Justin Lin Reveals 25 Minutes Cut From “Star Trek Beyond”

Star Trek Beyond Director Justin Lin, in an interview with Collider, stated that his initial cut for Beyond clocked in at 2 hours 27 minutes, which was reduced in editing to 2 hours and 2 minutes. For fans hoping for an extended director’s cut of the film, do not get your hopes up just yet.

Lin revealed that many of these cuts were made to scenes already in the film that had been shot, but the scenes ran a little too long for the director’s taste. Citing an example, Lin referenced the scene where Scotty flees the Enterprise in a torpedo. When that scene was originally shot, Scotty runs into the torpedo bay and realizes that he is trapped, but notices that a photon torpedo is being repaired, which inspires him to figure out how to escape Manis and leave the Enterprise. While Lin loved Pegg’s performance and physical acting as Scotty is working through his options, the director ultimately decided to trim the scene down as the longer sequence was not helping the overall flow of the film.

When asked if those deleted scenes will be included in the home video release of Beyond, Lin noted that he has yet to decide.  The director is uncomfortable including deleted scenes that are not finished, noting that if the studio gave him the money to finish those scenes, such as adding visual effects, then he would be more than happy to include them. However, if a scene is missing a VFX element, Lin feels that the unfinished nature of it takes a viewer out of the film.

Head over to Collider to watch the full interview.

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Sadly he has a point regarding unfinished scenes and their respective vfx. With modern films, especially Trek films, being so effects laden, directors would need an entire supplemental budget in order to make a proper Directors Cut a la Wise’s TMP.

Its better to release unfinished scenes as extras on a DVDrather than present an entirely brand new and unseen star trek to millions of people with unfinished cgi and vfx. ;)

I agree.
in a separate section on the DVD, that is where I prefer to watch my bonus scenes

Speaking of, when the heck are we getting a TMP:DC Blu Ray??

Its unlikely as the re-done cgi for the DC was only rendered in SD.

I think the issue there is that Dochterman’s CGI for the DVD was only rendered in 480p, because when an opportunity absolutely positively must be squandered, call Paramount.

Didn’t stop them releasing Enterprise without re-rendering the 480 FX & They have access to the original files & can easily do it but Just Don’t care about us fans. Not even on anniversaries.

I think I read somewhere they lost the files :(

In referencing the extra scenes from TMP, Wise correctly insisted that the visual effects be designed to look like they were created by 1970’s technology to match the existing work from the original movie.

It would be nice if they could do anything to help clarify Krall’s motives.


I found his motives to be quite clear. It was very straight forward with what I saw in the movie. Maybe you need to watch it again to pick up on things you missed the first time around. Even my girlfriend (who rarely watches Trek) got it.)

For me, as a Trekkie, Krall worked GREAT as a villain. Knowing that his grievances trace back to the Jonahan Archer era, and knowing he may have even served on the NX-01 as a MACO is just way cool from a historical Trek perspective.

For an outsider or even casual fan though, I most certainly understand the “what the heck is he rambling about” stance. Although many classic episodes of Star Trek deal with Starfleet Captains gone mad, it doesn’t work as well for a two hour motion picture without the proper contextual background.

Me too, I found it very clear in the movie. Albeit a very concise explaination.

I think it would have worked better if they hadn’t made his identity a plot twist. If we knew who he was from the beginning, he would have had more times to make his motives clearer.

His motives are in no way unclear.

I think the motive are clear for Krall, but the way it is presented is off. It translate weakly into the dialogues and can be missed easily. I think an epilogue from what has happened to the USS Franklin could have work better at the beginning of the film, without revealing who Krall is…Instead of having dialogues and old videos hints.

I hope at least the stuff seen in the various trailers that weren’t in the movie will be included as extended scenes or whatever. And why was the Enterprise in the warp bubble flipped? Never got why that sometimes happens in movies,lol.

@ JRT: They sometimes flip shots so that objects move into the same direction in two consecutive shots. It just “flows” better that way.

Oh ok. Thanks for the clarification. Like I said,have always wondered about that and wondered the instant I saw that shot in the movie,going,HEY,that’s not how it looked in the trailer!! lol.

“However, if a scene is missing a VFX element, Lin feels that the unfinished nature of it takes a viewer out of the film.”

