Star Trek Online Graphical Updates And New Episode Coming to PC on October 25th

After Star Trek Onlines successful launch on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One last month, many console players were wondering when they would see the graphical updates that were made to STO for console release. They now have an answer.  More after the jump.

The new textures and lighting that featured on the console releases of STO will be available to PC users on October 25th in an update that also lets captains play the latest episode of Agents of Yesterday, “Artifacts.”


Captains will be reunited with the Lukari, a warp-capable species originally introduced in Season 11 that seeks to expand their exploratory efforts. Players will accompany the Lukari on a mission to an alien solar system, where they will discover the joys of exploration, the dangers of unknown space, and begin to unravel a mystery that will have long lasting consequences.

Artifacts also includes the return of Starbase K-13, which adds a TOS-themed fleet holding location to the game.


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