Star Trek Beyond deleted scene features TOS callback and more Keenser

Kirk and Scotty in deleted scene from Star Trek Beyond

Paramount Home Entertainment gave USA Today an exclusive clip of a deleted scene from the forthcoming Star Trek Beyond home video release. The clip comes from right after the Enterprise docks at Yorktown and the crew starts to go explore the station. The clip shows a moment between Kirk and Scotty. We see Kirk feel the loneliness of being at the top, and Scotty has a dinner date with a familiar name from Season 3 of TOS. Click on for the video.

Scotty of course is referring to Lt. Mira Romaine from the TOS Season 3 episode “The Lights of Zetar“, where she was possessed by aliens, while dating Scotty.


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Nice Callback

I loved the part where Keenser sneezed on him LOL!

Thanks for the heads up you dork. You know… there is a reason why the title of this page is not ‘check out Keenser sneezing on Kirk in a deleted scene’ ITS TO GIVE PPL A CHANCE TO WATCH IT FIRST geez


A bigger dork goes straight to the comments section before even viewing the content the comments are commenting about

That was going to be my response. You got it!

Oh stop whining… adulting, you should try it.


Re:Thanks for the heads up

With all the sniffing you had to do to find a way to blame someone else for your unhappiness, I’m surprised you hadn’t sneezed and already spoiled yourself.

To be fair, a wee spoiler alert was called for.

Thankyou, Niall. Look you lot are not wrong… the video simply was not loading. My comment was just reactionary annoyance in the face of a comment that seemed to harbour very little substance to the thread while effectively giving away exactly what the Keenser part would involve.

I shouldnt have read the comments but on some level i mean…. damn. Surprise ruined

This is probably the stupidest comment I’ve ever seen on the Internet. And I occasionally read comments at Breitbart. How the hell is that a surprise? Good grief.

So instead of apologizing for being a dick, you again blame the commenter – again.

So let me get this straight – in a comment section on a 40-second video clip, we’re not allowed to mention the content of the video? Are you also outraged that the story mentions Mira Romaine?

Here’s a tip: The context of an article, including any attached videos, are subject to conversation in a comments section. That’s why the comments exist, to discuss the article content. Spoiler tags are for things not revealed in the article, like content of a movie not shown in the article. So, next time, if you find a link that doesn’t work, best thing to do is Google “star trek beyond deleted scene” and watch it elsewhere, like I had to do for another website where it wasn’t working.

Watch the clip that takes less than two minutes (including the ad) and then come to the comments. Put things into perspective @Melllvar

A spoiler alert for a deleted scene.
C’mom, man!

No, it wasn’t. Jeez.

Yeh, like I said — reactionary annoyance. Perhaps I should not have read the comments. But I so enjoy reading the comments! And that is my only comment on the matter.

“Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.” – Plato

“The Lights of Zetar” was the episode where Memory Alpha made its debut as a thing in Star Trek. Maybe Mira Romaine here is a subtle tribute to Simon Pegg’s admitted favorite website for Trek information?

Nice scene (until Keenser, whose appeal has always eluded me). Yorktown was definitely the jewel in this movie’s crown, and I wish we’d seen more of it.

“Nice scene (until Keenser, whose appeal has always eluded me). ”

Right with you there, Mike.

Strays a bit too close to Jar Jar territory.

Something about female crewmembers walking around in yoga pants instead of skirts just feels wrong to me.

Keenser is too blatant comic relief.

I liked that as soon as they reached the station, Kirk dropped rank and was like “Wanna get a drink?” Haha!

wished there was more yorktown. spectacular and beautiful.

That suggests a slightly different, perhaps better, movie. Have the opening scene be Enterprise rescuing the weird traitor woman, taking her to Yorktown. She has gear that analyzes how you ‘get in’ and sends it back to Idris, and then the whole movie takes place at Yorktown during an extended attack/takeover/takeback.

Would have been better than that boring planet, for sure.

You’re right, there were so many seeds of a potentially better action movie. Yorktown under siege like in a Die Hard movie could have been cool.

Reminds me of a rejected Alien III script by “Neuromancer” writer William Gibson that would have been about the siege of a faction-divided space station in the middle of a space Cold War.

I was glad to see Scotty and Kirk in this clip and it reminded me of some nice moments in “Beyond” but I can’t help imagining how much deeper the movie could have dug. Movies like “Frozen” and “Fury Road” show that you can have an exciting summer movie that still manages to have tragedy and something to say about being human.

