Giveaway: Win A Digital Copy of Star Trek Beyond + VUDU Viewing Party & Trivia Contests

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Star Trek Beyond is available for digital download starting today. To celebrate, the digital content delivery service VUDU is hosting multiple Star Trek trivia contests (with prizes from TOS to STB, including a Starfleet Cadet uniform from Star Trek 2009) as well as a Star Trek Beyond viewing party this Friday. Hit the jump to learn more, and see how you could win a digital copy of Star Trek Beyond from VUDU and TrekMovie!

We’ve got THREE chances for you to win a slew of cool Trek prizes.

  1. First, win one of six codes to redeem a free digital download of Star Trek Beyond right here from your friends at TrekMovie and VUDU.
  2. Second, try out your Trek knowledge with VUDU’s Trivia Quiz. One grand prize winner will receive a Starfleet Cadet uniform prop used in the Star Trek (2009) film! Four runners-up will also be chosen at random to receive a Star Trek Beyond duffle bag and limited edition t-shirt.
  3. Third, be sure to join in on the #VUDUviewingparty for online banter, reactions and trivia contests for the duration of the movie. VUDU has acquired a veritable mountain of prizes to give away that include items from The Original Series and Beyond (including one framed limited edition poster).

Win a Digital Copy of Star Trek Beyond from VUDU and TrekMovie

Looking to add Star Trek Beyond to your digital movie arsenal? TrekMovie and VUDU have got you covered.

How to Win

To win, tell us in the comments section below all about your favorite character from Star Trek Beyond. Who was your favorite, and why?

We will be picking 6 lucky winners who will each get one code to redeem a FREE digital copy of Star Trek Beyond from VUDU.

These codes can be redeemed at at any time. The movie will be inserted into your locker and viewable on 10/4 (midnight 10/3). A credit card may be required to complete account setup but users will only be charged for additional content they rent or purchase. There will be no charge associated with redemption of this free copy of Star Trek Beyond.

Please note: VUDU is a US-only service, so winners must be in the United States to redeem their free copy of Star Trek Beyond

UPDATE ON WINNERS: We are currently selecting contest winners. Be sure to check your email to see if you’ve won a free digital copy of Star Trek Beyond from TrekMovie and VUDU!

Can’t wait to see if you’re a winner? Pre-order your copy of Star Trek Beyond now for $14.99 (SD), $19.99 (HDX), or $29.99 (4k UHD with Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos sound) now on VUDU.

VUDU Star Trek Trivia Contest

At this very moment, VUDU is hosting a Star Trek trivia contest. Test your Star Trek Beyond knowledge and enter to win some cool prizes. Answer at least six questions correctly to be eligible to win. One grand prize winner receiving a Starfleet Cadet uniform prop from Star Trek (2009). Four runners-up will be chosen at random to receive a Star Trek Beyond duffle bag and limited edition t-shirt.

Click here to enter! Winners will be announced during the #VUDUviewingparty on 10/7.

The Grand Prize from VUDU’s Trek Trivia Quiz

VUDU Viewing Party This Friday at 6pm PDT

But wait, there are MORE chances to win! Once you’ve got your copy of Star Trek Beyond, adjust your duty roster in order to join the #VUDUviewingparty this Friday, October 7th.

Starting at 6:00pm (PDT) on 10/7/16, VUDU will be hosting a live viewing party of Star Trek Beyond where you can chat and react along with other fans as well as take part in trivia contests for chances to win some awesome prizes. As VUDU explains:

We at VUDU are hailing on all frequencies reaching out to the very best Star Trek fans the World Wide Web has to offer. We’re reaching out in hopes that you, the fans, can help us blow out the digital release of Star Trek Beyond! The newest installment of the beloved franchise beams down to VUDU on 10/4. On that date we will not only be offering instant streaming access to the movie in HD, but also 4K UHD! If that wasn’t enough, we will also be offering a Disc + Digital purchase option where users can get a Star Trek Beyond gift set sent to their home!

