Round-up: Star Trek 50th Anniversary Merch

With the 50th anniversary of Star Trek finally here, we thought we’d show you some of the more interesting anniversary products you can pick up to commemorate the event. We know there are some great books out there, including The Fifty Year Mission (in two parts, reviews to come), The Star Trek Book (review also coming soon), and National Geographic’s Star Trek The Official Guide to Our Universe: The True Science Behind the Starship Voyages, and of course the new 50th anniversary Blu-ray set. There’s also IDW’s Star Trek 50th Anniversary Cover Celebration. But if you’re looking for something a little quirkier, check out some of the items in our round-up, many of which were announced as partnerships earlier this year.

Our top pick is the Star Trek TOS Bluetooth Communicator. It’s the first fully-functional wireless Star Trek communicator, painstakingly designed, and yes, you flip it open to answer it. Connect it to your bluetooth-enabled cell phone and use the same way you would a wireless speaker or headphones. It comes with 20 different sounds! Yes, it’s $150, but it’s pretty irresistible.

Bluetooth Communicator from Think Geek

But there’s more …


Going cycling? You might go faster if you take the Enterprise with you, in these cycling jerseys from from Brainstorm. They have a lot of different colors and images, and run about $90 each. They have a bunch of different colors and themes.

Cycling Jerseys from Brainstorm

Too cold for cycling? Warm up with a nice Star Trek scarf, from Lovarzi. You’ll have to order it from the U.K., though. It’s about $22 USD, but the shipping isn’t cheap. Looks cozy, though.

Lovarzi Star Trek Scarf

You can also add these boots from Burlee Australia, although maybe they’re better for off-bike activities. They have an UGG-type style, and a similar price tag, at $195 a pair.

Star Trek Delta Boots

And if it’s raining, just grab this umbrella, also from Lovarzi. About $30 after the exchange, plus shipping.

Lovarzi umbrella

Threadless ran a contest for people to design Star Trek t-shirts; you can pick up the winning design for $12.99, but check out the runners-up, because there are some gems in there. Star Trek fans are a pretty creative bunch.

Winning fan t-shirt at Threadless

The Mac collection should keep you entertained for hours, for cosplay or just glamming it up. (There are tutorials on their site if you need it, which is kind and thoughful.)

Star Trek Make-up Collection by Mac

Add some accessories! These FanSets pins cover all the different series, including the oft-neglected animated one. $8.95 each, and free shipping if you order four or more. They have sets as well, like one with all the captains. It’s hard to make a Borg look cute, but they’ve managed it.

Fanset Pin - Borg Fanset Pin - M'Ress


This Quadrocopter drone, modeled after the NCC-1701A, comes complete with phaser and warp sounds, and should be fun to play with. It comes out in September and will cost $120.00.

Enterprise Quadrocopter

These figures from Qmx are incredibly detailed and come with multiple hands for even the most dramatic Shatner pose. They’ve done a great job on their site showing some of the options. They cost $180, so they’re just for the serious collector, but they look like a lot of work has gone into these, with more than 30 points of articulation. (If you’re displaying it, maybe keep all the extra hands in a box nearby.)

quantum-mechanix-spock  quantum-mechanix-kirk

If you want dolls that remind you of childhood instead of making you feel like a grown-up collector, there are now official Star Trek Barbies, at $34.95 each. Playset not included, or even for sale, but at least they took the time to set up something nice for the photos. We like Kirk’s heroic Barbie stance best.

Star Trek Barbies

You can also build your own Megablok Spock for $14.99 …

Megablocks Spock

… or your own Star Trek Build-A-Bear. Two for $35.

Star Trek Build-a-Bear

If you’re too tired to build your own, there are always these Itty Bittys, from Hallmark, for $30 a set.

Hallmark Itty Bittys

Cute and fuzzy not your thing? Prefer something a little more intellectual? You can finally get your hands on that 3D Chess Set from The Franklin Mint for $275. Yes, it comes with instructions.

Franklin Mint 3D Chess Set

Now that you’re in thinking mode, play Star Trek Trivial Pursuit, which comes in the Shuttlecraft Galileo. About $30.

Star Trek Trivial Pursuit

Or Panic, which we already reviewed for you.

Star Trek Panic

And then get strategic, with Risk, which sells for about $50 on most sites, a little less on others.

Star Trek Risk


For the feline fans in your family, The Coop has created these wobble mouse toys. $10 each.

Star Trek cat toys from Wobble

Not everybody has enough money for toys and games., but we all need money, and we all need to mail things. Some more practical items below:


For the Canadians:

Canadian Star Trek coins  Canadian Star Trek stamps

And the Americans! These ones were first made available at Missions New York, in a presentation hosted by Walter Koenig.

Star Trek postage stamps U.S.


Schmaltz Brewing has two different kinds of Star Trek beer to toast your absent friends and new adventures, Vulcan Ale, and Golden Anniversary Ale: The Trouble With Tribbles.

Star Trek Golden Anniversary Ale - beer

If you’re not a drinker, try some Dilithium Crystals candy from The Unemployed Philosophers. Only $3! They also have a Spock pill box and Star Trek sticky notes.

Unemployed Philisophers Dilithium Crystals candy


There’s more, of course. Hit us up with your favorites in the comments.

