George Takei is “Very Excited” for Star Trek: Discovery

George Takei, speaking in an interview with Digital Spy, expressed his excitement for Star Trek: Discovery and its showrunner, Bryan Fuller. Takei also declared his interest in reprising the role of Hikaru Sulu on the new show.

Takei is very happy that Star Trek is returning to television, telling Digital Spy:

“The potential for storytelling in the new TV version is going to be enormous and absolutely tantalising. I’m sure with Bryan Fuller at the helm of the TV series, it’s going to have that Gene Roddenberry element.”

Takei feels that Fuller will have the opportunity to deal more specifically with the issues of our time. When asked if he would be willing to reprise the role of Sulu on Discovery, Takei said:

“As long as they want me to, I’ll be there. I’m proud of my association with Star Trek and I want to see it live even longer and prosper even more than it already has!”

For the full article, including his thoughts on the Kelvin Timeline films, check out Digital Spy.


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