WATCH: Doug Jones Talks “Star Trek: Discovery”, How To Pronounce ‘Lt. Saru’

Doug Jones plays Lt. Saru in Star Trek: Discovery

With the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery only a few months away and filming to start later this month, we get our first interview with Doug Jones on the new alien character of Lt. Saru.

As the show hasn’t even begun filming yet (filming should start later this month, according to Jones), there is not much to be said about what Discovery will bring.

“I don’t know much!” said Jones of Discovery. Still, it’s exciting to see a member of our newest Star Trek family talking about the show and his previous knowledge of the Trek universe.

Doug Jones sat down with IGN to promote his upcoming film The Bye Bye Man, and talked a little about Star Trek: Discovery, too.

“What I can tell you is what’s already been out there. I am a new breed of alien that you’ve never seen on the series before, or in any of the movies, which I’m tickled pink about. That I get to, from the ground up, help develop and find this character, and this species, and what we’re all about… This is a whole new thing that we get to discover together, which I’m really excited about.”

One new piece of information we did get, however, is the correct pronunciation of the character’s name. Lt. Saru is pronounced “suh-roo” (emphasis on the roo).

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