Show Off Your Halloween Costume to Win a “Star Trek Beyond” Blu-ray Combo Pack

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Star Trek Beyond Blu-rays and DVDs hit store shelves Tuesday, November 1st. But before that, Trekkies will be taking to the street to – well, to do what they normally do: dress up! This Halloween, TrekMovie and Paramount are teaming up to give out more than just candy. After all, who wouldn’t want to find a Star Trek Beyond Blu-ray combo pack (Blu-ray + DVD) in their trick or treat bag? Tell us in the comments how you are suiting up this Halloween, and you could be one of two lucky winners.

How to Win

To win, tell us in the comments section below how you’re gearing up for Halloween (bonus points if you’ve got a picture to share!). Are you the type to go all out and invite your Away Team to hit the town in your best Starfleet uniforms? Will you spend the first half of your night applying spirit gum and a latex forehead (and the second half trying to take it off)? Or are you looking to snuggle up in your best Starfleet issue pajamas and curl up with a big bowl of popcorn to enjoy your very own Star Trek marathon?

We will be picking 2 lucky winners who will each receive one Star Trek Beyond Blu-ray combo pack. Details of the pack contents are below!

We’ll announce the winners on Halloween, so stay tuned!

NOTE: be sure to use a working e-mail address (this will not be made public) to post your comment so that we can contact you if you win!

UPDATE 10/31: We’ve closed the comments section, winners will be informed later today.


Star Trek Beyond home video box art

The Star Trek Beyond  Blu-ray Combo Pack

In the Combo Pack, you’ll get one Blu-ray and one DVD of Star Trek Beyond, with access to a Digital HD copy of the film. Plus, all of the packs come with over an hour of bonus content, including featurettes from filmmakers and cast, including J.J. Abrams, Justin Lin, Chris Pine, and Zachary Quinto. You’ll also be treated to the film’s gag reel and deleted scenes not shown in theaters. In addition, the all of the packs include tributes to Leonard Nimoy and Anton Yelchin.

The Star Trek Beyond Blu-ray is presented in 1080p high definition with English Dolby Atmos, and French, Spanish, and Portuguese 5.1 Dolby Digital.

What’s on the Blu-ray?


  • Feature film in high definition
  • Bonus Content:
    • Deleted Scenes – Go Beyond the final cut of the movie with scenes you didn’t see in theaters.
    • Beyond the Darkness – Meet visionary producer J.J. Abrams, director Justin Lin and co-writers Simon Pegg and Doug Jung as they discuss the inspiration for the Star Trek Beyond storyline and how it came to life.
    • Enterprise Takedown – Experience edge-of-your-seat action and see how a shocking attack destroys the USS Enterprise.
    • Divided and Conquered – Learn how filmmakers pushed the boundaries in Star Trek Beyond by forcing the Enterprise crew into their most challenging situations yet.
    • A Warped Sense of Revenge – Meet Star Trek’s newest villain, Krall, as actor Idris Elba reveals the backstory behind his character’s terrifying ambitions.
    • Trekking in the Desert – Go on set to Dubai and discover how its futuristic architecture became the foundation for the most innovative Starbase yet.
    • Exploring Strange New Worlds – Tour the incredible production sets of Star Trek Beyond with director Justin Lin.
    • New Life, New Civilizations – See how special effects designers met the challenge to create an unprecedented 50 new alien species for the film to celebrate Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary.
    • To Live Long and Prosper – Journey through the past 50 years of Star Trek with J.J. Abrams and the cast as they reflect on the evolution of this iconic sci-fi series.
    • For Leonard and Anton – Watch a touching tribute to the legendary Leonard Nimoy and beloved crew member Anton Yelchin.
    • Gag Reel – Join in on the fun with this hilarious gag reel of on-set bloopers.

The DVD contains only the feature film in standard definition. The HD Digital Version of Beyond can be accessed through UltraViolet or iTunes.

Other Combo Packs On Sale November 1st

Of course, Paramount is releasing a variety of “combo packs” so that you can watch Beyond on your medium of choice.

