UPDATED: Everything We Know So Far About Star Trek: Discovery In One Handy Infographic

Show runner Bryan Fuller has slowly been revealing details about the up and coming Star Trek television series Star Trek: Discovery. But, what do we really know about the new show? We made this handy infographic with everything we know about DSC, all in one place.

UPDATED with latest information as of 2016-10-06


Star Trek: Discovery – What do we know so far


  • “We’re set in the Prime universe, 10 years before Captain Kirk. We have the opportunity to bridge the gap between Enterprise and The Original Series and really help us redefine the visual style of Star Trek” –Bryan Fuller, showrunner


  • The core number of characters in the main ensemble is “about seven”
  • Lead role: Lt. Cmd. human woman referred to as “number one”
  • Lots of aliens, new and reimagined one named Saru
  • A male lead
  • At least one gay character
  • There will be robots


  • “She’s not a central part of the show,” Fuller said of Amanda Grayson, Spock’s human mother, “but we love that character.”
  • Fuller has exchanged tweets with actor Kumail Nanjiani who plays Dinesh on Silicon Valley saying he has a Starfleet uniform ready for him.
  • Fuller has tweeted the #BringBackGuinan hashtag created by Scott Mantz at Star Trek Las Vegas

The Ship and Mission

  • The Ship: The design is still a work in progress, “We’ve got different nacelles. We’ve got different lines there,” but it will feature elements of concept designers Ken Adam and Ralph McQuarrie’s Star Trek: Planet of the Titans designs, along with those of 1970s-era race cars, Lamborghinis and James Bond vehicles
  • The Mission: “There’s an incident, an event, in the history of Starfleet that has been talked about [in previous Star Trek series] but never fully explored”. No confirmation on what this event is, but we know what it isn’t…

What is the show NOT about?

  • Axanar
  • Romulan War
  • Section 31

Meta: The show itself

  • Show runners: Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts.
    [Bryan Fuller will be guiding the team as excutive producer.]
  • Directors: David Semel (1st episode), Vincenzo Natali
  • Producers: Rod Roddenberry, Nicholas Meyer
  • Date: Filming starts in November
  • Location: Pinewood Toronto Studios
  • Series Production Design: Mark Worthington (American Horror Story, Ugly Betty)
  • Costumes: “It’s really something completely different, a ‘Happy transporter accident.’ ‘It’s a little bit of this, it’s a little bit of that,’ and you’ll say, ‘Oh, I see it.'” –Bryan Fuller
  • Scripts: 13 episodes in 1st season. Each episode will stand alone but be a part of a bigger story like chapters in a novel
  • Episode One: Hour 1 written by Bryan Fuller & Alex Kurtzman, Hour 2 written by Nicholas Meyer
  • First three scripts complete
  • Outlines for four and five
  • Story plotted for remaining episodes
  • Writers:
    • Jesse Alexander (Hannibal, Heroes, Lost)
    • Gretchen J. Berg (Pushing Daisies, Wonderfalls)
    • Kristen Beyer (Star Trek VOY novels)
    • Aron Eli Coleite (Heroes)
    • Aaron Harberts (Pushing Daisies, Wonderfalls)
    • Joe Menosky (Star Trek TNG & VOY)
    • Kemp Powers (Playwright, One Night in Miami)
  • Visual Effects: Bill Powloski, Mitch Suskin
  • Art Department: Marina Abramyan, John Eaves, Sam Michlap

Other Media

  • Kristen Beyer will oversee a book from Simon & Schuster written by David Mack and a new comic book series from IDW to be published concurrent with the premiere of the new series

How to watch

  • First episode world premiere May, 2017
  • All remaining episodes on CBS All Access in the US, Netflix in 188 countries excluding US and Canada
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Well done!

Excellent !!!

You’re missing Kirsten Beyer off the writers list therer.

Fixed! Thanks.

Thank you! I had moved things around and I guess her layer got lost!

Really cool…I’m so excited about the whole thing now… The first time since spring 2001, we’ll be getting casting news, promo shots and first teasers for an all-new Star Trek show again. I remember the good old days in the mid-90s when DS9 and VOY were born. Those were the days…

Not that I don’t like comic book shows, or other genre stuff like Doctor Who, but this is Star Trek and it’s the only show I’ll care about episode titles, actor names, rumors etc from day one…

yeah i see what you mean, i to love dr who and comic book shows and film however star trek is my first love

it’s nice looking and a complication of a lot of what is known, but if I could be a little pedantic for a minute, like a lot of graphics tossed around the web these days it is not really and infographic. An infographic is properly an image that graphically depicts information. The whole point is to create a visualization of information/data that gives you insight into the information that you don’t get via other presentations.

The closest this image comes to a real infographic is the “timeline” portion and that is not done particularly well. This image is basically an article with fewer words supported with stylized clipart.

