framework the ship pulls out of, looks very TMP era. So TMP era? Some people are speculating that it is just slightly post Enterprise i.e. UFP President Johnathan Archer era. Really hope this is preliminary CG. Star Trek Discovery should look as good if not better than The Expanse http://www.rsvfx.com/?video=2%20-%20The%20Expanse

That is Enterprise quality (as in NO quality) CGI. Embarrassing to see something this rough even as a placeholder, they should have just issued a still frame and then gone to town touching it up to make it photoreal.

They took the video off their official channel, perhaps they realized how ugly that thing is!

Correction: CBS geoblocked the video outside the States!

McQ’s designs also had that TITANS E launching from an asteroid dock.

I suspect Paramount Pictures/CBS rivalry prevented Fuller from using the USS Enterprise.

Great news about that the series is set in the Prime universe. I just hope they will replace that ugly ship design.

It looks to me based on this ship design, and noting the earlier NCC number for it, that this series will take place after Enterprise and before TOS….therefore, it’s in both the Prime Universe and Kelvin Universe, since the divergence had not happened yet.

@Prodigal Son,

Still dreaming about Kelvin Universe series lol


.@BryanFuller says #StarTrekDiscovery set in the Prime timeline, but he will not say yet WHEN in that timeline. “We want to tease you!”


How’d that “don’t by the bear’s fur” comment by you last week on my Hemsworth in Trek 4 post work out for you, Einstein? LOL

@Prodigal Son,

It’s great, couldn’t be more happier :)


Maybe I’m still on a high from Beyond, but YES! I have always loved McQuarrie’s design, and I love the ship’s name, so I am on board for this! Of course, they could blow it by casting David Spade as the captain or something even worse, but this tickles the old and young fan in me! (It’s crowded in here.)

Since a version of this design appears in STIII in Spacedock as Enterprise is entering, it’s even possible this could be during that era. Pure speculation, of course. But…intriguing…

STIII? Spacedock?

Yes. STIII. Spacedock. As the Enterprise enters Spacedock, there’s a shot where you can see a model that was based on McQuarrie’s design. It’s mostly hidden behind dock structure, but the back end and nacelle can be seen. Watch for the first shot of the Excelsior (showing Enterprise from behind as she moves toward her mooring) and look directly to the left of Enterprise, and 2/3rd up the screen, mostly hidden. :)

I totally forgot about that! So the design is established in canon then, huh.

Honestly, given the use of the Microgramma font for the registry number, the TMP-Enterprise-style edge profile of the saucer section, the use of the McQuarrie design with Klingon battlecruiser-style nacelle pylons, the use of the registry number NCC-1031, and finally, the use of Klingon-style musical cues, I’m inclined to agree with Hercules over at Ain’t It Cool News that this seems like it might be a Section 31 series (NCC-10 “31”) set sometime in the 2270s – 2290s.

And I noticed something else I haven’t heard mentioned — at the very end of the title reveal, they use a very distinctive sound effect: the cloaking device sound effect.

Section 31 illegally using Klingon technology (cloaking device, hull geometry) in the 2270s, launching from a hidden asteroid starbase for covert ops missions? Hell, maybe even using the Romulan battlecruiser cloaking device stolen in “The Enterprise Incident”?

Has this been confirmed as genuine? Something seems a bit odd about it all. Especially when the video gets pulled suddenly.

Video hasn’t been pulled. CBS is tweeting about it, it’s official.

This ugly ship looks similar to Ralph McQarrie designs for Phase II

comment image

This awesome ship is clearly based on Ralph McQuarrie’s designs for Phase II. (FTFY) :)

I have always loved the original McQuarrie design that Ahmed posted above. It’s elegant and sleek. This bastardized version of this though just looks ugly. Why didn’t they just go full bore with the McQuarrie design???

Dude…that looks hideous. The newer version looks bad too but at lest it doesnt look like a leggo toy for 6 year olds that thing above does.

A fully rendered, lit-up version of that exact shape would have been preferable to what I’m seeing in that teaser, I reckon. But it’s all moot at this point, as they may yet change it…

@ Tiger

To each his own, but I’ve loved that ship since the 70’s.

That thing looks like something a 10 year old draw and put on the refrigerator. But fair enough if others like it but it was rejected for a reason.

Now this I can agree with. I reckon McQuarrie’s smaller proportioned saucer is what really sells this overall ‘triangular’ design, and the new ship doesn’t compare really. As long as McQuarrie’s design had ‘lit-up’ nacelles added instead of his ‘rocket’-like ones, I think this design would have worked very well indeed.

