BREAKING: Discovery pushed back to May 2017

CBS has issued a new press release today, with a bit of disappointing news: Star Trek Discovery has been pushed back to May 2017. Producers Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman are quoted in the press release. Read on for the pertinent bits.

The highly anticipated STAR TREK: DISCOVERY will now launch in May 2017. The new premiere date is driven by the belief of the creative team that this gives the show the appropriate time for delivery of the highest quality, premium edition of the first new “Star Trek” TV series in over a decade.

“Bringing ‘Star Trek’ back to television carries a responsibility and mission: to connect fans and newcomers alike to the series that has fed our imaginations since childhood,” said executive producers Alex Kurtzman and Bryan Fuller. “We aim to dream big and deliver, and that means making sure the demands of physical and post-production for a show that takes place entirely in space, and the need to meet an air date, don’t result in compromised quality. Before heading into production, we evaluated these realities with our partners at CBS and they agreed: ‘Star Trek’ deserves the very best, and these extra few months will help us achieve a vision we can all be proud of.”

“The series template and episodic scripts that Alex and Bryan have delivered are incredibly vivid and compelling,” said David Stapf, President, CBS Television Studios. “They are building a new, very ambitious ‘Star Trek’ world for television, and everyone involved supports their vision for the best timing to bring to life what we all love on the page.”

Following its May 2017 premiere on the CBS Television Network, all episodes of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY will be available in the U.S. exclusively on CBS All Access. Continuing the worldwide appeal of the franchise, each episode of the series will be available globally within 24 hours of its U.S. premiere, presented on Netflix in 188 countries and through Bell Media platforms in Canada.


Link to full press release



We at TrekMovie believe it is likely related to the recent rush for new visual effects staffing, in late-July multiple open positions for VFX artists were posted to creative job websites.


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Hope it turns out well.

Was thinking the same thing. I won’t get to see it most likely.

Me neither. Just lack of any interest after the 3 Bad Movies.

But hope springs eternal. I await a surprise and I will reserve my credit card for after the premier.

Light speed, Derf!

Yea, can’t judge a CBS TV series by Paramount movies. The TV shows were always better than the movies.

Scripts must be a mess. Total rewrites coming.

That’s total speculation — unless you have a source?

My guess is that they are waiting for a particular lead actor.

If that’s the case, it had better be one Bell of an actor!

*Hell. I really need to disable autocorrect.

I thought you were doing a pun there–as in you hoped it would be Kristen Bell. My mistake.

Hey, I don’t mind looking at Kristen Bell one bit. ;)

Or actress. This announcement just reignited my hopeful expectations for Angela Bassett.

“Actor” can refer to a woman.

I think that’s a good guess.

Among other things, but that is a much more apt speculative comment than “Scripts must be a mess. Total rewrites coming.”

Female and gay no doubt.

That’s the spirit Brian.

Brian, you clearly have no understanding of the TV industry. There’s nothing “must be” about that scenario. Script problems are just one of a thousand reasons something like this could happen. You really have no idea what you’re talking about.

I sya they are having too many good ideas and want to make the arc of the story lines more reasonable.

Complete negative speculation. Probably more along the lines of would have been rushed, better to take the time to really make it fantastic. Give it the care it deserves. These days everyone wants more and faster, immediate gratification. Studios want to push shit out like the apocalypse is coming. What’s four extra months in the span of the 12 years we have been waiting for a new series. Why stress the writers, artists, designers if 4 months would allow them to breath. Relaxed people produce quality, stressed people produce shit.

Hardly a script issue. They are designing a new startship/VFX look for the show. New sets have to be designed and built from scratch. Casting. Whether its 1987 or 2016, these things take time. DS9 and Voyager benefited from TNG assets/personnel being around. This is a whole new thing.

Fine by Me. Do it right.

WHAT?! It is filmed “entirely in space”? No wonder you guys need more time! ;-)

That would be funny if they’d said that, but they didn’t. They said it’s “a show that takes place entirely in space.” *Takes place in* is not the same as *filmed in.*

It’s weird how they only just figured out that it takes place in space. You’d think they would have accounted for that before now. The backlash to the horrible teaser scene of the ship must have really hurt them.

That’s the spirit Brian!

He’s referring to the amount of work it takes to create a space-based environment.

As long as they have the extra time, they should film it in space.

Not entirely surprised by this, it seemed like an impossible timetable to me. Better to take the time and deliver a quality product. Maybe they realized how ugly their starship was!

