Theme of “Star Trek: Discovery” is ‘Understand each other’ Says Former Showrunner Bryan Fuller

Bryan Fuller continues to discuss the reasons for his departure from Star Trek: DiscoveryWhile most interviews have rehashed the well-known explanations, he expanded upon a strong theme for the new series in an interview with the Radio Times.

Fuller remains tight-lipped and almost certainly bound to a non-disclosure agreement regarding significant details about Discovery, but he summed up the theme of the new series in three words:

“Understand each other.”

Fuller said that this was the theme of Discovery at the time of his departure, and he noted that he is curious to see how it unfolds. Beyond writing the first two episodes and charting a course for the first season of the series, Fuller also wrote story treatments for other first season episodes. In Fuller’s view, that completes his responsibilities to the show.

Asked how the tone of the series would compare to the recent films and the original series, he continued:

“You know, it’s interesting to ponder, because I won’t have anything to do with the actual production, and I won’t have anything to do with post, which are really places where I dig in and do a lot of work. I know where we were going before I left, but I don’t where they were going to take it after I’ve left.”

Fuller reiterated his willingness to rejoin Discovery, saying “If they need me, they have my number and they can call me, otherwise, I’m ploughing ahead on American Gods.”

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