And there’s no need for this because the Galaxy class already kind of explored that general layout to much better effect.

Such terrific news. All those JJ drones who told us over and over that this would never happen again need to suck down a big heaping glass of NOPE.

I seriously doubt that, since people like you are the ones incapable of being accepting of other fans’ support of JJ Abrams interpretation of “Trek.

I accept it the way I accept friends who suffer from herpes. Sympathy and avoiding exchanging bodily fluids.

Gee thanks, “Open a Channel” … maybe consider changing your handle to “Close a Channel”

Why oh why use the word “BREAKING” when the article will inevitably become old?!??!

Um…they’ll almost certainly take “BREAKING” off the title at a later date. Calm down. Even if they don’t, no Tribbles will be harmed by this. Deep breaths…deep breaths…deep breaths…

LOL THIS is your concern man? And yeah, they can edit things on the internet.

@zip, a look at the date posted will tell us when it was breaking news

:45 to :55 is the money shot. Chills for me.

Great news! I’m thrilled that we have confirmation of a Prime Universe series! With a registry number NCC-1031, I’m thinking this may be pre-TOS. Perhaps this is one reason why CBS was so aggressive in trying to shut down Axanar. Could it be set in the same time period?

I wondered the same thing a while back… This only seems to be further confirming my thought.

Looks like Cadillac took a stab at redesigning the Enterprise for the 2017 model year.

But on a more positive note … Discovery is an awesome name for a Trek series … It’s like what Star Gate Universe tried to do … But much more evocative …

Yeah I liked the name Discovery. And its always cool going with the name of the ship. Still that ship though looks like a$$.

@ Curious, LOL
Maybe they should’ve gone with Chrysler. Their cars run like shite but they look damn good

Looks a little like a man named Homer Simpson got a job at his brother’s CGI shop.

It’s good to see that the new series isn’t going to lack in humor.

@T T, at last I have my answer to WHAT IS THAT THING ON HIS HEAD?

Coooo coooo coooo

Ship design is a 7/10 I can live with it. The CGI or who ever made the ship with what ever computer program needs to update their computer. It lacked a lot of detail and polish that would make it look more “real” or alive. Something I never thought about when looking at the NX-01 in Enterprise or even the Enterprise D. Though they had a real model for the “D”. So they need to touch up that CGI or build themselves a scale model. Either way I have some hope for the show. I will be looking forward to seeing Trek back on the small screen. I just hope Bryan knows what he is doing with Trek. And that he can find that right cast and put together some good stories.

They’re not going to put out a mega-super-duber-HD-hyper-plus trailer at this point in production. They will wait until the design is completely polished and done before spending the time and money on that amount of processing. It looks great for this point in the process, and it was offered as a teaser, not a final product. So everyone needs to relax. The final version will be much better.

I don’t find it ugly at all. In fact I prefer it to the 1701D. Whether or not it represents the final look of the ship or is strictly a “test balloon,” I like that they are looking to the show’s history for inspiration.

I agree. So much nicer than the big “D.”

Anything is better than the 1701-D. As a fan back then, seeing that design unveiled for the first time at a convention in California, I was one of many who were instantly disappointed. Just a blob of a ship. This one is a great old design that I’ve wanted to see realized for years, so I’m hopefuly.

Really? I loved the look of the big D when I first saw it. Yeah it did look cumbersome at first with that huge saucer but there was just something so majestic about it. I use to love just seeing the opening and the ship appearing. It was always an incredible ship to me although I thought the E was even cooler..and tougher.

I always thought of the D as sort of a swan. I liked her more and more as time went on. But I’m not so sure this will happen with the design above.

Funnily enough, I always thought of the gracefull lines of the original ‘E’ as being ‘swanlike’…but thought of the the ‘D’ as being an ‘ugly duckling’ in comparison. Just one of the many things that put me off the TOS ‘follow-up’ show.

It grew on me over several years. But it was more of a ‘swoose’: half-swan, half-goose… all swoose.

The Enterprise-D is MY Enterprise. The one I grew up on. It’s the first ship that comes to mind when someone mentions “Star Trek” or “U.S.S. Enterprise”. Beautiful design, love it.

Wow……someone finally has the balls to change the overall design of the primary vessel and it

extremely refreshing while reflecting (I feel) a new age – era for Star Trek. I just might buy the

CBS package after all. Star Trek was holding on to what was for way too long and this long overdue.