Yeah, you’re quite right. Marketing has taken the data-driven images with presentation value, and down-graded them to be simple conveyors of information. It’s one of the drawbacks of the medium.

Having said that – I actually enjoyed the presentation instead of a bullet-ed list of stuff we already know ;)

Beautiful chart. May I ask what tools you used to design it?

Also, maybe I missed it, but I didn’t spot Kirsten Beyer listed as a writer.

Nice graphics.

We’re all assuming the “incident” is something mentioned in TOS. But the way he says “past series” and the idea it “bridges the gap from Enterprise to TOS” even though its awfully far from ENT makes me think its something from ENT.

Here’s a crazy theory. Number One is the daughter of Trip & T’Pol (who somehow survived and was taken in by Section 31 due to her hybrid nature). She’s more human looking than Vulcan (perhaps altered to appear fully human) but maintains some Vulcan traits such as long life.

It might provide a good reason for Amanda Grayson to appear if Number One needs advice on Human/Vulcan dynamics.

Not a bad idea but wan’t Spock supposed to be the first Vulcan serving in Starfleet? Enterprise kinda skirted the issue with T’Pol – she worked for the Vulcan High Command – so canon was not technically violated though I remember thinking that they were getting off on a technicality.

My theory would include the fact that her Vulcan heritage is kept secret from everyone around her. We saw there was still bigotry towards Spock in TOS so the idea of a hybrid in Starfleet might compel someone to keep it a secret (and allow writers the opportunity to explore the issue of hiding ethnicity etc to “fit in”).

Ah, I see. I guess as long as it stayed a secret, TOS continuity survives – not that I think that’s the end-all, be-all. Continuity is fine as long as it advances the story, but I’m willing to overlook a fair bit, especially in production design for example. I really think there’s no way to create a credible 23rd century environment that also looks like TOS. Technology has changed so much since then. Redesigning established alien species is a little trickier, I’m not sure whether I am for or against it. I guess if it’s part of a really compelling and engrossing story, I’m willing to cut TPTB quite a bit of slack.

@nscates — and don’t forget that the entire reason TOS looked that way was in order for NBC’s parent company, RCA, to sell more color TV sets. Why anyone would insist on perpetrating a marketing decision to sell a product from the 1960s is beyond me.

Curious Cadet,

Re:color TV sets

Solow claimed that he was able to convince NBC to pickup Trek as series because he asked them to consider the number of color TVs they could sell just so people could be the first to see the purple trees of other planets on STAR TREK.

He also claimed that shortly after the first series’ cancellation, he found out from some NBC exec that they tracked a separate set of ratings numbers all along for shows in homes with color TVs and that STAR TREK was the most watched show on color sets in each of its seasons. My interpretation is he intimates that he could have throttled the exec right then and there for keeping that from him while he was in charge.


Re:Vulcan heritage is kept secret

Vulcans keeping secrets are fine all well and good, but how does she escape detection by Starfleet Medical personnel?

@Dis – Section 31.


Re: Section 31

Ah, the KT Khan explanation for as to how his forbidden genetics failed to set off all sorts of alarms wherever Harrison went.

Spock being the first Vulcan in Starfleet doesn’t come from any of the TV shows or films, so they’re not beholden to that.

Plus, the Intrepid was entirely manned by Vulcans, which means by Spock’s time, Vulcans played a big role in Starfleet. As such, it’s very doubtful that he would have been the first.

Nope. Number One will certainly be no child of Trip and T’Pol. If they wanted to continue ENT in any form, they could have gone with the NX-01 refit and the Romulan Wars. I don’t think this series will be closely tied to ENT at all. It’s set 90 years later, so no…

Anyway, Star Trek has NEVER done main characters being offsprings of other main characters that lived a century ago. I guess it’s how Star Trek differs from Star Wars, Harry Potter or Middle-Earth where the entire epic stories are centered around certain characters and their ancestors and offsprings, a multi-generational fairy tale… It would be a HUGE surprise if Star Trek ever did such a thing…

Don’t forget Fuller said Discovery would bridge the gap between Enterprise and TOS. He could just mean “hey it takes place between those two times” but its a weird way of saying it. It would make more sense to say it like that if there is a real connection to Enterprise.

Nice theory, but here’s the thing: It depends on whether Fuller wants the “big reveal” of Number One’s name (and her link to an existing TOS, pre or post-TOS character) to be an easter egg specifically for the core Trek fanbase or something everybody else will also recognise. T’Pol may be too obscure for the wider audience. If Fuller intends for it to be a big “aha” moment for absolutely everyone watching the show, the only names that have instant mainstream recognition are Kirk, Picard and Khan.

So it all revolves around who Fuller is actually targeting the “twist” at. If it’s purely for existing Trekkies, that increases the range of options, of course. Perhaps someone should ask him at the next public Q&A.

“the only names that have instant mainstream recognition are Kirk, Picard and Khan.”