14 Months is an impossible timetable?

Yea, it really is. For example, no one has been cast. No sets have been built, maybe? Though the Toronto studio where it’s to be filmed might have some. Who knows. As for scripts, I think at least half or just less have been written for a 13 ep run. Really, as I’ve been following the run up to the production and the release date I have ALWAYS thought it was going to go longer. Hey, I haven’t even mentioned SFX or post-pro yet!

If it was such an impossible timetable, then they should have just said May 2017 from the get go, rather than promise pie in the sky.

OMG, have you ever heard of unforeseen issues? You can’t predict the future or any problem that might arise. Again as far as we know, they have not hired their lead or most of their cast. Do you think they expected that to happen? How is 4 extra months such a big deal after we’ve been waiting 12 years for a new series? Sounds selfish, small and petty to me to be complaining about such a thing. Sorry RR but, pie in the sky, k…don’t judge this new CBS series by the new Paramount Trek movies lol. At this early point, they deserve the benefit of the doubt. Look at the people involved!…its Fuller, Meyer and Roddenberry….like, holy fracking trinity batman! :D :D :D


Yes, exactly. One of my friends working for an animation studio in Toronto is one being considered to work on the show. So they’re still hiring SFX and CG pros.

beginning production in september for a january release. Maybe with some kind of temporal distortion that would amount to 14 months.

They announced the show with a January 2017 premiere in November 2015. That’s 14 months.

Yea but account for the months when no one was hired and the months they were still hiring people like Fuller, Meyer, Roddenberry, etc, then those producers have to hire writing staff like Beyer etc. In November 2015 CBS simply announced a new show was coming, that’s it. The only people we knew were on board were Alex Kurtzman and Heather Kadin, that’s when people were saying “uh-oh…Kurtzman!?” Then Fuller, Meyer, Roddenberry etc were announced and we all let out a huge sigh of relief. IMHO the announcement of only Kurtzman and Kadin and NO ONE ELSE was a worse announcement than a 4 month delay. But then things got better….as will this. Here’s a hypo, call me in the morning.

Yea but when they announced it, it was just Alex Kurtzman and Heather Kadin, literally nothing else, no concept, nothing, just that Parmounts three movies were up and CBS really wanted to do a Star Trek series. Are four extra months really that big a deal in the grand scheme of things? In the 12 years we’ve been waiting.

Only been 10 months since announced, how much do you really expect them to get done when it wasn’t all that long ago that Kurtzman was announced and Meyer, and writer Beyer. We know they only have the first few episodes written, TrekMovie posted and infographic about it (done by the wonderful Aaron Harvey.) Full cast probably isn’t hired, and I know for a FACT they are still looking to hire a studio for CG work. One of my friends living in Toronto does animation went from video games to movies, He mentioned to me that the company he works for is one being considered to do work on the show. So, they’re still hiring at this point. They want to get a show from start to finish in just over a year, thats not impossible, but its pushing it and THAT is what this is about. That is what the production staff is realizing and what (some) of us fans equating about the 4 month delay. Why push aside quality for quantity.

If 4 extra months give writers, artists, designers some breathing room, relieves some stress, that would only allow them to focus with more clarity and produce a better production, how can that be bad? This is Bryan Fuller we’re talking about here, the biggest fanboy of them all, he will deliver and if he wants 4 extra month, he gets four extra months. There are no con’s to this, only pro’s. The only con’s are peoples own personal ego negatively viewing this announcement. Four more months…no skin off my back.

Personally, I think their starship looked gorgeous, and they’d be fools to change it much.

So much for getting a big network push after the AFC Championship game. Now it will be lost in a crowd of season finales in May.

Not to mention the TV audience is generally smaller during the summer months. They’re setting this up to fail.

@Redshirt Rosie,

But ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ is not playing on your typical network TV, it is on a streaming service where they release their shows all over the year. Netflix for example released ‘Orange Is the New Black’ during the summer, same thing with ‘Stranger Things’. Both shows were massive success on their release that they were renewed for additional seasons.

But the premier is airing on the network. Not only are more people apt to check it out following a big football game lead in, but they’re more likely to sign up for All Access if they have nothing else going on. Especially if the rumors about CBS keeping each episode up for a limited time to prevent people subscribing for a month and binge watching are true. People can watch OITNB starting from episode one anytime they choose. I’m not sure that will be the case for DSC.

FYI: CBS has already announced the episodes will be released weekly, like a traditional show, not all at once Netflix style.

Why do people fail to understand the difference between Network and Streaming? Here come the chicken littles!