Our Prime Directive though is to promote our #VUDUviewingparty on 10/7. During this event, VUDU fans and Star Trek fans alike will be syncing their screenings of Star Trek Beyond and engaging in online banter, reactions and trivia contests for the duration of the movie. It’s fun, it’s fast, and it’s an experience you won’t soon forget. We have acquired a MOUNTAIN of out of this world prizes that include items from The Original Series as well as Beyond. One lucky winner will be sent a framed limited edition poster from Star Trek Beyond (only 1000 were printed!).

Join in by queuing up your digital copy of the movie and hitting play along with Trekkies all across the nation. Then, pull up twitter on another device and follow along with @vudufans. Join the conversation with the #VUDUviewingparty hashtag on twitter, and RSVP on facebook.


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My favorite is Jaylah. Hope she comes back for future movies

McCoy is my favorite. He is just so likable and funny. Urbans performance is amazing.

Bones was definitely my favorite. I like the strong, silent, sarcastic type. Lol

Jaylah was my favorite. First time since Lt. Saavik that a Star Trek film created a new character that works well with the regulars and could also be potentially interesting to explore in an ongoing basis, IMO.

I have to say that while I love Jaylah…I think Spock had had the most character growth in Beyond. It was very interesting to see the arc he went through to become closer to the character we knew and loved when the late Leonard Nimoy played him. May Spock live long and prosper.

Karl Urban’s McCoy – he’s both the irascible and sensitive man that was portrayed by DeForest Kelley; he’s also the constant in the Kelvin Timeline movies that’s most like their original counterpart.

Bones was my favorite character STB. He got in a lot of TOS-style zingers!

My favorite from Beyond, that impressed me the most, was Uhura. They gave her character such strength this time out. Not only was she strong physically, but also emotionally too and those characteristics played nicely throughout the film. Great cast this time around and I clearly saw Ms. Saldana’s performance as a standout.

My favorite character from Star Trek Beyond was FINNEGAN! Played by the amazing Greg Grunberg (LOST, Alias, Heroes, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, so much more). As a hefty man myself, it was great to see a person of mass serving in a key role on Starbase Yorktown.

I like that, Denes — “a person of mass” — great expression. It was nice to see Grunny!

McCoy. Karl Urban just hits it on the head every time.

Jaylah, of course!! She was ingenious, inventive, intelligent, strong and witty. I’d marry here in a second if she didn’t have so much studying to do at Starfleet. (I will literally jump up and down if she becomes part of the crew of the Enterprise….”No bloody A – B – C – or D!”)

marry her, not here. Damn typos

Keenser! I mean, what’s not to love about acidic snot? ;-)

McCoy is always my favorite (cantankerous), but my favorite for this particular film was Jaylah as she added another strong female character to the lineup.


Spock. A beacon of reason in an irrational universe.

My favorite is Spock. Quinto and the writers have given us a fun and unique interpretation of the character that continues to evolve.

My favorite has to be Spock. As always Quinto gives a spot on performance of how I imagine Spock. From his break up with Uhura to the picture of the crew he pulls out it’s all great. But to me what really makes him great is his pairing with Bones and their interaction. Hearing Spock say “Horse s***” is hilariously awesome.

I loved Commodore Paris, she was inspirational and provided that little bit of missing insight needed.

“Bones” Mccoy is hilarious! Maybe my favorite character. Love how frustrated he gets.

Jaylah. She learns to depend on others and trust others, despite living in a world where everyone is hostile to her.

I love Spock, Quinto has kept the original Spock personality but with just a hint of his own! #SpockRules

Karl Urban here, he’s been on target as far as his portrayal of Bones goes.

Spock. He had a quiet but painful journey, dealing with the loss of Spock Prime, which means essentially dealing with his own mortality. He sees his entire alternate life played out in Spock Prime’s life, knowing that his will be different but still echoing Prime’s life (and knowing what he has to live up to by comparison). Beyond gave Spock this quiet, introspective character arc, which Quinto played beautifully!

Plus his line about respecting Bones–Kudos to the writers and to Quinto! :)

Remove me from the contest. I forgot my Walmart preorder came with a Vudu copy today. :)

Jayla is my favorite character in Beyond. She is a strong female character in Trek and I think she would be a remarkable crew member in future films. Sofia is an amazing actress and she gives the character depth, humor inner turmoil and strength that we have not seen in recent Trek films. She is awesome!!