Spock too, obviously. But it would be much easier for the reveal of Number One’s name to expose a connection to one of the other guys, especially if she has the same surname.

Nice job Trekmovie

This looks on track to cause more continuity damage than Enterprise.

Maybe not from a story perspective. If the show is to be told like a novel, then perhaps the storylines will be tight enough that they can easily stay within the existing canon without too much trouble. From an aesthetic continuity perspective, however, we will probably need to stretch our imaginations to explain why uniforms, sets and props look so different.

Based on… nothing.

Great work – very concise

Very neat presentation, thanks.

My main concerns:

1) Not crazy about the time period they’re shoehorning the new show into. One of the (many) things which took me out of Enterprise was how advanced that show looked compared to TOS. I see this being an even bigger culprit, introducing new aliens which were never seen again ten years later, during Kirk’s time? I see lots of opportunities for established canon to get wrecked. Sticking Guinan in there isn’t going to be that much of a thrill, for me.

2) I’m afraid story, tension and plot will be sacrificed to advance ‘politically correct’ current whims. If this turns out to be a melodrama set in space advancing every fringe social justice warrior group which is in style today, I’m out. I see enough of that crap in everyday life.

3) (and the deal breaker), having to pay for an extra service to see it. This (as of now) includes ads (unless you want to pay even More to exclude them) and the streaming service is sketchy. The rest of the world can see it on Netflix, but the USA can’t – ridiculous. It’s not about money, it’s about being taken advantage of. It’s about greed, CBS, and I’m not playing. This may be my first foray into torrenting, if the show turns out to be any good. Or I’ll wait until the 13 episode run is over and see it some other way.

In a world where we have great shows like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, (insert your favorite here), drawing millions of viewers, compelling programming with intelligent writing available on reliable platforms, with no ads, at reasonable prices for A Lot more content, I’m going to take a pass on this until the show itself, and the service, sell me on it. STD is going to have to really knock it out of the park to survive out there. Good luck with that, CBS.

1) TNG didn’t include all of the TOS aliens.
Space is big, plenty of room to not come across people.
Plus wasn’t Kirk out there to explore strange new worlds? His mission was to find people they hadn’t found before, so he was avoiding the people they already knew on purpose.
My HP TouchPad looks more advanced than TOS, so I can’t fault ENT for looking advanced. I think they found an appropriate balance.

2) Supposedly that’s what Star Trek is about, talking about modern issues in a more easily digestible format.
I’m assuming you’re talking about the openly gay crewmen. Whether being gay is a sin, a choice, or a genetic trait; I don’t see what the next 200 years are going to do to remove sin, choice, or genetics from humanity.

3) Isn’t Netflix an extra service? So you’d rather pay them? You have to pay someone. Canadians have to pay their cable company, and I think I read that not every Canadian will be able to access it.
CBS All Access will be cheaper than Netflix and a lot cheaper than a Canadian cable subscription, so really, Americans are paying the least to get the show.

It’s not STD, it’s DSC.

naHQun – TNG could introduce all the new aliens the writers wanted because it was set decades in the future and that crew was presumably much further out than Kirk’s crew was. Your second point holds merit, about skipping over species they’d already discovered, but I consider that slippery ground to walk on canon-wise.

No, I wasn’t talking specifically about the openly gay crewman. But since you mentioned it, why did that even have to be announced? Games of Thrones has openly gay scenes all the time. The Walking Dead introduced a gay couple two seasons ago with little or no fanfare or announcement, and you know what? It was no big deal! Why? Because it really IS no big deal anymore! Why announce it? Just do it! Make it a natural ingredient to the show, because some people being gay IS natural.

Yes, I’d certainly rather pay Netflix, absolutely. A boatload more content than what CBS is going to offer, no commercials and excellent streaming quality. Not even a contest.

Yes, DSC. I keep forgetting the abbreviation. Thank you.

I’ll be 50 this year. I’m keenly aware of the fact the writers aren’t aiming towards me as a target audience. But I stand by my concerns.

“But since you mentioned it, why did that even have to be announced?”

They didn’t “announce” it. Someone asked him if they were going to have one and he said yes.

” When asked about the possibility of a homosexual character during the show’s Television Critics Association panel, Fuller said “absolutely we’re having a gay character,” ”

Thanks for that clarification. The things people get worked up about, Jaysus.

I agree that its definitely other people making a bigger deal out of a gay character than the producers. I suppose Fuller could answeres the question by saying “does anyone want to know if there are straight characters?” But the fact media DOES cover the fact the lead is a woman and there will be a gay character PROVES there is interest.

Quite frankly, the acceptance of gays is not a one and done scenario. Its important to continue fighting the good fight. We still see it with black actors really. We see it with women. And we’re supposed to think that there is gender equality? There isn’t. So Im fine with it. Its important. If someone doesn’t like it, they should look in the mirror and either spend some time considering why or just keep it to themselves.