I understand the difference just fine. See above. But this isn’t a Netflix or Hulu original where they drop an entire season at once and leave it up for viewers to watch at their leisure.

Hulu releases shows weekly, at least some. The Mindy Project is once a week.

The Mindy Project is a special case. It was a weekly network show that Hulu picked up after it was canceled by Fox.

The chicken littles are right behind the Apologists

Apologists for what? That doesn’t even make sense…

“…the TV audience is generally smaller during the summer months. They’re setting this up to fail…”

That’s not really true anymore. There are plenty of shows that premiere during the summer months and do quite well. Bates Motel is a prime example.

Doing well on basic cable or streaming are one thing. This is uncharted territory. CBS is using DSC as a centerpiece for an entire separate subscription service. I’d think they’d want to give it every advantage.

I’ve not stuck my toe in the streaming pond yet, even I understand how the on-line content isn’t tied to typical network broadcast norms. I suspect that when I do take the plunge, cable is getting canceled.

Disappointing news but not unexpected given the lack of any real info like casting.

“We aim to dream big and deliver, and that means making sure the demands of physical and post-production for a show that takes place entirely in space, and the need to meet an air date, don’t result in compromised quality.”

It’s post-production, and in particular, VFX.

@John Duchak,

Hopefully they will get the best VFX team in the town then.


@John Duchak,

Indeed :)

They only started hiring for VFX end of July, and it was I believe mostly for Lightwave animators. Lightwave isn’t exactly the program of choice when it comes to super high quality, so far as I know.

Those animators can be use for crude, animated storyboards which is all the rage these days.

Honestly the VFX better be the best we’ve ever seen on a Trek series, and ideally the best we’ve seen in pretty much ANY scifi show, period. I think it needs to be on par with Battlestar Galactica in terms of quality if it’s to garner the respect it deserves and the viewers it needs. The VFX of BSG made it feel that much realer, more visceral, didn’t take me out of the story, unlike TOS-R which feels like very cheap CGI. Are VFX what makes or breaks Trek? No. Is it what we deserve? Yes. The series will be judged by its quality, and the visuals are an important part of that quality. We don’t want to see test footage in our series.

All three of the major packages (i.e. Maya, Lightwave, and 3ds Max) are very mature at this point and capable of producing excellent results, though for reasons both technical and historical Maya is generally still the software of choice for high-end feature work. Lots of great stuff like the effects for the reimagined “Battlestar Galactica” was done in Lightwave.

Are you sure it wasn’t because the premier date and the Axanar trial would be happening at roughly the same time?

Ummm….right. This must be it.

Oh, give it a rest. Axanar has nothing to do with it.

The Axanar Lawsuit against Trekkies got more press attention in the mainstream media than the series announcement & the amature CGI promo clip.
So YES they would also be concerned with avoiding that PR landmine but it’s mostly because their idea is a mess & writing from the corner they have already put themselves in is Obviously not going well as they haven’t completed enough scripts to go into production.

They Lied about using the Prime Timeline (if they “Reimagine” it then it isn’t the Prime Timeline anymore, like the JJ-Verse it is a new timeline/universe) they knew the fans would reject the JJ-Verse or another re-imagined universe so they say the new series is set in the prime universe. Ugh. Insulting, then Myer tells us to all sit down & shut up & just take what is given. Condecending.

Every actor from “Stranger Things” gets to make a guest appearance. Finalizing the contracts now.

Well, now we know why they didn’t announce anything at Missions NYC.

I signed up for all access the day this was announced in November, because I wanted to vote with my wallet for Star Trek. I just cancelled my subscription . Good luck CBS. You’ll need it.

They’ll need more than luck to survive this cluster****

Bollocks will they. At least give it a chance before dismissing it.

Which cluster is that?

You wanted to show support for Star Trek, so you signed up a full year in advance? I fully intend to subscribe, but only when there is a product to subscribe too, and then only once it has shown on TV.

The very day it was announced. I wanted to put my money where my mouth was.

One would hope your mouth would want the highest quality Trek possible, rather than a rushed product! Look it, if you sign up for All Access early, what you’re saying, at best, is you want content other than Trek until Trek premiers.

Is this a license for never ending delays? Of course not. But a couple of extra months to get things right sounds reasonable to me.

Um, you could have waited until the show was about to be released before signing up…

Hmm…I don’t want to wait, but as long as it will allegedly make it better, it will be worth it. Hopefully they redesign that ship with some of the added time!

Considering I have no faith in this team this is not unexpected news.

They’re having trouble finding enough non-white women and gay white men to cast.

and thinking about, how they could make the ship more ugly.

