UNCONFIRMED: “Star Trek Beyond” Home Video Release Date

While full details about the home video releases of  Star Trek Beyond aren’t available just yet, a reliable source tells Bill Hunt over at The Digital Bits that Beyond will be released to home video surprisingly early, on September 20. No other details have been given, but we do have a look at a few retailer exclusive versions, they come with different model ships, not different bonus content, as far as we know.

From Bill Hunt:

All right, let’s talk Star Trek Beyond. I’ve now gotten pretty reliable information via retail sources that Paramount’s Star Trek: Beyond (BD, BD3D, DVD & 4K), as well as a Star Trek Trilogy Blu-ray Collection(including 2009, Into Darkness, and Beyond) are going to street on 9/20. This hasn’t been officially announced by the studio yet, but we expect the press release any time now. Those same sources are still telling us to expect Paramount and CBS to release Star Trek: The Animated Series as a stand-alone Blu-ray release on 11/15. So make tentative plans accordingly.

Amazon.com‘s exclusive comes in the Multi-Format package, it has three discs (4K UHD Blu-ray/3D Blu-ray/2D Blu-ray) and a model of the U.S.S. Franklin.


Amazon.com.uk offers a similar pack, with what appears to be the concept art version of the U.S.S. Franklin, with blue nacelle caps.


Lastly, Walmart has a gift set that will include the Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD copy as well as three mini ships, the Enterprise, the U.S.S. Franklin and a Krall swarm ship. Walmart has not put up a photo of the ships yet.


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The Trek Core site said yesterday they were told 9/20 wasn’t accurate: https://twitter.com/TrekCore/status/770657555093811200

OK :-) Hope it does come that soon though!

(And sorry didn’t mean to offend! Keep up the good work here!)

It seems unlikely that it would hit shelves in North America while still in theaters overseas and just two months after the theatrical release. The 11/15 date seems closer to the mark heading into Thanksgiving and the holiday season.

Why would the UK edition have a model of a ship that wasn’t even in the movie? If I want a model of the Franklin, I want a model of the Franklin. Not some other variant of it that never saw the light of day.

Don’t worry, This is likely to be the same film accurate version of the Franklin when it’s released.

I’m still confused as to what model this is because it looks like a QMX model yet when I asked QMX on Twitter, they knew nothing about it.

I think it’s safe to say that the Amazon image is a placeholder. If you order that version, I’d bet the Franklin has the proper colored nacelles.

Can’t wait for the 4K Blu-ray!

If you wanna see the Blu Ray version with 3 models, just check the German Amazon site – I guess it will be the same as the Wal-Mart version..

Those look like the soft drink toppers you could get in theatres.

STB was boring on the big screen. Who cares when it can be viewed on the small screen?

So are you a professional idiot or are you maintaining your amateur status for the Olympics?

Nice try, testicle-cheeks.

Wow got me there. Maybe when you grow up you’ll have some comebacks a little meatier than what a 7 year old yells out during recess.

Well, I thought it was brilliant, better than Into Darkness. ‘Boring’ is the last word I’d use. I’ve seen it. 7 times and am looking forward to the DVD! I hate the period between the film’s disappearance from the cinemas and the DVD release! I am hoping for the deleted scenes, of course, but who knows? !

The masses who enjoyed it. Stop living up to your screen name.

Actually, despite the pricetag and some of the larger setpieces, the best parts of BEYOND fit more into the ‘intimate epic’ feel of TWOK, so it may well play better on a small screen. Then again I didn’t find the movie boring first-time through, though 2nd time it felt decidedly less-than.

I think the prob long-term with BEYOND is the TVH one, that most everything you might want is there on the surface first time through, so you can’t dig stuff out of it with repeat viewings (I know people who didn’t get the ‘captain spock, damage report’ part being in code for YEARS after it came out, despite the on-screen dialog later explaining that to those who didn’t pick up on the nuance in Shatner’s delivery.)