Re: not a one and done scenario

Exactly, and I suppose much as Dr. King surmised too.

TUP Today 11:05 am

Quite frankly, the acceptance of gays is not a one and done scenario. Its important to continue fighting the good fight.

I agree. And what I’m proposing is a more effective strategy for fighting the good fight.

Here’s another way of looking at it.

Some people are afraid of…Muslims, for example. They’re afraid that Muslims are going to corrupt their children, rob society of all its moral rectitude, lead humanity into the apocalypse, and maybe even blow up their kids’ school or whatever. How are these Islamophobic people likely to react if some agency/company were to announce a plan to foist Islam upon public school children, or TV audiences, or whatever, all across the country? They’re not going to react well, I can tell you that with a fair degree of certitude. Foisting the objects of peoples’ fears upon them is typically an ineffective way of ameliorating those fears, and it’s likely to have the opposite effect: people react defensively and dig into their bunker. A more efficacious strategy for ameliorating peoples’ fears of Muslims, gays or whomever, is for the Islamophobic/homophobic/whatever-phobic people to see for themselves that there’s nothing to be afraid of. And the best way to achieve that is to simply have Muslims, gays or whomever around acting normally, in TV shows, doing the normal sorts of things that the phobic people do, themselves. You see what I’m saying?

Well, why was it asked? Why it a requirement? 3% of people are gay except in Hollywood’s version of the world. Did they ask whether there’s a dyslectic character (5%) or a celibate character (20%)?

For one thing, he was asked at the presentation whether or not there was a gay character in the show. Did you want him to just keep silent and not answer the question because he was worried someone online would be upset that he “announced” it?

Dan Gunther Today 11:01 am

To be fair, he could have. Fuller is choosing which questions to answer and which not to answer. He’s not revealing everything. He could have said something like, “There’s no reason why there wouldn’t be. Same-sex couples are as much a part of the 23rd Century as they are a part of the 21st Century. But, I’m not revealing everything about the characters at this point.” And then, if he later announces summaries of all of the characters, he doesn’t even need to mention that the gay character is gay. We simply find out, over the normal course of the show’s exposition, that so-and-so is gay. That would truly be treating gays in as much a non-discriminatory manner as could be done—just a regular part of life.

My point exactly.

For one reason — Trek is 50 years old, and in all of those years there’s never been an openly gay character, despite an on going dialogue between fans, producers, networks, and critics. It’s long overdue in a universe of supposed diversity, and an omission that Trek has glaringly made year after year. It’s kind of a milestone event.

You might as well say that there was no reason to make a big deal out of Obama being the first black president, because you know we’re past all of that. But the fact remains it is a milestone due to the conspicuous absence of even black presidential candidates for the last 240 years. The same is true when we elect the first female president. It shouldn’t matter but it does.

Curious Cadet Today 3:48 pm

Trek is 50 years old, and in all of those years there’s never been an openly gay character…

I don’t know why people keep propagating this falsehood. Firstly, Dax and Mirror Universe Kira each have same-sex relationships in DS9, and are each featured kissing other women. Secondly, TNG did much better than simply having a character that was nominally “gay”—they explored the issue of gender identity and sexual orientation in a meaningful way in The Outcast.

You might as well say that there was no reason to make a big deal out of Obama being the first black president, because you know we’re past all of that

The key difference is that the Democratic Party didn’t announce, before Obama declared that he was running for president, “Absolutely, we’re gonna have a Black candidate,” as though they actively trying to advance a Black person to the presidency. Rather, a Black man happened to have the qualifications to run for the presidency, and of course the Democratic Party was happy to nominate him. Do you see the difference? People don’t like being told to eat their broccoli. Notions are more readily accepted, and prejudices more effectively overcome, when people feel that they’ve arrived at their acceptance of their own volition and on their own terms—rather than being learned by some preachy Hollywood snob foisting his elitist agenda upon them. So-and-so happens to be gay, and it’s no big deal is a better approach than I’m gonna make you accept gay people.


Re:Trek is 50 years old, and in all of those years there’s never been an openly gay character…

Indeed, I agree the milestone was crossed on TV ages ago, but I don’t recall any of the movies, which often seem a thing apart, ever doing so do you? And I don’t recall any regular ship crew characters on either screen openly reflecting that diversity as contributing equally to the general operation and welfare of the ship, just like everyone else who were regarded as minorities by its audiences, which kept it effective in its goals and objectives?

Disinvited Today 7:13 am

In the movies? Not until Sulu in STB. But, that doesn’t invalidate my examples from TV Trek.

And, no, I don’t recall any Trek crews joining hands and singing Kumbaya, how wonderful it is that we’re all so diverse! They just go about their business, because there’s no reason to call attention to the fact the the comm officer happens to be a Black woman, or the helmsman a man of East Asian descent.