@Jodet – are you available?

Exactly. The people who are least likely to be in space in real life. NASA cares more about diversity than getting to Mars or even the moon again. Meanwhile China soars ahead.

Jodet, that would not cause delays, there are plenty of minority & gay actors not being hired because of bigots like you.

Why don’t you have faith. Are you an expert in the production process?

@Jodet maybe, but you don’t need gay white men to play gay white men parts…

A predictable, inauspicious start! Probably script issues. It seems that (like Paramount), CBS wasn’t as prepared for the 50th anniversary year as they could have been. I’m still hopeful that it’ll be a good show.

Yeah! Beyond should have been released in May and the New Show this month!

And your source on it being script issues is…?

My sources are “deductive reasoning” and common sense. And please lookup the word “probably”…

Well, that’s one possibility. I think it is a very good possibility they’re waiting on availability of their favorite lead actor. That sure would explain the absolute silence on the subject of casting for a show that was supposed to start filming this month.

Okay, Sherlock. As the adverb “probably” implies a degree of certainty, please elaborate why you would suspect that script issues first.

Exactly. There are a lot of reasons this could happen. ST:V would have been vastly better had Paramount waited for ILM to do the special effects, for instance.

No amount of special effects or magic from ILM could have saved that turd.

Yep, Shatner sucked at script writing, directing and budget management.

his butt. like all negative comments about shows or movies made long before they say one frame of the show.

To John and Richard (or Neal and Bob), you’re free to express your own opinions without attacking others for theirs.

And another person who has no knowledge of how the TV industry works is saying what “probably” happened. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

Already looks like the usual cast of spastic colon fans are running with this latest “this just in” news.
Gives me time to straighten out my sock draw.t.

IOW: they can’t round up the cast they want, they’re still licking their wounds from the backlash against the Discovery design, the scripts smelled like dead bear, so they’re gonna have to retool half the project. They were so quick to try to ride the coattails of the 50th anniversary, they found they cobbled together a jalopy with three flat tires.

For the love of God just cancel this ‘yet another prequel’ and give us a show that starts twenty years after Voyager returns to earth. No one wants ‘Enterprise, Part Two’. Hell, no on wanted ‘Enterprise, Part One’.

I wanted “Enterprise, Part 1”. Unfortunately, what we got was “Voyager, Season 8”.

@Jodet – speak for yourself. Actually you are only speaking for yourself, and not very well.

No one, Jodet? I didn’t have an issue with the concept (execution is a different conversation), but for how the Federation fifty years prior to Kirk was laid out, there’s plenty of room for good Trek storytelling there…..

Pure speculation.

Pretty disappointing (flashback to 2008!) — but hey if they need more time to ensure this will be a quality product then by all means. I always felt January 2017 kinda sounded a bit ambitious, so I guess I’m not totally surprised.

January 2017 wasn’t ambitious at all last November when they announced the show. TNG was announced in October 1986 and debuted in September 1987.

I remember an interview with David Gerrold where he said that because of all the behind the scenes chaos that they started filming Encounter at Farpoint without a finished script. That they just fritters away the tremendous amount of lead time they had.

*frittered. Stupid autocorrect.

Rosie… wasn’t that because Paramount insisted on a two-hour premiere, and they were forced to combine two episodes (the Q storyline and the Farpoint Alien storyline) into one episode? I hope CBS isn’t doing that now.

That was part of it to be sure. But I remember him saying that they’d planned to have an entire season of scripts ready to go before shooting started, and they ended up with almost nothing.

And in season one, it showed. It also showed when ENT had no story arc mapped out for Future Guy. Here were talking about an entirely new format, serialzed like Breaking Bad, which requires even more time to map out.

I like that they are taking the time to get it right! Can’t wait!

The rate at which we’ve been getting news felt more in line with the show releasing the following January, not in 4.5 months, so I’ll take this as a bonus.

Part of me wishes that they’d team up with the better (read: more accurate sets) fan-made productions out there, and make some Classic Trek in the interim, written by top science fiction talent. I was watching some “Star Trek Continues” last night, having just discovered that it existed, and was blown away by the attention to detail. *That’s* the kind of Trek I want, not “J.J.-Trek.”
(For those who have issues with the talent involved, I believe that with paid actors and directors, the slight pacing issues can be easily fixed. H*!!, re-cast and make it Pike’s Enterprise if necessary. Or stick with the talented amateurs (and I mean that in the dictionary sense) who have made this a labor of love. Just make real Trek, please.

