Star Trek Online Launches on PS4, Xbox One Today in North America

Star Trek Online has been released on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One today in North America, far earlier than anyone has expected. The free-to-play MMORPG game is available for download from the Playstation and Xbox stores. 

Executive Producer Steve Ricossa has announced that the game will be released on consoles in Europe and other regions in the Americas within the coming days.

The console release of the PC game features the ability to play as Federation, Klingon, and Romulan factions in the beginning of the 25th century. It also includes two expansions and 11 seasons worth of updates that have been rolled out since the game’s initial PC launch in 2010.


Ricossa confirmed for TrekMovie at Mission: New York that additional seasons and expansion packs would be available to players free of charge.

Hands On

TrekMovie had the chance to play a demo of the game for the PS4 and chat with Ricossa at Mission: New York. One of the game’s challenges was taking a PC game’s controls and mapping them to an PS4 or Xbox controller. We found the controls to be intuitive and easy to navigate in both space and ground combat situations.


The game’s crew special trait system, which occupied a large bar in the PC version, now utilizes a wheel-based system that allows you to activate the trait with a tap of a button, or select a different one to activate when you hold the same button down.


Additionally, the game’s engine has received an overhaul, with updated textures and lighting. Space combat never looked so good, and the lighting really shines when you can see the pulse fired from your compression phaser rifle glimmer off of the surfaces it flies past.

Coming Soon

At Mission: New York, TrekMovie sat down for an interview with Denise Crosby, which we will have for you in coming days. Additionally, we will be playing STO on the PS4 so you can expect a review from us, including the perspectives of long-time players and newcomers, from us next week.

As the game is free-to-play, we encourage Trek gamers to jump in immediately. It’s quite a lot of fun, and continues the Prime Universe story into the early 25th century.

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this is a pretty fun game but its too bad they put all the cool ships in gambling boxes now. they finally released an end game constitution class, but you have to gamble to have a chance to get it. oh well.

and no i’m not saying they should be giving ships away for free; we all know they have to make money. but sell things in the game store through a direct sale like a normal business; don’t make people gamble for the chance of possibly getting something

I opened 300 packs and never got a ship. Pretty awesome…

Upsetting that I have to start as an ensign and play this all over again… the ships are slow and clunky, the graphics seem a touch juvenile, and the ground combat interface leaves much to be desired. Going back to my PC immediately.

Are the ships fast and sleek on PC? I don’t understand how PC to console would affect this

I haven’t played STO on PC so I’ll be an ensign straight out of the academy ;)
I’m glad they ported it to consoles. It’s been a few years since the last console Star Trek game.

I’m with you on that. I’m a console gamer and while I’ve been serious enjoying my stints with Witcher and Star Wars Battlefront and replays of Mass Effect, I’ve seriously been missing a Trek console game. This is FAR from being the true Trek game we need (cough cough…Mass Effect IS Star Trek…cough cough) but it works for now.

like ps2 was the last time ive played one

So stoked about this! I tried this game on pc a while back and as a console gamer I HATED the controls. The console controls are perfect and all of the graphics are beautiful for an mmorpg. I play Elder Scrolls online on console too and this one is just as good as that one if not better!

Computer assest dont cross over. Not even ESO is that big of a ass. Think about it $500 worth of ships on average you cant play with. I think.most veterians have around 2k invested into there accounts.

I played sto for 4 years on the pc and really can’t be bothered to start all over again on console, the Xbox one runs on Windows 10 so I can’t see why it would be that hard to port my account items over to xbox

Make an improved version of No Man’s Sky and set it in the Star Trek world, then I’m in.

Great! Finally an excuse to get a PS4!

I understand they have to pay for servers, maintenance, etc. but do ships really have to cost $30 in real world money? That is absolutely absurd. You can buy a used game for that much!

in north america.. Canada is in north america and it’s unvailable..

Is this Star trek Online free, really?

How can they afford to keep expanding it and so forth? Am I missing something here? I’ve never played the game, so…

Too bad the new show Discovery didn’t follow this games lead and take place post Nemesis. There’s so much opportunity and intriguing developments to be had going this route.

Why a 16 rating?
Bad language? Blood? Is the violence worse than Overwatch and Destiny?