Geek Art Shop Bye Bye Robot Offers Up 50th Anniversary Prints

"The Bridge" by David Owens for Bye Bye Robot

Purveyors of “fine art from the future”, Bye Bye Robot have released four new poster prints in celebration of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary.

Need some new geeky art that’s worthy of hanging on your wall? You’ve gotta check out Bye Bye Robot. In addition to tons of great Star Trek prints, the art shop is offering up four new prints celebrating Trek’s 50th birthday.

The prints are on sale for $25 each.

The first of the anniversary designs was created by returning artist Cliff Cramp. His 18”x24” sized “TOS 50th Crew” poster shows a group lineup of the iconic crew of the Original Series. An ethereal view of the USS Enterprise behind the crew portraits, the transporters operating below, and the use of vivid colors serve to create a bold image commemorating this momentous anniversary of Star Trek.

"TOS 50th Crew" by Cliff Cramp of Bye Bye Robot

The second piece celebrating the 50th Anniversary was created by returning artist Jeff Foster. Titled “Exploring the Unknown,” his 18”x24” sized, predominantly blue-toned, vision of the USS Enterprise gliding through uncharted territory toward a lighted section of space represents the exciting sense of exploring the unknown that was featured so greatly throughout the entire series. Foster’s unique style of using only a palette knife (no brushes) on his originals may also be seen in his depiction of the 50th Anniversary logo in the lower corner of the design.

"Exploring the Unknown" print by Jeff Foster of Bye Bye Robot

The third piece in the 50th Anniversary group is by returning artist Mark Brayer. His distinctive style is noticeable immediately with his strong use of graphic shapes and illustrative linework in the detail. The balance between the ship and the commemorative logo draws the viewer’s eye all the way through this design honoring the ideas, views, and long-lasting appeal of the show. This 16”x18” print entitled “ST 50” is a variation on his book-cover style offerings.

"ST 50" print by Mark Brayer of Bye Bye Robot

The newest artist working with Bye Bye Robot, David Owens, created the fourth 50th Anniversary print, “The Bridge.” At 12”x24” this new design offers a wide view of the USS Enterprise bridge from an angle that is rarely seen. This scene is framed by the bold red, yellow, and blue colors of the TOS bridge and its structural elements. Bye Bye, Robot Co-Founder Charity Wood noted, “Being without crew, this image allows the viewers’ imaginations to create the story of this piece. It allows for endless possibilities of what might happen next and the anticipation of seeing the crew rush in through the turbolift doors at any moment.”

"The Bridge" by David Owens for Bye Bye Robot

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Oooo, pretty. I want them all.

Very Nice.

Cool! I especially like “Exploring the Unknown”.

First one, excellent likenesses of the crew. Second one, I feel the proportions of the ship are way off. Third one, I like the graphic style. Not sure about the trail, though. Fourth piece leaves me unmoved.

I think the proportions of the Enterprise look “off” because of the unusual angle at which we see her. There are a few shots like that in some of the newer fan films and the exterior shots in the remastered TOS, but you’re probably more expert than I. My usual question is, “does she look beautiful?” And for this one my answer is, “Why yes she does!”

Is the fourth piece purposely pixelated to protect from unauthorized reprint? I really hope so.

Mr Atoz, the Bridge is rendered in a style known to many of us who lived through the early 1960s, very popular in magazine and advertising art.

Ok. It looked purposeful, but I know nothing about art. I suppose I’d have recognized it better had I not been born 16 years after the series ended.

To get a better feel for how the bridge image is rendered here, compare the overall picture to the “50” delta shield in the lower right corner. That should bring out the nature of the painting effect.

Forgive me, I meant to begin that reply with “thank you.” Without it I sound snarky.

My favorites are Foster’s “Exploring the Unknown” and Cliff Cramp’s rendition of the crew. His likenesses of the people I fell in love with decades ago are near perfect. I think Uhura is wearing her, “It’s a big galaxy, Mr. Scott” face.

“Exploring the Unknown” is lovely but for a vertical blue line made by the edge of the palette knife. Purposeful or not, I don’t know, but it kind of spoils it for me. That one came remarkably close to hanging on my wall.