Watch ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Makeup Artists’ Tutorial for Your Jaylah Halloween Costume

Jaylah makeup tutorial from Joel Harlow and Richie Alonzo.Jaylah makeup tutorial from Joel Harlow and Richie Alonzo.

Since Jaylah is such an inspiring character in Star Trek Beyond, she’s likely to be a pretty popular costume for Halloween. To help with that, two of the movie’s makeup effects artists have created a video tutorial to walk you through creating the perfect Jaylah face. It doesn’t look easy, but Makeup Designer Joel Harlow and Lead Makeup Artist Richie Alonzo break it down step by step.

Step 1: Glue down the eyebrows with spirit gum.

Step 2: Apply cream foundation, and then powder, starting with the forehead, eventually covering the entire face and neck.

Step 3: Add depth by stippling white Aquacolor foundation, and use more powder to set it.

Step 4: Add the black lines. Use a string to determine the exact center of the face, and dot it with a black eyeliner pencil. Use that to draw the center line, then add the side lines. Again, use the string to help ensure the pattern is symmetric.

Step 5: Add purple and black eye shadow, artificial lashes, and then extend the black lines to the eyelids.

Step 6: Use a beige lip liner for the lips, then fill in with beige lipstick and an opalescent glaze.

Step 7: Use light blue eye shadow for facial contouring on the face and neck.

Step 8: Add the wig, and make sure the black facial lines go right up under it.

Step 9: Watch the movie again, for inspiration. (Okay, we added that one ourselves.)


Jaylah in Star Trek Beyond

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WIth so few people seeing Star Trek Beyond, how are people supposed to recognize who you’re dressed up as?

Sometimes it’s not about being recognized but choosing a costume of somebody that you think looks cool.

I still don’t understand this makeup. Was it a tribal tattoo of some sort? Was it a genetic marking like the half-white/black Cherons? Is her blood black? Are these blood vessels? They’re too perfect to be taken as biological markings.

Exactly. We really don’t have any understanding about her background.

Very creative!

Oh yes. “Jaylah”. What an iconic, memorable character that was. Let’s not report on a new Star Trek series in development, perhaps reach out to the producers or do some investigative journalism. No, Trek fans want to hear more about ‘Jaylah’. These JJ-verse films really have ignited a zeitgeist in popular culture. Jaylah.

I must admit, that was hilarious. Totally agree with your jest.

I bet I dont see any kids dressed as Jaylah…..

Clever for any one to do and nice tis on applying make up for any costume.
Don’t worry about being recognized, there are dozens of film characters out there that few people know who tor where they are from.

On an outside note.
It’s remarkable about some of these comments.
I seriously hope both the studio & network view these comments and make decisions about if they should even try to do any form of Star Trek.
It would not surprise me if CBS scrapes plans on STD and take any investment thus far as a lose for tax purposes.
It wouldn’t be the first time a project has been abandoned even mid-way thru any production.
I hope they consider how the fans reacted by showing no support both in the theater with STB and on TV with Enterprise.

Hey, give us a good story and we’ll show up!

Re:Hey, give us a good story and we’ll show up!

What he said.

On your outside note, I have to respectfully disagree. How can the studio expect fan loyalty when they proclaim over and over that the movies are not made for the fans but for the general audiences? Personally, as a fan, I saw it twice, which is me giving credit to the fact that it was an improvement over Into Darkness (which I only saw once in cinemas). Maybe they should try to do Star Trek in a form that does not insult my intelligence, both as a long-time fan and a normal movie-goer. If I want to see the Avengers or Transformers, I go and see that. No need for a second-rate substitute with the Star Trek brand slapped onto it. Having said that, I am very much looking forward to DSC, just like most fans I know.

I Khan Believe It An\\\’t Butter,

Re:It would not surprise me if CBS scrapes plans on STD

It would me because the whole notion that CBS would walk away from a project that they’ve said already paid for itself to turn it into a tax loss is screwy. Almost as screwy as your intimation that studios and networks have walked away from projects in the past just to wreak your personal spite against active fans who don’t hold opinions identical to yours on how to properly show support for the award-winning writing of the best of a franchise when the network didn’t do anything of the kind, i.e. the immediate cancellation of ENTERPRISE for a tax loss instead of continuing to produce enough episodes for strip syndication, after the box office debacle of NEMESIS.

As screwy as suggesting that old Paramount, now CBS, would have seriously considered taking a tax loss in returning the $40 million in blind bids that they had in hand prior to the start of filming of STAR TREK — THE MOTION PICTURE just because someone didn’t like the vociferous snark of fans against the replacement of Spock with Xon.

It saddens me that the clime of our times necessitates me cautioning those who are seriously considering Jaylah for Halloween that they should be aware that those that don’t know are liable to perceive Jaylah makeup as just another variation menacing clown that people are wont to call the authorities on sighting these days.

Gee, why don’t people lighten up already! We’re supposed to be fans!

hi guys, hello from russia! please to tell, what is jaylah?

I actually have a couple of friends who really liked Jaylah and really want to cosplay her. They are going to be really happy about this.

Also in the past few cons I have been to I have seen a couple Jaylahs and made sure they knew I thought their outfits were really cool.

So please, if any of you even bothered to scroll past the wave of vitriol that is the comments section, don’t hesitate on giving this a go. She’s a cool character who I hope turns up again in whatever this franchise becomes next year.


Well, it opened in Japan, and it’s blowing away people perviously unfamiliar with Star Trek.

Love that they put together this video – really fun. Absolutely loved Jaylah!