Re: reason to call attention to the fact the the comm officer happens to be a Black woman

Maybe I’m misinterpreting Nichols’ oft told tale, but I’m fairly certain a certain Dr. Martin Luther King disagreed with this, i.e. he wanted her to NOT abandon the role precisely because he felt quite the opposite about what you claim.

Disinvited Today 1:07 pm

Whether or not you’re misinterpreting her tale, you’re misapplying it here. I meant that the other characters didn’t call attention to Uhura being Black, i.e. the show didn’t call attention to it. Whether or not it was important to MLK that Uhura was Black is not related to the point.


Re: the show didn’t call attention to it

I think that phrase right there is where you misdirect and confuse from your intent. You say “the show” which has a broader meaning, when you clearly seem to mean to say “the story” or “the episode.”

Clearly “the show” called attention to it. Otherwise stations in The South wouldn’t have bothered with going dark and Dr. King wouldn’t have been telling Nichelle how vital it was that she not leave “the show”.

@ DIsinvited,

I don’t buy the DAX and Kira qualifies as crossing that milestone … women kissing each other is not the same as men kissing each other. It’s a total double standard. There’s a kind of exploitation with women kissing, or mud wrestling, and it’s especially distressing with a franchise like Trek which is typically male dominated. When the red states start debating transgender bathroom laws, they’re worried about men in woman’s restroom — not women in men’s restrooms.

And alien species, and evil universe characters engaging in same sex relationships is no way to reflect it in our own society, especially when they’re all female characters as well. DAX was a symbiont for crying out loud!

So no, this milestone really hasn’t been crossed. And it is regularly discussed in Trek circles. So again I say, it is a legitimate question that has no bearing on the quality of the production.

Curious Cadet Today 4:31 pm

If men kissing is what you want in DSC, then that’s even more to my point: better to just do it, rather than advertise it in advance. After it’s done, I’m sure it’ll make headlines and there won’t be anyone who doesn’t know about it.

There is a difference—- you seem to be mistaking a gay actor for a gay character. They said they are going to have a gay character. And, we haven’t seen the show so we don’t know if the gay character is going to be portrayed as “so-and-so happens to be gay, and it’s no big deal” or “I’m gonna make you accept gay people.” I’m guessing its going to be option 1 based on what we’ve seen on Trek so far.

CaptainSheridan Today 11:10 am

you seem to be mistaking a gay actor for a gay character. They said they are going to have a gay character.

Who, me? I haven’t said anything about gay actors, and I’m certainly not making the mistake that you describe.

The only gay representation has been evil mirror universe bi sexual women which of course is a straight fetish.
Yeah. Great!


It really doesnt matter. You were going off of previous incarnations… like TOS, TNG, DS9. Nothing to apologize for.

naHQun Today 9:24 am

Yeah, Danpaine definitely has a valid point about subscribing to Netflix being a far, far, far better deal in terms of content-per-dollar than CBS (not really) All Access. If CBS does introduce an ad-free version for $10, I’ll probably subscribe to that for three months and then cancel my subscription until the next season of DSC.

If it sucks, then its STD!!!!!


Don’t correct people, it makes you look… well… not that great.

” I’m afraid story, tension and plot will be sacrificed to advance ‘politically correct’ current whims.”


I think you forgot Kirsten Beyer is one of the writers. She writes the Voyager relaunch novels

Nice Job.

It’s updated! We moved some things around and I think her later got turned off, then we added another name and….well it’s back now :-)

Beautiful infographics! I love it!

very cool! well done!

How come so few have talked about this tidbit, from the Hollywood Reporter, has it been debunked?
“Sources tell THR the rest of the cast also will feature an openly gay actor as one of the male leads (which Fuller confirmed), a female admiral, a male Klingon captain, a male admiral, a male adviser and a British male doctor.”

A Klingon captain 110 years before worf?

Good job, love the graphics and especially the “Timeline” slide, puts things in perspective..

Mmmmm- pass. It needs more “cowbell”. ;-)

thank you! excellent! most entertaining. got me in.

Fuller has tweeted William Shatner as well.

@Trekmovie team, outstanding graphics, well done.

I hope we will find out about the incident soon enough.

Nice graphics but the nu trek enterprise is only slightly larger then the original enterprise, not bigger then the E. The original designer designed it so, then the idiot movie team decided to double it, not taking into consideration that if it really were that big, not even every 2nd floor would have windows. It’s a little bug that irks me when I see people use the larger number that makes no sense because an idiot movie maker decided to mess with numbers without any regard for actual design and implication.

You’ve just described the whole problem with the KT films, right there: do things based on their alleged coolness factor, as opposed to whether they actually make any sense or not.

Like, uh, going from Earth to Vulcan in 30 seconds, blind all the way?

Oh yeah, or transporting to Q’onos via a PORTABLE transwarp transmitter… My gosh… this was just total BS… transwarp beaming in general, but portable transmitter? Data had the first prototype of a standard portable transmitter in NEM!

