COMIC REVIEW: Star Trek: Boldly Go #1

Star Trek Boldly Go #1 comic cover

Mike Johnson and Tony Shasteen elevate their Final Frontier narrative with Star Trek: Boldly Go #1. The comic takes place during the final few minutes of Star Trek: Beyond, and as the creative duo demonstrate, a lot happened in that short amount of screen time.

Cover art for Star Trek: Boldly Go #1
Available from IDW

Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Endeavor. Opening with a familiar saucer shape and twin nacelles, each panel draws a ship closer into view only to reveal a surprising name on the hull. Upon this revelation, one thing is apparent, this is not the previous five-year mission by Mike Johnson and Tony Shasteen in IDW’s relaunched monthly Star Trek comic.

Fresh in its approach as a Star Trek comic, Johnson and Shasteen are filling in the blanks from the conclusion of Star Trek Beyond’s final minutes, between the moment Kirk and company peer upon the construction of the Enterprise A and its inaugural voyage. Turns out, time moves much faster in films than real life (or the comics) and there is an entire new set of adventures taking place during those final on-screen minutes.


Thrusting the crew in brand-new situations, Johnson has separated the Enterprise crew, leaving sets of characters together, while placing others in new roles – none of which will be divulged in this review, as part of the joy of this new series is in where and who Johnson put together. There are characters no longer serving onboard a starship, while others have seen their responsibilities drastically changed – some for the better, and some not so much.

Star Trek Boldly Go #1 comic page

Honing his Star Trek storytelling craft over the past five years, Johnson has hit his stride as a writer and elevated his narrative with Boldly Go #1. This being a Johnson-penned script, there are a few Easter Eggs to be enjoyed, especially the “Oh, Wow” moment on the last page. The issue also offers Shasteen a different visual challenge, although nothing beats the suspense of his opening and closing pages. Generally, most of the characters are always in their Starfleet uniforms, so it is cool to see Shasteen get to draw a couple of them in different attire, including one terrific TOS throwback.

Debuting with seven different variant covers, Star Trek: Boldly Go #1 features the normal newsstand and subscriber covers, as well as a blank edition and several exclusives. Hands down, the best is Shasteen’s Midtown Comics cover, which is a classic homage to an Original Series promotional image.

Number one issues are terrific jumping on points for readers, and Boldly Go #1 is no exception. The creative team has become a well-oiled machine and the first issue places the Enterprise crew in while familiar, completely new environments. As the title suggests, it is now time for the characters, creators and readers to Boldly Go.

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