I really liked the depiction of Kirk in Beyond. It was great to see him finally come into his own as the Captain of the Enterprise, ironically it took the destruction of the Enterprise for that to happen.

Plus, his reaction to “Sabotage” was awesome.

Chase, I liked Kirk’s growth as a captain and Chris Pine’s performance as a more mature leader.

God! it’s so hard to choose just one character!

Karl Urban’s McCoy is wise cracking, moody and totally faithful to DeForest Kelley. Far and away my favourite, glad there was more for him to do instead of injecting tribbles.

Krall is my favorite character. Star Trek is always at its best, when it mirrors social and global issues of the time. Krall is a metaphor for how the world views the United States. Just like Krall challenges the mission of the Federation…expand and introduce others to its values; the world challenges the USs’ mission to expand and introduce its values. Deep down, anyone can sympathize on some level with Krall’s motivations. Just as many American’s question America’s mission throughout the world, when the US has issues of its own. It makes us feel abandoned at times, just like Krall felt abandoned by the Federation.

I like Scotty. I have always liked Scotty.

Bones and Spock were my favorites. I can’t choose between them. Both of them remind me of myself actually. Sometimes I’m more like Spock, sometimes I’m more like Bones. I love their dynamic when they’re together and it was a joy seeing them in so many scenes in Beyond

My favorite was Jaylah. I liked her energy and her swag, she was a great addition to the franchise.

Kirk, I liked his arc in this movie.

Bones. For sure.

Spock has to be my favorite character. Quinto yet again gives a great performance of what I think Spock should be. From his break up with Uhura to the death of Spock Prime he has a surprising emotional experience for a non emotional character (not to mention the awesome picture of The Original Series crew). What really makes his character great in this film is his pairing with Bones. This duo brings out some of the most entertaining moments of the film. It is hilariously awesome to hear Spock say “horse s***.

Karl Urban as McCoy. He nails it.

Urban’s McCoy has always been a bright spot in the Kelvin universe films, and this film he truly shined! One of my favorite moments from the film was their arrival at Yorktown when he compared the base to a damn snow globe in space, just waiting to break. He embodies the character so well and I’m glad he was given enough to do in this film. Also have to give credit to Pine’s Kirk this time around. He really felt like a captain to me.

Spoke! I love smart characters and he is amomg the best in any incarnation.

Kirk is my favorite. The there is no better example of a hero than him

My favorite is Scotty. His quick thinking, and random wit makes him a funny character.

Uhura is my favorite. She can communicate with anyone and is tough when she needs to be.

My favorite is James T. Kirk I mean come on… It’s Captain Kirk!!! And Chris Pine really pulls off the role way better than I could have ever expected back before I saw the first one. The whole cast is just perfect though.

Scotty! Loved Anton’s performance, sad to see him go.

Kirk; he matured and grew the most since the last film.

Scotty is my favorite because he pulls the spirit of the original series into the new millennium and is a joy to behold as an expressive and funny actor.

Captain Kirk. Love his wit and charm

My favourite is Captain Picard because the JJverse is terrible and with Beyond’s failure, people are starting to see it or at the very least, no longer spending their money on it :)

My favorite was the JJ-prise because they blew it up, the abomination that it is.
I hope I win the contest!

Jaylah was my favorite. Kind of mirrored Meyer’s use of Lt. Saavik in TWOK (perhaps even Arex in TAS) as an engaging new character that didn’t just feel like the guest star of the week but has future potential in the series.

My favorite would have to be Chris Pine’s portrayl of Captain Kirk. He has been a great captain so far but in this third film of the reboot he has really come into his own. The captain is definitely at the helm and engaging warp speed ahead. He reminds me of a young William Shattner because it took him a few episodes to fully establish himself as the anchor of the Star Trek universe. I am so glad that the reboot is everything that it is and what it will be.

I always love Scott you, he’s been great in every incarnation.

My favorite new character was Jaylah – as the father of a daughter, I’m always interested in strong female characters who don’t need a man to get things done. Jaylah was a breath of fresh air, and the fact that James T didn’t hit on her was a HUGE plus. I hope to see her again in the next Trek film

Spock. It’s logical