How cool!

Someone give Keenser a tissue!

It would dissolve… along with your hand.

OT a bit, but I really did not appreciate being shown a Donald Trump ad before the video. No matter your political affiliation, can we at least all agree that we come to to get the latest news on all things Star Trek, and *not* be bombarded with ads from this toxic U.S. election season?

TrekMovie, if you hold any sway over the ads that get shown on your site, please start swayin’.

Given the video is from USA Today, they control what ads run before it. It’s the same if we were to link to a video on YouTube. We would have zero ability to control an ad that play before the video.

I saw a Mass Mutual ad. As I represent a competitor……oh, never mind. TM doesn’t have any ability to control ads. I’m guessing if you fancy adult entertainment, you may have seen one for an outfit that rhymes with Cornhub.

I didn’t get an ad at all, and I watched it 3 times.

Horrid uniforms

Actually I really liked them.
They looked like form fitting garments that would be “beamed on” with 23rd century tech

I like them too! They seem to have a TNG 3rd season vibe with the collar.

I can do without Snarf sneezing….OH! I mean Keenser.

Nice call back but Kirk’s feelings were already pretty well established. The scene wasn’t really necessary. If it were used, they still should have cut Keenser’s sneeze.

I like how the Yorktown uniforms look like the SpaceDock Security uniforms in ST: III.
Yorktown was definitely a jewel (along with the Enterprise being all TOS and putting up a fight against all odds for more than 30 seconds).

Couldn’t agree more. Those scenes at Yorktown made me want to visit the Trek Universe like nothing since the Spacedock in Star Trek III was first introduced. Totally amazing.

I like the set lighting there. Looks like it came straight out of a TOS episode.

Of course, I had to watch this while I had a head cold and couldn’t stop sneezing…

What a nice deleted scene. I kinda wish it had been in the movie.

Nice light moment, but please, kill off Keenser (not literally, transfer him or something). He is a cross between Jar Jar, and the creature from Alien (acid snot), and serves no purpose. His sneeze would have immediately eaten through Kirks clothes and burned his own Federation jewels. Have we ever seen him do anything, other than blow snot on a door lock? Star Trek has enough opportunities for comic relief without adding a not so cute little creature.


I say throw Keenser out of the nearest airlock.

The frustrating thing to me about Keenser in moments like this is that it seems like, in the name of mass appeal, no scene was allowed to just stand on its own a character drama scene. It felt more like “hey just in case you’re not touched enough by this human scene, here’s someone throwing up at the end, or an explosion, or a massive thing on fire”

and i liked Keenser in ’09

Love every part of this. Glad to see it now, but would have loved it in the film!

I can see why they cut it. It’s a nice tos refence (don’t try too hard with those tho) but it’s not that useful as a scene, if not to hint that Kirk is alone. Spock wouldn’t spend time with him in a bar regardless if he were with his girlfriend or not, but McCoy? I suppose they needed McCoy to be alone too in order to have the scene where he teases Spock about Uhura, but neverthless, if they included this scene it would feel like they needed to explain why Kirk has no friend to spend time with or just have a drink with.

The thing is, as Saldana and Pegg hinted in some interviews, this movie wanted to deal with the fact that the characters are a bit tired and homesick after being in space for so much time so, basically, when they get to this starbase they are all in some need to be a bit alone on their own. The problem is that the audience is not really given that as the director didn’t seem to care that much about this supposed human study of the characters, and the movie did no real attempt to truly develop this theme that surely had potential but it’s left sorely on Kirk’s conflict (likevise, splitting the group into all this duo was a good idea that, in their words, seemed to have the purpose to develop dynamics we didn’t see before.. but in reality outside of Spock/Bones – that isn’t exactly a ‘new’ dynamic never seen before for trek – we didn’t see any interesting development through Kirk/Chekov and Sulu/Uhura. Wasted opportunity again) . It felt like the director just couldn’t wait to get to the cool scene where they destroy the ship so the scenes in this infamous starbase are more than a ‘summary’ of what could have possibly been the purpose of this part of the movie. In the end I don’t really get the sense that the characters re-discovered why starfleet is so important for them because saved for Kirk, I never saw them being tired previoustly.

This was actually a nice moment. Too bad it was cut.

Whiner ALERT… jeez guys… go to your rooms