Celebrate Star Trek’s 50th with Golden Anniversary Ale

Shmaltz Brewing debuted their newest brew, the Golden Anniversary Ale: The Trouble With Tribbles, at San Diego Comic Con and brought it to Star Trek Las Vegas where TrekMovie got a taste. Read what our beer aficionado has to say about this light and fruity ale.


“Light and fruity.” “Balanced.” “Not a bad beer.” “Smooth finish.” These were some of the recent comments from beer drinkers tasting Shmaltz Brewing Company’s newest Star Trek brew, “Golden Anniversary Ale: The Trouble With Tribbles.” The comments were made on the mobile beer drinking app, Untappd but they’re in line with beer reviewer’s Chuck Garrett thoughts about the beer, commemorating Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary.

“A perfect beer for those Sunday afternoons spent talking over Star Trek episodes with fellow Trekkies,” said Arizona homebrewer, craft beer aficionado and Star Trek fan Chuck Garrett. “It’s a smooth, well-balanced, easy drinking golden ale. “And at 5% ABV, it won’t knock you off your chair like Romulan Ale or Blood Wine,” Chuck joked. Chuck and I sat down for a tasting with representatives from Shmaltz Brewing during Day One of the Star Trek Las Vegas Convention. Chuck agreed with drinkers on Untappd who described it as light and fruity. “It’s also got a slight malty, earthy taste. Simply put, it would be great to be enjoyed on a hot day.”

The Golden Anniversary Ale is actually the second Star Trek-themed beer brewed by Shmaltz. The first was Vulcan Ale. If that beer sounds familiar, Trek fans-beer drinkers will remember Federation of Beer also has a Vulcan Ale, which is sold in Canada. Shmaltz Brewing acquired the rights for a Vulcan Ale to be brewed and marketed here in the United States, said Shane Squires, Sales and Operations Coordinator for Shmaltz. Golden Anniversary Ale was unveiled in time for the San Diego Comic-Con. A third Star Trek-themed beer, Voyage to the Northeast Quadrant, also a golden ale, beams into to the Mission: New York Star Trek Convention Sept. 2-4.

Squires, along with Shmaltz Brewing western regional sales manager Sean Friedman said brewing these Star Trek beers have been a goal of Shmaltz owner/founder Jeremy Cowan, who was a fan of Star Trek’s Original Series.

“The “Trouble with Tribbles” was Cowan’s favorite episode,” said Squires.

Shmaltz has been granted by CBS to produce the only officially licensed Star Trek beer in the U.S., so the packaging and labels carry the now-familiar gold Star Trek 50th logo and delta insignia.


Fans may recall in the Trouble with Tribble episode, the Enterprise is on a mission to protect a shipment of genetically engineered, four-lobe grain — a hybrid of wheat and rye, called quadrotriticale. Obviously, quadritriticale won’t be developed for another 250 years. Now, Shmaltz brews with triticale, a real-life hybrid of wheat and rye for its Golden Anniversary Ale.

Shmaltz Brewing has been around since 1996, starting in San Francisco. The brewery’s operations are now based in Clifton Park, NY, near Albany, and distribution has expanded to 35 states. Star Trek fans/craft brew lovers can find Golden Anniversary Ale: The Trouble With Tribbles during the convention at the Rio Las Vegas Resort and Casino bars and restaurants. Those interested in taking back home a four-pack in your checked baggage or vehicle, know the beer is for retail sale at Lee’s Liquors locations in the Las Vegas area.

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I would absolutely buy a slab if they decide to import this beer to Australia.

I am looking forward in any case to asking at every grog shop i visot over the next little while of they have the Star Trek beer, mostly to amuse myself with their reactions!

This is fantastic…. perhaps a blue coloured ale would have been more of an in joke though ;)

What the hell, Man? 5% is not exactly “boldly going.” I can see someone buying me this as a birthday present this year, if they can find it.

We were at the STLV convention and this beer sold out mid week. It was supposed to be in the VooDoo lounge for our Captain Chair dinner but there was none to be had. I spoke to the Schmaltz rep at the CON on Tuesday night and he said the stores and the bars would have it for the week, but they may not have sent enough. I did manage to get three bottles to drink while there but that was only on Wednesday. After that, it was every man for him self in buying this beer. Which, by the way, was very good. Its too bad they did not have enough of it. A lot of people complained to the Hotel that they missed out on it.