Star Trek: Bridge Crew Gets Release Date

The first virtual reality Star Trek game will be heading your way this November.

UPDATE: Ubisoft has pushed the release date back to March 14, 2017.

Ubisoft has announced that Star Trek: Bridge Crew will be released on November 29th for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Sony Playstation VR virtual reality platforms.

UPDATE: 10/21/2016 – Ubisoft has just announced that the release date for Star Trek: Bridge Crew will be pushed back to March 14, 2017.

The game developer did not give details as to the reason behind the delay, saying only that they want “to deliver the best game experience possible at launch”.

The game, which takes place in the Kelvin timeline, allows you and your friends to take on the role of captain, engineer, tactical, or helm aboard a new starship called the USS Aegis.  Players will be exploring an uncharted part of Federation space, searching for a new home planet for the Vulcans, who lost their world in the 2009 film.

A trailer, featuring LeVar Burton, Karl Urban, and Jeri Ryan playing the game, was released a couple of months ago and gives a sense of what the game is about:

Last week, IGN spoke to the game’s Lead Social System’s Designer Justin Achilli about gameplay and the cooperative nature of the game:

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Had it been the prime timeline, I would of been more interested. Before anyone says I’m bashing the JJ-verse movies, there have only been 3 to date. I, along with many other star trek fans have an emotional attachment to 50 years of Trek. The ship designs, the continuity… The lack of lense flares.

yeah the lense flares where the worst part i really wish we had no lense flair and the jj verse would be the main star trek

Had it been the prime timeline, I would have no interest in this game at all.

The new JJ trek OS makes much more sense.

Plenty of lens flare in the prime timeline as well.

Trek fans would prefer the bridge of the TOS Enterprise, or the bridge of the Enterprise D, or even the E, etc. The JJ-prise bridge could be any sci-fi starship bridge. It makes more sense to allow Trek fans to visit the iconic, memorable bridges they have enjoyed for 50 years, but the term ‘memorable’ and the popcorn-munching JJ-verse fans don’t usually share a sentence.

Yea, id go for E bridge or Undiscovered Country bridge. I personally have never been fond of the JJ bridge, its ok, I like the monitors and transparent displays but too bright and white, I like the darker colours and lighting of the bridge in Wrath of Khan, Undiscovered and the 1701E, they’re soothing. JJ bridge would feel like i’m under, in front of and behind huge spot lights…no need for the yeoman to bring coffee…cuz i’m awake!

Er, not all Trek fans. I quite like the movie Enterprise bridge.

Yea…thats why I play Star Trek Online. But im happy Star Trek Online is coming to console cuz as great as my MacBook Pro is, its not a gaming laptop, choppy and laggy probably also my internet and wifi, where as my PS4 is wired. Going to grab STO and Bridge Crew for PS4. Im the same, emotionally attachment to 50 years of PRIME Star Trek and yea Bridge Crew is Kelvin timeline but meh, its still Star Trek, better than no VR game, and it looks fun to play :)

Look, it’s the super-shiny JJ-Bridge. “Lieutenant, who’s that guy with the glasses who keeps running around, shining a searchlight right into everyone’s eyes? I want him off the bridge immediately!”

A dark Bridge is super depressing.

The Enterprise D bridge was bright and not depressing. Come to think of it, as have most Trek show bridges. The JJ-bridge was a mistake that with each lacklustre film they make, they poor designers try to tone down and back-peddle from those thoughtless design choices JJ led them into. I loved his LOST series, even bought the boxset but the JJ-verse timeline isn’t going to make them as much money had they released a prime-universe bridge for their V.R game. The vocal minority of JJ-verse fans can delude themselves all they like – this bridge is not iconic.

They actually made it look a lot better in “Beyond”. You know: Dimmed the halogen lamps, added in a few old-school blinkenlights, made it look way more functional and less Apple store-y and so on. Too bad it’s only in the movie for a few short minutes before the Enterprise gets torn to shreds.

I agree the bridge looked much better in Beyond. In the first 2 films it was way over lit. You could see glare on the panels.

LeVar Burton could sell me anything.

Fun. I’ll definitely be onboard for this. Too bad it’s not set during the original series, would’ve loved to sit in Kirk’s chair… but this is the next best thing. I have a definite distaste for Berman era aesthetics, but JJ’s designs definitely put me in mind of the original series.

I’m sure I saw a vid that Angry Joe of the Angry Joe show fame mentioned he asked a UbiSoft rep at E3 about Prime Universe related content for the game and hinted something was coming after release as DLC

They release some prime universe stuff for this game, then I’ll be come a hell of a lot more interested than the simple “meh” reaction I had when I first read up on this game.

