Watch ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Makeup Artists’ Tutorial for Your Jaylah Halloween Costume

Jaylah makeup tutorial from Joel Harlow and Richie Alonzo.Jaylah makeup tutorial from Joel Harlow and Richie Alonzo.

Since Jaylah is such an inspiring character in Star Trek Beyond, she’s likely to be a pretty popular costume for Halloween. To help with that, two of the movie’s makeup effects artists have created a video tutorial to walk you through creating the perfect Jaylah face. It doesn’t look easy, but Makeup Designer Joel Harlow and Lead Makeup Artist Richie Alonzo break it down step by step.

Step 1: Glue down the eyebrows with spirit gum.

Step 2: Apply cream foundation, and then powder, starting with the forehead, eventually covering the entire face and neck.

Step 3: Add depth by stippling white Aquacolor foundation, and use more powder to set it.

Step 4: Add the black lines. Use a string to determine the exact center of the face, and dot it with a black eyeliner pencil. Use that to draw the center line, then add the side lines. Again, use the string to help ensure the pattern is symmetric.

Step 5: Add purple and black eye shadow, artificial lashes, and then extend the black lines to the eyelids.

Step 6: Use a beige lip liner for the lips, then fill in with beige lipstick and an opalescent glaze.

Step 7: Use light blue eye shadow for facial contouring on the face and neck.

Step 8: Add the wig, and make sure the black facial lines go right up under it.

Step 9: Watch the movie again, for inspiration. (Okay, we added that one ourselves.)


Jaylah in Star Trek Beyond

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