It’s just an infographic – none of them are to scale. The Narada isn’t smaller than Discovery or any of the Enterprises :)

Very impressive.

Caroline Dhavernas! Bryan Fuller really needs to cast her as Number One (and I wouldn’t be surprised if he does).

Well, we know that Pike was Captain of the NCC-1701 Enterprise 13 years from when “The Menagerie” (TOS, S1E11/12). If this series takes place ten years from the time of Kirk, and if this character is indeed “Number One”, then having a dark-haired woman with a logical demeanor should be played by someone who can pull it off. Personally, I would rather have a Pike series that picks up right after “The Cage”.

@DsWynne – come to think of it, Number One being described as logical…hmmm, maybe my theory isnt so far-fetched. Did we ever see her ears in The Cage? lol

I had wanted a Captain April series when the Enterprise was brand new.

If “Number One” is the same there is the chance for a Bruce Greenwood as Pike cameo…PLEASE PLEASE!

Love the actor (easily the best thing about the KT films IMO), but he’s about 20 years too old for the role of Pike in this timeframe.

Actually no he’s not. This timeframe is 2255, which is when Kirk joins the academy in the KT. So Greenwood is only 7 years older than he was when he portrayed Pike in 2255. Since he’s a Prime Timeline character, he’s established in canon as having that appearance.

If you mean that Pike should look the way he did in THE CAGE, then isn’t the rule that new canon supersedes old canon? And either way, canon is extremely ambiguous about Pike’s age, with Mendez telling Kirk that he’s about the same age when they meet — meaning contemporaries, and Pike should be around 28 in 2255.

They could have avoided this whole mess if they had just cast Greenwood as Robert April instead of Pike.

To be perfectly honest, because Pike was on screen for such a short period of time in TOS and the fact that he was retconned as older in the JJ films (Pike was the same Pike in both the KT and the PT), and mostly because Greenwood is awesome, Im willing to overlook it.

I would overlook ANYTHING if it will get Bruce Greenwood there as Pike. I care nothing about the “age” thing.

Maybe we can get Bruce Greenwood to do a voice thing, like Jonathan Frakes did for “All Good Things…” (TNG) at least?

Yes….this! I want to see the Enterprise flying alongside the Discovery at some point.

I have not heard the name.
Who is she?

She was Alanna Bloom in Hannibal

She played Dr. Alana Bloom on Hannibal and was fantastic. She also has a history of working with Fuller going back to Wonderfalls.

But wasn’t the “Number One” lead actress believed to be either black or Latina?

Remember, she is called Number One in HONOR of the character in The Cage, not that she IS the character from The Cage.

Well that was beautifully put together, and it made me so much more excited for the show than I have been! Remaining hopeful.

Beautiful graphic and great job by all. Many thanks.

Good Work!
Where did you get new Discovery Font?
Did you trace it from available promo materials, or is it available for Public?

I found it. It’s Redrail Superfast


What pisses me off is it’s available on Netflix in every other country except for US and Canada. Leave it to the studios to make Star Trek’s largest market pay extra for this streaming service, when the majority of people already have Netflix. /end rant

Why do you assume everyone already has Netflix?

Because every one has netflix

Pretty good job on those graphics! Makes it easier to get into the info.

This show may be great fun and entertaining,but It sounds like it isn’t going to look and feel like the trek we knew.With the designs and the word reimagining being tossed in makes me think being only ten years before TOS how this will fit into the Prime Universe.

That’s becaause it’s not going to fit into the prime timeline – its going to attempt to supplant it and ride the wave of free advertizing generated by all the discontent. Sad but highly likely.

@ Walt – I’m already intending to look on this new show as occurring in an ‘alternative universe’ setting that’s NOT related to the TOS ‘prime timeline’ universe whatsoever, so that I can enjoy it better.

The makers can ‘re-imagine’ their ‘Starfleet’ uniforms to be sequined spandex or make their ‘Mugato’s purple as far as I’m concerned…as it won’t matter a jot this way! ;)

The uniforms would not be the same as those depicted in TOS, since the show is set ten years before TOS.

It’s 10 years before Kirk’s first 5 year mission. TOS depicted uniforms 10 years before that, so technically speaking, yes they should be the same if continuity over the intervening 11 years is reasonably assumed.

To be honest, nothing made today will look and feel like the Trek we knew. What will make it feel like Trek is the storytelling.

That is a beautiful infographic. Fantastic job, Aaron.

The Section 31 bit is a little misleading. It’s definitely not the main story, but it’s been hinted to be part of the show more than once.


I really hate Section 31. Almost as much as I hate the Temporal Agents.

Right, but not the main mission–the show doesn’t revolve around it.

So I have a PS4 but can’t find the app. I sure hope they add the app before Jan.

Really excellent and creative job IMO.

