The Score – Classical music celebrates 50 years of Trek

All Classical Portland the public classical radio station of Portland, Oregon produces a radio show called “The Score” which focuses on film music. Their latest episode celebrates the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, airing Saturday October 8 at 2PM PST. It can be heard in multiple cities and of course can be streamed online. Read on for more details.

Press Release:


This week “The Score”, America’s #1 film music program, celebrates 50 Years of Star Trek.  Host Edmund Stone includes music from Star Trek television series and movies, and interviews with seven of their composers, including Gerald Fried and Michael Giacchino, plus comments by Gene Roddenberry, William Shatner, and Carol (Mrs. Jerry) Goldsmith.  50 Years of Star Trek on “The Score” can be heard in multiple cities (check for carrying stations and on The Score’s archive at

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I’ve never understood ‘The Score’s widespread success, especially compared with the Robert Emmett soundtrack program (kfjc 89.7, called ‘the norman bates memorial soundtrack show’ that I recall from the bay area in CA, which used original albums instead of these rerecordings that Stone always cheaps out and plays. I’ve been in Portland for 15 years but have never cottoned to this soundtrack show because it is usually Prague Symphony rerecordings and nearly always just theme tunes and suites, rather than the best pieces of music from a given film. I don’t think you’d ever hear TWOK’s ‘sneak attack’ on The Score, for example, or the longish heist music from EXTREME PREJUDICE.

I got a genuine soundtrack education from the Emmett show (and that’s with me already long a devotee of filmmusic, dating back to when I was a teen and realized Jerry Goldsmith’s name was on nearly every movie I liked) in the 80s/90s, but find myself catching Stone in error after error (he described DS9 as a planet-based show a few years ago, and actually that was only one of several howlingly bad errors.) He does get interviews, I’ll give him that, but the show quality is feeble for me.

Well, something came out of this that was good; I thought Emmett long retired, but it turns out his show is still on the air. Know what I”ll be listening to!

I love the music in Star Trek the Original series and ST II & III beautiful music.

There is an interesting project going on in Germany, which seems to be similar:

There will be a concert within the next months and they are also playing Star Trek Music for the german tv station, that shows Star Trek, Tele 5.

Off topic here: No coverage on the Star Trek Convention in Birmingham, UK??!! I was hoping some coverage of the event would be forthcoming. I live just a few short miles from the actual convention. Just down the road really!

William Shatner has had some fun with the British press.. can’t say I blame him lol – and I listen and watch it every day.