That’s a ridiculous point of view for the extras on a DVD. Nearly every DVD has a behind-the-scenes feature that shows the separate parts of the process and how it all came together. A deleted scene with “missing VFX” is not a good reason to avoid including it as part of the extras on a DVD since people are already expecting “behind-the-scenes” information.

@ Jeff: I think Lin was talking about putting the cut parts back into the movie as a longer director’s cut. In that scenario unfinished VXF would take you out of the movie. In the context of a separate “deleted scenes” section it may work.

Maybe your are right. It could have been just an issue of miss communication.

In the video the interviewer asked simply if the deleted scenes would show up on the Blu-ray, so my first inclination is that would be purely as a collection of deleted scenes. Otherwise the interviewer should have made reference to a directors cut or extended cut of the film showing up with those deleted scenes.

Hopefully Lin was simply in the mental space of thinking about his final cut of the movie and wasn’t considering the entire Blu-ray release.

@DIGINON: True enough. Everyone remembers the unfinished FX of Kirk leaving the airlock in the original extended cut of ST:TMP. “What does V’Ger need with a sound stage?” :-)

They were talking about Deleted Scenes. Lin is being prescious.

There are very few times when a film improves by getting longer. I think I’ll trust his judgement on the theatrical release.

Are you sure? An hour was cut from Nemesis which could have been so much better…

Apologies if you were being facetious, but the cutscenes on NEM amounted to a LOT less than an hour, and none of it made it any better either. That Data Picard scene was endless, because Baird doesn’t know how to shoot a scene of people talking and keep it interesting, at least with John Logan supplying the ‘scintillating’ dialog (insert sarcasm so thick you can’t wade through it.)

The cuts to Nemesis were nowhere near an hour.

Really? Maybe the running times of the deleted scenes ending up on the BR version. But the original length of Nemesis is said to be three hours long. 50 minutes were cut.


Memory Alpha says otherwise,

“Seven deleted scenes appear on the DVD edition with introduction by producer Rick Berman. In the intro, Rick Berman confirms that roughly fifty minutes of footage was trimmed from the original version. The seven deleted scenes make up about seventeen minutes of this original footage”


In other places, they admitted the 50minutes included slates, that it was the roughest of assemblies. Hey take a look at the scripts and see if there is any draft is is 180 pages long. Unless you’re talking about an episode of MOONLIGHTING (which could run 90 pages for 48 minutes) or A-TEAM (which could run 25 pages for the same runtime), most scripts run roughly one page per minute. NEMESIS isn’t something different like 2001, it probably conformed to the page-a-minute rule for the most part.

That WAS one of the moments that took me out of the movie, wondering why a torpedo has a crew cab.


You must have missed STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS where Khan specifically designed 70+ state-of-the-art torpedoes to cab his crew? Because THAT’S where Scotty got the idea that took you out of the movie wondering where it came from.

Liked STID, but the idea of there being 6′ of extra space in a torpedo doesn’t work for me. Not then, not now. I would like to see that cut footage, though.


Re:torpedo condos

What do you mean “extra” space? In TUC they established that the explosive guts of torpedoes are often removed to accommodate other purposes like analyzing gaseous anomalies and in TWOK it is clearly established that an empty torpedo case has plenty of room to hold a 6′ Nimoy.

I’m saying there would be no extra space. If I want to hide someone under the hood of my car, I can’t take out half the engine and expect it to go anywhere. There would be no 6 contiguous feet of mechanical guts that you really don’t need. I don’t care how they clearly establish it, it never comes across to me as plausible — TO ME — if you’re okay with it, good for you.


I get it that it is a source of dissonance for you. I’m just curious how far back this went? Did it start with the Spock coffin?

For me, starting with the series in the 60s, the photon torpedoes were originally considered to be just launched projectiles along the lines of warp bullets. A very advanced rail gun type of system that could accelerate its photon “mass” projectiles to warp speeds. The movies advanced the concept that those projectiles had been updated to include a guidance system, etc. — all that under the hood stuff that you reference that turned them into guided missiles. And Spock’s coffin just confirmed for me that the original mass accelerator functions of the weapon still existed and possibly was utilized in launching engineless probes, marker buoys, ship’s logs [See MENAGERIE], etc. But, as you say, that’s just my personal canon on the topic.

I think he’s okay with it because it’s internally consistent with the series. It’s a bit like getting to the 7th Harry Potter film and complaining that the use of magic is unrealistic.