Even SFS has got bits that suggest an interesting subtext – Gerrold’s take that Starfleet doesn’t want this crew going back to space together ever, or what, for me, is the most troubling and compelling line in the whole thing: I don’t think you should be discussing this subject in public, which points the way to how the Trek film universe went seriously 20thcentury retro with rich veins of political paranoia, especially in TUC. Scotty’s line in ID about being explorers also touches on this, though the Abrams-directed flicks just seem like the STARSHIP TROOPERS version of trek, so it doesn’t carry the same weight.

Im not one to anticipate a home release so soon after seeing it but Beyond was the best of the kelvin timeline yet, so next pay day im pre-ordering

Since The Animated Series is coming to Blu ray, I was wondering if anyone can confirm whether or not the new 5-part documentary – Journey to the Silver Screen – will likely remain exclusive to the 50th Anniversary box-set? You see The Genesis Effect is already on The Wrath of Khan DC separate. Does that perhaps indicate a future re-release for others covered by those new featurettes, such as The Motion Picture, and two others, presumably The Undiscovered Country?

Thanks for replying. Lacklustre 50th for sure. They have at least put the variant cuts of the movies, in the Complete TOS crew set as SD, if there was no other alternative. At least on BD there’d be less compression and as good as it’s possible to get, without them putting any real effort in.

correction – They SHOULD have at least put the variant cuts…
TMP DE, TVH with International Story So Far recap, TUC DE,

FWIW HEROES & ICONS is advertising the animated STAR TREK series to go into their OTA Trek syndicated reruns this Sunday.

I mean, it didn’t do well at the box office, but less than two months after its theatrical release? Yikes…

It’s also likely going to kill the Japanese box office.

Star Wars TFA was released only 3 1/2 months after it opened, but you’re right, that’s still a month and a half longer than STB will be. But SW was still earning well at the box office. STB won’t be. The reality is the industry is moving toward releasing in all formats from day one.

I also wonder if this isn’t Paramount’s way of determining whether they will earn enough to justify green lightning the 4th movie, and if so, with what budget.

I think they also realize there was a failure in marking this film, and there’s a potential audience out there that were not aware of the movie at the box office, and will pay to see it at home.

From what I have Read including the Article that Ahmed Sent us on the other post, they are in for making Star Trek 4 but it might have a Budget more along the lines of Star Trek 09 at 150M rather then what STID or STB was made for.


Kline: Yeah, and even the Star Trek franchise has been a disappointment. It’s sort of like the X-Men movies versus the Marvel movies. They do OK, they’re almost hits, they’re kind-of hits. But Star Trek especially does not have some of the same foreign appeal as, maybe, a Star Wars or a Jurassic Park. So, once again, this is a company that needs hits. And they’ll do Star Trek 4, but there’s no guarantee that it’s going to do any better than Star Trek 3.

An opinion based on an investment blogger analyst? Thanks, I’ll stick with what I know about Hollywood from direct experience. Films can and do get cancelled after being greenlit, especially when a studio is in turmoil as Paramount is. Brad Grey could very well be on his way out, and whatever his plans for making another Star Trek film could get shelved the minute he is out the door, and his replacement comes in and cleans house. Grey also has to justify himself to the Viacom board, and making another Trek film with the current cast and production company may not fly depending on these video sales, and Chinese box office.

There’s no doubt another film will get made eventually, but there’s no gurantees when, or with what producers or what cast. Bad Robots first look deal is up in 2018, and given Paramount’s track record so far, we’re looking at a 2019 release date at the earliest. By the time Abrams deal expires, assuming they don’t buy him out earlier, Viacom will be a very different company, one at which Les Moonves could be the President and CEO of a joint CBS/VIcaom. DISCOVERY could be a hit, and Moonves could be planning a reboot of Trek films back in the Prime Universe for a complete marketing synergy designed to actually build the Trek brand. And frankly that seems a lot more likely than business as usual on another Bad Robot Trek box office disaster.