If you hate Star Trek so much that you want to change everything about it maybe just watch another show you actually like

After a pleasant surprise from STB, I am very happy we are getting more Trek set in the prime universe. Yes, that is an ugly ship; a friggen ugly ship…but we don’t know the story yet. So, as it is I will take it and reserve judgement for the final product.

C’mon peeps, did you ever think you would witness more Trek on TV?!?! I feel like going out and ‘whoop’ ‘whooping.’

I don’t understand why they always have to dig up stuff from the past? Where is their creative spirit to create something completely new (USS Discovery, reboot etc.) and still true to Star Trek. Are they afraid to boldly create something new that was not there before?

They have no talent or balls

The hull design reminds me of the Franklin in beyond. That “moat” (best word I can think of) that circles it.

I’m feeling the timeing being around enterprise 1701 third five year mission would be ending ( still exploring, but right when the designs need refils )

As for the haters… you wanted the original trek feel back because of the kelvin time-line. Now you are crying because this is a prime time-line ship in prime time line. Grow up and pick one or the other.. or both. You can’t have the laST 50 years back. You have to have new and change. That is what trek is about… change, exploring the unknowns.

You want to make a change, then head to paramount with your trek accomplishments and join the team. Otherwise enjoy the ride.

But this is not a ship that fits within the Prime timeline. It looks like a Star Wars/Star Trek mashup. There is too much detail for a TOS era ship, and the shapes don’t match. It doesn’t have sleek lines, but looks like a couple of very simple shapes glued together. No curves or anything… it is a digital looking design, not a sculpted design like most other ships from the Federation. To be honest, it looks more like a ship from the Star Wars universe

Because it was designed & rejected in the late 70’s

Sorry, I don’t like it ….
50 years of Trek and we get the bast@rd child of a D-7 and a constitution class Starship…

Really not liking this ship…..

Wow. We now have a ship to rival the ugliness of the Excelsior and the Enterprise-JJ. Still can’t wait for this show and enjoyed the hell out of Star Trek Beyond (while, as a Star Trek fan, hated Star Trek Into Darkness (but enjoyed it as a movie fan)) which I saw this morning in minIMAX 3D.

The Constitution and Constitution-Refit classes are still the best looking Star Trek starships.

Interesting Reuse of the Planet of the Titans Enterprise design.

The cgi looks extremely low budget. And STD?

It is DSC not STD :P They explained it. Star Trek: Enterprise was not STE it was ENT Star Trek Deep space nine was not STDS9 it was DS9 Star Trek Voyager was not STV it was VOY. So this is DSC. I know STD sounds funnier but yeah its not right. DSC is the official Acronym or Abbreviation we got.

I read that CBS’s official abbreviation was VGR and not VOY. Maybe in the end everyone will call the new series DIS. :-P

Hopefully not. DIS is far too negative. People who want to DIS the show certainly will use that. DSC is fine with me.

CBS maybe, but almost everyone else abbreviated it as VOY. VGR was too close to STTMP’s V’ger.

@ James,
I wonder if the Discovery channel is going to sue.

I don´t get it. With that logic, it would be DIS. Which is not much better then STD. DSC sounds like a button on a DVD player.

The design could be cool. When they finish the work, and upgrade to another level, Discovery will look grade. 13 Episodes on this new ship — but wow– Acronym Disaster!

***REPEAT***It is DSC not STD :P They explained it. Star Trek: Enterprise was not STE it was ENT Star Trek Deep space nine was not STDS9 it was DS9 Star Trek Voyager was not STV it was VOY. So this is DSC. I know STD sounds funnier but yeah its not right. DSC is the official Acronym or Abbreviation we got.



Yeah, we got the memo but I don’t care about official abbreviation, going to use either STD or DIS.

They can say it’s whatever they want. That doesn’t mean we have to listen to them.

I don´t get it. With that logic, it would be DIS. Which is not much better then STD. DSC sounds like a button on a DVD player.

Someone beat that ship with a Klingon ugly stick? They are out of their damn mind if they think that monstrosity is going to sell CBS All Access subs. If they have this much disregard for ship design, it tells me they are clueless about what will make a good Trek show. Never watched Enterprise hardly. Certainly wont care to touch this show.

Since the ship looks to be a mix of Federation and Klingon design, I wonder if the series takes place after Undiscovered Country and will have a mixed crew of Klingon and Federation species.

Not without retconning. Worf was said to be the first Klingon in Starfleet.

The Klingons wouldn’t have to be Starfleet officers if this is a joint venture between the Klingons and Federation.

I can’t see anything like that happenning before Narendra III. Even then, the episode where Riker served on a Klingon ship made it seem that the Federation hardly knew anything about Klingon ships.