Or, at the very least, let the fan productions do their thing while you d*ck around.

Personally, I’m phenomenal at d*cking around. If they need pointers I’m available.

As long as the show is done right then by all means take your time and do it right.

I find it amusing how all the negative comments from people who have never worked in TV or film production seem to weigh in with nasty words about something they’ve never done personally. Sad. Glad the team is taking the time to get it right. Good call. Making a quality TV show is hard. Typing some jerk comment in a comments section while in your underwear from your mom’s basement before your burger flipping shift starts is easy. Funny how a show that is such a positive view of the future has some annoyingly negative fans in the present.

Yes, because anyone who isn’t waving the pompoms flips burgers for a living and lives in their mom’s basement.

Wow! Can that comment be any more condescending?

It was meant to be condescending. The comment thread is full of people who have never worked in TV production talking about TV production and their lack of knowledge shows. They are delaying release to make a better product. Makes sense. So much negativity by nobody’s nothings. How is that for condescending?

No one else here is calling people who disagree with them losers who flip burgers for a living and live in mom’s basement. It’s that spectacular arrogance that makes so many of the rest of us (who aren’t in Show Business) despise Hollywood types.

Not only do they have the unmitigated gall to comment about TV production in an article about a TV show that’s in production, but they’re nothings who don’t even work in the TV business! I bet some of them have real nothing jobs, too, like teacher, firefighter, or nurse!

Luke, Because you assume your God?
It is clear they need more time because they were not prepared & were having problems not polishing a product they already had in production.

Speak for yourself. There are more people here who work in production than you might assume..

Wonder if this ties to any possible decisions by the movie-side of Trek (Paramount) on a fourth JJ film…realize its not likely, but it does make me at least wonder. Five months could imply all manner of possibilities. Who knows.

No. The only deal signed between CBS and Paramount was that Discovery would not air until at least six months after Beyond debuted in theatres, hence the initially-projected January 2017 premiere date.

When they have made no cast announcements, and the filming was to start this week or next, I was thinking January sounds a little pressed.

I also wonder if they have been giving thought of after Beyond’s box office results perhaps going with a new Kirk, Spock, McCoy and doing this on the Enterprise.

The Kelvin Verse will be around for at least one more movie so, I doubt they will Recast TOS and make this their Reboot.

I’ll got ten bucks says there will never be another NuTrek movie. They’re done.

I’m happy to take your money, Jodet.

A show needn’t make a single casting announcement before entering production. Just imagine if that had been done with Voyager.

“And now I’d like to introduce the main character and captain of the U.S.S. Voyager…the actor playing Captain Nicole Janeway, Geneviève Bujold!”

They did announce Bujold as the star of Voyager, and then they announced she’d been replaced by Mulgrew.

“Genevieve Bujold has resigned her role in Star Trek: Voyager. After several days of production, she realized the rigors of episodic television were too demanding.” -Rick Berman, Michael Piller and Jeri Taylor, September 9, 1994

Recasting a show isn’t all that rare. Fred Dryer was replaced by Ted Danson on Cheers. Frances Fisher was replaced by Patricia Richardson on Home Improvement. Rebecca Gayheart was replaced by Morena Baccarin on Firefly. Tamzin Merchant was replaced by Emilia Clarke on Game of Thrones.

“And your source is what?”

Next they are will say that this tv show will release at july 2017,after this they are will say that show will release at october 2017 and after this they are say that this show will be cancel.

@Ash – yes, I think you’ve figured out their plan. Good for you.

Don’t feel bad, Ash, I know a few people who honestly believe that Agent Orange has the election all locked up, too.

How ever long it takes to do it right. I’m all for that!

After all this time, I just realized I don’t have any way to watch this on my only-a-few-months-old TV anyway, since there is no ap for this CBS thing on it. Not gonna watch the damn thing on a little computer monitor, and not going to buy another new tv or buy into a service that happens to carry this CBS show AND the CBS thing too, so unless I get a writing assignment to cover it AND they provide screeners (fat chance of THAT!) looks like I will be a long time waiting to see this series (which I am very interested in.)

Most streaming tv devices like Roku or Apple TV offer it.

Don’t give up. Now that there are nine more months until Discovery debuts, there is still a chance your TV will get an update that adds CBS to its app selection.

Failing that you can get an Amazon Fire Stick or a Roku Stick for less than $50.


Maybe watch it with friends?


Is that an invitation? How many sandbirds can your facility accomodate?