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why didn’t you list the big TV/Movie Blu-ray collection?

Check the introduction, it’s there. The list is for more unique merchandise.

Shatner was never this thin …

Neither was he ever that Nimoy, even in THE ENTERPRISE INCIDENT. ;-)

On CBS NEWS SUNDAY MORNING 9-4-16, they did a nice 50 years of STAR TREK piece but before that they did a separate unconnected piece on a club of vintage washing machine collectors. They were, just outside where the king of the collecters kept his machines for a wash-in, sitting on deck chairs being interviewed for the piece when I spied one of the blue cushions a gent was sitting in had on the left and right shoulder sides the symbols for the MIRROR, Terran Empire in white!

WOW Barbie Kirk looks like something out of SuperMarionation like a THUNDERBIRD.

On the morning news, I was just floored by a promo piece for the science-fiction parody, UNBELIEVABLE, which features a Kirk marionette.

On my wish list: The StarTrek Bridge Set and Pin Mates of the TOS crew from Bif Bang Pow

That communicator is really cool. If this had been even 10 years ago, I might have bought that. Now, it’s staggering how impractical it is in terms of the technology I use everyday.

And that highlights something important with respect to DISC. They can’t use technology that looks older than what we’re using today and hope to attract new audiences.

I always wondered how Spock received information from his Tricorder when he wasn’t even looking at it, or the screen wasn’t on. Maybe HUD contact lenses? That doesn’t necessarily conflict with canon. How about a communicator that splits open and becomes a touch screen?

Curious Cadet

Reminds me H&I filled out the rest of their sun Trek holiday tribute running documentaries that weren’t scheduled in their channel’s guide. One of them was Jason Alexander and two pals playing the roles of Kirk, Spock and McCoy roaming around I think was 1999 trying to find the source of a transmission that was wiping out their “real” Enterprise and Federation of the future by broadcasting the Y2K bug to the ship’s computer.

Made me laugh more than I expected it to have a right to.

Anyway, Spock established the tricorder does have a link to the ship’s computer but their connection was getting killed with roaming charges. At one point Kirk resorts to using his communicator to ask the computer questions.

Seemed serendipitously relevant.

On how how Spock can get info from tricorder for which we and others seem unable to perceive: recall his hearing his beyond that of normal humans and higher frequencies allow higher speed in relating info.

DISC can do what they want. ‘Trials And Tribble-ations’ established that Starfleet maintains their own design aesthetics and tech for their own purposes.

All of this, but no movie novelization?

IKR? Or how about some KT novels? The Starfleet Academy series was nice, but I want some of the 3-year … whatever … mission of the KT Enterprise!

The movie was all action. How would they translate that to a book? ;-)

Curious Cadet,

Re:How would they translate that to a book?

They don’t. They novelize the comic books where they put the story in the first place.

Still no sign of a TOS-centric ‘Lego Star Trek’ videogame ever appearing for my brats to play sadly… :(

Who knew it was the 50th anniversary! Huh.


Re:Who knew it was the 50th anniversary


After all the fuss over Bond’s 50th and Dr Who’s 50th, one would think Paramount would’ve made hay on Trek’s 50th.

But since their marketing sucks re: the films, I guess it sort of lazily slides over to the Anniversary department, too.

They oughtta have the line “Risk … risk is our business!” on the RISK box.

With Kirk pointing at the Enterprise: “That’s why we’re aboard her …!”

Things like the blue tooth communicator highlight what I always hated about ST merchandise when I was a child. (I hasten to say, it highlights it by NOT having the hated characteristic.) Never could stand the Star Trek toys back in the 60’s that were emblazoned with “Star Trek” in raised plastic lettering. Spock’s tricorder didn’t say “Star Trek” on it? Why should MINE?!!

Might just have to buy one of those communicators if only for the fact they did it RIGHT!

(“The Man From U.N.C.L.E” was sort of a grey area. It was OK if the toy was labeled “U.N.C.L.E.”, but that was it. [grin] )

I can’t wait for the Star Trek Forever USPS stamps. I keep checking. I think they said they’d be out in October. Huh?

The Star Trek USPS stamps are available now — they were released on September 2. I purchased a sheet on Saturday (Sept. 3) in a small suburban Milwaukee post office and suspect they are available at most/all US postal outlets. Also the stamps currently are the featured item for sale on the home page.

Does the Trivial Pursuit cover all Star Trek’s iterations, or TOS only? Hmmm.

Wow. What a big bunch of useless trash. Sad. I expected so much more for the 50th. SOOOoooooo much more.

Aside from remastered films (which I think it’s safe to say we were all anticipating), what other merchandise were you expecting?

An expanded, 2 vol set of ‘The Star Trek Encyclopedia’ is coming. Been excited for that since they announced it last year.

‘The Fifty Year Mission’ is a great read, and so is ‘Return To Tomorrow ‘ about the making if ST-TMP.

That beer tastes good, too.

I have a 50th anniversary pin from that I like a lot. It’s small enough to be tasteful, is sturdy and well made, and only cost $6.95.

“Merch”? Is it really that hard to type out “merchandise”? Must everything be shortened?

Ted C,

I think you’ll find that once they changed the original “a” in marchandise to an “e” [Is it really THAT hard to type an “a”?], there’s been no stopping them.

The beer! I need to find the beer!