TrekMovie Giveaway: Win a Star Trek Online Code Bundle for PlayStation 4!

Star Trek Online TrekMovie PS4 giveaway

To celebrate the release of Star Trek Online on consoles, TrekMovie and Cryptic have teamed up to give away 25 code bundles each containing three packs (Starfleet, Romulan, and Klingon). Each of these packs will unlock starships, uniforms, bridge officers and more.

Angling to get some shiny new gear for your new Star Trek Online character on your PS4? We’ve got the hookup. TrekMovie and Cryptic are giving 25 lucky winners a code bundle containing three packs (one for each faction).

How to Win

To win, tell us in the comments section below how you’d use your new gear. Be sure to include a working email address (this will not be made public) so that we can contact you if you’re a winner.

Please note that the code packs will only work with the PlayStation 4 and are available in North America only. Winners will all receive three codes, each of which will unlock either the Starfleet, Empire, or Legacy pack. The packs are faction-specific, which means you must create a Federation character to redeem the Starfleet Pack, Romulan character to redeem the Legacy Pack, and KDF character to redeem the Empire Pack.

UPDATE: 9/20/2016 – We are in the process of picking the winners now. Check your inbox to see if you’ve won! Thanks everyone for participating, and have fun out there in sector space!

Here’s what you’ll get if you win:
Starfleet Pack (Federation) Content:

  • Delta Flyer and Pet!
  • NX-class Explorer
  • Rhode Island-class Science Vessel
  • Excelsior-class Cruiser
  • Sao Paulo-class Escort
  • Valiant-class Escort
  • Jupiter Uniform
  • 7 of 9 Uniform
  • Liberated Borg Human Bridge Officer
  • Sehlet Cub Pet
  • Unique Character Titles

Empire Pack (Klingon) Content:

  • To’Duj Fighter and Pet!
  • B’rolth-class Bird of Prey
  • Qaw’Dun-class Bird of Prey
  • Koro’t’inga-class Battlecruiser
  • Puyjaq-class Raptor
  • Negh’Tev-class Battlecruiser
  • Academy Uniforms
  • Mercenary Costumes
  • Liberated Borg Klingon Bridge Officer
  • Sehlet Cub Pet
  • Unique Character Titles

Legacy Pack (Romulan) Content:

  • Scorpion Fighter and Pet!
  • T’varo-class Light Warbird
  • Dhael-class Warbird
  • Valdore-class Warbird
  • D’ridthau-class Warbird
  • Malem-class Light Warbird
  • TOS Uniforms
  • Nemesis Uniforms
  • Liberated Borg Reman Bridge Officer
  • Sehlet Cub Pet
  • Unique Character Titles

Star Trek Online Valiant-class Escort ship
A look at the Valiant-class Escort

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True to the game’s subject, I’d use the packs to explore as much of the game’s potential as I could.

I would take over the Alpha quadrant, and make a law that all ships must have holographic crews, then spend the remainder of my career on Risa.

How I would use the new gear: I will get my team from ‘Star Trek, Birth of the Federation 2’ back online to explore for more strange new worlds. Itching to play ST Online on PS4 for the first time, but more than that, want to build up our old network of team players and introduce new members to the game. Go Boldly!

I just started playing the game and am about 2 hours in. I am currently doing the borg mission saving the colonists. I would use the Starfleet pack when I feel like I am leveled high enough and able to use it more effectively. I love the idea of flying an excelsior class starship or even having a valiant class ship escort. I am just in the beginning of this game, but I know as I delve further that some of those items will be extremely useful. I love Star Trek

I would explore and have fun making new friends join a fleet and see what I could do to help out

awwwww…how sweet.

I would use all these packs to continue exploring this vastly diverse in-game universe that allows for great customization yet maintains respect for Trek lore. Explore in style, that is!

I’d get into the 7 of 9 uniform and play with my new pet sehlat. Oh wait…you’re talking about in the game!

I would attempt to change the course of Federation and Romulan history and prevent Nero from ever creating the Kelvin universe by sicking a rabid Sehlet cub on him while he was still a miner (not minor, miner!).

I’d delete No Man’s Sky

I did delete no mans sky! Lol
STO for life

I would be kicking the Borg’s and Iconian’s butts and look stylish while doing it.

Explore the galaxy in a new science vessel, while making sure the away party has a standard red shirt uniform, for well continuity.

I’m just about to get started with STO (never have, due to the long lack of Mac support and my general lack of pc-based gaming). Given that, I would LOVE for my first experience to be one where I get to dive right in with some fun advantages like these!

I’m trying to get my trekkie husband to start playing. It’s better STFIng together. :)

The Starfleet and Romulan packs have some my favorite ships in the entire game! The Defiant will be a favorite of mine on my Federation tactical captain. Tough little ship!

The KDF will be a nice experiment to see what kind of power I can get out of the top-tier ship.

The Borg Bridge Officers? Yeah, I guess I’ll be RP’ing as Captain Jarok. :)

What I would do with the packs, quite simple invest even more time into my newest fleet on PS4. In honour of the 138th MACO. It’s always been at the front for the federation to stand out among its peers as a beacon for something bigger. I truly believe a whole it’s dependent on its part. We as a fleet and as individuals are a tiny part, but with a pack like this hear us roar!