I’m a bit surprised CBS isn’t moving faster on Smart TV platforms. The only platform they’ve added “recently” was Amazon FireTV and that was in late-2015. A huge name they’re missing is Samsung, the largest brand name in TV sales. It really needs to be on Samsung’s Smart TV platform.
I assume (hope) we’ll see more platforms trickle in between now and early 2017.

Just plug an HDMI cable into your laptop and the other end into an HDMI port on your tv.

If you have a Smart Phone, buy a Chromecast for $35 and plug that in. If you have a 4K TV, then get a Roku 4, although at the moment CBS doesn’t have any 4K content. However maybe Star Trek will be the debut of CBS 4K. That would actually be awesome for a flagship franchise like Star Trek.

Yep a Chromecast is likely the cheapest entry way to CBS All Access, they can be found on sale for even less than $35. Currently CBS only streams 1080p, and I believe CBS has said the first season of DSC will be delivered in 1080p (though they may be shooting in 4k for future-proofing, I haven’t seen confirmation), for the time being a Chromecast or a Roku Stick would be just fine.

Had friends who worked on Hannibal, Bryan Fuller’s most recent show. The show underwent several changes and delays in the schedule / prod process but always to better the project. Bryan is a (frustratingly so at times) perfectionist. This is mostly good news, because it means they want to nail down the scripts, but it also means they could be over-tinkering with their work. Time will tell.

This is what I hear too — that there are delays because he really cares about the quality and they know they need more time for it.

Let’s hope Fuller’s perfectionism will also lead to more careful attention to canon and visual continuity. If the delay means that I will recognize this series as the prime universe I know and love, updated for modern audiences but still fitting into the existing continuity, then I’m all for it. His comments about the uniforms and reimagined aliens has me nervous.

Analysis paralysis may exist, but personally I’d rather see an attention to historical (OK, future historical) detail along the lines of Mad Men or The Americans.

My personal hope is that they take some of that time to seriously re-think the ship design.

It has already been reported the shit fx we saw is not the final design.

I’ll second that. Personally, I’ve learned to wait for good shows with irregular scheds: BB, GoT, BCS. (Did ANYONE find Farscape or LeXX or even DS9 every time some suit chose to move it, because I missed a bunch of those in the shuffle.) I guess I want quality more than I want immediacy.

House of Cards is another great example.

agreed. And place it in the 24th century.

Bummer on the delay but less rush will likely be good for the show.

I think my time is up with Trekmovie after all these years. Had enough of all the often nonsensical speculation and the asinine and vitriolic comments on anything and everything.

so long.


It’s very disappointing to read that you may stop visiting our site over the comments section. We appreciate your years of patronage and would hate to see you go. We hope that you continue to read our articles, but refrain from anything you find distasteful.



What’s even more disappointing is that John Duchak — a “contributor” at this site believes his role is to bully other people who post. That is despicable, and if it reflects the policy of then I regret the years I’ve spent visiting this site. People should be free to express their opinions here in a civil way. And of anyone disagrees, they can post too. But to have a site “contributor” or other staff person systematically criticize people here —- NOT GOOD!

Oh? In what way did I “bully” you by asking you to explain your statement that it’s “A predictable, inauspicious start! Probably script issues.”

@John – there are a few very sensitive people here that hate when their moronic opinions arent shared by the masses. What can ya do? lol

John, Because we saw such problems coming & aren’t surprised like with the JJ movies- delays, huge mistakes, claims they needed more time to improve quality when they were really starting from scratch again ect ect

You are a real ASS John and the moderators should step in. I am entitled to my opinion and my post was not rude or vulgar in any way. Your response (to mine and SEVERAL other posts) was not inquisitive in any way. That is not appropriate behavior from a “contributor”. Let them remove my post for telling the truth – YOU ARE AN ASS!

@Capt. The word ‘bully’ has totally lost all its meaning. How is ‘sorry to see you go’ bullying or criticizing?

Judging by PSA spots on TV, ignoring someone is now considered bullying.

Not surprised by this at all. We were less than 4 months away from the original premier date and they haven’t even signed a cast yet. I’m not expecting much from Discovery quite honestly, maybe the extra time will be good for the series.

“I think this new ship was put together by monkeys! She’s got a fine engine, but half the doors won’t work, and guess who’s job it is to make it right?”

Lets see.
Star Trek 2009 was originally Star Trek 2008, with Dec 2008 release, and it was pretty much finished by then. Pushed back to May 2009
Star Trek Into Darkness, set for June 2012 release. Pushed back to May 2013.
Star Trek 3/Beyond, originally announced for 2015, then July 8, 2016, then July 22, so they could put it in the worst possible slot. (Paramount geniuses later regretted the week, saying, “we should have released it the day after Captain America Civil War, or even better, on the same day as Star Wars Episode VIII”)

And somehow we got suckered into thinking that Jan 2017 would actually happen.

