TrekMovie Editor Kayla Iacovino Profiled on CNN for Work in Volcanology

Putting the “star” in Star Trek fan, TrekMovie’s editor-in-chief, Dr. Kayla Iacovino, was profiled today on on her work in volcano science, Star Trek, and gender equality.

The article opens with how Star Trek inspired her to pursue science and jokes about the confusion between Dr. Iacovino’s specialty volcanology (the study of volcanoes) with Vulcanology.


“Star Trek influenced me to go into science. [The show] revolves around the ideals of exploration for exploration sake, and the pursuit of knowledge for the sake of leaving the human race better than we found it; these are really noble pursuits. I carry that with me.”

Read the article here!

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Well done, I’m sure the recognition is richly deserved!

Congrats Dr. Kayla, interesting article at CNN. LLAP

Congrats, Kayla!!! We are all proud of you here.

Very cool. Is Antarctica on your list?

Woohoo! I’m not the only rock jock here.


“What the hell are you talking about? I thought Faith killed a volcanologist.”

“Silly, silly…Amanda. Why would Faith kill a person who studies Vulcans?”

Being a bit more of a political junkie myself, anyone willing to go to North Korea in pursuit of science is a notch above, in my book. Well deserved recognition!!

Living the dream!

That was a good story. It’s great to see real scientists get recognition in the real world, especially ones as inspiring as Kayla.


Yay, another geologist! Mente et Malleo! :)

The solution is always a bigger hammer. Or so the coal guys always say.

I also have a geology degree. Wow, I did not know that geology was so popular with Trekers. Too bad the Sean Fifield character in Prometheus gave the sci-fi going public such a bad impression of geologists. Perhaps Kayla will change that now! Well done Kayla.

Our own Dr. Kayla… the writeup on your adventures! Keep up the stellar work & thanks for your leadership here at Trekmovie!

Good work, Doctor Yacovino! Way to show how Star Trek still inspires us to take risks and aim high. “Risk is our business” indeed!

Iacovino ;-) (sorry)

I don’t know Kayla, but I definitely look up to her! She’s obviously very brave to do some of things she does, but it’s people with her lifestories who will make the Star Trek dream a reality, if it ever will.

Me lava you long time, Kayla!

Many congratulations on having such a wonderful science career which you clearly successfully combine with your numerous contributions to TrekMovie. The “Best of Both Worlds” perhaps. Nice to also hear you also espousing the ideals of Star Trek while crediting the show with inspiring your career. LLAP!

Congrats! And thanks also for your hard work keeping TrekMovie healthy during these past several years.


Congratulations Dr. Iacovino!

And I second what Anthony Thompson said, thanks a lot for keeping the site alive during its difficult times.

Congrats. Truly deserved. Kayla represents Trek very well with intelligence and wit.

Fantastic & way gutsier than I am. Science rocks!

What’s even better is that the article is on the CNN Money page, where more than just Science Geeks will see it. Way to Go, Dr. !!!

Excellent! Way to go, Dr. Iacovino!

Stay safe on the frontier.

Congratulations, Dr Kayla! I have enjoyed the absolute heck out of this site; I can remember reading that Simon Pegg had been cast as the new Scottie on here, while I was backpacking in China during my gap year! That moment was one of the highlights of the trip.

I since have completed a double major in Geo-Science at University and while Volcanology has not been my primary focus, I certainly have been on a few Volcano themed field trips. I LOVE the fact that you, the amazing Editor-in-Chief of a website I check multiple times a day, is also into the study of rocks and pahoehoe flows!

I hope you didn’t cringe too much at the beginning of Into Darkness where they magically neutralised the volcano…. it was great how all of the lava turned into volcanic glass

Way to go, Dr. Iacovino! :) BTW, I wonder if we will have Science articles on Saturdays here soon. I miss reading the articles you wrote cuz they are fascinating.

Congrats on the CNN feature Kayla.
I second the call for the return of Science Saturdays.
I really miss that.