Star Trek Beyond Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack: As the name suggests, this pack comes with all of the content in the Blu-ray/DVD, but the Blu-ray disc includes the film in high definition and 3D.

Star Trek Beyond 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack: Billed as the “ultimate viewing experience”, this pack features the Blu-ray detailed above plus an Ultra HD Disc in 4K Ultra HD.

Star Trek Trilogy Blu-ray Collection: This pack includes Blu-ray discs of Star Trek (2009), Star Trek Into Darkness, and Star Trek Beyond with access to a digital HD copy of each film via UltraViolet.

Star Trek Beyond Single-Disc DVD: The single-disc DVD is presented in widescreen enhanced for 16:9 TVs with English, French, and Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital sound. This disc includes only the feature film in standard definition.

Eager To Try Out Your Jaylah Cosplay?

You’ll want to take a minute to check out this makeup tutorial by Makeup Designer Joel Harlow and Lead Makeup Artist Richie Alonzo.

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I had to pick a costume that was cheap and reusable. It’s kind of silly on my budget to drop $100 on something I can only wear once. So I looked around for a decent blue v-neck shirt. Duluth Trading makes a sturdy one, but it had a pocket, which was (pro tip) easy to slice off before washing. Add a custom black mock turtleneck dickey from eBay and a magnetic science badge for a work-safe and reusable science officer uniform!

You’re not offering the 50th Anniversary Movie Bluray boxset? Or even the Remastered Wrath Of Khan Bluray? Just more Bad Robot bias. What exactly is the connection between and Paramount?

?? I think it makes perfect sense for a Beyond DVD given it’s a new movie and the site isn’t for profit. I assume your question is some new strategy to make extremists of those posts that don’t fit the narrative which marketing clearly indicates is the reality. The real connection I see is some unofficial agreement on posts (throw in some articles on TNG, show bad box office for Beyond) and articles (Axamonitor – attack the fans of Axanar). Which, you know, keep coming up with generic posts that pop up all the time doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see (maybe an engineer? lol).

Also the real question is what side of the civil war is the site on? For a while it looked like it was the ex-JJ staff that lost the keys of the car after ST:ID and saw bad Beyond box office performance as their change to say – see we made $$$ and they did not HOWEVER clearly marketing shows that Beyond had to make up for the loss of fan support after STID – that the reboots would have done great had STID “worked”. What I hope marketing comes back with is that you keep the Beyond strategy but drop the budget by half and make more movies that you will rebuild that audience over time. Alternatively you also look at Axanar and go – why aren’t we making that ourselves, that’s our IP!!!!! Let’s get some writers that know what this whole Axanar/FASA Trek concept is, why people want it and get it together. What would Peter’s do – sue them over stealing IP?!? lol In any event the answer is NOT TNG in Andromeda which continues to beat a dead show (someone please tell me what would be so different in Andromeda vs the Milky Way!!!) or to do an Enterprise prequal that doesn’t delivery the goods (peace with the Klingons and transporters to save everyone on your pilot episode?!?!!?). Go too far in the future and the whole show is soooo cerebral it’s boring as hell (everyone is at peace, everyone is the same, everything is known and explored, we are so smart, la la la) unless you go the dytopian concept (the Federation IS the Borg) which I think is not what Trek is about.

The Wrath of Khan was given away back when it was released in June. These are giveways in coordination with the home media department of the studios. We work with them when a new home video release is out that they want to offer up. There’s no secret connection, this is their standard public relations department working with various websites that are interested.

Ralph –

Enough. There is ZERO connection between the current editorial team and Paramount/Bad Robot. ZERO. We’re running a promotion because the blu ray is being released next week. Other people besides you might actually be interested in this giveaway. Do you realize how entitled you sound?

And we DID run a promotion for the TWOK blu. We do these events when Paramount reaches out to us. Many other sites do these promotions as well. They’re a great way for fans to score free swag and for the studio to promote their products. Everyone wins.