Apple and Oranges. The JJ films are a Paramount product. This is a CBS product. Different leadership, different production teams, delays for different reasons.

The point is that whoever is at the helm, where ST is concerned, don’t know the hell they are doing.

Right Martin

I’m still undecided regard subscribing to be able to watch it. I’m already paying for cable, internet and smartphone. I know it’s not much, but the “not much” choices add up.

Well that’s disappointing. It sucks that I also have to subscribe to CBS online station. I already do Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. Don’t need another service.

This is my main beef. Netflix and Hulu are the standard. CBS should be making it’s content available on Hulu in addition to it’s own service (even if it was a Hulu premium add-on). Having to manage multiple apps is like subscribing to multiple cable providers and having to remember who has what and when. Much easier if it’s all under one roof, or a single queue.

And with Netflix, particularly in this case, it is annoying since the entire world outside of North America will apparently get to watch it on Netflix (next day). I feel like the US is getting screwed over by having to use the CBS app.

Its times like this that I wish I wasn’t impatient.

If the writing is anything remotely as clunky – predictable and downright as cheesy then they should

push it back to the Fall instead. Also would be a much better if they just made it a each month instead.

Having a new show each week is a hit or miss proposition story wise and who wants any of that BS?

Everyone is commenting negatively about this announcement. Personally, I think it is a good sign. If more time means real rocks instead of styrofoam, top notch CGI instead of the crappy CGI in the test footage, as well as perfect casting and script tweaking, then I am all for them having a few months more. I can’t wait for the show to arrive!

On the one hand, you’re probably right. On the other hand, its ages until May.

Nine months. I’m working this second on conceiving a baby to be born for the premiere.

Omigod yes. People upset over nothing.

Aleppo. Darfur. Etc etc.

Why aren’t they impatient?

Jack, I’m surprised you had the time to type out that post!

Multitasking, Harry. Multitasking.

LOL, wow. . . What next? It seems Trek can’t ever escape the “delay” bug in any incarnation of the show! You’d think they’d learn from history. . .

This show will never take off.

I think it’s great that the studio has supported the Star Trek: Discovery team to take the extra months they need to make the show as good as possible, whether to give the VFX team enough time (as it sounds like from the press release) or anything else.

So whenever I think “Oh, I can’t wait for this show! I wish it were here sooner!” — and I am indeed looking forward to it — then I will just remind myself of this: There’s only once chance for these talented folks to make the episodes, and then they are made. If past Star Trek shows are an indication, some of us, maybe our children, maybe our grandchildren will be rewatching those episodes years or even decades later.

And so, I choose to believe that every day between now and May will be worth it. Because delays are fleeting but good Star Trek stories last for generations.

As usual, bad news.

Should it really have taken all year just to hire the showrunners? It’s bad enough CBS and Paramount squandered the 50th anniversary. It’s bad enough they released crappy CGI and let Fuller handle the marketing instead of a dedicated team of experts. And the Kelvin movies were all similarly delayed without resulting in any major improvements.

Not sure if you know what showrunner typically refers to. A showrunner is a term that typically refers to a head-writer/producer.
The announcement that Trek would be returning to TV (in streaming form) was in November 2015, in February 2016 Bryan Fuller was announced as the showrunner. That’s about 3 months, not a year.

That’s 7 months since Fuller was hired in February. Where did you come up with 3 months? Unless you’re missing a few fingers due to an unfortunate accident, that’s just dishonest.

If we count from Nov. 2015, then it’s been 10 months, and in all that time very little has happened, aside from the hiring of producers/writers.

We got a low-quality CGI teaser that was indicative of bad marketing, no casting announcements, a misleading release date and now this delay.

@Skies – Discovery announced in NOVEMBER. Fuller announced the following FEBRUARY. How many fingers do you need to deduce that is three months between announcing the show and announcing the showrunner? Geeeez

A misleading release date implies CBS chose a date that they knew when they announced it that it was incorrect. They did not announce a misleading release date. They graciously pushed it back to allow more time for it to be the best it can be. Stop making things up to support your preconcieved notions.

People are acting like this was pushed back three years. Its right around the corner!

So then you misused the term, as I said in my first comment. You’re talking about the production as a whole and its current status. Not the showrunner.

That is a BUMMER!!

