MAC Cosmetics Brings Their Newest Star Trek Inspired Line To Life On Stage at STLV 2016

MAC Cosmetics was on the main stage today at Star Trek Las Vegas promoting their newest line of makeup: a special collection inspired by Star Trek, which includes looks based on some of our favorite leading ladies Uhura, Deanna Troi, Seven of Nine, and the Orions. The panel included a makeup tutorial with host Ashely Rudder giving the audience tips and tricks on how to get the best looks for different people and situations.

It turns out that the MAC Cosmetics company and Star Trek share some common goals. MAC’s motto is ‘All Ages, All Races, All Sexes’ and the makeup is designed to be accessible for all.

“Every single person, no matter the species, has a different bone structure, a different eye shape, face shape, skin tone,” says Ashley. “And we want to make sure that you can find exactly what you need so that your particular beauty fingerprint can be celebrated.”

Ashley Rudder of MAC Cosmetics

Seven of Nine’s look involved a lot of bright colors and pearly cream base for that sexy and powerful I-used-to-be-a-Borg look.

“For Seven of Nine, I know it’s all about creating these multidimensional highlights on her skin. I can’t imagine the process of coming back from the Borg. Have you ever contemplated on these things? I have, I definitely have. I think that would definitely be a pretty traumatic experience, but she came out looking gourge’, right? Unscathed… so we’re adding multidimensional highlights to her skin using our cream color bases in pearl and hush and combining this peachy tone and this white pearl cream creates a type of reflective quality that looks otherworldly.

I mean, I don’t know what is happening in the cargo bay, but it seems like there is almost a spa like quality because there’s a glow there. So to create that glow you want to use a cream first. Cream or liquid first, and then you set it with powder for it to last.”


Ashley’s tips were great for those who don’t usually wear much makeup (or any at all) but would like to learn how to create the looks we’ve seen on Star Trek. For Uhura’s look, Ashley highlighted the importance of eye liner and gave some tips for people less practiced at the art that is the cat eye.

“The liner is such an essential part of Uhura’s look. It creates those flirty cat-like glances that she would give Spock, and it just adds to her allure. Erin [our makeup artist] is using our super slick eyeliner “On the Hunt”. It’s a supersaturated black, almost like the depth of a black hole. It’s so dark and gorgeous.

With this particular liner, it’s in a pen applicator. So, if you know how to use a sharpie marker and you feel comfortable with a writing pen, this is one of the easiest ways to apply liquid eye liner. Just a little tip because a few people have asked me, ‘how do you really do a great eye liner if you’re not used to doing it?’ And, I say start in steps. Because eye liner is almost like a concerto. If you want to start playing the piano, are you going to start with Bach? Absolutely not, right? When it comes to eye liner, you want to start easy and small and just trace your lash line, and that alone is going to transform your look. And then you can grow from there. If you start off doing wings, you’re gonna get frustrated.”


For Deanna, it’s all about the eyes. By using brown eye shadows, you can create a look than enhances the roundness of your eyes and draws the viewer in. Ashely also points out that different lighting situations call for different makeup. For darker lighting, feel free to go bold and dark with the colors. In bright lighting, you will want to tone down the amount of color you apply.

“The lighting on the starships was everything. Those pivotal moments and the pan in, you would always see Deanna’s eyes, and they just spoke to you. She was an empath; I felt like she was always speaking to me through her eyes. To create that roundness that Deanna’s character’s eyes have, you have to start by creating depth on the outside with just a soft patting motion with a brown really helps create that depth that Deanna’s known for”


The MAC Cosmetics team is on site here at STLV all weekend with an out-of-this-world booth in the vendors’ room where you can try out and buy MAC’s new Star Trek products, get your makeup done by professional MAC artists, watch performances by MAC’s official cosplayers, and even get some photo ops on a TOS transporter pad.

The TrekMovie team jumped in for a photo op, in which we beam out and beam back in on the TOS transporter pad. Bonus points if you can name which person in this photo has used a “real” transporter (hint: DS9 star).

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loving that art collateral. the aesthetic is spot on.