As for your prior accusations that TM is anti-TOS, I have a news flash for you: out of the 4 people who administer this site, 2 of us (me being one of them) are hardcore TOS fans. The other two love TNG. None of us particularly love the reboot, but many fans do, and it’s our job to cover the ENTIRE franchise, not just the parts of it we love. Just because a particular story isn’t to your liking doesn’t mean there’s a bias present. That kind of black & white thinking is what drags fandom down.

Thanks for saying this, Brian. Where do these so-called ‘fans’ come from, and who gave them the right to determine what ‘real’ Star Trek is? Look like a lot of middle-aged people just can’t deal with change.

a thousand likes!

Okay…it’s nerdy and it’s old school…but my girlfriend and I had a lot of fun with this!

You guys look awesome! Well done!

I will be a Fleet Admiral this year. Cheers!

“We were out saving the galaxy, while WE were both in diapers!” said mini-Kirk & baby-Spock, as they sat down to watch Curious George’s Boo-Fest that evening.


In 1988, I was a Senior at the US Naval Academy. We still did costumes before the night’s mischief began. I dressed as Spock with a very bad light blue shirt with a shield decal, and I don’t remember how I did the rank insignia. For accessories I had the plastic model kit of a phaser and tricorder. This year, I will be wearing my Anovos Velour line blue sciences shirt with Diamond Select phaser and tricorder. Halfway through the evening I will switch to my Anovos Velour line Command shirt. The more things change…

I was pretty proud of my Beyond Kirk outfit.

But then my fiance decided to up the authenticity by laying one on me in green lipstick.

Twins from The Shining #Halloween

Celebrated Halloween at a wonderful charity fund-raising costume party last weekend, dressed as Captain Kirk and Jaylah.

Oh wow! That is really awesome!

Thanks :)

Currently I’m celebrating by turning up to the local Halloween party/bar here in Canberra, Australia in my 2009 version of Captain Kirk’s yellow command shirt with a 1966 style phaser and communicator – my best friend is turning up with me in a red command shirt, with an even darker shade of red plus black showing that he’s been shot (his face has also been powdered to give him that generic “he’s dead Jim” look).

I will spontaneously be looking dramatically into the distance and yelling “KHAAAAAN”

I’m going to walk the streets of my ‘hood in my red uniform and phaser. And a some blood dripping off my head. Go as a dead or injured red shirt crewman.

I’m going to walk the streets of my ‘hood in my red uniform and phaser. And a some blood dripping off my head. Go as a dead or injured red shirt crewman.

I geared up as Captain Kirk and equipped my bass with the USS Enterprise for the Charlotte Symphony Halloween concert tonight. In typical Capt. Kirk fashion, I even managed to battle a Gorn-like bear in the cello section!

Showed up at my work Halloween Party in my nuTrek science officer uniform and posed for pictures with my boss!

At 36 in finally doing my first cosplay – I’ll be wearing my brand new TOS uniform I made!

Very happy with how it turned out!


You made that? Looks fantastic! Have a blast cosplaying!

Hi Bree – I picked up the shirt and made alterations to the collar so it had an accurate look and then purchased the insignia and rank braids and sewed those on. I was just fortunate to find a shirt with the right colour and right seam.

Same with the phaser and communicator. Both are the Diamond Select ones but I’ve made some modifications.

It looks quite bright in colour in that photo but under normal light it looks extremely close to the colour of the photo attached. I wanted one with the material look and colour of season three (maybe a touch less avocado green in it) and the insignia style of season one. All up for the shirt it cost me AUD $55 (about USD $40) and most of the cost was the insignia and braids. Very happy with how it turned out for the price!

I’ve got some pants that are fairly close in style (I’ll get some better ones in the future if it turns out as well as I hope) and some boots that again are quite close to the ones in the later seasons (I’d like to go for the season one Cuban heeled boots in the future).

The sideburns are ready for a shave too so it should hopefully all come together! :)

I’m going to put on my Kirk costume, and my kids will wear old clothes and attack me at every stop, a la “TOS: Miri”.