It was a poor release date, with Bourne and a few others opening the next two weeks. They needed 2 weeks with little else big to do great

@Giez, Even if that were true, it’s kind of a sad indictment of our little franchise don’t you think?

Honestly, not really. Beyond got dropped in FOUR formats (XD, 3DXD, digital, and digital 3D) in the middle of a season with a bunch of big sellers. IMO, it could have had more breathing room if it had a less contentious release date and if theaters were better able to schedule shows using limited theater space.

Kevin Smith said many many years ago that the theatrical release of movies has mostly become a commercial for the disc release.

That said, the 3D version of ST VII doesn’t get released until 11 months after initial release.. Which is the version I prefer to get. So I was waiting.

I got an email from Amazon that the release date was 9/20; a few hours later I got another email informing me that the did not have a release date. Sounds like they may have jumped the gun a bit on releasing the date seeing as the movie is still playing in some theaters.

I had pre-ordered the bluray from Amazon and today received an email from them saying expected delivery to me was 9/20. Of course, I also received one saying not yet released and I would be notified when it was. I prefer the first, but am prepared for the second. :-)

Somebody may have jumped the gun with the release date. I received an email from Amazon that the 3D BluRay would be coming out on September 20, then a few hours later I got another email informing me that they did not have a release date.

Seeing as Beyond is still playing in some theaters maybe Paramount just wanted to wring a few more bucks out of the theatrical release before officially spilling the beans on the home video release.

It’s becoming common for studios to releases films that don’t perform well at the box office to rush those films dvd/Blu-ray.

As long as it has a long full range of great special features ready to go, then I’m all for it. Can’t wait to watch it again. Haven’t seen the film since a week and a half after it came out. Seen it 4 times in the first 10 days. I’m hoping if the Sept 20th date is correct then it’s not a barebones copy and then a “Special Edition” is released a few months later.

I’m with you, already played that game in the 1980s with LaserDisc releases, the most irritating version was when Lucasfilm changed music and enhanced the original trilogy.

Paramount is not known for its feature rich BRDS. And remember what they did with STID, forcing customers to buy several copies to get all of the special features to drive up video sales? I can only imagine what they have planned for this one then, if anything.

2 months doesn’t give them much time to prepare a feature packed BRD. There’s a lot involved in this kind of release, so unless they were planning for this kind of release all along, it’s likely to be dissapointing. If it does get released in the 20th, it will most likely be the movie and little else. Maybe a version with all the extras for the holidays. But when a movie flops this badly, the last thing they’re gonna do is spend a lot of extra money on the home video.

Sadly, this may be the only decent model of from this movie to be released so I may splurge just for that. The JJ-verse doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to models. I’m still waiting for QMx’s small scale version of the USS Kelvin that was discussed way back when. Don’t think that’s going to materialize.

Mobius have signed a license agreement for the Kelvin Timeline – there models are usually very good – so looking forward to seeing what they do – it would be nice for a 1:350 scale of the Enterprise (to go with Polar Lights Refit Enterprise)

Star Trek Beyobd Worldwide: $244,236,764 as of Aug 30

Which means Paramount has only recouped about $122,118,382.

That only leaves them $182,881,618 to recoup on a $305 million budget.

Considering that the international market has only earned $92,845,426 to date, it’s not likely that China and the rest are going to earn more than that, if even that much.

So figure that will leave the film closing with about a $120 million dollar deficit, which if they’re lucky home video will make up a large chunk of.

So after selling the TV rights, and paying off the remaining investors, they may just break even on this film. But I doubt they’ll see a profit for years to come.

Not the best place from which to launch a sequel.

Production budget was $185m. Marketing was reportedly $100m. $285m total.

Studios make money off movies for decades through home video and global TV sales. Paramount is still making money off The Motion Picture. It’s a long-term investment. They do fine, don’t worry.

This is a great pack for me. I’ve got STID on Blu-Ray but I’ve only got a DVD of ST09. So, this will be a great upgrade for my collection plus the new movie. Well worth the $50 IMO.