I can’t criticize this movie without offering the praise it deserves. Loved it. Seeing it a third time tonight. More of a Lin fan after watching the interview, interesting take on Trek and Wars.

Restore the 25 minutes and make an alternative cut via seamless branching. Make both in 3D along with both in 2D. Sold.

Can he tap into your bank account to get the funds needed to do this? ;-)

Hey, I’m just the idea guy. It’s up to others to carry out my bidding, HeHeHe.

Seriously. I can’t get a 4K rescan of TMP in theatrical original form — not even asking for UHD, just a really good scan — after nearly 40 years, and he wants 27 versions of a movie with scenes we don’t even know work or not?

I I I, me me me, it’s all about you all the time on this site. Geeeeesh! kmart this and kmart that. Maaaaan! Am I exaggerating you? How about 27 versions and I’ve listed two, two versions that’s not gunna happen. A 4K REscan? Implies there’s been a scan in the first place. Which there hasn’t. And which will probably happen so be patient young nerdy dude.

Who’s opinion am I supposed to voice if not my own! RE-scan implies that you go back and do it right, since the earlier scan was nowhere near that high-rez. Unless you think I need to do ‘writer grammar’ and write ‘get a rescan in 4k’ on the net, where people can’t reference Star Trek II more than twice in a row without me — yeah, me again — seeing Kahn instead of Khan?

I’ve been bitching about TMP since it came out, which you can infer from the above, so while you’re entitled to speculate about my being ‘nerdy’ and/or a ‘dude’ … but ‘young’ is clearly barking up the wrong tree.

If you’d actually check well-informed sites like hometheaterforum, you will see that TMP has long been a subject of conversation in terms of film preservation and needing a scan that actually captures a signficant amount of the best source available, and the outlook (from posters who have actually been in contact with Paramount Home Video) is pretty grim. Shoot, I interviewed the lady who runs Par’s program recently, but it was on the terms that she only talk about her efforts for AMIA, not the Paramount end of things. That by itself suggests a certain touchiness about anything we might expect from Par in the future.

BTW, did I step all over your feet in some other post? Please let me know, so I can search out and do more of the same when I get some free time at week’s end.

You have a way of humbling a person that makes me think “So what.”

Hey, if it makes you think at all that probably means it was all worthwhile.

Not really.

Wasn’t asking your opinion, just telling you.

I’ll respond to whomever I want. Asked to or not. Just telling you.

As a consistent detractor of both ST09 and STID, I fucking loved STB. Best Trek movie since First Contact. Saw it for a second time today. Still grinning about it. Thank you to the creative team that has restored my faith that good Trek can still be made. Thank you, thank you. LL&P.

So basically screw what the fans want, I just want to project the best image of myself possible

None of the new production Crew care about Star Trek, it is just a job, they didn’t create it, Roddenbery & Nimoy were the only ones who cared about it.

Roddenberry and Nimoy were also ones who were known to care very deeply about their bank balances as well.

Some of the ST:2009 deleted scenes had terrible VFX, who cares?

Justin Lin cares.

This was very informative on the truncated creative and production process Lin and Pegg had to go through. They did very well on so little time they had.

Be great to see the extra cuts in the DVD release but how about a story line that returns to the mystery of Star Trek, like the City on the edge of Forever?

Thats not STAR TREK! Only a Villan after Revenge Attacking the Federation stories are Star Trek!
According to Paramount!

Ridiculus, we don’t need a production budget or a directors cut to see some deleted scenes, we know what deleted scenes are. Just put them in- how condescending to think we are so stupid that including them will take us “out of the film”? What, is he not going to show us film of the cast interviewed or filming the movie because it might take us “out of the film”. Give me a breake. Include all the deleted scenes. I’m still waiting for deleted scenes from Stra Trek 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6.

Well, given the silly nonsense that occurred when deleted scenes were included in the DVD of Star Trek (2009), it is a wonder that any writer/producer would want to include any deleted scenes in future DVD/Blu-rays of films.

So many people could not get it through their heads that a deleted scene is just that and it was usually deleted from the final cut for good reason. I am saying that all of Lin’s were, but it is likely that some were. Many scenes may not be in the final cut of the movie because they DO NOT BELONG. I suspect that is probably what Justin Lin is getting at.

People can be so easily confused – DUH.

Edit – “I am NOT saying that…”

Silly nonsense?
Just curious.

Star Trek Beyond…#2. Includes special bonus material . Only $75!