Why do all these things get pushed back nowadays …. ROARHHH!!

From where I stand things are coming out even – less than a day before reading this, I saw something from SHOWTIME indicating TWIN PEAKS may be ready in ‘early 2017’ instead of summer. And quite honestly, my anticipation for new TP far outstrips my interest in anything else (pun intended.)

Hope the lead is a young Asian female who is a direct descendant of hoshi sato.

This press release can be summed up in four words: We need more time.

Done and done.

Disappointing, but understandable. Though, I say, as a recompense gesture for the delay, Fuller, Meyer et al should cough up an extra two episodes for the first season. Call them bonus episodes, for the fans.

I agree. Or just go ahead and do a nice even number like 16.

Exactly right Cyg. We want Trek NOW. But so be it. The people doing the show want more time and the studio has granted it. Good. Make it the best it can be.

They have JJ’s Acquired Delayed Release Syndrome. The corporate jargon is all the same. It always means something sucks, and needs to be taken back to the drawing board (STID). ST:B had to make a Summer 2016 deadline to hit the 50th, or else that one would have been punted as well.

“JJ Acquired Delayed Syndrome?” I didn’t realize JJ was the only one to delay something, giving him the honour of having a syndrome named after him.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure that the delay is Bob Orci’s fault.

Hmmmm perhaps they are in delay because they’ve reconsidered Bob’s blackballing and he’s coming in to re-write the pilot. hahahahahahaha just kidding.

nope! I made it very clear that I have outlived my usefulness and hunger for Trek. Both Paramount and CBS had ideas different to what I wanted. But even if they didn’t, I always made it clear that I didn’t intend to do Trek for the rest of my life.


Makes sense.

I’d rather see a great show in May than a mediocre show in January. Take your time and do us proud!

Maybe you should take into account you might be watching a mediocre show in May.

It makes sense to me. I was at the Mission New York convention and it seemed that other than the gigantic banner hanging over the entrance to the merchandise hallway there wasn’t much about the new show. At the panel it felt like there were barely 2 scripts written and no casting. When Nick Meyer told fans they had to “loosen up” and not have their expectations too high I was wondering exactly how to take that. In retrospect, I agree with his advice that it would be more enjoyable for fans if they kept an open mind about the specifics of the series. These extra few months will give them some freedom to brain storm writing ideas, costumes, sets and casting. It will “loosen up” some of the pressure on them to let the creative ideas flow more freely.
Remember how the premier date of STTMP being written in stone caused so much trouble.
At least I can enjoy the January premiere of The Expanse to get my fix of intelligent, well produced SciFi.

And that huge banner, not 2 weeks ago, said January 2017. Did they know it wasn’t true when they hung it?

I have had an open mind. I’ve promoted the show to friends who I thought would enjoy it. I’ve defended it from people complaining about the streaming service, about the timeframe, about the ship design, and about the crappy Comic Con trailer. My expectations were nothing more than what we were promised. I don’t think that’s unreasonable.

Between this and the recent selling of rights to Netflix everywhere EXCEPT North America, I have very little confidence that CBS is doing business in good faith. I really want DSC to succeed. But I have a horrible feeling that it will be a scapegoat if or when All Access flops.

“Did they know it wasn’t true when they hung it?”

Why would you assume they did? This decision may have only been made yesterday. That’s how things happen in life.

I didn’t assume. I was asking a question.

Well it seems like either a silly question or an implied assumption that they did know and hung it anyway.

My point in the question was that people here have been saying that the January premiere date was rushed and unrealistic from day one. I guess I could have worded it better. Something along the lines of “What was wrong with the show yesterday that wasn’t wrong with it two weeks earlier? And why did a January premiere seem reasonable then, but not now?”

Maybe there is a detail they have to figure out first. Maybe they realized while writing, that the scripts were goint to be too big in scope and therefore they needed a longer postproduction phase or make the scripts smaller in scope. Maybe they want a particular actor/actress for a role but they don´t get him/her in time for the planned production start.

Plans can change. The original timetable was doable because other shows are produced in a similar matter. But then you must do compromises and if Fuller is such a perfectionist, then it is better for them to not do the compromise and just make it right.

Based on comments by Les Moonves yesterday, the date change was at the request of the producers. The date was set before a creative team, story or cast had been set, so after bringing in Fuller and Co, it turned out to take longer to settle on the right creative direction than they’d hoped. Movies and shows get pushed back all the time, and there’s always a backlash like this, and more often than not the projects turn out better for it. Force Awakens is the most recent example.