On one hand, I would love to own this on video as soon as possible, because it was great but I haven’t had a chance to go back to the theater to see it again. On the other, a movie that comes out too soon on home video immediately is flagged as something the studio has given up on, and I really don’t want that for Beyond.

Beyond deserved better than the way Paramount has handled it’s release and promotion. The whole thing sucks.

DVDs Release Dates website is showing the Sept. 20th date. Amazon still isn’t showing any release dates.


As much as I’d love it to be true so I can enjoy it more at home, that’s WAAAAY too early. I could see it being more like Nov 20th or potentially near the end of October at the earliest.

£50?! Amazon must be off their rocker

At those prices, I think I’ll hold out for the Franklin drone edition that puts it in the player for me.

Lol… before the official movie release in Asia.

No, that’s today:

Argentina 1 September 2016
Brazil 1 September 2016
Chile 1 September 2016
Colombia 1 September 2016
Panama 1 September 2016
Peru 1 September 2016
China 2 September 2016
Mexico 2 September 2016

Japan is the one that will be released after the home video on October 21. That will cause some damage there …

@Curious Cadet,

Speaking of China, THR ran an interesting report about a new film law in China and some funny business at the Chinese box office!
China Advances Film Industry Law, Cracks Down on “Western Values”

Topics addressed in the draft of China’s film industry rulebook include market access for foreign movies, censorship and how to handle artists “tainted” by drug and prostitution scandals…

The draft law also includes provisions designed to crack down on box-office fraud, stating that “film distribution companies and cinemas should not fabricate movie ticket sales or engage in improper methods,” according to Xinhua. In 2015 and 2016, several local production companies and distributors were caught gaming China’s box office by mass-buying tickets to their own movies. The tactic was used to create the impression of a hit for marketing gain, or to manipulate China’s hot financial markets. Under the new law, companies engaged in such practices could be fined up to 500,000 yuan ($75,000), hit with business suspensions or outright banned, Xinhua said.


Such a fun film! Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Looks like STB earned $9.3 million it’s opening night. According to Forbes that’s 160% of the STID opening night. Looks like we’ll have to wait until Sunday to see if that momentum carries through the weekend. Paramount only gets about 25% of the China box office so that’s another $2.3 million toward recoupment.


Some websites now saying 11/01 which sounds more realistic to me.

Well if it’s true, it’ll be a nice birthday present from Paramount to me.

Looks like STB made $30.1 million over the three day weekend in China. STID opened with $26 million, so it’s unlikely STB is going to do much better than the $57 it earned on STID. It definitely won’t put STB into the black. Keep in mind Paramount will only get around 25% of that total BO anyway.

What’s going to hurt Trek in the short term is not STB’s performance so much as this:

Total worldwide box office including China is $285,393,322

Budget $185 million
Marketing $120 million
Box Office $142 million (Less Theater take $142)
Total remaining to break even $163 million

Paramount is expected to earn another $8-13 million of a $15-25 million BO, which means they will close with a loss of over $150 million, before home video and TV deals, which are not likely to immediately put this film into the black, much less be considered profitable.

Why isn’t the IMAX re-release this weekend being covered by TrekMovie?

What a flop. Can we close the book on the lousy bad robot era trek?

Here’s a little more perspective:

By all measure ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS is considered a flop, both critically and financially. And it’s grossed $295.1 million to date, on a $170 million dollar budget.

Obviously Trek has presently grossed $10 million less, and cost $15 million more. Even if STB earns the projected $25 million more, it will still only gross about the same amount that ALICE did over its budget.

At least STB has good critical reviews which should encourage home video sales and rentals.

It’ll make more than $25m.

I notice Walmart preorder shippin on dec 31 😳 Then I don’t buy it lol.

I was stunned to see yesterday, that Beyond is already available on streaming services! Today is 9/7. It’s only been out less than two months!


DVD Release Dates updated to Nov. 1 from Sept. 20.