I had the incredible honor of meeting Leonard at his office many years ago – it was a truly remarkable moment that I will never forget. Over the last year I have been studying on my own makeup effects (big fan of the Westmore’s and Face-Off) and at age 60 I am trying to create Spock Prime – my hair is already the right color! I don’t know how it will finally turn out but my entire life has been affected by Star Trek. Beginning in 1983 I worked in Mission Control for NASA and helped guide the nation’s space program – Star Trek led me there. I lost great friends on Challenger and had the opportunity to thank Leonard for the dedication at the start of STIV. I guess this is my dedication to him and the casts and crews of all the incarnations that have come and hopefully will continue into the future. Well, that’s about it – Spock Prime for me – hopefully I will get it right. Live Long and Prosper to all and Happy Halloween.


Two years ago I was TOS Kirk – last year ANH Han Solo, this year, – a Ghostbuster!

A proper Ghostbuster too!

What’s wrong with a female Ghostbuster?

Great costume, buddy.

Thanks – it was a lot of fun putting all the elements together. As for classic vs remake – I dearly love the original films… I have yet to the new one – my wife and I are typically about 6 months behind on movies – we only saw 2 films on theatre this year – bvs and trek… we’ve been meaning to pick up the new one – I may do that today and watch it tomorrow as we get our trick or treaters! Have a great Halloween everyone!

I’m going to a Halloween party in a couple of hours dressed as the 10th Doctor from Doctor Who. Love the site, and “Beyond” was awesome!

I will be trick or treating with my away team.

Got my wife and daughter geared up in their TNG command. The little one, naturally, is the Captain. :)

Must disengage maglocks on the deflector dish as is typical for Halloween night, it’s crawling with Borg….Afterwards, I will enjoy a cup of earl grey while accidentally turning the holodeck safeties off,putting my entire ship in grave danger, which will most likely end with a fun Robin Hood dress up theme. By that time, I’ll be ready to do some reading with Captain Sisko, debating whether if onion articles are fake or real. I’ll cap the night off by editing all of Brent Spiner and Patrick Stewart’s contractually obligated Shakespearean references in TNG into one big supercut, and contemplate the human condition while doing so.

This is me in my First Contact/DS9/Nemesis uniform that started out as a costume but will probably end up being my everyday attire soon. I just hope the new tv show will show us a starfleet bathroom, those have got to be cool!

Thanks for the contest!

We had a blast this year – I dress my cat up as Prime Spock (thank goodness he has pointy ears already!) and I did Kelvin timeline Spock. The cat has been a little mad at me, I went eleven times to go see Star Trek Beyond in theaters, so I plan on spending Halloween at home with him. We had done Kirk a couple years back, but I thought Spock would be fun for this year. With lots of love, attention and treats, Captain Bradley (the cat) had a great time too. #LLAP

We joined Jeffery Combs with the Colorado Springs Philharmonic for star trek night. I was the klingon and people loved taking pictures with me.

Being a bald Star Trek fan leaves only one logical choice….

I’ll be handing out comic books to trick or treaters tomorrow dressed as Captain Picard.

I love gearing up in my ANOVOS Gold command shirt, TOS trousers that I made myself, and landing party gear. I meet kids at the door when they knock, and give them a Trek salute with their goodies.

I have wanted to do a Borg Queen costume for years, I wasn’t totally happy with the end result but the consensus was that it looked pretty good! :-)

So I wanted to go as an alien but i also wanted to freak out my flat mate whose a hardcore trekky. I smashrd them together .. and… well you be the

Congrats! That´s a gorgeous Uhura! :)

I haunt our garage every year. This year will be no different. Lights, sounds, and spooky stuff….an assault on the senses of the average trick-or-treater! Nothing Trek themed this year…but my best little buddy is going as Dr. Indiana Jones!

Gamesters of Triskelion!!

I’m cornflour hanging out in my office wearing my Monster Maroon! Later, I’ll be handing out candy with Rey from The Force Awakens in a show of cross franchise peace and understanding.

So I wanted to do something trekky but also a bit different… it’s amazing what some contact lens can do.. almost scared the pants off my flat mate whose a major trekky himself.. I told him an alien spy snuck on the enterprise.

My son, ready to beam down to trick or treat. No further explanation required…

Thanks for sharing all your great costumes.
We’ve closed the comments section, winners will be informed later today.