It is nice to see that a $9.99 commercial free option has been mentioned. This is the first time that I have heard that. Hopefully by January they will have it going. That would make it more enticing. Make it so.

@Trekmovie staff

Where did you get the news that a $9.99 ad-free option is on the table now? My recollection is that Mooves’ original press release mentioned the possibility of an ad-free option for $11.99, if I’m not mistaken.
(Obviously, I’d prefer to pay $10 for it rather than $12.)

Les Moonves in February – http://www.thewrap.com/cbs-may-strip-out-ads-from-all-access-streaming-for-a-price/
and on an investor call in Nov of 2015

Aaron Harvey Today 2:17 pm

Thanks. Apparently I missed that. Good news, in any case.
Great job on the infographic, btw. CBS owes you for that. It’s a great promotional piece.

I hope there is something with tholians! I love those guys!

Very nice infographic! If the actual show has the same look as the design elements pictured here, count me one happy camper in that regard! :)

Amazing!! Thank you for posting!

Great job guys, congrats.

Great work by whoever designed these informative graphics. I especially love his more ‘TOS’-looking replacement ‘nacelle’, and just hope we DO end up with something more like that!

By the way, I’m guessing the same artist did the neat-looking new Trekmovie banner logo. Excellent work again…but I sure wish the ‘delta’ badge emblem didn’t look like it’s fallen on it’s side. Why isn’t it positioned vertically instead of horizontally? It’s just looks…wrong.

It’s a play button – instead of an arrow it’s delta. TrekMovie has to encompass more that just ‘movies’ so we went with the idea of something you see on every video from Netflix to YouTube – the play button.

Thanks for the reply Arron. I only noticed afterwards that your name is mentioned at the bottom of the graphic.

Just to clarify, I should have said that I knew your horizontal ‘delta’ was probably meant to resemble a ‘play’ button, and I’m sure that’s clear to most everyone else too. So no worries on that aspect.

I was originally meaning that I would have liked to see the ‘delta badge’ incorporated into your new banner design in a manner more reminiscent of the previous (vertical) prominent way it used to be –


…except perhaps showing a little bit *more* of it’s overall shape next to your lettering, along the lines of this image –


…but while I think something like that (done in your own stylized way of course) would have looked good beside the lettering, your actual version certainly works well enough for the ‘play’ button idea. I understand the intention of it, but I’m not sure that a ‘play’ button aspect of the logo was necessarily required in the overall re-design to begin with…as the words ‘The source for everything new in Trek’ already suggest that the site encompasses more than just ‘movies’…and arguably, more than just media which use a ‘play’ button.

Just my 2 cents, and I reckon the new dynamic banner is excellent overall. Nice work.

I think to start with we just wanted a clean, clear look. We will probably play around with it more later. We sort of have what you’re talking about in the profile image.

That looks good too, but it’s not what I’m talking about…as it also the horizontal ‘play’ button effect. ;)

You left off M’ress’s tweeted involvement.

You’re overstating her “involvement.” The only thing I’ve seen is Fuller liking a Tweet about someone liking the idea of Anna Friel playing M’Ress on DSC. That’s not an announcement or anything of the kind. If there is such a confirmation, please provide the link for us.

Gooseneck viewers? If not, it’s not canon; count me out. Also, please don’t put the women in pants or the men in skirts. I’m set in my ways and know what I like in my Trek.

Sorry, the women only had pants during this era. Now look who’s trying to change canon.

Off duty, in the corridors, the women dressed like refugees from a Frankie and Annette beach movie. Anyway… the women should wear miniskirts and go-go boots because… I really, really want them to!

But that’s “off duty” wear. Any uniform from this era would ONLY have pants as the standard.

Uhm… Where’s Nicholas Meyer?!?!?

Never mind

He had better be there ! Lol He is the reason I’m going to watch at least to episode two.

He wrote the second half of the pilot. Which I’m excited about.

NICE Design – Love it ;)

So, what are the referenced incidents that occurred 10 years prior? Dr. Richard Daystrom and his invention is one.

I’m less excited now that this incident could have been referenced in any series, not just TOS. It shouldn’t make a difference, but there’s a lot more about the Berman era series that I don’t like than I do. The fact that Fuller wrote so many VOY episodes makes me a little nervous (and they made up so much crap). I’d be much happier conceptually if this was something Nicholas Meyer discovered when he was researching TWOK, and it was and idea from the runner up episode to SPACE SEED that he was considering basing the 2nd movie on instead.

@ Curious Cadet

“…this incident could have been referenced in any series,”

I thought Fuller said the incident was something ONLY mentioned in TOS?

I believe he said “referenced in previous series'” so it could be any. The fact he also made a point of saying Discovery bridges the gap between Enterprise and TOS might mean its something from Enterprise. Because for Discovery to “bridge the gap” it implies a connection between those two. Especially since Enterprise was so much farther behind Discovery than TOS is in front of it.

