Star Trek Beyond Gag Reel Features Pine’s Best Shatner Impression and Some Weirdly Sexual Drinking

Star Trek Beyond gag reel

Every Star Trek series is famous for its gag reels, so why should Star Trek Beyond be any different? The special features that come with the Blu-Ray and Digital HD release include a blooper reel, and Yahoo has an exclusive clip that shows off some of the cast’s sillier on-set moments.

Chris Pine channels William Shatner, Zachary Quinto channels Peter Brady, and Karl Urban gets a little too intimate in expressing his love of Chekov’s whisky. And in an especially unintentional tribute, Pine and Urban get into a pretty serious battle with the turbolift doors. Check out the clip below:

Star Trek Beyond comes out on DVD and Blu-ray on November 1st, and is already available on Digital HD. Check out one of the deleted scenes, also included in the special features, right here.

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Please do more Shatner impressions! Impressions are the best.

Pretty funny.

Sounds like they needed to lock the doors to the room they were in there for a minute! LOL!

Hey, we’re in space, where the slightest mistake could kill us. Let’s get stink-face drink!

Funny stuff.

Lighten up, Francis.

Yeah, it’s not like they had or drank Saurian Brandy on the original show, or had the entire command crew drink so much they all had massive hangovers in Star Trek 6 or anything. And this is Star Trek, where “the slightest mistake” doesn’t ever kill them. Go back to watching Star Wars, you clearly don’t know jack sh!t about Trek.

Actually Dr McCoy quite often offered Kirk a *medicinal* Saurian brandy in sickbay. He also took some to share with Kirk in his quarters.

0:52 – Doesn’t anything work on this ship?

Starfleet’s got some nerve sending us out in this condition.

The refit was done by Chrysler!

I wish Chris Pine had shown “just a little” more Shatner. It’s there at the end of the 2009 movie, when he says “Bones….” on the bridge; I was hoping for just a little more taste of it in Beyond.

That was one of my favorite moments from the first movie. Pine is really good at channeling those Shatnerisms without making it look like parody; too bad he hasn’t done more of it.

Ahhh, how I remember the old days when gag reels were met with insane snotty fans saying thins like “This is no way for a Star Fleet Officer to act”, “Shameful”, “Un Military behavior”, Disgraceful” “They never did that on TNG” or some other insane wording.

All I can say is:
They are frigging actors, earning a living and having fun and giving us great performances for our beloved make believe Star Trek. It’s no real.

To which I was promptly bashed and talked down to.
I for one enjoyed STB and would love to see the rest of the gag reel.
I always found that the best films & TV series have some of the funniest bloopers and gag reels going.

Am I the only one who thinks they should’ve left the “never heard you make that noise” & “mildly sexual” remarks in the movie?