Couse i a new player and i like star trek really and this is my chance to play a game im espected for so long in console…. :)

I would use the code to start out the game! I am excited to try it on the ps4 I have only created starter characters so far.

If I were to win, I’d use the gear to help my family through the game as they don’t play on PC and it would be fun to play with them.

I’d let the battle for peace begun.

I’d use it as an incentive for my son to get good grades. I’ve been introducing him to the world of Star Trek, and so far he likes it. Hopefully it’ll bring him from the dark side.

I’d assemble the finest crew the Federation has ever seen and send them on missions that would make the founding species proud. We’d explore brave, new worlds and make peaceful contact with the denizens of the galaxy. And should we encounter aggressors, we’d defend the Federation and its citizens, never surrendering to the darkness.

I’d cruise the galaxy in style with that gear. Exploring new life? No problem! Using the best gear to boldly go

I would use this advanced technology to strengthen the federation and bring peace to the galaxy!

I would use it to finally be able to return to some sort of normalcy that’s on PC but on console. I’d also use it to try and better the community.

I would use the Romulan pack to help rebuild the Glorious Romulan Empire. Slowly regaining its former glory until we can defeat our enemies and reclaim our rightful heritage!

I would use the Federation pack to push back the boundaries of the final frontier, exploring and mapping the galaxy in all its splendor.

I would use the Klingon pack to form an elite squad of Tribble Hunters to hunt down and eradicate the despicable menace once and for all. With my sehlat cub trained to kill tribbles on sight, we would decimate this enemy of the Empire!

Mostly I would use the packs to enjoy the game and look great while doing it!

I’d probably create a new character based on which faction pack I’d receive. I’d pillage the galaxy using a Negh’var class with the Klingons. As a Starfleet Captain, I would seek out new life and new civilizations with a Galaxy class cruiser. With the Romulans however, I’d be extra sneak with my battle cloaked T’Varo/Malem.

I’d use the Starfleet pack to explore strange new worlds. Obviously.

Uss texas need cods for new ship please I’m new at star trek game

I am a trekker for life. As a kid, I would sneak out of bed and hide behind my dad’s recliner to watch classic Star Trek. It was love at first sight. I have not played STO before and I am looking forward to playing it on the ps4. Now I am “Boldly going ” where I have never been before and I am creating my own legacy in the Star Trek universe.

I would explore the galaxy in all the awful looking kit bash ships I could create, striking pain into my enemies’ eyes.

I’d play the game all over again after having already spent so much $$$ on the PC version

Defend the frontier

I would explore the galaxy, do many missions, and save the Federation with Root beer, the curiosly delicious earth beverage. I defeated a Doomsday machine with it. I would also sing “Heart of Oak” with modified lyrics in the crew lounge.

Hi I would use the packs to level up and help others. Show them the real potential of the game and inspire them omg so much content to look forward too

I’d use the pack to further my exploration of the galaxy, seek out new civilizations and the like.

I would boldly go where no gamer has gone before. Seek-out new life sims and blow ’em up!

Keeping true to Star Trek’s philosophy, with Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations, I would explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, and boldly go where no one has gone before. LLAP!

I’d use the packs to be the best captain I can be and conquer the battlefield!

We have a Playstation 4 which we bought for my wife. She’s a huge gamer; I’m not, and she’s always a little disappointed that she can’t get me to play games with her.

If anything could get me to get interested in gaming, STO is it. And I’d love it even more if I had all those code packs of cool stuff to play with.

You could save a marriage! ;)

I’d make it my mission to save the Galaxy!

A true Star Trek fan will be a good captain

After being a long term (years) player of the PC version of the game, my son who has just downloaded it on console would love this. He’s always making me little Lego enterprises because he knows I love STO and this would make his week.

I’d use it to play as god intended, on my upcoming PSVR’s virtual 226″ screen.

I shall enhance the experience of others. Be there with a helping hand and promote friendship and a sense of community. This game will thrive on the positive word of mouth promotion from gamers to gamers. Giving people a reason to want to come back is the best thing I can to help the community grow. I am already a lifetime subscriber on ps4. The packs will be used to help others in their pursuit of happiness and find their own places, their own joy.

Myself and many of my fleet members are not able to get a T6 ship for various reasons. I would take one ship from the fed and romulan packs for myself and split the rest up among my guild. Helping everyone i could to make our fleet the best( whenever fleet bases come out…)

I would use the packs to boldly destroy even more borg cubes and drink bloodwine as much as I could!
Also possibly mind meld with a Horta!!

I would use it to find a giant green space hand!! Also become the best captain ever

As a veteran player of STO on PC, I’m rather excited to start again from scratch, as I lost access to my old PC account about 2 years ago. I’m looking forward to exploring the galaxy, and seeing what the newer seasons have brought to STO.

I would give my code to my friend who I am playing with who cannot purchase the packs himself. So we can save the galaxy together.

I would use to start out the game! been wanting to start but busy on neverwinter. Thanks for the chance.