@Curious Cadet
I actually went through the trouble of looking up what episodes he did write for VOY, and they were some of the best in the series. He also got his start on DS9; the episodes he did for that was great too. Many of the other shows he is responsible are also mostly known to be well-done. I have faith.

I’ll look it up. I actually liked VOY as a whole, and enjoyed quite a few episodes a lot. My objection was more about being a product of the Berman writing school for Trek. Someone who’s immersed in the language of those series are likely to have a hard time stepping outside of it in order to create new material for Trek, not to mention a greater familiarity with that era, making a Berman era “incident” more likely than a TOS era one.

ok… does someone have a list of possible incidents that occurred 10 years prior in any Trek installment?

The most obvious incident for me is the Battle of Axanar, but since they’ve explicitly said they’re not doing that I’m thinking they’re either doing the Battle of Donatu V or the Sheliak border conflict.

Donatu V was mentioned in “The Trouble With Tribbles” as a stalemated battle between the Federation and Klingons in the same sector as Sherman’s Planet that led to there being disputed territory that feeds into the Klingon-Federation Cold War of Kirk’s time.

The Sheliak are from one episode of The Next Generation called “The Ensigns of Command”. Apparently in 2255 there was the Treaty of Armens that ended a border dispute between the Federation and the Sheliak. When I was a kid I wrote some fan fiction that had Captain Garrovick and Lieutenant Kirk involved in negotiating the treaty on the Starship Farragut.

I guess the Altair VI war from “Amok Time” is a possibility but that seems a bit too vague. All they said about that was that there was a war, it ended, and the Enterprise has to be part of the peace ceremony instead of taking Spock to Vulcan. Not much detail to go off of.

good research. Thanks. Now that you mention it, the cloud vampire tormented the crew of the Farragut.

Ohh! I didn’t know John Eaves was part of this!

Gret graphic! Thanks!

One small question about that Enterprise chart: Hasn’t the monstrous size of the J.J.Prise now been revised ‘n’ ret-conned back to a “normal” size, and we can just ignore everything on that first DVD extra?

It’s an infographic, not a ship of the line chart ;-) It’s not to scale. Some stuff was enlarged for importance and empahsis.

Heheh… Honestly, that cluster of ships is pretty close to scale if you skip the Kelvinprise, but as they say on Vulcan, “Whatevs.”


Has any episode of any Trek show reflected my theory that the Mirror Universe split from the Prime Universe (just like the Kelvin Universe did) around 1930 when McCoy played Nero and saved Edith Keeler?

I had that theory too! Seems like a logical branch point.

Or you could say that the “Prime Timeline” is a split from Mirror Universe, in that Picard and crew had inadvertently created their own timeline, thanks to the interference from the Borg.

No episode of Trek has ever reflected that any alternate universe split from the Prime Timeline. Only the existence of Alternate universes, not the creation of them — that’s strictly an Orci fabrication for ST09, one that is not confirmed by canon.

It really is logical though, that there wouldn’t really be a justification for two separate, identical universes. It makes more sense, metaphysically, that some significant event would create a “branch off”. I think McCoy’s meddling with Keeler is of the exact same nature as Nero’s meddling with the Kelvin. Certainly a Nazi victory in WWII could result in what we see in the Mirror Universe. But before that change, the two universes would have been completely and totally identical, so it really doesn’t matter if they were always separate or if one split off from the moment of the significant event. What IS nonsense, is Orci’s theory that the event would not only split off a new universe, but somehow create retroactive changes in that Universes’ previous history.


Re:It really is logical

And it jibes with onscreen depictions on ENT’s Mirror world history depicted in IN A MIRROR, DARKLY’s Mirror opening titles.

I swear I’ve heard that theory before but I don’t know where. I think there’s a Shatner novel that says that the events of “First Contact” led to the Mirror Universe since Earth knew about the Borg and created a more militaristic Starfleet in order to prepare for the inevitable conflict with them. That’s not my head-canon. To me “First Contact” is part of the Temporal Cold War leading directly to “Enterprise” as a more technologically advanced alternate timeline that itself branches off and becomes the Kelvin Timeline.

My head-canon is that different methods of time travel have different rules. So for me, going back in time and changing history using the Guardian of Forever is going to have different effects than going back in time and changing history using a red matter created black hole or slingshot-ing around the sun.

Incidentally, this isn’t really an infographic.

Just look on it as being a graphic with some information on it instead.

Great informational graphic! Thanks!

I’m less excited about this upcoming series than I should be. Some of the aspects of it don’t excite me. We’ll see.

This may be about the Federation-Sheliak Conflict and the Treaty of Armens, which was established in 2255 between the Sheliak Corporate and the United Federation of Planets. This was a plot point in Start Trek: The Next Generation episode “The Ensigns of Command” –> http://memory-alpha.wikia.com/wiki/The_Ensigns_of_Command_(episode)

PaulP August 30, 2016 7:31 pm