Halloween Star Trek Beyond Blu-Ray Giveaway Winners

You sent us your best Trekkie Halloween costumes, and we’ve picked out some of our favorites! With so many awesome costumes, it was hard to pick just two to win a copy of Star Trek Beyond on Blu-ray. Check out our two winners plus honorable mentions!

Last week, TrekMovie asked you to show off how you celebrate Halloween, Star Trek style. Our two favorites have won a Star Trek Beyond Blu-ray Combo Pack! Be sure to check out our review of the Ultra HD version, including extras that come with all the combo packs.

Star Trek Beyond Blu-ray Winners

Our first winner is commenter Taddes Korris, who writes:

I geared up as Captain Kirk and equipped my bass with the USS Enterprise for the Charlotte Symphony Halloween concert tonight. In typical Capt. Kirk fashion, I even managed to battle a Gorn-like bear in the cello section!

Blu-ray giveaway contest winner #1

Our second winner is Craig Sully and his adorable kids! Gotta start them young. Craig writes:

“We were out saving the galaxy, while WE were both in diapers!” said mini-Kirk & baby-Spock, as they sat down to watch Curious George’s Boo-Fest that evening.


Honorable Mentions

It was WAY too hard to pick just two of our favorite Halloween costumes, so we didn’t! Check out these honorable mentions! Can you spot the non-Trek submission? Happy Halloween to cosplayers of all ages, races, and species!

The scariest position on the Enterprise… the Red Shirt

I’m going to walk the streets of my ‘hood in my red uniform and phaser. And a some blood dripping off my head. Go as a dead or injured red shirt crewman. –David Ramirez

Red Dead Redshirt cosplay

A NASA Mission Control Specialist Lives Long and Prospers as Spock Prime

I had the incredible honor of meeting Leonard at his office many years ago – it was a truly remarkable moment that I will never forget. Over the last year I have been studying on my own makeup effects (big fan of the Westmore’s and Face-Off) and at age 60 I am trying to create Spock Prime – my hair is already the right color! I don’t know how it will finally turn out but my entire life has been affected by Star Trek. Beginning in 1983 I worked in Mission Control for NASA and helped guide the nation’s space program – Star Trek led me there. I lost great friends on Challenger and had the opportunity to thank Leonard for the dedication at the start of STIV. I guess this is my dedication to him and the casts and crews of all the incarnations that have come and hopefully will continue into the future. Well, that’s about it – Spock Prime for me – hopefully I will get it right. Live Long and Prosper to all and Happy Halloween. –Ron Z

Jaylah and Kirk Just Wanna Have Fun

Celebrated Halloween at a wonderful charity fund-raising costume party last weekend, dressed as Captain Kirk and Jaylah. –VoR

Brewhaha Kirk and Jaylah 1.jpg



To Borg or Not To Borg

I have wanted to do a Borg Queen costume for years, I wasn’t totally happy with the end result but the consensus was that it looked pretty good! :-) –Mary Lillis


More Halloween cosplay from TrekMovie readers!

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What? No Cawley pics?

Happy Hallow’s eve Trekkies. Enjoy!


I wish I could see Ron Z in Spock Prime mode.

Marja thanks it turned out really well. Honestly I am pretty disappointed in this “contest”. I put a tremendous amount of time and effort into what I did (I didn’t post a picture of the practice – it wasn’t required) and am a little sad that pre made costumes without the heartfelt story I gave were “winners”. Some will say sour grapes I guess but I am just being honest here.

“No spiders, man. I don’t dig spiders.”

Can we just come to a consensus that anyone who does the Vulcan salute and doesn’t put their thumb out needs to have their Trek Card revoked. Seriously, thumb out!!!111!!!111!!!one!!!!!! KHAAANN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Otherwise, great costumes all around (though, I’m not sure why The Shining Twins were in there, no matter how good the costumes were).

I really need to get a long sleeved Blue Shirt for Halloween, I have the polo, and I do wear it to work on a regular basis, but I need to break down and buy a long sleeved one. It would go great with my Bluetooth Communicator (best piece of memorabilia EVER).

Daren Davey is a cheater and stole that photo from Steve Romero. He does not own that “Shining” photo.

The “Twins from The Shining #Halloween –Daren Davey” entry photo is a stolen photo. True owner is Steve Romero. See the discussion on the Snow Joe + Sun Joe Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/SnowJoeCo/posts/10154015092927816

The “Daren Davey” Twins photo has been removed. He was not a winner, just an “honorable mention.”

Love, love, love Capt. Kirk with the bass! Great choice for first place!!!!

We assimilated our son

Greg pic!


Looks like your is very accepting! That’s great!

Thank you. He loves Voyager! But he also likes TNG & DS9. We are raising him right.