The Kelvin Timeline is garbage. Shouldve made it TOS era.

I agree. The JJ-verse Timeline is nonsensicle and my only ‘pang’ is that Nimoy was in these films. A prime univserse bridge, say the Enterprise D, and everyone, even non-Trek friends would get a rise out of playing it. But this bridge could be any starship in any sci-fi franchise. It’s not Trek, and the majority of praise JJ-verse gets here are not from fans of Star Trek. Otherwise they would ‘get’ why 50 years of continuity made a universe believable and inspiring.

Way better the Kelvin timeline than TNG. I mean how fun can ejecting the warp core before it blows up after a disruptor shot be?? And don’t get me started on re-modularizing the nav deflector, etc.

Ralph Daay–” It’s not Trek, and the majority of praise JJ-verse gets here are not from fans of Star Trek. Otherwise they would ‘get’ why 50 years of continuity made a universe believable and inspiring.” …or some fans may believe, as Leonard Nimoy did, that Trek was dead and JJ’s vision was on target to revive Trek and do so in a way that he, himself, as Spock from TOS, was familiar with. Berman could not convince Nimoy to come aboard Generations for an empty cameo, especially after a disappointing appearance in TNG’s Unification. JJ and the writers of Trek 09, however, had enough recognizable TOS love and appreciation, in their Trek, to lure a willing and happy Nimoy, into the ears one more time. So, to recap. You don’t recognize the Kelvin timeline as Star Trek but Leonard Nimoy did. Forgive me if I side with the latter.

Enough with the true fan nonsense already. BTW, over 50 years of Trek there were many different bridges. Different people have different preferences – it diesn’t make them lesser fans.

I hope they either release some prime universe content for this or that it’s built in a way which makes fan mods and total conversions possible. I was all over this when I first saw the title and as soon as I saw it was nuTrek and not the Prime universe I stopped caring.

I am not a fan of the Kelvin timeline, as being presented in limited amounts in STO. Having a Connie that is a Tier 6 ship, come on. That would be like trying to fit a Lamborghini style and engine into a Model T from ford. Newer cars didn’t look backwards but instead to how to make it better. I find it hard to believe that a ship based off of TOS can hold its own against ships that have been designed to improve upon the past and not to do a reboot like so many movies today.

I am also concerned with Ubisoft at the helm. As a fan of Tom Clancy both his books and some of his first game ideas with Red Storm Entertainment (which Ubisoft bought) I have been let down by what Ubisoft is doing with it. As they said of some of the recent A.Creed games, they are trying to milk the franchise to death, no drop to be lost. If they are going to make a go at this, they need to bring in people who know about the experience, the sets, the crews, the story writers, the people who create the tech we saw every week or in the movies, people who know Star Trek more than they know their own mother or father (okay a little extreme) and not someone who says yes I was a fan but never cosplayed, never got thrilled by visiting the set or meeting the actors or spotting things that didn’t fit right. They don’t have to be super diehards either but they had better have every piece of Star Trek ever printed, written, movie, series, internet articles, wiki, books, gossip, you name it, ready to search and know where to look for it.

I will still wait on this new VR/AR tech. See if this whole new tech actually does make unlike so many other hyped products in the past that ended up being another short lived fab or a tech that just doesn’t work out with games for the PC and instead work more with consoles or a storage bin in a closet or garage that ends up on e-bay. Also since we are only on the first version of the retail/consumer release, what will the next version do that the current doesn’t. Will they retain their focus on the tech and apps to go with it or will they spread themselves too quickly over too many directions that it ends up not being good for a few things and not good for anything.

I am hopeful however. We need some fresh, innovative, well written, well coded Star Trek games. This seems like a natural fit. Best example I could equate to this was the Star Trek The Next Generation Interactive Technical Manual (1994) – visit youtube to see examples of it. Here you could via quicktime do a sort of walk through the entire ship and look at consoles and other objects, with the limited ability of the CD-Rom tech of the 1990’s and the beginning of Quicktime.

I cannot understand the constant resistance to return the Prime TOS world that everyone wants. The need to remake everything with an updated look, feel, storyline, etc just simply ruins the experience. Want to bring new fans into a classic?…..Then remake the classic like the classic. Don’t make something entirely new, and call it a remake. This game does not have my attention in the least. Unfamiliar characters don’t grab me or make me want to immerse myself in that universe if you call it “Star Trek”.